The Mormons need help

The Mormons are the church in the US closest to cucking that can still be brought back from the brink.

The majority of Mormons are solid, clean-living people with strong culturally conservative instincts. But prog cancer is spreading surprisingly quickly. Until recently you only saw it online but the progs have become bolder, speaking up in church services and trying to force institutional changes.

In many parts of North America there's a shortage of men. Porn and video games are the main reason. Guys get sucked into those, don't go on their mission and stop attending church out of shame/depression/cynicism. Every time it happens, one more faithful girl doesn't have a husband. It's worst in the Mountain West. In some YSA wards there are two or three women for every man. It isn't worth going into the reasons for this. Mistakes were made. We compromised too much with modernity.

I'm a Mormon (Latter-day Saint is the preferred term these days), 28, a grad student, married, two kids, closeted cynical right-winger and I've never posted on a board like this before. But desperate times, right.

I won't be able to take it if the church cucks. What we've created is too fucking amazing to lose. Deseret is the closest humanity has ever come to utopia. We need more solid Mormon families, more babies. There are beautiful girls (Mormons are mostly English and Scandinavian stock) growing old without ever bearing children.

I'm begging you. I know you think Mormonism is ridiculous. I know, magic underwear and planets and whatever. But you've got it wrong. I'm begging you. Find some missionaries, take the leap and go full Mormon. Quit the weed, the video games and the porn. Be a man. Get off the internet. Find a good girl, she'll follow your lead. She needs you.

I won't be posting on here again. Godspeed.

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You're an underpants-nigger. Deal with it.

Anyway, they seem okay to me. How many wives have you rescued?

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Mormonism is 100% kiked, and has been since its inception.

I already have one wife and it took about a decade to break her, I cant take any more wives.

This place is pozzed beyond recognition.
DOTR can't come soon enough.

The mormons have been warming up to LGBT. They're also so Christcucked and see no problems with niggers anymore. While most of the anti-degeneracy values are welcomed, they won't last too much longer. What we need is an organization to build out the best in people without the cucked belief system.

Thanks for all the niggers.

Don't Mormons go to Africa and South America and convert the natives?

The Mormans are Satanic and deserve it.

Too late. Two of them showed up on my doorstep and one one of them was White. I would have thought about joining the mormon church for strategic reasons, but they have gone over to the dark side.

I fully expect a pride parade and mormons giving each other blowjobs on street corners in the next two years.

On September 11th, 1857, somewhere between 100 and 140 men, women and children were massacred in Utah at Mountain Meadows. Mormans did nothing wrong.

If you broke her you are doing it wrong. The object would be to tame her…'broken wife' is just meh, not interesting, she basically becomes a nigger or shitskin at that point.

They backed down on the race issue.

No they are our worst enemy next to the jews

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pretty appealing my man

Mormonism is the future for many whites in the USA especially when SHTF. I don't think I could become one but I hope they do well.

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Christianity is CUCKED to high hell by the jew. You will not find salvation in worshiping a kike, following a worshiper of a kike, or obeying the rules of a religion designed by kikes specifically to tame and control goyim. If you want real advice, chase out the progressives and don't bother explaining to anyone why the progressives are wrong about their beliefs.

Imma go with the amish on that one because at least they are White and going to stay White. Really over the multicultural subhuman 'mixing agenda'.

I will take the Mormon wife surplus. God wills it!!

And reported for shitting up the board.

A shame this girl in the vid is a Mormon.

It's a rapey rape kinky spinoff of freemasonry started by an obnoxious asshole.

lol, and now it involves niggers/subhumans and a variety of rapey rapey multiculturalism in its rapey rape wife swapping good times.

rapey rape 14 year old daughter swapping good times and collect all that sweet sweet welfare from having 8 wives and 5 kids with each wife. Of course the wives and kids never see the money; that goes towards your RE portfolio, that 6 wheeler GM pickup, and your Eddie Bauer wardrobe, while the women folk and the kids wear home made clothes and raise chickens and livestock and grow and can vegetables to live on for $0.00 per annum.

Fuck the jesus shit and fuck op for being a massive homo

Are you saying that they are GIBS ME DAT KIKE/NIGGERS AS WELL? Oh, man that is harsh. Think how many well meaning Whites are going to flee there only to find a psycho baby raping nigger in charge.

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In general whever you find really large families or polygamy, you find it's motivated by welfare fraud of one kind or another. This applies to beaners with 4 or 5 "wives", ultra orthodox jews who disdain work, and extreme polygamist mormons.

