FL makes the JQ a hate crime


>"Demonizing, applying a double standard to, or delegitimizing Israel.”

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Don't they realize that laws like this radicalize people against Jews even more?

Apparently not. I am starting to pity them.

The Jew never knows when to stop or how to keep things from getting worse (from their view). Even Hitler remarked in his second book how eventually the Jew, in his quest to destroy and enslave, ultimately destroys himself in his frenzy– the ultimate irony.

Thanks White Nationalists!

Trips of pure truth

Sweet propoganda win for us. Let all the zoomers know they cant call jews niggers in florida. Let nature take its course. The cant even enforce it because its so flagrantly unconstitutional

first theyll intact these laws, but not enforce them so you forget about them until there's too many laws to do anything

Even by modern standards that's reaching pretty hard

For the umpteenth time, it's irrelevant because it's a blatant violation of the 1st amendment.

This. The point isn't to immediately enforce laws passed - it's to enact as many as possible, so they can be used as ammunition once the dominoes begin to fall.

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It's irrelevant in terms of actually fearing the "consequences" of violating it but overall it's pretty relevant. It gives a legitimate talking point, a way to bring about curiosity and questions.

Questions like these are what brought us all here I'm sure. They try so hard to stifle discussion that it attracts attention instead.

A funny side note:

trannypol goons can't meme and are seen as useful idiots to the jew

But I thought the GOP were /ourguys/ and we just had to keep voting straight Republican tickets to save the White race?

Here are fliers I made for this specific Florida law you're describing. I printed out 200 of these yesterday and I'll be posting them either this semester or in the Fall at a Florida university. You can beat me and take credit for it if you want. 14#

>"Demonizing, applying a double standard to, or delegitimizing Israel.”
this law breaks its own law since they're giving Israel a favorable double standard

Here's the thumbnail for

The national socialist's ballot is cast with bullets.

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How can Florida pass a hate speech law like this, isn't it against the first amendment?

People need to spend time fighting these unconstitutional laws and the people who create them aren't punished at all for knowingly infringing on people's constitutional rights.


good work

A two hundred year old piece of paper aint gonna save you from the FEMA gulags brother

No Zig Forumsack gave a shit about the GOP. It's an extremely left of center party that is near identical to progressive liberals aside from guns. Which they're perfectly okay with giving up come time.

They can do it preemptively, but I'd prefer to wait for them to charge someone under the law. When the court finds it's a violation of the 1st amendment, not only does the law get struck down, the person charged gets paid.

The 2nd amendment does that.

Of you invoke it.
I heard an insufferable level of “molon labe” and “but dasss unconstitutional” for so long now and Jack shit has been done about it


Blatant violation of the first amendment.

Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike kikestian schizo niggerloving shill.

Oh no wait, it's only illegal to question Jews and Judaism. Because Voltaire wasn't explicit enough.

And yet both the 1st amendment and 2nd amendment haven't gone anywhere. There was a documentary posted here some years ago where jews were bitching about the 1st amendment because it obliterates all their speech tactics. If the 1st is enough to make the jews angry and frustrated, it's working just fine.

The second amendment has been shit on left and right. They're taking it piece by piece until one day you wake up and your "last stand" weapon is a bolt action .22, unloaded, and locked in a mandatory safe as per daddy government's regulations.

By that logic modern day Nazis should not be accused of anything either.

Didn't bother the Zionists when they refused to take Jews out of Germany when they were invited to leave, instead abandoning them to be used as fodder to push their "oppressed jewish people" narrative.

Except someone has to break the law, be arrested, have their life ruined, ruin the lives of their family, lose their job, lose most of their property and spend years in jail shuffling around courts before it gets overturned.

Not a good look.
And that's the fucking point. People are rightfully scared of that.

Got ‘em!

I see that you have been to Australia too.

4 people shot dead in NT last night. Gun control didn't do shit.

