Fed Disinfo Agent & Gatekeeper E Michael Jones - There is no such thing as a White People

This fraud christcuckold tells us there is no White Race or white men, only "french catholics and English protestants".

Tough to tell, but it almost looks like Jones is reading a script or screen that’s cueing him.

Can you imagine looking a black person in the face and saying there’s no such thing as a black person? Beyond idiotic.

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His >>>Zig Forums followers surround him attentively like Hasids around their Rebbe.

Yeah, I liked Libido Dominandi, but that's pretty gay.

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Scandanavians and Germans don't exist according to that guy.

He's being pushed as a limited hangout for the US to keep its faggot tax farm together. So he goes after low hanging fruit like bauhaus architecture and pornography, while tripping all over himself to fluff up niggers.

Typical christcuckoldry. They've abandoned white identity for christian identity. They wear their proverbial slave collar like a badge of honor, and it says that worshiping jews is their identity.

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Jones openly states that Jews are of the devil and they need to be brought to justice. Not every Christian is some subverted Jewish tool. In John and Revelation it specifically states that Jews are of devil, the synagogue of Satan. Just because Christianity was hijacked by Jews for subversion dosen't mean you can't find knowledge in in the scriptures.

There isn't a 'white' race though, because genetically many of us are related to groups that we do not and should not consider 'white' like Arabs, Indians and Whateveristanis. What we consider as 'white', or 'European', might better be defined as 'those of Christian heritage of the Caucasoid race'. The next best would be the descendants of Rome, but then we would be leaving out all the Slavic nations and most of the Germans; who are clearly 'white' - whilst incorporating nations like Egypt and Palestine; not so white. The ancient boundaries of Christendom, what became known as Europe - is the best signifier of what it is to be white. These were people who (at several times at least) put aside their differences to fight as a united people, primarily united by faith, but also race; against such groups as the Hun, the Arabs and the Turks.

Today everyone knows what we mean by 'white', but if we actually try to define exactly what 'white' is - we find a lot of problems if we want to make it a purely ethnic category. There's also the point that several Nips have made that objectively they have fairer skin than many Europeans.

Also according to this post-national marxist rat, we're all the same. Blacks would be just as successful as if if they had Christianity for two thousand years. Christianity is backbone of all European success, not Europeans. We all bleed red, we're all the same. I wish I could knock this old rat out.

Pretty sure that's a dude under all the makeup.

No, nigger, he literally promulgates post-national marxist bullshit under the guise of Christianity. He's trash.

E Michael Jones is good guy, very rational based even too rational based which is why he fails to understand that whites is a synonym for those with European origins. It is scientifically proven how Europeans relate thus white. So he is out of order on that one.

When you become completely rational you only see things like the genetics and small details. Failing to see the macro levels and psychology mindset of a certain group of people. Like the white movement. He completely fails to see and understand how it correlates to specific groups connected by blood. Refuses.

I don't think hes a fed. Just too focused on the genetical details which also made his history research so great about the jews.

But he does have a point, Hitler understood everyone had to unite as one against Zion. Muslims and blacks even asians he had armies with those. Even so they failed to go against Zion.

It is difficult to go against Zion alone as whites feels they must now, but don't think they have much choice. Since black and africans and 100% Zion pets now. Asians don't give a fuck about anything.

Whites are desperate since it knows it is about to be utterly destroyed. So one can understand the White movement catering only to itself and specific genetical traits and bloodlines. Hitlers method I don't think is doable today. Different times.

Whites are being cornered into a back alley. Faced against the wall, as others . . . aim.

You've made this exact thread several times, but it's worth repeating.

He only states that there is no such thing as White people insofar as there are several different races of European peoples that have been classified under the umbrella term "White", which diminishes the racial heritage that people could become entrenched in, and has brainwashed all of America into thinking all European peoples are of one stock.

This is also taken out of context. Jones and anyone with a fucking brain realizes that white is a blanket term used by Jews to mix whites into oblivion. What is America? It's a "white" mongrel shit hole. There is no culture, heritage, tradition, tribalism, nothing. That's because all the whites are mixed European mutts. Why was Hitler so successful? They were all pure blooded fucking Germans. As it should be. Mixing whites has led to the disaster that is America.

What do "white" people in America believe in? They believe in consumerism and pleasure. When a people are stripped or denied of heritage, tradition, tribalism, culture, they are left lost and will seek and crave it through shit like organized sports, brands, consumer goods etc. Why do you think organized professional sports are so popular? Why do people crave to be rooting for a team? Because they crave to be part of a tribe.

