Pride Month Stickers

Made some stickers for Pride™ Month™. What do you guys think. Homosexual relationships do not result in the creation of new life, as per mammal biology.

Inb4 OP is a fag

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Pretty good OP. I especially like how you mocked the retarded faggots stale lingo with "YAAAAS" at the end.

ok, now post photos showing that you put them up in public. or are you a larper

the ruler in the photo is for meausring OP's BF's cock.

post pics of these in public

Not bad. Would you mind sharing the original file?
Also pics in public.

Dude… don't you realize that by the time these faggots have come-out, and joined the LGBT Community, they already have justified your argument with the fictional "The less people having children, the better we can deal with overpopulation" meme. They'll actually be supportive of your stickers, and think you are genuine, or if not just some kind of Nihilist.

That just makes it funnier.



Extinct != Underpopulation, the wording is key

As requested, thanks for the feedback lads

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White Nationalism, it's a mental illness spread by Jews to exterminate Whites.==

I think the point here is for some yuks, nothing serious or any kind of cringey "campaign".

Godspeed, OP.

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what a faggot

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Laughed out loud when I saw you op pic, so you must be doing something right. Well done OP

Stormtards who cannot get anything done for Whites in real life.

White Nationalism, it's a mental illness spread by Jews to exterminate Whites


Wait a second



You already failed, and made a total fucking fool of yourself. What the fuck are you even doing here, nigger? Can't even muster pity for you subhuman shit smears anymore. You deserve everything that's coming, and then some.

Shows a total lack of understanding of your target.
Your stickers basically translate as:

It's funny, relax man. It will still trigger everyone since it came from here.

I did half w/ hashtag, half w/o. This was just the first batch, from now on I'll include the hashtag, namely because fuck judaism, jews, and their faggot golems, this is fucking war and I want to slit your throats

How about "Gay Today Pedo Tomorrow"

Let's all go extinct together really isn't an insult to them.

It's not about saving fags, they're already doomed. It's about saving those early-stage ZOG hosts, and introducing enough cognitive dissonance in their minds to turn the happy rainbow flag into a symbol of dysfunction, eugenics, subjugation, and ultimately kike demoralization.

Make one with love knows no age limit.

but op… you are a fag, is comes with the title, even if you are straight you become a honorary fag

Could be alittle bigger but I like the message.


Humanity as a whole, including every sub-species, needs to be fucking eliminated from this planet. Conciseness is a failure.

OP can't inb4 cunt. If you do it's because your argument is shit and you know it.

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it's more the tedium of existence but eh, keep your opinion.

not bad

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I support this effort OP. Please continue to spread the message.

For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't understand, no explanation is possible.

Gayfag here. I don't really find it all that clever, but if it will trigger shitlib gayfags then I'm all for it. This could be used to mock gays that are opposed to Homonationalism in regards to the Muslim question.r

I like that you're trying, but this isn't going to convince anyone to hate fags. Plenty of cucky whites want people to go extinct.

Hit the pedo angle, that pisses off normies.

That sort of thing should be your message.

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Really good idea, thank you. Next batch.


Can you send the sticker as a pdf or uncompressed image?

either go full accellerationism and talk about homosexual pedophilia being banned by bigots or be subtle

The conservative pro White Gays do 1000x more fore White than any stormtard.

Another ignorant example of the stupidity inherent to bigots such as OP. Overpopulation is a major problem and homosexuality is perfect at being part of the solution.


Nobody does anything beneficial ever you fucking retard.

And Jews despise Gay Conservatives that are pro White.

purdy gud, OP. Some, 3% of the population, 40% of the pedophiles or such versions would be nice. Spruce it up for round two.

The what and the what?. That sentence nearly gave me a stroke.

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does anyone have a high res version of this?

i feel like the message could be better OP. i cant imagine most fags giving a fuck about reproducing so this wont hurt them. you should print some fag statistics instead sort of like