Europe Now Euthanizing White Children? -- Dutch Girl, 17, Legally Euthanized in Netherlands


This seems like a slippery slope. If depression and a eating disorder are enough to grant euthanasia, then what else?

I understand the girl was sexually abused which is horrible, but she could have been administered medication and psychological treatment.

Also, Europe barely punishes pedophiles and sexual abusers, they get very lenient sentences over there.

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Why the fuck do I need to know about this shit, schlomo? Why aren't we discussing practical shit? Anyone can reel of what is happening but you're just repeating what we all fucking know.

You don't fucking say. We all know it is getting worse but what are you going to do about it, you fucking faggot?

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i can't believe she missed getting dicked that much that she would have someone murder her

and the attention whore couldnt help but type out a novel instagram post. if she was a 7 instead of a 5 she would never have done this as she could have gotten attention without killing herself.

couldn't find her rapist's identity. happened in 2016 and he was caught. maybe someone more competent than me and willing to sort through that mess of a language could do it?

Looks like a great way for the globalists to cover up when it comes to the victims of their tastes. "She chose to be euthanized! No court case now"

inb4 the rapist were refugees.

This is what happens when you don't round up rapists and hang them like christmas ornaments from trees to let people see justice is done and they are safer now.

Pretty hard to judge from the articles. I'm from the Netherlands. This law existed for 17 years and I do not know a similar story. Either this is a complete failure of the involved doctors or there's something missing in the media story.

If modern culture was so great and the mainstream was correct then why are so many people on anti-depressants and killing themselves?

find the rapists ID. it's gotta be in the corners of dutch social media

Cant find anything about who molested or raped her. She was in the spotlights last year (??) because of a book she wrote about the ordeal. Even the book doesnt qualify her rapists by race. Im really fucking puzzled.
This is a dumb cunt, brainwashed and fucked into literal retardation from the young age of 10. I cant blame shitskins without proof, but goddamn my gut says its them again.
Im pro-euthanasia by the way. Just like i am pro-abortion. Id even make it mandatory in 4 cases;
1. the baby is of mixed race
2. the baby is result of rape/incest
3. the baby is deformed/retarded
4. the lif of the mother is in danger because of the child

Id say euthanasia should be an option for people if they are at the end of their life, with nothing but pain in their future. Im fine with it, id want it myself. Imagine being too weak to end even your own life. Thats beyond not being able to wipe your own ass. Kill me then.

This does nothing but make everything worse.

It wasn't forced on her involuntarily so no, it's not a slippery slope. You should be worried if it's forced on people involuntarily that they might euthanize people for having far-right views.

Well that's because they are afraid to do anything to arabs.

Thank you for the whitepill

Dunk your head in a toilet bowl full of shit edgelord.

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Making room for more jews in her country is the best thing a goy can do.

after that hebrides girl's rapist turned out to be a scotfag i'm sceptical on any judgements sans evidence

She doesn't even have a fully developed brain at that age and her life exprerience is tiny. The doctors who allowed this are scum.

Making assumptions like that can backfire and be used against us. We can pile on once we have some clues.

Perhaps this is something you should consider, OP…

She is 10/10 beautiful Dutch woman that I would have 14 children with too bad she likely had nobody to teach her to hate the jew instead of hating herself.

everyone should be allowed to exit if they want they just slowley become burdens on the state if they feel it so bad they wanna end it. Im not saying hand out shots left and right but i read her story i get it and respect her choice its probably the first time she has ever felt in control

Truth is important, but winning is more important. After victory, we are truth.

shouldn't be allowed to euthanize unless you're terminally ill. adults can commit suicide as they please but, any child should not be able to seek suicide through the state past their guardian's consent. fucking retarded state of dutchcucks

Well that is what the law says. It says unbearable and endless suffering. That's what makes this story so weird. No sane doctor would call the described condition that. Something is missing in this story.