That's the beauty of National Socialism, it is the best system possible for a culture and people, it's not a consumer slave meat grinder that is the US.


EMJ is bluepilled on everything except porn and degeneracy

No he's not. He says European success is due to Christianity, and that without it, we'd be just like Africans. The guy touts marxist bullshit as fact under the guise of Christianity. He's not rational at all. He doesn't believe in genetic differences or evolution. We thinks we were all made in the image of god and that we all have the same identical potentials. This guy's position is identical to the post-national marxist position.

If a nigger cunt has to work for 8 months in 16 hours shifts to get a raise for 10cents, hitler isnt very far.

Just stop. You're not going to save Christianity. Bury that desert kike slave belief already, and move the fuck on. We don't have time for this bullshit argument anymore.

>All this christcuck COPE

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Bullshit. I watched tons of his videos for 2-3 years now. He just uses Christianity morals as a way for a better society and Logos, to do what is right. He fully knows force is necessary to counter act something as Jews. He even said it himself. Only since WW2 someone went against satan. He literally said Hitler and Germany went against Satan and that was the last time. Since then no one went against Satan using Logos. Watch his videos you dumb fuck.


Probably competes in stealing.

And he's right. Africans have never been able to unify under a singular religion. The niggers of Africa still, today, are a tribal people that have not accomplished anything of note. The religion of Christianity is not so important. What is important is that the collective of Europe was able to unify themselves under any religion, and created cohesive, successful societies from this.

Never seen that before, that's fucking pathetic.

In that specific case it might be a fair argument, considering there is no such thing as a 'Pole' and that the whole nation is a muddied blob of Jews, Slavs and Teutons.

Give me a better signifier of what it is to be 'white'. Do you consider Arabs, Palestinians and Pakistanis 'white'? Do you consider pale skinned Japanese as 'white'?

Fucking hillbillies here pisses me off. I talk you down to shit redneck fucks who try to bring Michael Jones down.Do your research before opening that hillbilly mouth and spewing our garbage.

Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western Europeans may have different cultures, phenotypes,and languages, but we are all a part of one glorious race, faggot. There is nothing you can do about it. So how about you fuck off back to your containment board.
>>>Zig Forums

Yes he's Polish, by the current Polish structure of law. He still would not be a Pole in terms of heritage. Are you retarded?

you must need another latte, soyboy, calm down.

This is obvious subversion. Even if you’re a faggot pagan you should recognize that he’s naming the common enemy of all mankind. We win this war by spreading awareness of our oligarchs, first and foremost.

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Check out his whole interview with Nick if you have the time. The guy is a subversive piece of garbage trying to "dismantle whiteness," which is the same as marxists in universities, from a different angle. He's trying to break us down into small units so we can be crushed by larger collectives with ease.

Go back to Zig Forums you marxist sub-human. Filtered.

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Cool. Good job making yourself look worse.

kike disinfo and psyop thread

It's clear that feds want us to stick to retarded "muh whyte pepol" that they already have an abundance of countermeasures against.

That clip reminds me of Jewish professors saying white people don't exist.

What the dumb fucks here fails to understand is that the old true Christianity used common sense and Logos naturally. Thats why they expelled the Jews 359 times in Catholic countries. In the past thousand years, I read claims of much more about 1000 even. E Michael Jones is a Catholic and he also mentioned that even.

Humans need order in this world of chaos thats why elders wrote books like Bible for people to cope with this fucked up world. It was never about Jews. Jews rewrote bible with new words tainting it. The word jew was never in the bible in the first place. Damn do your fucking research.

You fucking vermin simply can't help yourselves. I see you.

White has always been a blanket term used by Jews to mix Europeans together. Do you honestly believe Europeans even 200 years ago even used that term?

Tell me, is it good or bad that Europeans mix with each other?

And Zig Forums shills tried to claim E Kikel Jewns was a good man.
Where are they now? Oh right, running extreme damage control now that their kike worshipping pastor outed himself.

Jews HATE Jesus. Jews HATE Christianity. Jews HATED Catholic Church so they infiltrated it with Vatican 2. Introduced Homosexuality due to it. Jews LOVE Atheist goyim since it means no threat. Dumb fucks.

I'm not even catholic but anyone who disagrees with this is historically illiterate.

Then why in John and Revelation does it specifically state that Jews are of the Synagogue of Satan and the children of the devil? Why would Jews right that in themselves?

Damage control harder, you kike worshipping goon.

Sticks and stones, glowie

True, the big names behind the atheism push of the 90s and 2000s were jewish too.

