A Case for a Multi-Ethnic Fascist United States

This thread was taken down, stellar job mods!
Wonder what rule I was breaking?

I will say first and foremost that I am for the preservation of a White America, and I am what most people will refer to as a White Nationalist.

I believe the greatest threat to not only White Americans, but to all Americans as a whole is the clique of elites who operate and control the international finances, as well as our fed. To take down an enemy as big as this will take the entirety of the U.S and not just "white people" as the problem itself directly effects every American citizen. This can be done by both insurrection and non-violent political reform.

As for the latter, you cannot achieve this in alienating any certain group of people whether Latinos or Negros. To abolish the fed and re-institute fiat currency we must unite all the people, as everyone colored or not has been subverted by these internationalists.

The base tenant of fascism above all else, is United we are Stronger- and yes. United as a people we can do a lot more. We can rally the people up against the common enemy that is this international clique.

Lets get this straight, the only way to remove foreign populations from the U.S is either a mass genocide or a mass deportation. This is something which in the modern era, is almost impossible.

However, are either of the two really necessary?

I will make an argument that we can incentivise white birth rates, and lower negro and latino birth rates through pragmatic policy and non violence. Tax cuts for whites to making children as a starter, as well as enforcing 1-2 child policies for minority groups and giving them incentives to keep it that way as well.

Of course, we will also enforce our traditional values and constitute laws against miscegenation and homosexuality as it is a decedent to all people groups.

We can move forward and advance into a society without war, without exploitation, and with honest treatment to intrinsic human values without the persecution of any one person because of their race.

Once we stop to worry about politics, war, or individualist material values, man will finally be able to touch the stars and we shall fulfill our Faustian spirit.

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So this gets scrubbed because it was generating actually intelligent discussion but there is STILL a thread up claiming that Poles are secretly kikes.

It’s not because it’s “intelligent” discussion (see people seeing through your shill) it’s because it’s a long shit text that doesn’t convey anything that couldn’t be summed up in a few greentexts
Fuck you and your half-assed solution to our problems

Not a Fascist, but at least integralism is realistic

All you did was repeat his points in a mocking tone.
You are halfway there, now you have to critique them

Firstly, pretty much every non-news thread can be summed up with three or four (usually less actually) greentexts.
Secondly, that's not what OP is saying.
Third, there was a rare oasis of intelligent discussion going on regardless of OP's ideas that I was actually enjoying.
Intelligent discussion has become so rare that I regard it as sacred. The mods are faggots for shutting it down.

This is why you’ll never win

I said this in the last thread MMT works, multiculturalism doesn't


Funny thing is genocide is probably easier than getting the brown horde to vote against their own interests for pro white policies

I don't even come here for discussion anymore tbh. /fascist/ is ded but I still get better conversation there than here. This is just entertainment at this point.

Seperatist laws will be reconstituted .

Reestablishing the gold standard and racialist policies are in the interests of all people.

Imagine actually believing that

Look at the (((kike))) that doesn't fit in and laugh at him.

I forgot to sage this shite.

Dumb (((kike))), you will die.

We tried that. It didn't work. There are no alternatives to ethnic violence, it's the most popular problem-solving strategy in human history and that's not going to change to assauge your fee-fees today. In conclusion, KILL THE JEWS.

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Oy vey!

No, promise them political enfranchisement in their own lands.

*hint* repeating his points mockingly was the critique. I assumed I was clear enough to point out that his arguments were seccesions of morality and values of core principals of white anything and that considering any of his points is worthy of having your brains blown out as not only a literal race-traitor but as a bending the knee dick sucking faggot who would scurry at the first sign of trouble and rather appease the filth than to make a stand and be vilified by the “people” then and by recorded as a hero who didn’t back down but I guess not, so here I have it boiled down for you:GO JOIN THE ALT-KIKE YOU OPTIC NO GOOD DETRACTING NIGGER WHO UNIRONICALLY WANTS TO BEG SUB-HUMANS FOR THEIR HELP IN SOLVING AN ISSUE THAT AFFECTS THEM EQUALLY BUT AREN’T INTERESTED BECAUSE SUB-HUMAN. but I guess you needed some help figuring it out.

