What is the best political system ?

What is in your opinion the best political system in the world (existing or theoretical)? Which rules, reforms and institutions come together to form the best political system?

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Absolute Monarchism.
National Socialism.
Noble Republic.
Those are the only ones that will be able to function for a long period of time, stemming the collapse whilst advancing the race.
Preferably Monarchism as it is the superior ideology in the long run, but most have abandoned Monarchism and it would be hard to reimpose.
As such a dictatorship or small Oligarchy will have to do.
Of course it would have to be ethno-nationalist, but that is a given.


But it was on 4chan not Zig Forums .

Politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream from race.
While different white races have different tendencies towards cultural norms and ideal forms of government (the english are more individualistic, germanics are more collectivist, nords are prone to abstraction, etc.), I believe that a vastly majority white nation could make any form of government work relatively justly, or at least better than any multicultural nation.
Niggers are barbarians and even when they try to copy a white government structure to the word (eg Liberia), they devolve into barbarism. In contrast, whites can make even the most barbaric and crude forms of government work well (eg the american west when it was sparsely settled, anarchy in medieval iceland)


Does race of people in country has so much importance ? Because for example in Russia there are almost only white people , but I dont know any normal person who wants to emigrate to Russia .

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Go to hell.

You mean : Siberian gulag ?

Ye, gomrade.

Dharmic governance. Read the Vedas and the Laws of Manu for the redpills of the original Aryans

The laws of nature.

It doesn't fucking matter what skin color someone is


ah so you're just a kike trying to sow division between races. the kikes fear the races living in Harmony

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Races cannot live in harmony and shitskins are the shock-troops of World Jewry. Filtered

That's a kike, user. For your own survival, learn to spot the difference.


What is "kike " ?

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this place has really fallen, eh? I wish we had vital communities like a couple years ago or earlier

I am a supporter of a non-existent "technocratic" system - a peculiar hybrid of meritocracy and technocracy as understood by political science, something from
the very assumption (at least today) of the utopian assumption. The technocracy itself would have to be present in a certain type of country, under certain conditions.

I think that this can start from the assumption that the technocratic system is the power of experts, specialists in their fields, who manage the state through managing the relevant 'ministries', with a 'capitalist' system at the same time (free market, even libertarian free) and a similar social system
(read this as." My freedom ends with your nose"). However, how this would look like in practice (and theory ) - I don't know.

The system would, in my opinion, assume
no nation states, rather a confederation or a loose federation of regions - the regions would be governed by experts. Global governant
is unnecessary.

Absolutist city states. Let everyone vote by moving to a citadel whose monarchy you would not only agree with but die for if needed. Instead of a society of coincidental neighbors, you would have a tightly-knit community of passionate brothers and sisters, not just in race but in thought and spirit, fighting for the same goal as you.

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So the king will be just a despot who commands and the order will be executed, or you'll be fired. And who is this king? Probably another political dodger who will get along with
the guys on the side.

Theoretically, autocracy with a super honest and resistant to temptation absolute ruler/autocrat, who would be guided in his actions only by
the welfare of their subjects, their own interests and benefits (as well as those of their closest co-workers!) with nothing to offer (of course, those closest co-workers).
they would also have to have similar characteristics - all of them!!!!). Only that it is a utopia. Whatever you try to do, finding an ascetic who will not try to use it
of absolute power, limited only by the interests of its warlords, to a purpose other than the welfare of the country, is
…a task beyond your power. One could "raise" a perfect successor in theory by using, so to speak, "totalitarian propaganda methods", but with such a person,
Unfortunately, warlords will be able to manipulate easily.

Therefore, at least at our stage of civilisation, democracy is most optimal. Which is just like the voters - so it is flawed. But it is fair - we have what we want. History teaches us that such a solution does not is the worst.

National Socialism.

You're not very good at this, are you leftypol? We have IDs here for a reason.

Communism killed most of the civilized Russians.

Ideologies bloom from the problems that societies face. Whatever we are doesn't all the way exist yet, but my guess would be somewhere around National Distributism.

Monarchy chosen by Sortition

Niggers are SAVAGES, not Barbarians. There is a difference.
Otherwise I agree with what you said.

The good thing is though that having spent so much time really understanding the problems myself, that I'm going to thoroughly enjoy how fucked everything is going to get. I get a semi just knowing that the universe, evolution, God, whatever you want to label it, punishes ignorance with maximum suffering. If there's something after this life, I feel like I've learned what I need from this one and I'm ready to move on to the next level.

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But stupid white people are exististing too.

Norse pagan warrior chieftan priest led theocracy.

The bloodline will inevitably degrade, some stupid war will be started and the international jew infiltrates court by financing it.

Thanks for the blog post, fag. Serious question: is this bait?