Well, I would consider Palestinians and some Arabs to be brothers, but for the most part I’m not too sure. But just because we’re in the same racial family doesn’t mean there are no differences between us and them. While this might be oversimplifying it, but Arabs are just white people who evolved in warmer climates. Obviously there’s also a lot of admixture to them (like negroid and mongoloid), but for the most part that statement stands true. I disagree that all Arabs (with the exception of Palestinians, Iranians, Lebanese and Alawites, since they’re brothers fighting the Jews) are white, because of how much inbreeding and non-caucasoid admixture they have (especially Gulf Arabs and Maghrebis).

The word Jew wasn't used but pharisees. It was a specific tribe in that period. Afterwards people started to just idiotically use the word jew instead of the true name pharisees and even canaanites. Read the fucking bible.

Modern Jew Ashkenazi Comes from Mongol Turkey area. They adopted the Jewish belief system after around 1200 AD. People just say dumb shit without knowing. No wonder they don't find 8ch a threat.People don't care about real facts or truth, just say dumb shit on internet.

Haven't read Cobbett, it seems.

So you think Europeans and Africans have identical potentials and that intelligence isn't a product of evolution and genetics. Filtered for marxist bullshit. Tell me, who else says "we need to dismantle whiteness"? Oh, that's right, progressive bolshevikistic jewish intellectuals. You fucking rat, you should be shot. You think you're so fucking subversive…

You didn't answer the question, faggot. Why would Jews replace the word pharisees with Jew?

Khazar theory was written by a Jew. You're saying a lot of dumb shit and not making any sense.

You're gonna have to explain why you included me in that, you historically illiterate Ameri-nigger.

>Yes he's Polish, (((by the current Polish structure of law.)))

He also doesn't seem to know the history of the US. Well over 200 years ago the European ethnic groups saw Europeans as white. If that we're the case, our immigration policy wouldn't have let in Germans, Poles, Irish, Italians etc., while keeping out shit-skins.


Doesn't know where the word heresies comes from. Is posting on 8ch like a dumbass thinking he has control.

Who give's a shit?
You're splitting hairs, a semite is a semite is a semite, their DNA hasn't changed just because they rebranded.

Project all you want faggot. A nation of mutts is always doomed from the start. If Hitler had nothing but European mongrels in his country he would have never gotten 10 feet off the ground

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Yes, agreed, Polish government is kiked. Again, no matter how kiked, a law cannot make a person a different race. He would be Polish-in-name-only.

Why would Jews replace the word pharisees with Jew user? Why can't you answer a simple question? It's okay if you don't know.

Silence Jew, nobody gave you permission to ask stupid questions.

Right, so they are 'white'. Yet do they also pose a threat to what might be deemed 'white interests'? Are they flood into the West and threatening to destroy us? …

Thus I feel it is better to frame 'white' as my previous 'of Christian Caucasoid descent' designation.

You're joking right? The best thing you can hide behind is calling me a Jew? It's a simple question and you don't know the answer. Sort of pathetic because I'm sure you think your well read on history and you can't even answer a simple question. That just won't do user.

Kill yourself.

Oh look, Jones and university marxists want the same thing. I wonder why. Weakening the collective will of a unified white population doesn't benefit anyone. Nope! Get fucked to any nigger who supports this fucking rat. Traitorous sub-human fucking scum.

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This is the game he's in.
His stated goal, much like Jordan Peterson's is to catch the whites waking up and subvert them into Christianity in order to reduce/eliminate the blowback that he knows is coming for the jews. Likely because he believes their lives/souls have value and can be saved or some shit, but that's my own supposition.
He absolutely speaks some truth, but the poison lies in where he directs people after waking them up. It falls on each of us to save good guys from falling to the Christcuckery and becoming spiritual boomers.

She pulls off the slutty bimbo look so well though, I'd stick my dick in it.

You really are a dumb nigger, European mutts made America the most powerful nation on the planet. Brits are practically euro mutts as well Germanic, Celtic, Nordic possibly a little bit of Mediterranean as well since they were ruled by the Romans for hundreds of years.

This guy is a fucking sub-human. A literal marxist.

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>>Zig Forums

And how does that work when Christianity teaches that the jews (Pharisees) are the synagogue of Satan?

This thread is totally not organic.
+70 replies in LESS than one hour and all attacking Dr. E.Michael Jones, while he is usually well loved on Zig Forums ?
Fuck off Shareblue faggots, you won't do character assassination here faggots.

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Because all they need to do is claim conversion and then they are free to sink back into the crowd because Christians are dumb enough to believe in salvation for their blood enemies.

sit back and enjoy the COPE

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And what did he do in May, nigger? He went on a "dismantle whiteness" crusade and said niggers and Europeans are intellectually identical.

