The English language was created by Jews to control us

The English language was created by Jews to control us

We have unwittingly been CAST into the MOLD of ancient SPELLS of our modern SPELLING.

Ignore his big nose and weird earrings, he is onto something…

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True. Bump.

Whatcha sliding this time?

suggest a better language then

I think this has mainly to do with re-defining words and their meaning, which jews are excellent at.

They have been involved early on to infuse modern English with occult terminology and hidden control mechanisms.

They are master manipulators after all and even invented the failed Esperanto as a global language.

Can you imagine goys inventing new languages to remove people from their culture?

Newspeak is the language of Oceania, a fictional totalitarian state and the setting of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), by George Orwell. To meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism (Ingsoc) in Oceania, the ruling Party created Newspeak, [1] a controlled language of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, meant to limit the freedom of thought — personal identity, self-expression, free will — that threatens the ideology of the régime of Big Brother and the Party, who have criminalized such concepts into thoughtcrime, as contradictions of Ingsoc orthodoxy.[2][3][4]


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It's far too late. The fragile NPC mind has already been completely brainwashed from the constant bombardment by the garbage media they consume 24/7. Normalfags will look at you like you're from another planet and shun you if you don't immediately recognize "endgame" as part of some "avengers" franchise, The largest words in their vocabularies are the ones they hear on television and video games. Which is to say, dumbed down to 40-50 IQ. You can hardly expect them to understand you or keep up in any sort of conversation unless you inculde a constant stream of pop culture refrences. The NPC who continues in the cycle of media consumption will forever be stuck in the cycle of dumbing down. That's the goal after all.

Spanish is a bunch of Rome dick suckers.
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Fucking idiot.

For actual education on its history:

language is manipulated, yes. but to think that jews invented English is crazy and retarded.

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Very true. The French sometimes call it HAnglish (HA - Hiram Abiff - Freemasonry).

Parler français au lieu.

What are you trying to distract from this time?

The language is very receptive to pilpul, that's for sure.

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Mason or kike?

Angle-ish was invented by stonecutters.

Anglos are the eternal servants of the jews so im not surprised
For a race that claims racial superiority over the entire world, you sure cucked yourselves didnt you

The most advanced "white" language is and always was Latin. The jews trying to dismantle it for a very long time. Learn Latin, anons.

Nigger fuck you

He's right, tho. Except for the creation part in the sense of being the originators, because they can only steal and corrupt. In this case it was the theft of the tribal religions into the jewish suicide doctrine of Christianity, which rapidly destroyed the Roman Empire from within. Afterwards Latin was divided into the languages we speak today, while the jews steadily tried to faze out the importance of Latin. You don't have to be a creator to create chaos, you can also corrupt order and steer the consequences.

Esperanto (/ˌɛspəˈrɑːntoʊ, -ˈræn-/)[7][8] is the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. It was created in the late 19th century by (((L. L. Zamenhof))) , a Polish-Jewish ophthalmologist. In 1887, he published a book detailing the language, Unua Libro ("First Book"), under the pseudonym Dr. Esperanto. Esperanto translates to English as "one who hopes".[9]

How is this thread still up? We have at least 5 retard/schizo threads getting bumped right now.

We've been getting hit hard by retarded shills lately. Was it the (possible) user that knocked off a traitor German politician?

I do respect the sheer tenacity of kikes like you though.

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Based as fuck.
Everytime I see a schoolbus with kids on it, I'm imagining a B double full of dipshit cows, ready for another day of brainwash with extra suds at the goy factory…

You're a christian aren't you? I'm so sorry for what they did to you, but you have to snap out of it, user.

Then tell them the fucking truth instead of sittig idly by why jewish marxism destroys the minds of children.


We must go back to Old English my fellow Saxons.

But aryans are the master race not jews. Suuuuure

Yes, the Jews did.kill all of then.

Because (((mods))) don’t fucking care about the quality of the OP they only care about the amount of replies and whether the “discussion” is headed in the direction they like.
Every reply to shit threads is the fuel these b8’ing no good jewniggers use to light the board on fire. If 90% of discussion is shitting on cancer threads like these, who could then differeniate actual good threads from the shit? That’s why low tier trash needs to be deleted. Mods know this but won’t act because they want this, they are faggots, they are too busy licking codenigger asshole. Well crafted b8 should be allowed as a proving grounds but the current state of Zig Forums is hellish


Byzantine Greek

English is a slave language.

They didn't invent it, but they definitely culturally appropriated it.