Country won't last long enough for that to happen. The amount of incrementalism required to achieve such a bullshit scenario would take half a century or more.

i don't think this is actually law… yet

the GOP is just as jewish as the democrats

providing construction; amending s. 1002.20, F.S.; conforming provisions to changes made by the act; providing an effective date.

Seems it's "only" illegal in schools.

Is it just me or are the police starting to get a little uppity?

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H 741 c2 House 114 Yeas - 0 Nays
H 741 c2 Senate 40 Yeas - 0 Nays

this was the bill where some kike asked for the names of those who voted nay and a recount, and all the cucks changed their vote to yea

Do people never wonder why it is always Jewish people mentioned in these laws and articles and not Peruvians, Finns, Mongols or Nepalese, for instance? Pattern recognition is meant to be innate to the human brain.

first they come for the schools, next thing you know it's flat out illegal to name the jew anywhere you go.

imagine needing laws to prevent people from hating you

When the second amendment is repealed - and it will be after 2020 - there are over 1 billion guns in private hands in the US HURRRRRRRRRRRRR BUT CNN TOLD ME IT'S LESS THAN 300M a number of them will be turned in, by cucks. A great portion of those will not be turned in as they aren't known to exist.

The guns will not save anyone as they haven't saved anyone right up to now. Two billion guns in a pile will save no one either. Most the people with those guns have been cheering the changes up to now, nodding along or at best sitting in silence.

Cucks make good cannon fodder.

Is there a name for the phenomenon when something is outlawed people tend to seek it out? Portugal legalized drugs and drug usage dropped among teens. It's as if the jews know the effect of banning free speech will cause more antisemitism which they thrive on to maintain their control over society.

By saved anyone I mean from the changes of the law and culture, not criminals who deserved to get blown away in some home invasion or something.

so when do we get laws that make denying white genocide a crime?

When we are back in power.

do you have a source?

this wouldn't have occurred if you guys blamed the white elite too. by ignoring white elites suppressing whites you made it easy.

If they send a shill crew here about this it's a sign you know you're doomed.

And some of have found a way to harness this power.

That's what you'd like to believe because the scenario where people act before it goes too far is ideal. But it's important to recognize the long con is their plan. They intend to keep you pacified up to that point, idle at your keyboard until the timing is no longer in your favor. Their strategy largely focuses on this long term plan, not short term events. Think about how long it takes to effectively death grip a society like they've done. This is more than one generation of plotting, scheming, and jewing little by little until they finally achieved their goal.

Who knows how long their perceived timeline is from this point. Perhaps their finale is indeed on the horizon or maybe they plan on weeding us out and wearing us down for decades to come. Will we let it get that far? Only time will tell. All we can say for certain is we're watching it unfold as we speak and the vast majority of us, even those fully aware of what's occurring, have no tangible plans that would even compare to the level of sophistication and unified effort they're putting forward in the here and now.

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what white elite?

it's already signed by governor, now it's just a waiting game for the jews when law becomes effective.

Thanks for outing your ignorance of the economic system. This country is literally going to collapse within the next 5-10 years, and that's being optimistic. So whatever long term delusional scenario you have that ignores the economic system is one from ignorance.

An who is going to do the collecting? (((red flag))) laws are one thing.
Full confiscation / turn in / buy out (whatever method is chosen) won't work.
confiscation - will be bloody as fuck and ZOGbots will try for a few weeks until they start getting offed in large numbers
turn in - rofl
buy out - rofl

bring it on cunts im fucking bored

You're not prepared. Are you?
Tip: learn how to grow potatoes.

Confiscation doesn't matter as the guns won't be used to change anything. That's the point. They've let you keep them while they changed everything around them. They didn't stop anything. They'll simply continue to salami slice until there's nothing left. Heck they can go full on Idiocracy with the plebs and let you gun each other down as long as they maintain control.

Protip: don't assume everyone is unprepared when you're talking to someone who's been prepared for over a decade.

the capitalist collaborators

why is it the usa that has to collapse. we need collapses further afield

How does this work with your first amendment anons?

Same reason you flush a toilet after taking a shit.

I asked a question m8.