Jews are comprised of several nomadic races. They cannot convert and lose their status as subversive Pharisees.

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Nobody gets a pass, and he has never been "loved" on Zig Forums.

He wrote a book about this years ago called "The Slaughter of Cities". It talks about how blacks were used by WASPS to destroy ethnic streets and make them into white people.

Kill yourself kikestian. Everything I and all others have said against E Kikel Jewnes is proven to be true.


Saging this anti-Zig Forums (((thread)))

Go back to Zig Forums where you belong you anti-science monkey. Preach your "human race" shit there. Jones can be Zig Forumss hero. He is a marxist after all.

Pick one and only one, kike worshipper.

Well feel free to direct me toward any practicing congregations with more than 1 member that actually believe that. As far as history shows Christians are all too happy to embrace their former pogrom targets if only they take a splash of water and tell a few lies.

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Wew, nice and totally organic D&C thread Moishe. Scared yet?

I'm not even going to point out, why we shouldn't discard his great work, just because he has a constant (christian) worldview that doesn't always overlap with your (((super radical extreme))) )))national socialism(((

Bump. Zig Forums has never championed ecelebs, let alone ones who promote racial division in favor of religious cohesion.



Kikestians and pro-white groups were never united. (((You))) worship your jewish rabbi messian and jewish god over all else.

Their holy book has been altered. Inform the people, change the religion.

Thanks user.

You should say that more eloquently. He's promoting intraracial division while promoting interracial cohesion under the umbrella of Christianity.

>Kikestians and pro-white groups were never united. (((You))) worship your jewish rabbi messian and jewish god over all else.
You Jewish shills are so transparent, it's not funny.

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No one is a bigger cuck for the Jews than White Nationalists

Federal agent thread.
Feds want us buying a false dichotomy of Christianity VS National Socialism.

You should know already. Zig Forums is just a brainwashing center for the CIA.
ZOG knows people have different personalities, different levels of intelligence, different souls.
Because people have different personalities and different knowledge levels, one unified narrative does not work well enough for mind control yet.
CIA agents create many different narratives each specifically targeting certain types of people.

Completely brainwashed normies believe whatever is pushed in public education, colleges, especially mainstream media like television.
For them, CIA narratives include Republicans VS Democrats. Left wingers VS right wingers. Ebul natzees and 6 million (or 10 million…… 20 million…….. 30 million). Tradition is outdated. Whites deserve extinction. Young white males are dangerous incel virgin mass shooters. The Jews are innocent. And many more.

For those who aren't as brainwashed, there is controlled opposition.
Qanon. Donald Trump. The alt kike. Tucker Carlson. Fox News. Israel is our greatest ally. It's not the Jews, it's MUSLIMS. It's not the Jews, it's RICH PEOPLE. The CIA committed many crimes IN THE PAST WITH MKULTRA, but that's all over now. Trust the plan.
These are all specifically formulated to block consciousness and gatekeep by ZOG.

Go up another level. People with this much knowledge and potentially threatening personality types are targeted by the CIA.
Honeypot right wing organizations exist to entrap and get these people killed. Blow up a federal building. Agent provocateurs. By doing this, potentially violent opposition against the CIA is crushed.
Freemasons also hunt these people for recruitment, along with ZOG intelligence agencies. By doing this, violent people become servants for ZOG.

At the next step higher CIA honeypot websites like Zig Forums, 4chan, Stormfront are funded and actively monitored. Because people with this much knowledge and these specific personality types are more elusive, the CIA wants them brainwashed, blackpilled, demoralized. CIAniggers also try abducting them for subsequent brainwashing and planting in society as a celebrity, politician, or other.
Using these sites the CIA stages operations to directly target hostile thought criminals.
Mind control activities including constant demoralization, limited hangouts and other disinformation. BLACKED threads. "Why are so many young males virgins" threads. Distraction. And more advanced tactics.

Through these multiple layers of consciousness blocking operations, CIA agents eliminate most threats against ZOG.
Escape from this site while you still can.

Than you

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No one talked about National Socialism, nigger. Take this copy and past blog post and shove it up your ass. Filtered.

How many IPs have you blown through in this one thread in your "appeal to the majority" attempt?

And as expected, you kikestian shills have NO argument. You CANNOT disprove anything factually objectively correctly stated against your kike worship religion.

Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike kikestian niggerloving schizo shill.

Kikestianity is inherently in opposition to national socialism and all ethnonationalist sentiment.