Black people and liberal politics

Does it strike you as odd that places where there aren’t many black people (northeastern and west coast United States) tend to have higher estimations of black people? And to include racial justice in their political platforms despite it being a nonissue in order to distract from class issues? Really makes you think.

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^How people who don't think reach conclusions.

Thats not the fault of black people per se.
Anywhere that has multiculturalism is going to be much more unhappy than culturally and ethnically homogeneous places. Because they have a shared national goals and identity instead of being separate groups inside a country workign against each other.

It really depends on where you grew up. If you grew up in a homogeneous area you are more likely to prefer to live in the same conditions. Same with people who grew up in heterogeneous areas.

Yeah, that's why South Korea and Japan both have high suicide rates, because they are so fucking happy that they decide to depart from this world earlier just for fun.

Back to Africa, ape

Obvious bait thread.

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Just for you OP.

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Yeah, obvious bait thread. I don't know why poltards keep trotting out this shit and building their preferred strawman of the sheltered leftist sjw (as if they weren't sheltered NEETs in the first place).

I don't know what "racial justice" issues he's talking about, because none are particularly popular and have been actively rolled back (affirmative action, for instance). Most likely he's doing the typical white idpol shit where he's crying about someone calling out his bigoted and feels-centered horseshit, and calling them sjws to distract from the obvious weakness and cowardice of his position.
People don't like racist cowards because they are racist cowards. Especially cowards. The pathetic whining of white idpolers is as good an argument against racism as any appeal to human decency, probably better even (I didn't particularly care about racial issues, but I knew I hated those pathetic pissants on the conservative side and saw their whining on this topic for what it is).
I don't know why he thinks this is a bigger issue in areas with low black populations. Most white people anywhere don't give much thought to black people at all, or if they do it's just to reassure that at least we're not niggers. It's only these pathetic turds on the right that get so assblasted about segregation and feel the need to validate themselves with an appeal to whiteness (since they are absolute human failures themselves). Even by the standards of racists, they fail.

most cities all over the country have a lot of black people.
it does. It makes me think you're either a Zig Forumstard, a troll, or just a dumb teenager.

Why would you bump this. l2sage


Covert white nationalist pseudoscientist detected. Way to spew the most generic rhetoric imagineable to the human brain.

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No, its because they have intensely conformist cultures that discourage people from complaining that working a 13 hour desk job leaves them sleep deprived.

Black people just want to be left alone by Whitey, Arabs and Jews. I don't know why nobody just leaves them alone, Africans are most happy with only other Africans around.

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Because Africans are the most easily exploitable people, Arabs are second so they need someone to take their abuse out on, J-ews are straight up the most manipulative controlling people in the world, and whites are the most gullible people on Earth.

%40 of white supremacists are Jews? Jews have always been importing Sub humans to provide cheep labour.

That's exactly what went down after yank civil war though. After the victory of the "anti-racists" a masive flood of previously unmet niggers to northern USA has made the northerners even more racist then the southerners ever were. This initiated the 'white-flight" event where northern yanks were so repulsed by niggers they literally moved out of the cities.

If jews are "white" (whatever the fuck do you even mean by it) then Israel is the perfect wite supremacist nazi state. With an enforced state religeon, forced sterilisation of undesirables and the whole shebang.
I, personally, don't believe in purely yankee concep of "wite peopo" and "black pepo". This whole situatuation when race question is so easily subverting ideological debate is ridiculous even to me and I'm a card carrying nazi.

I'm supposing that your conclusion isnt on the northeastern/west coast side either>>133538

what a display of knowledge on race history in the USA.

Read a book before you try and give a lecture on the civil war brainlet.

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He's right. clearly has no idea what the fuck he is talking about.

Lmfao the absolute state of leftpol. This thread should have been saged and anchored to hell days ago yet it's still on the front page.

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Brother, man. Oh, no man. You actually spelt religion with an e instead of the second i in your artarded rant. You spelt it “religeon.” Normally I would never bother correcting a mongoloid for his mongoloid spelling but the i and the e are on opposite fucking sides of the keyboard, man. That’s a definite yikes dude. Did you not pass third grade or some shit? No fucking way you’ve ever read a book. Jesus christ. Now don’t go throwing a fit on Zig Forums just because Zig Forums is one of the few places left in society that allow the cess-pool of aids and ignorance to flow. Thay’s what Zig Forums is for. To contain all the reactionary psychos. Zig Forums doesn’t need a safe space away from society because their views are too intolerant to be anywhere else. You’re Borat’s brother Bilo he keeps in a cage for all intents and purposes.

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Black people?
The PC term is Afro-Nigleteens

Not true at all.

Even the Jew bastard Howard Stern admitted that being forced by his parents to go to school with blacks was hell on earth for him.

You dishonest coombaya communist cocksuckers just need to accept the fact that the races are better off separated.

