My comrades in the struggle

Everday the world around us gets darker and lost, everday we are persecuted againts those that are againts us. We have no voice, no way to fight them at the current time. The people of Europe are lost. Their culture is dieing, their people are dieing. England faces similar strife as their identity is fading. People sit back watching, seeing the destruction the chaos and do nothing. We are among the few that are still fighting the good fight, sacrificing our time and future for the survival and the future of european culture and history. My comrades in the struggle you are not alone, we stand by you and one day we will fight side by side in the war of culture as brothers. Americans, Australians and Europeans our future is not set, we can break this cycle of destruction and build a better world.

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Yeah, that's so… nothing new.

Yeah, good riddance. Together with the Poles, Russians and the French you got us into this mess.

Why hello there my English friend
For the survival of the race first

Zig Forums is like a club of countries that fought on the wrong side in WW2

You anglos are delusional. All you “Whites” should migrate back to the UK and establish an ethno state there. +plus you have every justification to do so.

Return to your homeland, land of you ancestors.


just fight!
jeez you deserve to die out

this is wat the media propaganda say.

The Chinese government has issued a warning for business trips to the United States. The Chinese are interrogated and harassed in the US by American government officials, says Beijing. The warning comes at a time of high tension between the two countries, mainly due to the trade war being fought by the two largest economies in the world.
The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued its own warning to tourists, pointing out the many shootings and robberies in the US. A similar warning was issued last summer. Chinese students and academics in America have now also been advised to be alert.
Earlier today, statements by US Secretary of State Pompeo on the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing provoked a fierce reaction from China. On behalf of the US, Pompeo expressed its solidarity with relatives. The hope that China would become a more open and tolerant society through international cooperation has proved to be vain, the Minister said.
The Chinese Embassy in Washington condemned Pompeo's statements as interference in internal affairs. "This is an insult to the Chinese people and a serious violation of international law and international diplomatic standards. The embassy further emphasised the country's socio-economic development and democratic progress.
The US and China are each accusing each other of failing to comply with trade agreements. Both countries have substantially increased their import tariffs.
Fewer Chinese to America
Due to stricter visa requirements that came into force under President Trump, the number of Chinese visiting the US last year decreased for the first time in fifteen years. There were 2.9 million Chinese coming to the US, a decrease of 5.7%, according to the national tourism agency.
In parallel with the trade war, the US is lobbying internationally to keep the Chinese technology group Huawei out. According to Washington, the political authorities in China use the company to spy on Western countries.
Huawei is also a dossier that President Trump is currently discussing with the British Government during his state visit to the United Kingdom. The US has imposed sanctions on Huawei and expects its allies to adopt them. If not, information will no longer be shared, Washington is threatening.
In the Netherlands, the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security investigates security risks in the construction of mobile 5G networks. On this basis, the Cabinet will determine what the criteria will be and whether cooperation with a party such as Huawei is desirable. KPN has already concluded a provisional agreement with Huawei for limited cooperation.
Top woman fixed
In Canada, too, Huawei Summit woman Meng Wanzhou is still in custody on suspicion of violating US sanctions against Iran. Meng was arrested in Vancouver in December at the request of the US, which has requested extradition.
China speaks of a political issue and has taken countermeasures. For example, Canadians have been charged with espionage and Beijing intends to sue the US authorities for the Huawei boycott.

Don't forget the traitorous Germans in America who fought against the Third Reich, and also promptly created a new latino race in predominantly German Texas.

Fuck off.

Why is no one in the movement discussing the basics? You can't go from A - Z straight away.

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1:27. The fear of the Lord driveth out sin:
1:28. For he that is without fear, cannot be justified: for the wrath of his high spirits is his ruin.
1:29. A patient man shall bear for a time, and afterwards joy shall be restored to him.

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You just ousted yourself. You're not entirely wrong, but the end of your delusion gets pretty larpy. In the end, what matters even more than monetary gain and long term family larps is political activism run by organization of ambitious and intelligent people. Also, remember to read to the end of the post, adhd sperg.


fuck you and yours; you aren't my neighbor.

You're not cattle user. Buy land, get animals. Barter with other whites for services or products in exchange for your excess produce. Don't pay zog, Don't become another cog in the anti-white machine.
If you're a poorfag, then save enough to buy an empty plot somewhere in buttfuck nowhere. Get a construction trailer to live in, and raise animals and grow plants. I can't say this is the best idea, but it's my plan. I know plenty of national socialists who'd prefer to get their meat from a natsoc farm in exchange for resources and labour. I'm already buying food directly from white farmers.

Couldn't be more true. The organization i'm a part of has no unemployed members that havent chosen to remain unemployed for one reason or another. We all find work for each other. It's the socialist part of national socialism.