Cultural appropriate vs Invented = For all Practical Purposes is the Same

Whether an actual Jew invented the language is impossible to prove.
Use the theological definition instead of Jew and replace it with someone trying to beguile a nation.

See above post about the Language Crystal. English has a blunt emotional frequency, ultimately keeping its speakers down.

Byzantine and Hebrew appear to be the only languages devoid of interference.

Only thing that needs to be said about this faggotry of a thread.

The ability to communicate is degenerate.

That's a (((kosher))) term for theft and corruption.

got any evidence for that m8
far be it from me to defend the eternal anglo who is far more responsible for all the world's ills than the jew itself but what evidence do you have to claim that their language is part of the jewish leash on their necks?

Nice fallacy you got there OP.
Language is the craft of perspective. No matter who creates, changes or manipulates a language, so long as you are capable of crafting the perspective in the way you want, you are in control.

Kikes hate Germans more than anybody else. So I think their language is a good choice.

Social engineering sold the idea of individuality and freedom of choice to you. Nature operates in between two fundamental barriers, birth and death. And since death is unavoidable you don't have any chance other than struggle for life.

The Jews invented radiation and the Atomic bomb.
Christ, since Zig Forums has been all over the news, a bunch of simpletons have been posting here recently.

A whole lot of nothing you just said. What's your point?

kikes love Germans

they are extremely law abiding and won't question jew placed laws and will rat out any violators

jews pushed it extremely far to total degeneracy and hell on earth in Berlin weimar times though so pushback was expected

the only ones that managed to permanently create hell on earth are the kikes of the orient: the southern Chinese in Manila

That you're not in control, user.

Thats what Im wondering about, language changes over time, even the German language has changed over time. If you read old texts or old books(my mom has an old book on medicine that explains how muscles work extremely detailed with very good drawn pictures) the grammar will be incredibly different and words will be used that you seldom see or hear in todays Germany.
Which makes me wonder if this was engineered or natural.
I know that a lot of low IQ germans tend to speak in broken german just like turks do.
Question is which it is and how far we are from good german

Whatever you say, jew.

What's your definition of a jew, user?

this has to do with the lowering of IQs in general

there are zero incentives for a high IQ guy in Germany to do more than chilling on welfare or doing a relatively low effort job

the English language of Shakespeare times was much more intricate as well

imho it's probably a general tendency in the west
I recall some old black and white video interviews of some barely literate shepherds from probably more than 50 years ago speaking better Italian than most young people or even average supposedly "cultured" tv personalities, I guess the same may be true for spoken German too
back then there was perhaps still a normal tendency even among the lower classes to imitate the higher ones, even if idealized, and to at least attempt according to one's abilities to reach perfection in the use of one's tongue in its full potentialities
nowadays, the tendency is masochist and "downwards" so to speak, the ""higher"" classes imitate the lower ones and the latter try to find even more ways to degrade themselves and their tongue

came here to post this
language crytsal + hamlet's mill

I can't take some tranny in pigtails seriously. And he sounds as kooky as he looks.

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Imagine being this schizo. God I love this shithole board


Gotta kill every english speaker I guess.

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Time to crack open the books again. There was a small effort to create a >>>/latin/ study group some time ago, but it dropped off quickly.

stupid language

This is why i dont want to talk
The whole language is demonic
Not like hebrew would be any better tho

You think it's a coincidence that Dad sounds like "dead"

That god spelled backwards is "dog"

Love spelled backwards is "evol" "evil"

Hell, a place of horrible torment, sounds like Hellenes, the term for greeks.

Germ is a term for something dirty gross disgusting, to relate it to Germany

don't even get me started on slang and curse words.
you think "mother fucker" became thhe most popular curse word by accident?

Thread left up for 11 hours.

Hwæt. We Gardena in geardagum,
þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon,
hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon.
Oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum,
monegum mægþum, meodosetla ofteah,
egsode eorlas. Syððan ærest wearð
feasceaft funden, he þæs frofre gebad,
weox under wolcnum, weorðmyndum þah,
oðþæt him æghwylc þara ymbsittendra
ofer hronrade hyran scolde,
gomban gyldan. þæt wæs god cyning.
ðæm eafera wæs æfter cenned,
geong in geardum, þone god sende
folce to frofre; fyrenðearfe ongeat
þe hie ær drugon aldorlease
lange hwile. Him þæs liffrea,
wuldres wealdend, woroldare forgeaf;
Beowulf wæs breme blæd wide sprang,
Scyldes eafera Scedelandum in.

Blow me yid.