Leftists and vocal fry

One thing I've noticed lately, and I'm a bit of a sperg so I guess I'm late, is almost all leftist males talk with vocal fry. I'm assuming you also have noticed because leftist males are everywhere. Non-leftist males don't really seem to possess it, though. Has the phenomenon ever been studied? It's kind of like the voice gay men have – i.e., it's culturally transmitted and adopted.

This ties into politics, obviously; so I though I'd throw it into the mix and try to generate some productive discussion, given how widespread this is.

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Outdated by decades at this point.

Also, I rarely ever encountered this in the wild. It’s an affectation. It’s not that common. OP is probably someone who does it, wanting validation that it’s properly rebellious. In which case, you know, whatever. You do you, darlink.

I live in Australia so perhaps it is much more common here but lots of leftists in America do it, too.

all NY women do this. less common in men. it's so grating to hear. makes a 20yr old sound like a bitter 60yr old.

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Lol, talk about outdated. Join the meatvat era, user. Humanity is going beyond the retardation of trying to anti-age at the skin, and is breaching forth into the new era of organ printing and comprehensive blood conditioning.

Actually, thinking about that graphic a little more, it’s a hilariously stupid timecapsule of why sexual revolution won.

Option A: take charge of your sex life, determine your own outcome for better or worse.
Option B: obey someone else’s concept of virtuous sexuality, get raped into motherhood despite your chastity.

Regressive leftists want to be treated like abused children, apparently, with bitter mothers re-enacting traumatic sexual experiences and uncharismatic fathers with no concern for or indeed capability to genetically survive the sexual autonomy of others.

I know this place is an epidemic of retards and the liars who “love” them, but let’s keep leftism moving forward by not pretending anyone in our present society is that imbecilic, shall we?

Vocal fry occurs when the vocal chords are in a relaxed state. It's natural to speak with some amount of fry.

Obviously, that is not what I'm talking about. Why would I make a thread about people talking normally? You make 0 sense.

I'm a singer and speak with a heavy amount of vocal fry due to training. I'm not a leftist in the least. What exactly are you talking about?

Vocal fry is used in Orthodox Chants, Mongolian Throat Singing, and probably some other forms of singing I've never gotten into. I used to play around with my jawharp a lot and sometimes throat sing. It can rough your vocal cords up and make you sound like you've had a nice pack of cigs especially in the morning when your male vocal chords are very relaxed. It's nice to know that I am a leftist know because of dabbling in some voice training though. Thanks OP. kek

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Fuck you OP my ears are still fucking ringing god damn it

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What a shit low effort post. Lurk more.

low t

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Kike the examples you gave are the exact opposite. Kill yourself now please.

Speech reflects how the persons mind functions its possible tht leftist degenerates minds have abnormal and incoherent train of thought. That brings to my mind fidel castros and stalins speeches where they are swirling their heads with every word that comes of their mouth like fucking lunatics. Compare Adolf Hitlers spoken or written speeches with those of the leftist scums look at their posture, where are they looking? What are they doing after they have delivered the speech. Leftists always lie. Now having said that i just want to add that modern politicians jump around the two worlds of authority(right) and control(left) when they are delivering speeches. They are chameleons adapting to any question with the according train of thought. Thats why they are so popular, people can relate to them easier.
PS this is just my understanding of the matter. Im no expert in body language or psychology.

He is definitely on to something. Just look at the presence of kikes coming. Eating all the sweet aryan cock they can get.

The vocal fry is an odd phenomenon considering that all leftists now, male and female are never seen in public without their water bottle in hand, so it give rise to the question of why their throats should sound so dry considering that they're always hydrating themselves.

yeah except women hate having agency, and destroy societies that give it to them.

Keep it boys, the kikes must love this shhhhiiiiiiitttt

You cant be taken seriously. Most women are the way they are because of the world around them why would they follow a manlet like you. Its nature that guides them to not have kids with lesser men. How do you think that saying that makes you look? I would appreciate an answer.

I love you!

you're in over your head, femshill. allow yourself some illumination. You agreed with me by saying they are just products of their surroundings. They follow men who put their panic-ridden minds at ease. They find solace in the presence of a man who removes their agency and tells them what's expected of them. When provided with children and the burden of labor for bread is removed they are happy as can be.

Yes. It's due to low T levels.

With the men they follow they have fake relationships i dont think you follow what im saying. Im starting to think that you are a kike or a complete goy. The things you said dont connect to one another just blunt sentences of your anger driven opinion. Im not going to argue point by point for that reason. ((Illuminate yourself))→ kill yourself

the anger you sense is projection. i agree with you that women know not to breed with lesser men. my point is that lesser men and give them agency, which they despise.

I don't even know what you're trying to express here champ. You're saying that a singing technique is an example of low testosterone? OP doesn't make much sense either with his low-effort shitpost thread. DUDE YOU KNOW HOW THE LEFTIST SOUNDS LIKE THIS? YEAH BRO WHY IS THAT? SORRY NO CONTEXT I JUST WANT TO SHILL. Make sense and you get better responses you dumb nigger.