First point wasn’t even THE point, just demonstrating the lackluster content flowered and fluffed up and condensing what he ACTUALLY says

Second point is EXACTLY what he is saying:
Literally being anti-“racist” when in reality racism is merely tribalism on a racial scale, and guess what people will ALWAYS be racist, sorry bud it’s just genes, the same genes that decide why whites are superior.

Third, mods are fags i’ll agree that much and ban shit seemingly randomly and arbitarily based on their own fee-fees.
In the previous one I saw a few arguments semi-agreeing with OP while the majority were people intelligently disagreeing with OP. If you want intelligent discourse and discussion, be my guest, just don’t get mad when people disagree.

Discussion is always at it's worst when Americans are awake.

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They are first class citizens, they already get everything for free you retard

Gibs aren't the same as political enfranchisement retard

Almost all Americans are at work right now you tard

The white ones, perhaps.

I refuse to believe you are genuinely that retarded

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Yeah and most niggers and spics are too dumb to find their way here

Who cares? The rules don't matter here anymore and haven't for a long time. The mods are shit… Yet, in this case, I fully support you being silenced.
What are you talking about? Its literally never been easier.
No. We are not going to play Roman Empire. We know how that story ends and we don't want to repeat it.
Non-Whites aren't human.

I really want to know what discord you niggers are using to coordinate.
That's literally what he's saying bro, while claiming niggers and kikes are human. Go back to making maps and doing Muh Boland D&C, you multi-IP quadruple-nigger.

and can continue be in their own lands.

That's why you will never be taken seriously in any political sphere.
You are far too fringe for any moderatly conservative white american to follow. You are your own worst enemy.

And what gave you the impression that I was mad at people disagreeing with me? I am mad because the mods ban things arbitrarilly. There is no rhyme or reason here.
I actually don't agree entirely with OP and merely view this as a somewhat realistic option. But this is all hypothetical anyway since we lack the power to do any of this.
Essentially, this is arguing over what colour to paint the oval office after the revolution before the first shot has been fired.

Do I even need to respond to such drivel? No.

Same guy:

Yeah yeah, tell me more about how awesome multi-racial "Fascism" was for the Roman Empire, and how I'm on the wrong side of history.
Who gives a shit? In 10 years, the US will be Brazil, and Whites will be flocking to anyone with a sword-shovel saying they'll slay-shovel the mud away. But no, really, go on and tell me more about how you're going to infiltrate the GOP.

Let's just shoot them all goys, that'll show them we mean business.
They can't retaliate if they are dead

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Stop thinking in terms if division, user. Our all enemy is rootless…not bound by race, nation, religion or language. We must unite under the one thing they cannot take from us…the laws of nature. These fundamental rules of existence explain all our behaviors, everything we did wrong and everything that must be done.

Religions were created to hide these laws behind deities, who demand unconditional believe over the natural demand for knowledge (adaptation). The achievements of the laws of nature were then attributed to these deities, and a new set of rules was passed down onto humanity. The laws of men…all against natural law, thereby self destructive and easily exploitable by everyone who knows the truth.

And all that's left is the NEETS, my point still stands

And here we are ONCE AGAIN
The kike advocates for a cucked version of our ideology, we say no in the thread, rabbi loses it and basically tells us we deserve to be genocided for being so darn uncooperative
Without fail you have strengthend my resolve for a pure vision and demonstrated once again that the alt-kike is TRULY a jewish invention with no saving merits, fuck you, your grey matter will be the paint of my concrete parking spot

And the highschool kids

For non-white nations it's never been easier. The opposite is true for historically white nations.

Yeah. Pretty much.