People like this should be encouraged to become suicide bombers though. That's how it works in nations that are ethnically homogeneous and resist the jew. Letting her die like this when she could be blowing up some of our enemies is wrong.

right. emotional trauma is conditional and temporary especially for a young adult. i'd have offed myself 10 times over if i had the option to do so legally in highschool

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That's no reason for desertion. There can be no capitulation.

"The lame can manage a horse,
The handless drive a flock,
The deaf be a doughty fighter,
To be blind is better than to burn on a pyre,
But no man hath care for a corpse.

A son is a blessing, though born late,
To a father no longer alive,
Stones would seldom stand by the highway,
If sons did not set them there."

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based havamal
bible is faggotry in comparison

Dutch reporting in.


Sometimes children get separated at birth, meet as adults, and end up marrying each other and having healthy children. That would be incest but it's so rare it's not worth killing the children in my opinion. If incest produces healthy children (less likely to do so, but can happen) it's not an issue.

Rape should be killed.

Kill it!

Might make this an "on request" instead of mandatory.

This. I hope I go out fighting before then but if I make it to that point I want euthanasia.

This girl shouldn't have been euthanized though for the simple reason she is capable to end it herself. Euthanasia should be for invalids, non-whites, and those who are too fucked up to even end their own lives.

that's what i was expecting

are any of you dutch niggers gonna report on the rapist's ID? fucking worthless cucks. your language is trash on do something productive lazy potheads

Low iq nigger.

another statist white hating faggot

No because I don't know who it is and besides it's not so hard to find (((the people))) who are raping everyone, just burn down your local halal meats store, mosque, etc. and kill everyone inside.

a girl gets raped and her rapist imprisoned and you cannot find his id? fucking worthless county sized "kingdom"

Dutch fag here did some background digging apparently she has been in and out of hospital for a long time for previous suicide attempts and other mental health issues.
This person would've jumped in front of train regardless, so all-in-all not so bad really. Saved some train driver from a bad day/memories.

Probably came from cuckchan. Most posters there unironocslly support Muslim rape and grooming because they insist that rape is a good thong now.

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Are you talking to yourself?

state hospital. daily routine. doping and coping with other crazy bitches would have cured her. naaaah lets just kill a kid because she's emo

statist ant-white fags out in force today.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Europe…

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ignore him, just another penny clutching wage-slave incel

It's not so complicated, either you end up with a splattered bitch on the rails or you can do it this way.

how many trains you got going through your state hospitals over there? ever hear of involuntary commital?

same exact argument fags and trannies make.

At least she isn't gobling black or muslim cock. Aren't you happy poll?

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leftypol, could you be a little more sensitive? a human person is dead

we're not talking about your disgusting, jew sucking, degenerate, lard ass, bankrupt country you low IQ subhuman goblin mutt

Smh onii-fam

holy shit, you feeling okay? You want to talk about it?
thanks sharing your thoughts on state sponsored white girl murder

Why do you care, you're not even white.

Its probably a rapefugee and she knew that he could never be tried for it.

seek help

Who the fuck are these guys and how many of them are jews?

O shut up OP. Are you that same discourse tranny from before? If not, apology.

Lots of bots and jews in this thread, but that seems to be every thread lately.

This faggot for example.

If you're still around Dutchfag, do you know who founded and the ranking members of the "Right to Die" Society otherwise known as the NVVE.

this is worship of the broken. she had a whole Instagram of her self harm and probably enablers like this dutch emotional wreck who keeps posting on here. the Netherlands looks like fucking Sodom. fucking eurojews

yes, let me tell you about Europe's liberal values, fellow European

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suicide is good goys. never mind that the top 10% in NL make more than the bottom 50%. those 10% don't even live in the NL and all of their assets are shipping and marketing. (((merchants))) will help you kill yourself because it's your constitutional right to die.

This actually makes me a little sad. I’ve been through more than a couple rapes but no one’s granting me assisted suicide or really any significant relief whatever, and I’m someone with zero societal value as an evolutionary dead end.