A serious organization should ultimately be able to offer whites food, housing and work. As long as whites are paying into the system they are aiding the enemy

not a fan of christian jews?
then you should be worried about churches in africa too..
or perhaps christianity spreading in china..
or perhaps you should be also worried about masonic jesus..

18:27. A wise man will fear in every thing, and in the days of sins will beware of sloth.
18:28. Every man of understanding knoweth wisdom, and will give praise to him that findeth her.
18:29. They that were of good understanding in words, have also done wisely themselves: and have understood truth and justice, and have poured forth proverbs and judgments.
18:30. Go not after thy lusts, but turn away from thy own will.
18:31. If thou give to thy soul her desires, she will make thee a joy to thy enemies.
18:32. Take no pleasure in riotous assemblies, be they ever so small: for their concertation is continual.

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Very recently about the beginning of this year 2019 I have felt very very tired for all of this shit. I just cannot bear this much of knowledge about everykind of very sad stuff like WW2 atrocities, holohoax and recently climate change hoax and every other kind of stuff relating these issus inside of me.. How can we live in such a mess. I'm surrounded by people who refuse to even talk about these issues or let alone consider anything. I'm totally alone and very tired. Future is pitch black and feel I can't live with this a lot longer. How can I get energy to just be? I'm very depressed and don't know what to do.

Why would you even make a thread like this?
This board is run by people who hate you and everything you believe in. Its populated by the most grotesque shills, absolute scondrels, that the world has ever seen.
What possible outcome do you think would come from a gay morale thread like this, other than it becoming substrate for a bunch of subversives and shitposters?

You want camaraderie? Go make friends.
This board is dead and full of kikes and none of them are your friends.

Wait a sec….
Oh, right, so this is just another substrate thread for shitposting seeds to be planted in. Only more evidence that what I said above is 100% accurate.

• Get minimum 7-9 hours of restful sleep every night. Keep a regular bedtime. Use a sleep apnea strap ($10 online), a sleep apnea nose filter ($15 online), and a sleep mask. If necessary, use earplugs.

• At least once a week, in the morning, go for a LIGHT JOG for 30 minutes. Once this becomes comfortable, increase the frequency to twice a week. Once this is doable, increase the frequency again. Repeat this cycle again until you are in shape.

• Try a 1-week "NO VICES" personal restriction. Vices include: masturbation, drugs, alcohol, pornography, video games – anything that you know probably isn't good for your body or mind, but you still do. A man has as many masters as he has vices. Once you can accomplish 1 week "NO VICES," increase to 2-weeks. You will be able to feel your willpower increasing in realtime.

• Reach out to people you know, if even just to say hello and how's it going. Go through your friends list on kikebook, your text message history, and just say "Hey, how are you? What's new?" This can be extremely difficult if you're feeling depressed — in my experiences, when I've been suicidally depressed, I don't want to talk to anyone because I'm afraid they'll ask about my life. When you think that you're pathetic and hopeless, you avoid conversations because you don't want people to focus on you.

• Add some excitement to your life. Walk up to a black person in real life and say, "I don't like niggers." Call a random person in public a faggot, to their face. Walk up to a random woman and say, "Women have it significantly better than men in Western societies." People will absolutely lose their fucking mind and likely threaten you with violence / the police, but if you're confident in your beliefs, then this will be a thrill.

Good luck user, I'm rooting for you, unless you're a kike or a kike sympathizer, in which case I'm glad you're depressed and I hope you end your life – on your own terms – before it gets ended for you.

They're part of the electric universe

Distract yourself with self-improvement. Or start pranking your local minecraft synagogue.



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Do you mind me asking how you spend your time, besides working for the Federal Government and prepping your wife's bull?

Things are unfortunately going to get much worse very quickly once the Mexican POTUS and nigger Pope become figureheads. The fail will be epic.

Ousted myself? I do use 4chin and use it well.

Like the rest of this board talking about going from nothing to race war and winning?
Lead the way then, pal.

No. I will continue to be a cog for now. Why? Because it needs to be done. Too many people wanting to be farmers and completely capitulating. There are still things we can salvage from this society and you want to just leave it to (((them))). If I ever see irl remind me of this discussion so I can tell others you aren't to be near any strategic discussion. You are telling us to leave behind the panzers and ammunition when there are no soviets around and fuck off to the woods to raise fucking sheep. What the fuck are you on?

I agree! But you just said "paying" into the system. With what? Bartering with what exactly? You need to move in increments. Go speak to the average White person and tell them to do this and see the reaction.


You can distract yourself from things by focusing on other things, you numbskull. Stop interpreting others in the least charitable way possible, it will make you miserable.