It is so good that we had this talk about subhuman parasitism and their need to suck off the blood of our people in order to exponentially breed worthless and defective human trash offspring. Thank you user.

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They mormons gave up polygamy it was too late. Gtfo with your kike bs


Forget everything i said about the kikes, Im converting to mormonism right now. Do i need a priest to bless my underwear or how does it work?

The last mormon missionary that tried to convert me was a little chinese broad at Oakridge Shopping center. She seemed deeply anxious to make an appointment with me to meet with her at the local mormon church or temple or whatever it is they have.

You can't stop it. Christians follow traditions without even knowing why they should, at this point subversion is very easy. You have to be consciously traditional, proactive, and even violent. Mormons have none of this, they will fail within 10 years and become a prog mutt cult

Mormons are York Rite masons and are not Christian by any means. It's a LARP religion.


Entire towns are full of these pedophiles.

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Moab Utah mormons living in homes carved out of sandstone cliffs..

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If the lds are willing to fight off hordes of non whites and create wholesome pro white, non degenerate communities I think that on behalf of the alt right neo nazi racists of pol we may be able to come to some sort of agreement

But we would like to keep our own underwear

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I would beware of making agreements with the Mormons. Read up on the Mountain Meadows Massacre and find out what I'm talking about.

While you're doing that, also read up on the rapes and murders that happened to Mormons in the decades before. You've been brainwashed by the revisionist kiked narrative like the rest of the country.

The fact is, most US Mormons are white, and as SHTF in the coming years they'll get redpilled.

pic related, it's you.

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The mormons appear to have been inserted in the American west at the same time as the US Civil War by the British banking faction that promoted the Civil War as an attempt to break off the US west from the Union or at least delay its extension there. As a freemason cult it appears that they were thus jew tools at best.

okay, shill. tell us how we should refuse any sort of alliance or association because they hold select beliefs that are different? instead of trying to influence them, we should fight them? You realize how subversive this whole 'christcucks lol!' shit is, right? Christians make up a massive amount of the movement that still fights against low fertility rates (especially mormons), pornography, and degeneracy. there's no reason we should label them as the enemy, especially when we could shift their vision to see the truth about the kikes.
tldr: we need allies and christianity is not something to pick a fight with, it's something to influence and befriend (so long as it rejects degeneracy)

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Keep in mind mormons are zionists. LDS Inc. asks for 10% of your money as tithe otherwise you're shunned by your peers, and a large percentage of newer churchgoers are mexicants, who receive most of that aid and handouts the church is so proud of giving away on their believers' dollar.

How about you provide proof for your claims instead of essentially stating, "Everything I don't like is Jews."

This isn't cuckchan faggot.

I was born and raised Mormon, so I can say for sure that this is false. It's true there are extensive freemason influences in the temple ceremonies, but Mormons being "jew tools" just isn't true. Joseph Smith formed the church in 1830, it arose naturally out of the Protestant religious bickering of the time. We also moved out west in the 1840s - which means we sat the entire Civil War out. And I know of no Jewish ties lol, at least until the church began reaching out to Palestine in the 20th century.

While we're on the subject, the south should have won the Civil War. The North/South dynamic was basically kiked globohomo VS. rural white culture.

Sure thing, Rabbi Shekelberg!

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lol, no
rural white culture does not include owning slaves. if i remember correctly, a lot of the slave owners were jewish themselves.

I'm not gonna join your cult lol

Too bad Utah and SLC in general is being overrun by California faggots.
Was walking around downtown and LGBT+ acceptance signs everywhere, Christ.

i dont care much for mormons
but i hate progressives
god speed user

That's all of christianity bro. Christianity was started by Jews. It's basic New Testament theology that "Gentiles" are adopted into the house of israel.

Yeah except slavery wasn't the mainstay of Southern culture. A fraction of the population owned slaves, many of them Jews, some were even former slaves themselves. Say what you will but the North's victory led to the massive centralized (((governmen)))t we have today.

Most Mormons are not actually religious.

Most of the girls are attracted to the moral, value oriented culture of the religion. They are looking for husbands to start a family with.

The Mormon church is being subverted and it will be damaged irreparably, but the culture will remain.

As I was born into a Mormon family, I can safely say you niggas are weird as fuck and I knew you faggots were weird when I was even like.. 7-9. Brainwashed by your Mormon propaganda and I still knew it was bullshit. Don't try to convert other people to your autistic ideology, let it die.

