Anti-White Cucks Growing More Hateful

White cuck, 19, ran over an 11-year-old white girl for being white.

White shitlibs now hate whites so much that they're killing them, on purpose, just for being white. This is the world that has been created for us: we're expected to hate ourselves and just die while breeding with dysgenic turd-world retards. And we're told that it's for our own good. Welcome to clown-world.

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You have low standards user.

You made the claim – back it up. He lloks exactly like every other white cuck.

what proof do do they have that it's alleged if its from the police report? they use this word on other hate crimes against whites too

If anyone doxxes him somethings might happen maybe possibly

please dox

This one isn't actually the lyingpresses fault. In America, the press has to report these things as 'allegedly' or 'supposedly' or a like term before the trial concludes. It's to protect them from slander/libel cases if the court finds them not guilty. So even when it's obvious that a crime was committed and the accused party is guilty, all papers pussyfoot around that fact in their reporting as a result of best practices in that line of work.

To not place direct blame on nonwhites because they're about creating narratives that consist of only whites being bad because they're anti-white.

Could help but this guy is going to get raped in prison and turned out when the gang members find out that he's in for murdering a little girl.

she didn't actually die luckily

*attempted murder.

Why let it get that far?

Why not send a message?

Go nuts but I've got better things to do than dox this faggot. Personally, I would prefer a nice "accident".

WTF is going on with that link, OP?

After the trial has found the person guilty they change their wording to "Convicted"

how the fuck did the car manage to up end? that little girl must be buff


I've been hearing that's quite common these days.

Good. I am very happy that this is happening.

Hi, Rabbi

Kill yourself.


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Soon - but not soon enough - white people will go the way of the dodo and the carrier pigeon. You are in the same boat as many endangered species that the world is currently working to save.

But unlike those noble creatures, you are not worth saving.

Your ‘people’ have done nothing but commit atrocity after atrocity, stealing land, genociding other races simply because they couldn’t defend themselves, and forcing other peoples - even your own people - into slavery. But now karma is reaching out to give you your just desserts.

Burn in hell, cumskin whore.

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Spotted the vox subscriber.

Burn in liquid shit, filthy yid.

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>>>Zig Forums

Go there with your proxy nigger

except cum and white people skin arent the same color like nigger skin being the same color as SHIT. You will never be white. Stay mad.

How many times do I have to say this? That is not how prison works in the US. You've been taken in by jewywood myths. Furthermore, even if those conditions might exist at a certain level in the system, think about the sort of people who go to prison. People exactly like this cuck. No, there is no honor, none of that. He might get molested, maybe raped, but the girl will not find justice from niggers, spics, fags, and murderers. They've all done worse shit and brag about it. If he's harmed, the shitstorm will drown the prison. This is the world we live in.

You seem nervous.

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"we all die sometime"

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Publicize this as much as possible, tell the people you know. Remember how much you like these kike shills when you're planning your next stream.

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t. Mordechai shekelstein

Maybe, but your subhumans definitively will go first.

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karma isn't real you fucktard. fuck your currynigger bullshit "religion" and fuck you too.

exactly, it's a fucking stupid insult brazilians came up with. fucking kill them all no matter how 'based' idiots think they are.

We dominated every other group so thoroughly that we *owned them as fucking property* but we're the ones who are supposed to be ashamed and not the ones who were so weak that they got humiliated on a global scale.

Fuck off, nigger. This is clearly bait.

Pic related, the last good man.

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i hope the girl was actually a jew and the faggot dies in prison

Nigger your envious hatred of us is ingrained into from the moment you experience the sight of your betters who are more compassionate, creative & considerate than you dumbed down goofballs.

You parrot the same tripe without meeting us half way, your one sided argument omits the facts that all people have enslaved & murdered one and another. And it was the British to first end slavery that certain Black tribes fought against. And it was us who brought everyday appliances and infrastructure to your parasitical world.

You're a plague that cherry picks part of history for your own anti-White agenda. In reality, we're the light of the world that would have colonized the stars by now if you scum were not holding us back for eternity.

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I think its time you took the goblin pill bro, its not about white, black, brown or even yellow skin. at the end of the day all of them are just rape meat for (((mean green))). IYKWIM

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May be likely that 'because she was white' is just liberalist words for 'fuk da police'. Still, an outright display of cruelty no matter if towards the police, the girl, or both. Track down the parents for inbreeding.

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I wouldn't mind impregnating Soph for the glory of the White race

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She has an autoimmune disorder. Might be contagious or inheritable.



She survived, it's a shame that she had to deal with getting a taste of our modern world at such a young age, but perhaps it will teach her to be wary and always vigilant. Children can't just go out and live the way they used to, you can't trust anyone.


Violence always works. Kill the jews, the cucks and the leftists first.


Get the rope

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Sorry mate that you don't apply the same, humans are all the same shit that your progressive brainwashers teach you to white people. Do you think in Africa, in Arabia, in SOuth America that non of what you mentioned went on. You absolute cretin. What, only whites have taken land and fought wars. Come on, have an answer. Answer you little faggot. What about the scalping and native american wars. What about Africans committing the most vicious atrocities against each other, against albinos,for millenia. You are so fucking brainwashed its sad. Answer that, and I might have a shred of respect for you for at least attempting to bring your mind into the field of having to challenge itself.

Makes sense. Car culture's for faggots, rappers are faggots, and he hates his own people.

Jared Kushner is the answer to all these questions.
It turns out that Q is a delay tactic.
The Great Awakening is something that happens in cycles, it is an uncontrollable force that happens no matter what.
It does not need a "Q" to stir it up, or guide it along.
The Great Awakening just simply happens because it is so.
Q is a Jared Kushner tactic to try to delay the inevitable as long as possible.
Life is not meant to be easy, we cannot rely on others to solve our problems for us.
The Great Awakening, is an understanding and growing acceptance of self reliance.
When we finally awake to the power within,
not some magical power but an
"okay I am ready to grow up now and do the work that needs to be done" kind of power.

Then universally we will finally realize,

Hitler did nothing wrong.

What he said.

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Karma is from Buddhism, not Hinduism, and Buddhism isn't a religion.

t. knower

Daily reminder that the streamers amongst us should choose leftist targets for the mass involuntary subscription event.

My body and soul are ready

Buddhism is a religion, and it originated in India.

His twitter is, st*** at y**.*
it's neither;
stevenbecky78 at
steveraybecky at

everybody dies sometime

Dead eyes, smiles by opening his jaw, bad teeth, bad facial development from poor diet. Yep, it's a commie.

Is this BEFORE or AFTER you run them over with your car?

Looks like a kike faggot to me

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Daily reminder that traitors get the bullets first, even before kikes.

That thing looks demonically possessed

Profound b8 man, look at all you caught
Excellent work, although I suggest keeping shittposting to a minimum

This country is becoming inhospitable

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