Blacks nature as a group is to be indolent and lazy whereas whites nature is to be productive or as a wise man once put it more simply and eloquently…

“Whites are a fountain, niggers are a drain.”

t. """"white"""" person who has never invented anything of worth or contributed any scientific discovery in his entire lifetime

You're not getting a brown or black gf.


you are not seeing a big fat brown booty bouncing all over your big fat dick slapping real good

The black woman created the human race. The black woman is god. Worship your god, whiteboy

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Ok maybe this is rare I don’t really know regarding whether women come on 8ch much or not. I just know I come on here daily because the world is falling apart and I’m scared and I’m fixated on what’s happening and I can find so much information that I agree with here and nobody irl cares. Anyway, I’m terrified of non white people. Don’t call me racist. I have so many reasons why not to mention it’s instinctual. I only feel safe around white men. I’m scared of blacks, Indians, Middle Easterners. Not so much Asian but I’m still uneasy. I don’t know what’s going on. Why are you guys letting this happen? I’m scared and I don’t feel safe and white people have a target on them I swear. I understand being angry at us because of feminism but trust me when I say you guys can change this. Just hear my pleas.

How beta are you?

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schizo posting

I’m not beta I’m a girl and I’m worried about stuff happening

You’re probably not even white so why are you talking to me?

lalala you are afraid of non-whites!

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tiddies or gtfo

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Choose one

I wonder if you would tell me to "read a book" if I started talking about the history of Nazi Germany?

I see people repeat this, but I've actually never seen anything to back it up. Also NY has a lot of black people afaik, and a lot of the northeastern US doesn't really strike me as super un-racist. Meanwhile the most racist people in the south in my experience are often living in rural outskirts where they never have to see a black person.

New York is heavily segregated though. Blacks usually are in their own ghettos. Same with Detroit. Generally, poorer suburbs have the more racially conscious whites due to either a fear of blacks coming in or already dealing with them.

There's tons of blacks in the rural South also. Less so than before, but they're still very common in the black belt.

There's also the history. Working-class urban whites come from overwhelmingly union-based backgrounds, and unions were anti-black as hell due to blacks being colossal scabs. They also voted Democratic when the Democrats were the white man's party. That's even more true for Southern whites.

You need some exposure therapy if you know what I mean.

based strawman user

Where would you come to such a conclusion?? A person can only have a low estimation of a certain group if they've literally never had any meaningful interaction with one. Experience destroys bigotry because it forces the person to acknowledge the cognitive dissonance between what they've been told (and once believed) and what they've seen for themselves. Why do you think conservative families tend to do an about-face on LGBT issues as soon as a family member comes out of the closet? Suddenly gays aren't this invisible boogeyman that their minister tells them about like monsters and demons, but a real person that they have felt love for and likely still do.

So according to you its all the black peoples fault?
Let me guess, you are white?

They aren't people, they're antiquated farm equipment let loose to plague the lands of civilised humans.

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being against incest is moralfaggotry

checks out

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Too late bitch. Your sisters ruined everything. So when the shit skins come for you we will do nothing but maybe laugh.

'Racial justice' is a brilliant substitute conflict to keep ethnic minorities from focusing on the class conflict. There are genuine problems in black communities, so to keep their minds occupied, the establishment intentionally misdiagnoses those problems, offering solutions which can't work and keeping them forever focused somewhere besides class. Modern classics include:
-demanding affirmative action when the problem is not aquiring skills in the first place
-blaming policing and prisons when thd problem is criminal behaviour
-insisting on being lead by clerics when valuing superstition is the problem, and
-denying "white" values (education, science, and such), when they are both useful and universal.
Giving ineffective fixes to misdiagnosed problems mean you can keep giving ineffective fixes to misdiagnosed problems. Thus class can be ignored before identity-specific problems forever.

theres almost an argument to be made for most of those, even if you made them look weak as hell here, but
Bullshit. This is one of the things black people tend to worry about that really is universal.

The most common cause of death for black men ages 15-34 is murder. Worry about that.



Tell niggers to stop committing so much crime and violence and the police won’t have to be so brutal
This demographic is more predisposed to crime. It’s a good strategy
Do the crime, pay the time. They are a good source of labor too. Most blacks will probably be in gulags under socialism

The police don't make black men murder each other. Prison doesn't make black men murder each other. Being antagonistic to the police and justice system helps murderers get away with their crimes. Therefore this thought-terminating cliche of the police being the problem makes the murder situation worse. Which I guess is fine if it's not your community that's involved.

This is dead wrong, but this is a retarded false dichotomy.
The pigs are shit and the prison system is worse whether or not there exist murderers.

Even if I grant that, black men murder each other at a ridiculous rate, and that's a huge problem. Prison and policing with their problems would be greatly reduced if the violent, life-terminating crime tearing these commumities apart wasn't there in the first place.

prison makes people fuck each other and masturbate and fight.

that boy needs fucked. SHAMONE

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There are people who seriously believe this.