Do mormons ostracize racemixers or not?

Does it reject degeneracy? I see most (((Christians))) are fine with racemixing.

Nope. They encourage it and promote it. It is flat fucked man
Former mormon myself and it happens here in my little own hometown and it’s fucking disgusting

The Mormon church rejected degeneracy in the past. That has gradually changed over 100 years as the church has attempted to grow and reflect modern society.

Mormon girls want to start families, have a sense of community, ancestry and shared values. Religion is mostly beside the point.

It’s in Provo and park city too. That faggot shit is everywhere

I believe Mormon girls could easily convert to the traditional pagan religions if they have security and support.

Young people are loosely associated with the church now. Many would be happy to abandon it for another framework or cultural construct.

He unloaded in a 14 year old! Holy Shit, get the ATF!

Just like cuckstianity. The only way to know your jew god is intellectually. I'd try mormonism, but I've already been through all that church bullshit, I don't want it again. Even if there are more blonds in Utah than anywhere else in the US apparently.

That would require a sturdy framework, user. How many pagan communities do you know of? How many with childrenand not just weirdos?

Not joining your gay cult, but I will try to steal one of your naive horny virginal women.

I don't think so. It would have to support family values, culture and community. If it can meet those criteria, the framework can grow.

There are many aspects and strategies of mormonism that could be used to grow the organization. Mormons are great at that. It has been the fastest growing religion in terms of percentage.

90% of Mormons are of northwestern European heritage. Ancestry research is very strongly encouraged and has been since inception of the LDS church.

A natural beginning point would be heritage or ancestry groups. Scouting was a big part of the LDS church that needs replacement. People are looking for alternatives.

The other advantage of Asatru like or pagan organizations is they are more flexible/realistic about expectations and time commitments in the internet age.

… I would view it as a transition.

People would begin as Mormons who also participate in ancestral or heritage based groups for a small number of festivals or activities. Over time it would transition to one foot on each side and then a growing percentage fully transitioning as it becomes a more culturally accepted and normal thing to do.

Essentially it could be very similar to the current Mormon Church, except with an emphasis on nature and heritage instead of Christ. It would do away with the progressive/socialist cancer and silly doctrine that few Mormons believe in anyway.

That won't go over well with the Mormons.

I have a cousin who is a very devout mormon. Right now they have send him to South America in his mission.
He is very white, and a few months before he departed on his mission his set him up with a non-white mystery meat girl he is now set up to marry once he comes back.
You will never convince me that this isn’t a Jewish ploy to further trick white people into betraying their own, considering that there are literally dozens of single white girls in his church who are probably going to get married off to spics, Africans or polynesians.
I will admit that I do not know how these matchmaking services by their church work, but my aunt heavily implied that the relationship was completely created and nurtured by the church.
When he comes back we will need to have a rather serious talk about this.

That looks like a highly defensible location


Mormons were mostly good people. Their religion is a joke: a corporation pretending to be a religion. In the old West days, Mormonism worked because it was a farming/ranching co-operative that pretended to be a religion. It was centered around family, tribe, and townships (and pioneering those townships across the West).

In the 1950's the shift to turning into a top-down corporation occurred and local Mormon churches went from having an individual flavor and culture, to being more like sterile franchises (all teaching the same approved blandness, called "correlation"). If your Catholic, this would be like Vatican II stuff in the 60's. Same kinda "reform", but with much more tightening of control.

It didn't take long for the fruits of this to occur: acceptance of race mixing, massive efforts at demasculization, acceptance/tolerance of feminism, acceptance of gays, costs reduction over people/programs, charities frauds, birth rate drops, etc…

At this point, Mormonism is run by plastic Mitt Romney mid-level management accountant bugmen. I don't think it can survive in its present form much longer than a generation or two. I expect it to schism, possibly into two: a right wing fundy version (ID, UT, AZ, NV) and a left wing version (CA mainly with packets in major cities in UT, AZ, ID).

I would work to convert Mormon's to more sensible thinking in regards to race & white genocide. Maybe try to get them to move toward embracing faith tradition & pioneering spirit and family and leave behind the blind following of "prophets" like the first Mormon con-man Joe Smith (himself a kiddie diddler and wife swapper). They can't do this openly very easily or they will be kicked out the door. Although more and more are walking away anyway.

Many Mormons can be reached, especially the younger ones. The boomer aged Mormon's are hopeless and are basically the definition of neo-con cuckservative.

