Yang will protect your Wang

Memes aside, circumcsion is a barbaric practice, it causes infints to be exposed to lot’s of pain which can cause trauma. This trauma likely causes people to develop fascist tendencies. It’s no coincidence that America, Israel and ISIS all promote the practice.

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He wants a three day weekend as well which is cool with me.

what's his view on palestine

I will never forgive my parents and the doctor who had me circumcised at birth. If I could get away with it with no consequences, I would hunt down that doctor, tie up him along my parents, and slowly burn all of their flesh off with thermite. What's the most realistic way to get revenge against them?

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Circumcision and FGM are the same shit. Promoted/started for the same reasons (sexual repression/damage), similar amounts of damage to sexual experience (the foreskin has mechanical functions in sex, not just sensation), and the apologists use very similar justifications ("cleanliness", "health", etc).

Debate me feminists.

Based, I like this guy the more I hear about him. I just wish he weren't gimmicky or an electoralist.

Yang's signature policy of UBI is shitty and is meant to replace the existing social safety net instead of supplementing it. The $1k a month would have to go immediately toward paying for food, healthcare, etc for the poor people who survive on social programs like that. It would effectively be a tax cut for everybody else. The net effect would be to push poor people further into poverty. It's a braindead policy that nobody should support.

That said, Yang is the only candidate AFAIK who talks about automation and the transforming economy. These are ideas that people should be more aware of, and having him talk about this in debates (especially if he can push other candidates to talk about that too) is a good thing. US political theater may be bullshit politics, but it's real theater. Sanders got rekt in 2016 but look how much of an impact on American political consciousness he had.

1k a month would be vastly superior to current safety nets and its unconditional. Therefore no shitty (must work 20 hours a week to qualify for food etc) stipulations to the current shitty american welfare state. No stigma because everybody gets it, and the minimum wage will still be in place, which means it effectively raises the net income of most american families by a whopping 20%. Thats the difference between being homeless and keeping a 400 a month apartment or going without food.

An ambulance ride in America can cost thousands. Healthcare is mindblowingly expensive if you don't have insurance (and often even if you do).
12k a year isn't enough to live on. People are going to have to work anyway.
Gonna need a citation on that number, preferably with the math.

Nothing Yang purposes would make people worse off.

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The way his UBI world is if you get LESS THAN 1,000 a month in wealfare you get the UBI instead. If you get MORE THAN 1,000 a month you get the same you’d get pre-UBI. More importantly Yang universal healthcare which would make life much easier for me and everyone I know.
t Burger

This, all these burgers in here and their Lenin fantasies need to go please,
Yeah, UBI won’t foster class consciousness but neither will abject poverty, see the MYRID of extremely poor capitalist countries in the world.

Only if you send all the fatties to the gulag first

that's where "as a compromise to the other side," he backpedals

Yep, pretty telling that the Yang shills are pretending that campaign promises mean shit.

If you don’t want free money you’re a LARPed

$1000 is bad
made by tankie gang

With UBI however you have more leverage on the labour market - it'd be totally be possible to just a side job/students job where you only work 3 days a week or something, where you earn $500 to $600 or something. Sure you'll be worse off than someone who works full-time or two to three jobs, but you can still somewhat comfortably live without being forced into full-time wage slavery. It gives people a lot of autonomy, to choose how their work-life-balance should look like.

With the current system, you start working they scrap your welfare, which means you may practically end up with the same amount of money despite working. This is what creates NEETs. Granted, I'm not American, but this is how it works everywhere else.

This isn't even counting for the fact that you aren't threatened by homelessness if you loose your job.

As for healthcare, there isn't anything in Yang's program that suggests that he wants to fully privatise everything. People just assume he would to pay for the UBI, but his calculation doesn't require to scrap other existing social security which the UBI isn't supposed to replace.

Of course, this won't fix capitalism. You can't fix capitalism. But it will still will increase quality of life and happiness for the working class short to mid-term.

my man, i would not vote that bourgeois piece of shit over bernie even if he gave free bick dick transplant to every adult male in america


i think it's great. You all get your benefits capped while I get an extra thousand dollars to go jetsetting around the world.

The point of benefits is to stop you from starving to death while you look for work. If you can work, you do so.

you are correct sir. If you make more than 15k a year, or work less than 20 hours a week, the government will literally let you starve. now imagine all the people that make more than 15k a year and work 30-40 hours a week intermittently. Ive had to rely on bourgeoisie charity to get by many a month, or go without a meal. Now I have a union job with a whopping 22 an hour plus overtime, but I can only imagine how much that extra grand could have helped me last year.

t. man who made 12k last year after taxes.

Based Yang
This idiocy needs to end.

Don't circumcise your son and stop the cycle of abuse. Warn others about the pain that circumcision causes. That's the most realistic and above all effective revenge.

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This would be funny if the punchline were that consent is bullshit.

Nobody asked the kid if it wanted to be born either.

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Found these on /leftyb/, my experience with being cut wasn't as terrible as this guy (if i kill myself i have other reasons), but i could totally relate on so many aspects, finding out this shit has virtually no benefits was the worst part, perhaps, i'm not even jewish, not even american, and apparently i got a really tight circumcision, blowjobs hurt and i can't masturbate without lubricant, i don't even want to imagine what actual sex feels like. Blogposting ends here, thanks for listening, i wouldn't vote for yang tho, i want to see an america under Bernie.

shit forgot to post em'

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That's like saying "I'm going to chop off one of your fingers. If you don't like it, don't chop off anyone else's fingers." They need to pay for what they did to me.

This, people don't realise that so as long as the monetary supply is privately owned and regulated, welfare will always tend towards a diminished fraction of full time working wages purchasing power in the long term as porky employers draw new credit to raise low wages in response thereby also increasing the money supply and its inflationary side-effects. One beneficial consequence would be that the inflation would also hurt loan sharks and mortgage lenders at the benefit of the debtors in receipt of an inflationary income, assuming said liabilities were issued at fixed interest rates. Financial porkies would no doubt retaliate with higher interest rates on future consumer credit and variable interest rate loans.

However UBI would be beneficial so as long as mandatory work time reduction was also made alongside with lower pension ages, increased vacation time and maternity/paternity leave, deflating the labour market and reducing the number of people who may depend on UBI due to unemployment.

Apparently Yang does support both UBI and the 4 day work week so he's a step ahead of most leftists.

Ignore the jewish conspiracy shit in this image - But this is how bad circumcision really is.

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I mean i've already mentioned masturbating without lubricant really hurts but my sex drive it's still there, it's hard to compare it to a non-cut penis of course, but i think i'm relatively horny most of the time. Still fucked up thing to do of course

Wtf is wrong with these people, I use spit, it’s cheeper and probably healthier.
t circumcized burger

i use both, lube is good enough but when you add some spit it feels real fucking good

I highly doubt putting petrol on your dick is a good idea.

redpill me on why that is not a good idea

It’s the shit that caused the deepwater horizons spill.

what about hand cream?