Yes… and? They are intellectually inferior. Do I ever say that I want the mixing of the two of them to occur? Rockwell himself said that those who wish to may remain here, and if necessary give a portion of land to black Americans.
There is a multitude of reasons the Roman Empire collapsed. I'm not advocating for integration, I'm arguing for segregation without the need of any mass genocide or deportation. People self segregate either way and the truth is black people prefer black people just as much as whites prefer whites.

I said that our number one enemy, as white people and as all people as a whole is our debt based, non-fiat currency system.
You can just stop it with your self masturbatory bullshit that never actually gets shit dond and further alienate the masses.

Nah, just in a general sense.
Mechanistically, ideologically, from all sides, genociding your enemies has never been easier.

Now, getting White people to recognize their enemies and act directly against them… Thats another story. But we're making real headway there with each passing year - not like its particularly hard with demographics the way they are.

And your rhetoric is fucktarded you stupid shill loser.
So long as they are in proximity, mixing WILL occur. Its inevitable. It has happened in every one of these multi-culti shitstains like the Roman mess you want to LARP after.

Citation needed, but, who gives a shit?
Rockwell's dead.
Yeah, degeneracy, christianity, jewry - ah, but I repeat myself - and race-mixing.
One leads directly into the other every single fucking time and that's why you will never be taken seriously in any redpilled political sphere.
God these low-cog bait LARP threads are fucking tedious.

Nigger, the masses can't even spell currency, especially not the niggers and spics you're claiming you can appeal to with efficacy.

Also, summer.

The (((people))) who don't want things to change stormfront-LARP to shut down sensible political discourse here. Look at how this thread was derailed almost immediately to nonsense arguments.


How about this: Can you niggers name for me a single case wherein a multi-racial state of the sort you're promoting, utilizing segregation instead of deportation, has ever NOT resulted in massive mongrelization as the consequence of segregative procedures being gradually relaxed and/or abolished?


>The (((people))) who don't want things to change stormfront-LARP to shut down sensible political discourse here.
See? I called it.
This is just another in the long line of increasingly-subtle anti-National Socialism shitposting threads by some gaggle of fags on discord.
All they do is circle-jerk via IP-switching and cry that anything which degrades their shitty deradicalization prop efforts to be "not sensible" or "LARP" or "nonsense arguments".
I bet you deleted your own thread to lend credibility to the claim of this being a mod-opposed narrative, given the moderation staff has already been shown to be fucking trash who regularly make and support these kinds of trashy shilling threads straight from the deranged minds at cuckchan /int/.

is stupid

He says it right here
Sure they can't

Actually, intellegent discussion does go on in stormfront. Miles above the chans.

The banks are the biggest enemy. If you deny this then I simply have no words for you.

The U.S was doing fine until the 1965 immigration act.

Oh and some good ol' fashioned US-Euro D&C splashed in there. What a fucking surprise.


Apartheid South Africa, where even the niggers never had it as good.

Actually, I called it.

What the fuck are you talking about nigger? Read the conversation chain

Of course, we're all autists. My point is that there's far fewer American autists here at the moment, making it more likely that EU/AUS are the shitposters at these times

Time stamp?

They can't, especially the niggers and spics you want to try to ally yourself with. But you know that, this is all a LARP.


Oh, it resulted in massive mongrelization as the consequence of segregative procedures being gradually relaxed and/or abolishe.
Try again.

The US of A before (((civil rights))) set up their commie GoFundMe.

You mean the place where niggers now rule over the Whites and brutalize them with extreme regularity?
How do you think that complies with what I asked you for you fucking mongoloidal shill faggot?

Shut up fag.

I'm talking about your shitty Us-Euro D&C shit nigger. You know exactly what I'm talking about.
Fucks sake you went right back into doing it as soon as you were done responding to me.


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>before (((civil rights)))
yeah but then civil rights happened so you need a way to back track and then prevent it from happening again.

Stellar discourse you have, why leave your fucking containment?

You're doing trashy US-Euro D&C shit and you need to get gassed.

Its all so tiresome.