Muslims 1. dutch scum 0

get over it or

Get over what, exactly? The profligate waste?

she killed herself because fucking niggas raped her

to be fair id want state euthanisation if i was born Europe's counterfeit anglos

yeah right. no doubt she turned on the warm tub, knicked her wrist with a thumb tack and waited for her parents to walk in. people who actually want to die do the job right.

I agree.
This is a dangerous precedent.

get over your fucking ego and what you expect of other people

Look what people that were confronted with the issue are prepared to do?

It's not the rape. It's what is done with it.


My problem is I want someone in my life to be happy and okay more than I want to die, so I blame that person for all my needless suffering and use their commitment to me to purposely drive everyone else away so that only I remain and only I can ensure we both suffer for our unexamined notions of family.

Hmmst I wonder if you're referring to me thing is I stopped encouraging suicide about a year or two ago after my own life finally fucking turned around and I realized I might be able to help others do the same. I'm still not against suicide though, I just think that not everybody is a truly hopeless case, even if those persons think they are. This girl for instance had a great body and could have had her personality wiped and reprogrammed and then her body wouldn't be going to waste.

You’re projecting. There’s no ego in the remark. If you think so it’s because you’re a niggerbrained retard with shit for comprehension.


If you can carry a gun or toss a molotov user, you have value to me.

And so begins another thin end of another wedge. And boy, will they push to reach the thick end in record time. Look at abortion, look at gays, look at transsexuals, look at abortion, look at family-breakup, look at male-demonization, look at historical revision, look at white genocide, LOOK AT THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GREATEST CULTURE THAT HAS EVER EXISTED.
Every fucking time it starts with "It's the right thing to do", and quickly progresses to "Do as you're fucking told cattle or else" . The culling of the vulnerable is only the beginning. Life is either precious and should be protected or it's not. There can be no middle ground for individuals because, when allowances are made, there are no longer any defensible boundaries. It eventually becomes open season as it has with abortion. What price Noa's organs?

you're literally an egotist codependent sycophant. neck yourself without state consent

Hahaha imagine being an Anglo.

I thank god every day I am Dutch.

Anglo women I turn down. They do not measure up.

If it ain't Dutch it ain't much.

Is it possible that the scumbags in prison get euthanasia if they request?

No sense of humor, just a nasty, angry little man.

Thank you. I will take the compliment although it’s a fact that oversocialized people are terrible at responding appropriately to defensive situations.

only thing worse than dutch are belgian flems as far as sucking anglo balls throughout history

I spent my whole life slaving for usurers and sodomites. I want access to a lethal injection, not merely a slowly trickling pozzed one.

look dutchtard, i'm not your friend. your country sickness me. we aren't going bond over our shared hatred of the English. you reply again and i'll just filter

nothing you said is funny

human brain is very fragile. 90% of possible actions can end in our death within a very short time. maybe you're just a twit huh?

u got any buildings over 7 stories in your area? thats guaranteed lethal.

Not to a Baby Huey, certainly. But the entire exchange still is because you think your fingerwagging has meaning. You’ve so much clout I feel terrible now.

Maybe we should stay on the subject of a wasted white womb since you’re white knighting.

Don’t lethal injections feel good? Jumping would not.

Her mental ill may be genetic so you probably don’t want the weaklings to breed.

Why do you need to ask us for the permission to commit the suicide for? Go Tarrant on the lowest worthless scumbags and hero yoursel, you fucking whiny pathetic user.

you came to the wrong place for counseling. we dont care if you kill yourself. the only suicide we care about is suicide missions.

you are thinking of inert gas

Some time ago there were some BOYS in the news and a trainer had sex with them at home.

They did note that it all was not that bad.

Okay, maybe we should encourage the thots with low quality genetic to request for euthanasia to prove that they can be independent and strong!

How is this anything else as the recent Zig Forums favorized political party.

A majority since recently.