Isn't Nation Socialism just Eco-Fascism with a strong emphasis on racial and cultural homogeny? (which keeps in line with nature anyway)

Ecofascist technocratic meritocracy with National Socialist labor and capital laws, a cadre of Plato's Ablest Men serving as benevolent tyrants held in check and counterbalanced by a Conclave of Eleven (elected officials, each a master and proven leader of a single branch of science), and a society laser-focused on the eventual apotheosis of Homo Sapiens Sapiens into Homo Sapiens Apexis through the judicious and gradual application of genetic engineering.

All in preparation for the colonization of Sol… and beyond.

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Eco Naturism

It's truth, at least it's my truth. You've become so cynical about everything that you can't even recognize it anymore or aren't willing to even entertain the possibility that it may be truth. It doesn't matter though, most people don't even look for truth anymore, and therein lies one of the fundamental flaws in our civilization that will ultimately doom it.

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National Socialism.

Listen, I'm sure your abject truth, which you've failed to ever disclose besides thinking spouting pseud Neil degrass Tyson intellectualism and armchair psychology while fence sitting larping is some form of valid critique or objectivism, is completely real. Have some self reflection.

Khazar Milkies. Expel the milker tribesau.

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You can join them in the chamber, kike.

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I'm just tired of bothering really, it's futile and pointless. The easiest path to take is to just do exactly what you did to dismiss it, but does that really change anything? Negative. All that matters to me is the entertainment I receive from my perspective of the world. You'd find it just hilarious if you were where I am.

Most here would agree a strongly nationalist, conservative and moral dictatorship is best. Whether that is monarchy or national socialism.

You literally haven't said anything besides blog posting; there's nothing for me to dismiss. You may say you're tired of bothering, but what exactly have you done besides posting on the internet? There's always greater horizons to build upon, you know the course of history was crafted by only a few?

the one where the reigns of POWER are held EXCLUSIVELY by ME AND MINE

Europid Fash Theocracy over a double layer of Militant Fash and Eco-Fash to manage citizens, animals and nature. Under that, a judenfrei benevolent Aryan oligarch – an explicitly philogentile economy. Genetically Europid-centric money and parasite free contracts that will not function or translate into any manner of hymie asiatic participation or trickle. Then multilayered judenfrei symbolic worker professions, trades and crafts Monarchism under that.

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>>>Zig Forums
atheists and pagans only, fgt

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Thanks, user.

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Christianity is D&C. Its been so effective at turning christcucks against their race, that christcucks have become irreversibly semitic.

Stoicism deeply embeded in the character of the masses, could create a culture that needed no specific system, eh? Of course, I'm speaking strictly of a white population.

It seems that niggers always find their natural path towards playing with their own shit, giving rise to disease, raping eachother, and destroying the infrastructure gifted to them by superior societies out of pity or for the sake of segregation.

Heil Hitler

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Why , can you explain it to me ?

Only in the 20th century and funnily enough, that was when the globalist agenda went into full swing. That was when the cultural Marxists began their subversion of whites. That was when the kikes forced us into two great wars with the propaganda of racism being the cause, at least for future generations.

Stop being a faggot and doing what (((they))) want you to do.

You see in that picture Africa 100 years ago and now. That's not right.
there will probably also be traditional tribes, but don't forget.africa is becoming a bigger and bigger threat.the traitors are helping them more and more,while they also have india and china.africa is getting richer and African negroes are getting more and more self-confidence and dare because they feel right,and because they are seen that way,more and more white people are laughing and despising.they are getting so rich,that they almost get it better than white people.in addition, they have less and less respect for white people.that's because 90% of the white people are weak.

You see in that picture Africa 100 years ago and now. That's not right.
there will probably also be traditional tribes, but don't forget.africa is becoming a bigger and bigger threat.the traitors are helping them more and more,while they also help india and china.africa is getting richer and African negroes are getting more and more self-confidence and dare because they feel requal,and because much white people are seen that way,more and more africans are laughing and despising about white people.they are getting so rich,that they almost get it better than white people.in addition, they have less and less respect for white people.that's because 90% of the white people are weak.

Anything 3rd position is good



woah, lordy, this one is retarded

Theocracy, which is what I was talking about, is an almost exclusively semitic/abrahamic concept, at least in its non-prehistoric form. Certainly, our pagan ancestors would have found it foreign.
these alone are not theocracy

there is no world in which the word "moral" in the aforementioned post has any meaning if it does not mean, essentially, theocracy. Perhaps it was just a throw-away word, but I would still argue that it (likely) gives a glimpse of insight into that user's mind.

this was my first post, and it ends the thread
go read (at least primers on) Machiavelli and Schmitt (Nietzsche, for bonus points – Genealogy of Morals, not the poetic shit), and then be done with the idle talk.


Whatever system kills the jew is the best system.