Northwestern European Allegiance

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Besides OP is a ban evading shill

Are you proposing that we do away with ancient borders and mix Germans, Frenchmen (but only northern Frenchmen for some reason), Anglos, Irish, Norse, Swedes, Dutch, Walloons, and Danes (plus Icelanders) into one giant super-state?
Why are you dividing France while mixing everyone else?
This is stupid.
France for the French!

I've never been banned

Your definition of Aryan is different than my definition. I classify the nordic and Germanic regions as Aryan as did Uncle Adolf.

To be completely honest I think you're just a pissed off slav who wants into the Aryan Ethnostate. Slavs and Aryans should stay homogenous and ethnically pure. Deciding to mix the entirety of Europe would be disastrous.

That image is from Wikipedia, so I didn't divide France. It was just the best image of Northwest Europe I could find.

I never said there wouldn't be States where people of the states cannot race mix. I advocate as much as any National Socialist the purity of all races, so of course different ancient borders would stay, but they would become state borders rather than national ones.

Nation-states are the best possible organization of states.
Reducing nations to provinces within a state (what you seem to be advocating here) is destructive unless these states/provinces have full autonomy anyway and this bloc acts as a sort of confederation rather than an empire (multi-ethnic state)

As for your claim that Slavs aren't Aryan, they're fairer than Germany in general and so are the Balts.

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Aryans are Persians you twat.
>In the Dna and Dse, Darius and Xerxes describe themselves as "an Achaemenid, a Persian, son of a Persian, and an Aryan, of Aryan stock". Although Darius the Great called his language arya- ("Iranian"), modern scholars jews refer to it as Old Persian because it is the ancestor of the modern Persian language.

apology for poor German, I am only Volkswerwandte.

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I don't disagree with you, but you'll have to find a better name, because Slavs are more Aryan than Germanics.

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Adolf classified 6 subraces of Aryans. Nordic, East Baltic, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Alpine.
Besides there are more Nordics in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe
Nowdays we know that Slavs are genetically most related to PIE while Iranians by phenotype.

well, it depends on how you measure things, Y-DNA alone is certainly not enough
both tend to be very close to bronze age steppoids anyways

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Looks bullshit and there is no description of methods. Slavs have more steppe ancestry than Western Europeans.


the title is the description, it's based on Eurogenes(a Pole) g25 PCA and nMonte
according to academia as well north Euros often come on top(pic related), it also depends on what you mean by "Aryan", if you mean Yamnaya or peoples like Sintashta who were more directly responsible for the spread of steppe ancestry in Indo-Iranian lands(and carried R1a, unlike Yamnaya who were mostly R1b)

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Czechs and Ukrainians are more similar to Germans than to Poles and Ukrainians (in terms of steppe ancestry).
also your graph is from 2015 or so which means it is outdated

Will write more when I arrive to home.

Massive Migration From the Steppe is a Source for Indo-European Languages in Europe (2015):
Shortened Publication:
Full size graphic:
Genetic map of Europe:
Genetic map of Africa:
Genetic map of Asia:
Genetic map of India:
Complete data set:

The Maternal Genetic Make-up of the Iberian Peninsula Between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age (2017):

Ancient DNA Reveals Prehistoric Gene-flow from Siberia in the Complex Human Population History of Northeast Europe (2013):

it's more or less similar, also qpadm is sensible to the outgroups and populations chosen, while at least either outgroup f3 stats or nearestItems gives you an overall more or less model-free measure, I used G25 here because it has many populations with which I can plot a gradient
the graph isn't "outdated", you may at best question whether a simple 3-population mixture model is sensible and whether a better choice of populations would significantly alter the estimates of steppe ancestry(i.e Balts can have more or less steppe ancestry whether you take into account possible non-Aryan EHG input from local foragers)
it's not as clear cut as telling who has more of it between e.g Cretans and Norwegians, these populations, Slavs and Nords, are so closely related that it's hardly as clear cut as you are painting it

This is just a series of statements with no argument followed by weird absolute claims.
The 21 century will mark the death of the traditional European nation states. Statists are the real larpers holding white rights back(yes, white).

Funny how the statists would use France as an example of nation states protecting ethnic identities. sorry, i actually meant disgusting


The English aren't "Germanic"?

The English are migrants who should go back to their home in what is today Northern Germany.
lel jk
but that's where the language comes from

jews are either inbred mixed-race afro-asiatic mongrels (foreskins) or converts from the Caucasus region (lesser jews), which is barely Europe tbh, or other non-european nations, such as India or China (golem); none of which belong in Europe. Or in Palestine. Or in Syria.

if you are pro the current European nation states, then you are probably a class traitor to your ancestors brutalised by criminal kings

those same descendants force you into the ghettos(states) with your racial enemies


t. traitor or upper class poof

did everyone leave to buy their lottery tickets?

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Masculine European culture > effeminate nations
Watch, none of the gay boy capitalists will reply to my qt peasant cunny. yeah, i'm thinking they are triggered.

absolutely enlightened post my friend

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You know nothing of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Leave.

French, Spanish, and Romanian are Romance languages, which is a subgroup of Italic, not Celtic.


How about European people just try to sort the shit out we're in now before we worry about new lines on the map? We've got to work on surviving as a people first. That goes for anything especially that might be used to encourage yet more wars between other Whites.