I take back what I said. torPEDOS are the worst posters on this board. He's likely American

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You are thinking way too ahead bro. We are not in any position to achieve anything at all right now. Best to actually obtain the means of achieving said pro- white goals, rather than philosophize about imaginary success.


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Watch both the videos, I'm tired of spoonfeeding you.
Yes it's a lot of Jews, not all Jews.
It's the Jews who signed the 65 immigration act you tard.

Thread still up.

that's not what I said. I said that they went to shit so you need a way to back track and prevent it from happening again.

you could also just continue sucking on the tube that's shoved up your asshole though that's fine.

Fantastic reading comprehension.

All non-whites must be killed. Among them, jews must be killed first.

There is the new thread, the previous one was taken down.

Okay, so sage it.

The real segregation happened way before. The US was planned as a mongrel nation from the very beginning by the (((British Empire))) and it was the wars christianity conjured that drove the European settlers into America. Europeans were once again used to colonize a nation and start a civilization, and to make sure that they never create unison and become strong enough to challenge the cabal, America was immediately divided into states and became the USA. The whites were literally used to build it and then received the boot ever since.

Great commentary, shill.


No thanks, I'll just assume you were full of shit and go on with my day, since you're too much of a bitch-made faggot to defend your own fucking argument coherently.
No, its the jews alright, especially if you're crying about MUH BANKS!, you fucking idiot.
There are no good jews.
Jews are like a gas leak in your house, they EXACERBATE conditions, such that their mere presence can and does turn minor day-to-day mishaps into fucking house fires.
Yeah, that's my point retard. I asked you to show me a state that DIDNT degrade into mongrelization, and all you could point to was a state that DID degrade into mongrelization a few years before it did so.


Nobody cares, that's what happened.
You CAN'T prevent it you mongoloid, THATS THE POINT.
Hence the fucking question in the first place.

You're pitching this multi-racial segregated state and my response was "Show me such a state which doesn't eventually lose the segregation bit" and you fucking couldn't, because no such state exists, because every time fags like you try this shit, it has the same outcome, but you just keep trying to push it.

oh ok then just kill yourself because the mongrolization will never stop it's finished.

fucking wat you stupid nigger?
talk about a fucking nonsense argument.


You are subhuman, and worse than the niggers you so despise.
You will be hung on DOTR for your subversion

That's a fine heeb argument you have there.

It's no wonder these faggots run to the jew globals like niggers to Al Sharpton.

that's why your thread was deleted, not enough screeching bloody murder



What "jewish arguments" are you speaking of schlomo? Be specific.

You were banned for a reason.

look at you typing out huge walls of text on a imageboard, calm down nigger

You sure are assmad that I fucked up your shitty shilling thread, aren't you?

Honest historical query at this point:

Nigsby you don't actually know what that phrase means, so stop using it. This isn't 4chan, though I know you really really want it to be.

You were banned for a reason.


It can be accomplished with less resistance than stormfront tards want you to believe. The nigras self-segregate naturally but are pushed into white society by the jews with promises of gibs under the auspices of muh reparations.

Global report.


Yeah, the reason was I posted one too many Israeli mermen in another one of your shit threads so you banned me for 'spam' and deleted all my posts.

Then why can't you answer this question honestly?

Instead you come up with shit like tihs
Which ignores the 30k White rapes every year in the US alone. The nigras don't want to be your bros, they want to fuck your women and steal your shit while violently abusing you, because its in their nature.
As GLR put it:

Good Lord. Death to America.

This is not my thread, and if I was a mod I would have disabled Tor permanently months ago. Your mental illness is not wanted here. Go away.

kys and livestream it here, mongrel.


I know they aren't sending their best, but I now think they might actually be outsourcing to India.

I understand that people from countries without free speech want to be able to post here. But the overwhelming majority of shit posts come from Tor, and when some faggot like Zach from /tv/ decides to spam the entire site it creates a huge problem. It should be disabled.

lel, that projection