Looking for some sort of group of like-minded people to join is bound to disappoint. While you will have the best luck in rural areas, note that Mormon's won't fight or rebel against the POZ until they get out from under their current do-nothing leadership and realize that their POZ worshiping religion is a crock of lies.

When you believe that American Aboriginal's are literal decendents of gawds chosen people da jews, it is really going to be hard to address the jew question. Another downside: they are wearing magic underwear and selling multi-level conjob crap like Amway, while giving 10% of their total gross income away without question– so they are overall very gullible. In cities, they are very egotistical, vain, and money driven. The rural communities are were you find gold. They are family driven and don't like what they see coming out of Salt Lake/Washington/etc. They still haven't put two & two together to figure out (((who))) is pulling most of the strings, but they are at least good and pissed and willing to fight (think Bundy Ranch).

I am Mormon, btw.

I realize that my ancestors joined the religion because it helped their people. There was no other reason. Many Mormons are the same.

I will transition away to more heritage based organizations…

I was considering maybe Mormons, maybe "The Family International", maybe Raelians, maybe Scientology, for recruiting some abnormal white women to birth my babies. However I need frugal women who are willing to milk the welfare system by pretending to be sluts and disavowing knowledge of who the dad is, maybe RP like Mary about it being god or something, to get max bux and not garnish my wages

just kidding I don't earn wages, I'm accelerating the collapse and competing with niggers for bux

Good luck. I had conversation with some mormons lately and he told me they recently had a church built in Israel, Tel Aviv. Mormons are way more cucked than you know boi.

First, you must be dumb to believe in any religion, but most importantly, you must be really retarded to be a mormon faggot. Disgusting religion.

Shit head. Mormons are very kind and good people since they follow scriptures with morals. Even if they are brainwashed and 100% cucked by Israel at this point. All I talked to were very kind unlike infidels.


You Mormons make me so sad. Your pastors are lying to you. In truth, the Mormon faith is organized highly like Freemasonry, with strong reminders of how the Bavarian Illuminati operates. You are sent as missionaries to progress. You are lied to. Do some research! Web search the following:

Mormon Cosmology

Banned Mormon Cartoon: Extended Version

18 acts you didn't know about Joseph Smith

Scientology, Freemasonry, and Mormonism

You are being lied to in order to follow a man's religion who was either a nut, a liar,or a man deceived himself.

ok op
i will try to impregnate as many mor(m)on women as i can

Jew propaganda nice try mossad cuckold, Mormons are jew slaves Christianity was built on the idea of becoming Jewish slaves as we see the number one jew slaves in the entire world are evangelicals Mormons aren't that different.

All the faggots in this thread who play seamlessly into the stale christian vs pagan dialectic need to take a step the fuck back and understand Mormonism’s substantial potential for the growth of racial consciousness.

Yes, the modern church has been undeniably cucked (as all other forms of spirituality, christian or otherwise) but if Mormonism can be reclaimed to recapture the spirit of the time that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young lived in, it would be a great blow against ZOG (the early church had an extensive history of opposing and arming itself against the US govt). Even our Saint Robert Jay Mathews was drawn to Mormonism for good reason.

You faggots are too dense to do some research and see the vast support American AND German Mormons had for Hitler (read “Moroni and the Swastika”) or to see the amount of Aryan racial doctrine that defined its initial incarnation. The premise of the Book of Mormon is essentially a thousand year race war between whites and reds! Mormons were also wise to oppose slavery not because they loved niggers but because they didn’t want to coexist with them in ANY capacity, and admirably wanted to be self-sufficient and do their own damn work. Furthermore Brother Brigham had this to say about race-mixing:

Journal of Discourses 10:110-111; “Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so.” – Brigham Young, Salt Lake City, March 8, 1863

It’s time to learn from the past, discard whatever internationalist freemasonry that infected it and bring about Mormon Identity, built upon an unshakable volkisch foundation.

Hail Mormon Identity!

Mormonism had the same roots as the SS but got corrupted by kikes beyond recognition. The more I read about it, the more core elements I can recognize. But it seems that they got everything the opposite when it comes to their mythology. What run of the mill christcucks see as a heresy there, I see as positive developments. They probably didn't go far enough in getting rid of semitic influences and mythos, and that's what got to them later on.

I'd even go as far as to say that the original Mormons and positive Christianity of the Reich were essentially the same thing. You should make a thread about the volkisch elements of Mormonism. If I was not such an edgelord and if I was more ignorant about (((Christianity))) , I'd even consider joining them (not sure how that works outside of the US though).

