American Media Doxes Someone Again


( For the sake of honesty the citizen in question is a nigger forklift operator )

The writer unironically has a criminal history himself:



I'm glad they want to protect their privacy, but in this case I guess one could say I'm "right on the money"

Link to the Daily Beast article
"We Found the Guy Behind the Viral ‘Drunk Pelosi’ Video":

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repost the archive with a non kike archive

Also learning some skid nigger faggot just tried to steal my dox today. Make sure if you see anyone else claiming to have made the dox to LOOK AT MY ARCHIVAL TIMESTAMP. This is why I namefag because of fucking skidniggers "SECS" stealing credit

A literal Trumpnigger

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no one is going to click your israeli link

How do you get archive.isreal out of Just use your mirror of choice

WEEEEWWWWW literal fucking CIA operatives masquerading as journalists. Kill them all.

Sad to say he's more American than some of the edge lords in this thread

Seems to be the theme anymore, if it's not a sheep dipped CIA asset like Anderson Cooper its someone in bed with a government official

Supporting a president whose only allegiance is to a foreign nation and its enemy aliens who reside here doesn't make him "more American".

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What would you know?

Generation Zyklon is sweeping the nation

Some FBI cunt or something?

No, not at all goyim.

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That's lithuania mister.

Sure makes one wonder why the very first poster would immediately try to stear anons away from the dox


Poor, rich, privileged, white lady.

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Afrimericans make me laugh. What a country. Somebody tell the Pope he needs to kiss more nigger feet faster.

Go fuck yourself namefag.

I think Pelosi should take on Trump with Ginsburg. Think of the donations from the lulz!

please share original drunk pelosi video all i can find is jewtube vids of (((the media))) whining and saying it was "doctored"

Ginsberg is dead. Ginsberg has been dead for quite a number of months.

What's with the weird flesh doll they've been using recently? Is that a double or just the real one on strings? I'd still like to see a bullet smash through her on live tv, either way.


Do not share youtube links. Tyvm.

just replace it with .today or something or go to the onion links jees.

warned you not to name fag, abraxas. now you're going to get people pretending to be you