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People's rights are typically interconnected. Multiculturalism would not be a problem if people respected the most basic rights others.
For instance, I am a white male, non-immigrant, and people do not respect my rights to free exercise of sex with farm animals. Although those are my beliefs, people are still disrespectful of them.
If people cannot respect the basic rights of their own color, their own citizens, their own race, then they most definitely will not respect the rights of anyone else.

Somehow I have come to the theory that these people who do not understand our rights, even though they are generations of citizenship to the USA, did not come here legally or on moral terms. For if they did they should understand and respect our rights despite their own property rights. I call into question how these people ever we're allowed to obtain property without properly understanding their scope of their own property rights.

Gee, it's almost as if rights are just made up and don't actually do anything.

Well I'm sure the rights do something until somebody tries to stop it from happening or punish it after the fact. All I would like is a little offer and waiver.

People in prison believe that is expected of them because they've been trended into it by way of popular culture. They are easily impressionable.
Or maybe that's why they're in there in the first place.

So you don't even know that the main reason blacks kill other blacks is because they just can't stand the temptation of facing arrest and prison time, do you even read theory?

Blacks kill blacks because some blacks don't like to share. This isn't much different than white people behavior.
Why won't white people let me have sex with their farm animals? Easy conclusion, they have black on the inside or some blacks have white in them.
They're pretty much equals.

No, it doesn't work like that. Blacks are by their nature completely inanimate husks, only doing things because white people prompt them to, an uncanny reflection, like a fun house mirror. That says a lot about our society.

I've sure plenty of white people do the same thing. That's why other white people won't let me have sex with their farm animals, because some middle easterner prompted them into believing sex with animals was wrong.



Wow, the idiocy. And some good (non blatantly fucking racist) points.

Think you’re replying to the wrong guy but since I’m here now. No, I’m not this retarded. And yes, I’m white.

Guess your list of ☘️imaginary☘️ rights doesn’t include animal rights. Yeah, god forbid we stood up for the baby lamb that doesn’t have a voice and thus wasn’t able to have a say in getting hogtied and taken to the kink factory by sweaty jim early morning in the stable before his wife who is also his sister woke up. The only right you should have is whether or not to receive more syrup on your pancakes from quantrelle in prison cell 2c.

yeah that about sums it all up

So do rights come from ownership of land and self-autonomy, a central power and a document like the US constitution, or are they ☘️imaginary☘️

You only get more stupider the longer you stay in this thread

Jim- knock knock
Bambi- baaa
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Bambi- “baa”
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Bambi- “baa”
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Leftists are so fucking stupid. Rights are privileges granted by the state

It's because they're from the Northeast and West Coast (and thus descendants of East Anglian Puritans to a large degree), not because of the relative concentration of blacks. Performative, rigidly conformist "social justice" is core to these cultures and goes back centuries.

And why do black men out their lives at risk for?

The Sistas. Because a black man is a literal virgin if he doesn't kill somebody according to them. It all boils down to the WQ.

You cravin some wikked sikk icepikk with your choice of words there brah?

Then God is Satan. The universe is gay, later bruh

Which points are good to you?

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You have some wierd ideas about the northeast. Or california. Or…
The "nonissue" which created a worldwide financial meltdown in 2008?
You'd almost think these people had had a civil war or something which actually makes it an important part of their consciousness, lived tradition, and campaigning. Almost as if they had literally put three or four centuries into this and know the work is not, in fact, done, because they're on the ground continuing shit they've done for fucking centuries.

This is the correct answer. However, just being black doesn't mean that you have a different culture. A lot of non-whites in America instead of integrating, have developed their own pocket cultures. This will likely always result in conflict.

Except it doesn't. They just become tourist attractions.

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America was a capitalist shithole in the cities partly because of this shit. Also, the post mentioned nonwhites. Bringing up white ethnic enclaves isn't exactly a good argument.

Fuck off. Nobody wants you.

Those places need to focus more on drugs and homelessness than trying to court the unnecessary black vote. Those are all blue states, so they don't need to worry about it.

They need to let the cops do their job and clean the place up, seattle and SF are disgusting.

capitalism is still far better for blacks than communism though. it is weird that blacks always gravitate towards that. communism doesnt mean more welfare.


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liberals: call black people niggers all day
also liberals: omg why do they care so much about being black

I grew up in a small, white town in the middle of the rust belt. When race is not an issue, something else will be. When I was very young I had interests outside the norm. I'd handle insects, I'd pull snakes from hiding, and then some. You can imagine how happy I was as a social outcast.

leftists: identity politics is bad
also leftists: hey now as a uniquely-oppressed group african-americans should always put "racial" interests first…

This is some small m Maoism infiltrating American-liberal politics.

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