Does anyone else feel the same way

I don't actually hate Muslims at all, I don't really give a fuck about them
I just really want white people do grow a pair and it makes me incredibly happy when I see them doing that. I am able to get out of bed every day because of the love I have for what our people are capable of being, could be and sometimes act in the direction of being.

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I just see them as Jewish proxies being sent into our homelands to destroy us. They will be eradicated. It’s not hate, it’s a duty

I actually have less of a problem with them than most citizens here in Burgerland. I hate jews way more.

I would have to agree with you and possibly go even further. Most of our people are fucking degenerates, Muslims only appear to be half as bad. There is a sizeable Muslim community near where I live, so I can be inside and read about white people's amoral escapades on social media before going out and seeing Muslims act normally (women kicking balls around in parks, men shooting shit in the corner next to the shopping centre about whatever, older people walking around with small children) in a way that very few white people will anymore. It'll take them a generation or two of cultural exposure to us at most to destroy those good things they have, but while they still act like functioning human beings capable of passing on their genetics in perpetuity within a moral social framework they're above the average whitey and I actually admire them to an extent. A Eurabia retard fantasy in which they take over everything and Islamify it is by far preferrable to what will actually happen to us, them and the world as a whole if we lose (and it's more likely than not that we will). I have genuinely thought about converting at points, but I am not sure if I would be welcome given my cultural background and (most importantly) I remember the countless people who lived (not just existed, lived, that includes fought) and died so I could have the genetic material necessary to take a single breath.

Move to Michigan or Minnesota and you'll start hating them

Nothing as wholesome as pedo grooming gangs

In Saudi Arabia those people would be severely reprimanded for what they are able to do in the West with impunity.
Whose fault is it when a chimp goes ape?

Yeah OP is probably a muslim, a retard regardless




Death to mudcucks

it absolutely is hate. every race on the planet hates white people. just look at how whites are treated when theyre the minority.
they look at us and know theyre inferior.

thats why niggers are so insecure. they look at white people. see our hair, our societies, our women, our culture, and they just get enraged. same thing with jews.

Do you hate weeds when they pop up in your garden? No, you rip them up roots and all and simply discard of them. This is the attitude we should have to these shitskins. Jews on the other hand..


Sage shit threads


a sage is not a downvote

Sage? ==REPORT== so that the mods can give an 88 year ban

Hi /islam/. Your proselytizing doesn't work here.

I'm trying to derail your shit thread

muslims are degenerate filth. their culture is brimming with violence, rape, pedophelia, homosexuality, drug use, thievery, and everything else under the sun.
theyre jews combined with niggers but not as incompetent as niggers and not quite as relentlessly evil as jews.

even their stupid prophet was a pedophile, and knew how to get the arabs attention to recruit arabs into his degenerate armies to rape the world: tell them god will reward them in the afterlife.
and how does their god reward them in the afterlife? he had to make this appeal to arabs so he offers them riches (in the afterlife), lol. imagine being a arab/nigger, sitting on a cloud in heaven, flaunting your gold, he offers them wine getting drunk in heaven, he offers them virginal women to be their personal slave whores so heaven is just debauchery at this point nevermind where these women come from or if they have souls and it ends there, right?
nope. he also offers them pre-pubescent boy "servants" that'll get their attention! what arab could resist?

like i said.
disgusting race, disgusting culture, disgusting religion, disgusting people.
they hold nothing but contempt for my race and my people. they never had any intention of keeping to themselves, they want to rape/destroy the world. jews help them because theyre incompetent on their own, so jews help them infiltrate our society.

both are an enemy. jews use muslims as a weapon against whites, just like niggers.

do weeds intentionally destroy your garden? no, they dont. muslims do. jews may toss them into our garden, but the muslims had every intention of destroying "our garden" but are too incompetent, which is why the jews weaponized them.

why would you fight a pawn when you can fight a king?

the end game of racism is anti semtism. my hatred of other races is mere annoyance compared to the real hatred
even then i don't hate low level nobody jews, theyre just annoying.

I only hate the elite
And anyone who is useful cattle to them
So i hate most humans

why would you disarm someone attacking you with a weapon?
stupid question.

1 pawn isnt equal to an entire weapon

tarrant wasn't being attacked though, he was the attacker

What should an outsider think about your race and people as they are right now?

arabs are a weapon of the jews. 1 arab is 1 weapon. many arabs are also 1 weapon. do you know how plurals work? or are you ESL?

you're doomed to endlessly cutting heads off the hydra while the snake in the background keeps feeding it and healing it

he attacked an attacking force. if they werent attacking, they wouldnt be living in christchurch NZ.
just because troops invade an enemy camp while theyre sleeping doesnt mean those troops at the camp werent attacking.

what are you asking?

disarming an attacker doesnt mean you ignore the attacker, dumbass. when cops hit a knife out of someones hand, you knwo they dont just ignore the guy and focus on the knife, right?

You're a fucking leaf, aren't you? If you don't hate mudslimes you aren't paying attention, you massive retard. They way they murder and rape our kin should set your blood boiling. They've proven they don't want to live side-by-side with us in any civilized way. And they'd exterminate us all first chance they got. Mudslimes, kikes, niggers, they all have to go.

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What is good about white people?

You are cursed of God because you are unwilling to kill the invaders of your nation.

op, well done you've progressed to level two. now fucking lurk for another 3 years


OP has a thing for Sucking Mudslime dick.

It's only natural to hate other people. In fact, everybody hate other people to at least some degree and those who claim otherwise are just a virtue signaling faggots.

the Jewish agenda is to make everybody live in harmony. They legitimately think this is possible. But it's causing a lot of friction. If Germany won the war this wouldn't be happening.

Reported. Get out.

I fooled around with Lebanese chick once, she had a real nice fat ass

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there was no way for germany to win, it was never meant to happen. hitler and the holocaust were funded by the rothschilds to create israel.

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Finally someone gets it.


The fake Holocaust asswipe.

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Imagine the smell because she cannot properly wipe her cunt and ass.

What makes you think that?

the gorillion disgusting layers of fat.