What matters is the hearts of the people, the morality and the will to change things or resist change for the worst. None of that is present in sufficient quantities any more and has been washed away while people clutch guns on instinct or tradition and allow ever more changes to the law and the land around them as well as the demographics itself. If the heart and mind that guides the hands and the gun they hold doesn't even know what is real or healthy any more how can it do any good? The morality of the mainstream has been changed over generations so that even verbally standing up for your existence is borderline hate crime so that the masses would cheer on you being eliminated for stepping out of line eventually.

Tools matter, yes, but people who keep on about MUH BILLION GUNS as their fallback and savior are missing the reality of the situation, how things have changed and where things will head to if people aren't re-educated. You need the education to use a tool and use it wisely, whatever it is. Millions of guns alone didn't stop the land heading into less than half White. It won't stop it declining either until the real changes are made to how people see the world and their place in it.

no self-reflection

solid point otherwise

So you’re just a jew, got it. There will be no Balkanization.

Stop trying to conserve you dolt. Nothing worse than using your energy to hold together a rotting carcass.

it doesn't just like free speech zones it doesn't, but the jews are just trying to see what they could get away with.

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They get away with this shit because everyone has become more kiked then ever

It's related to students and teachers in the public school system.

You're going to be awfully surprised when it happens. People who choose to ignore the most obvious scenarios and not plan for them only hurt themselves. I hope you suffer immensely when it happens.


Seeing as it won’t happen, I won’t be surprised.
You’re clearly a jew. Reported.


Whoa wait up fellas! Did I make a wrong turn here? I thought this was 8/pol not Twitter!

diminish or infringe upon any right protected under the First 96
Amendment to the United States Constitution, or the State 97
Constitution. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to 98
conflict with federal or state discrimination laws.

Why don't you idiots read the actual bill. It prohibits nothing except discrimination in public schools based on being Jewish, where they define the reason for the discrimination as antisemitism… and list a bunch of examples.

So unless you're teacher trying to prevent some little Jewish kid from signing up for drama class, this bill does nothing to you.

Always kill jews for being jews. Laws are meaningless and have no power. People's actions have power.
Keep killing jews.

Same shit already on the books the jews just wanted it spelled out that jews were included.

null and void, unconstitutional.


surely jews will convince people that jews aren't powerful liars by making it illegal to think that jews are powerful liars.

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What about the song, "The Florida Kid Hitler Blues" from 1940? Is that now banned?

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This is not really how the jewish mind thinks. The jew does not plan for the long term. Instead they create a long term goal such as destroy the white race. They then continue to push for this goal as subtlety as they can. Jews frequently butt heads with each other because despite having the same goal their plans are radically different. Its a great system that allows them to completely change their methods to whatever fits best in the current moment. Its very much like Zig Forums. We all share the same goal and do whatever we all do our part to achieve the goal. Imagine if Zig Forums were to continue operating as we do now for the next 200 years without the public's knowledge of our existence.


Reminder that jews killed 10 million gentiles in the Ukraine.

They will enforce them, you will not hear anything about it though.

Hate speech laws are in effect in liberal strongholds and are being erected everywhere else as we speak.
Red flag laws allow the govt to declare you unfit to carry on account of sluggish schizophrenia. Armed insurrection against the govt is only justified under the legal theories of the Founding Fathers, not according to the US Code.

Good, kindly folks across this country—working fathers, city aldermen, patriotic policemen, pastors—are all involved in the black market arms trade these days. They have a few guns registered by the govt, and the rest are stored away for safekeeping. Then, they hand in the registered weapons to avoid making a scene and while the ATF or DHS or whoever would be doing the weapons roundup might suspect a few individuals of hoarding untracked arms, they can't catch them all. I bet the arms trade in Europe right now is booming.

Yes, and I predict that the first national socialist state will be Ukraine under President Andriy Biletsky.

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The time will come when you will say that and truly mean it.

Congratulations fuckwads, they just banned the first amendment.

What are YOU going to do about it?

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Supreme Court already nullified it. Matal vs. Tam.