No matter how many additions you make to the Old Testament (Torah), its still (((their))) book and will be used by its (((original writers))) to gain control over whoever believes in it. You can be a White Man like, Joseph Smith and declare "niggers are bad", but your future followers will find themselves in the same jewish coil as any other group that believes in the jewish stories.

Ain't it weird, even though being a very small percentage of World Population, jewish stories make up most of the foundations of the Religions of the World? Only a fool couldn't see how jews running everything couldn't be related to their presence in the narrative roots and why its historically been so difficult to eliminate the jews.

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The Civil War was incited by the banker jews of the City of London to break up the formidable power challenging the (((British Empire))) and the Mormons were a part of that strategy to Balkanize the USA. It was the South that was jewed, as in Judah P Benjamin its secretary of war. The Union was ultimately victorious under Grant who banned the jews from the Western Military District because their speculations in grain and forage drove the price of food up to 10x its normal price. Mormons were and are treacherous murderers and rapists and freemason offshoots. Their polygamy was nothing more than a big brothel. They abducted women to their cult then cried like jews when they got caught and punished, as though justice was persecution.

YOu don't have to become a Mormon to get a good pretty Mormon raised girl. There's plenty around. I've been asked out by young Mormon girls. They're looking for a man and they are very nice to be with. Don't just try Utah. There's lots in New Mexico.

Jeesus, if you're going to bone a black broad at least find a really hot one.
The hair thing is repulsive though. That dude was seriously fucked long before he knocked up that ugly black broad; male pattern baldness, cheap polyester suit and tie. I'd rather eat my shotgun than wake up to that situation ever morning.

Bro mormon girls love the poophole loophole


Here is the problem. There are tons of non-Whites in lds at this point and I gather it is only becomeing more 'multicultural'. When I was young they were always White…now it is mystery meat time. And you know what is going to happen to the organization when mystery meat shows up. People will stop caring, stop preparing, become faggots, make their offspring trashgender, etc.

Just like kikestians. That won't stop me from taking wives if I want. Dipshit.

better than a government pretending to be a religion (like all the rest; except for scientology, maybe).

Fellow LDSAnon here. Some people in this thread may genuinely find the gospel and improve their lives, but most won't and will be pretty hostile/indifferent. If they were to look at it properly, they would see how, if followed correctly, how much it civilized people. For example: I used to home-teach Marvin Perkins (from Black's in the scriptures). The whitest-behaving/classy black family I know. He's out there trying to de-nig the populous and is doing a great job (one of the main reasons I make the distinction between black and nigger [though nigger is default, sadly] ). Don't give up hope at the few, they are genuinely out there.


As a follower of the Bible, I judge a nation on their overall character AND NEVER AS AN INDIVIDUAL because that is what determines whether they are a benefit or a detriment to the Earth. This is what God does, this is what I do. Niggers are one of the worst things that have ever happened on this planet (without them we wouldn't have had the jew, either). You are a faggot if you can't understand that each nation needs to be judged as one BODY. This is the whole point of the kikes multiculty because they are desperate to preserve their own DNA via race mixing it into the pop as a mongrels. They THINK MISTAKENLY that God cannot find them. Instead they are DOOMING everyone they fuck and mongrelize with to death. My problem with the 'lds' is that they appear to promote this mongrelization as well, meaning that even more people will die as a result of being mixed race mongrels. There is no room for tainting your blood on this planet.

Niggers will never pass the sniff test user. No matter what you do to/for them. They are trash people because their DNA is trash and not HUMAN.

Low effort. OP is a faggot.

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They also get enriched. If you send your daughters on missionary you might get lucky and they'll bring back a strapping young west African with the God-given gift of sprinting power. Then your grandchildren will be a true master race of athletes.

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They do, like I mentioned above. They marry white women with black men and white men to spic women. I am pretty sure it is intentional too, because most couples are interracial here.
Also, it doesn’t matter if the black is the most well-behaved, intelligent and honest man on earth, because return to the mean is a thing. You would need to effectively selectively breed them for generations for these traits to fix themselves on a population.

It's an attempt to influence them ya knucklehead. Their reaction was supposed to be uncucking themselves, not to double down on the faggotry and get butthurt.

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Your posting style is cancer and you make zero sense, boomer. Die already.

Is everyone over your own age (12yo) a 'boomer' to you, fucking faggot? You don't even have a point about the topic of the thread.