It's exactly this, women are social creatures who rely on a pack mentality. They will follow whatever is deemed to be socially orthodox. It's obvious from a young age where girls are obsessed with being popular, wearing the right clothes, listening to the right music. This has somewhat bled onto some men due to feminisation, but it's still clearly a feminine trait that is near universal in the womenfolk whilst comparatively rare in men. It is important to note that women are shaped by the social orthodoxy as opposed to following their natural or instinctive path; women have not been 'liberated', women are not naturally promiscuous or naturally anything, they conform to whatever they deem to be the correct path; and as such you will find that women are capable of being the most 'racist', hateful and intolerant of people - because to them these abstract philosophical ideas that men reach through logic, study and debate; are simply the status quo, social norms that must be upheld regardless of their veracity lest the woman be subject to exile for non-conformity.

What a woman considers as 'socially orthodox' is based upon her environment. This is basically where the Zig Forumsack idea of 'find a girl in Church' comes from; if a girl attends Church, she is likely to have been brought up around Christian parents, especially in this day and age where Church attendance is so low; and as such should hold certain morals like reverence for the man in her life, respect for her family, and an acceptance that she should 'be fruitful and multiply' - essentially everything we want in a wife. A woman who has been brought up in state schools and around hollywood movies will be rebellious, hyper-sexual and entitled, as well as somewhat narcissistic. This is further exacerbated as they are subjected to the undiluted judaic filth that saturates our so-called 'academia'.

You will also note that women go through multiple stages in their life. They try to 'find themselves'. What this really means is that they have encountered several different cultural groups and that their orthodoxy came into question and appeared to be replaced a new orthodoxy; this leads to internal strife as the woman cannot decide which way is the correct way. Inevitably she will side with one, the one which she is around more, and this will lead to her 'cutting people out of her life'. Often with college girls this means cutting their families out, many say they will never return to whatever 'backwards' town they came from, they will decry their parents as abusers who 'stifled' them, and in short - they will reject them in entirety, often ceasing all relations whatsoever; and thats with bonds as strong as family. Should the woman get married, she will nearly always conform to what her man believes and this is why married women are far more likely to support conservative opinions and beliefs. Some posit that this has to do with their children as well, but I personally doubt it as their obsession with social orthodoxy is a constant throughout the rest of their lives; and presumably they would still seek to keep their child safe in the same way they keep themselves safe, through conformity. As such it is far more likely that they conform to the husband as opposed to 'waking up to the needs of their male children'.

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This was informative, eye opening and terrifying. Quality post.

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Is this what we are talking about or do you just want us to watch your piece of shit (((Discovery))) video. When you say "vocal fry" this is what I think.

That's Mongolian Throat singing. Vocal fry is when you talk with a dry raspy voice that's almost croaking.

Did you know that Germanics and Celts did their own version of "Throat Singing?" If you agree that all Human Language was rhythmic singing in episodic form for your feelings to translate into memory before actual Spoken Word History was prevelant. Also speaking in a dry raspy voice to be cool and seeming masculine is not "Vocal Fry." The true Vocal Fry is much like Overtone and Contrepoint that is used in European singing. For the most part Steppe people and Monks would use techniques to achieve a type of harmonious singing that would include the definition of Vocal Fry that I know. Vocal Fry is a sort of gimmick to get one used to the vibration effect that can irritate your vocal chords and give you a ticklish feeling if you're just starting out. It has nothing to do with leftist faggotry.

that's nothing to do with vocal fry

This is vocal fry..

The vocal fry register (also known as pulse register, laryngealization, pulse phonation, creak, croak, popcorning, glottal fry, glottal rattle, glottal scrape, or strohbass) is the lowest vocal register and is produced through a loose glottal closure that permits air to bubble through slowly with a popping or rattlin

If you listen to them talk they not only fry their voice, but end all sentences in a rising pitch. I think this is to indicate uncertainty, and is used by those by the left to make everything they say sound like a question. This habit developed to avoid attacks from not being leftist enough. So they can always back out of what they just said, and allows them to constantly change their opinion. The exact opposite of solid masculine throat singing.

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Cry some moar leftynigger

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Enjoy your disfigured golems lel

I do not know or give a single flying fuck why some inhuman piece of shit in Congress or Politico on the news uses what you incorrectly refer to as "Vocal Fry." You are a disinformation faggot who reddit spaces and knows nothing of the past, but you want to tell me what for. End your life and Moloch will be pleased. CIAniggers are not welcome here, so go suck off your Transexual CIA Director for a raise or something.

Sounds like you're a moron that argues via intonation rather than information instead of both. Get murdered /leftycuckCIAnigger/.

That's not the Finnish National Anthem you asshurt Israeli cuckboi. I think it's more like this and this, you Jew that loves gagging on Arab dick for money.

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OP probably talks like those nasal high betas who had helium jacked up their butt.

kek It's a good thing Tumblr didn't exist back then.


deep voice = high testosterone
Countertenor voice = low testosterone

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the "vocal fry" is caused by high pitched tone voice talkers trying to deepen their voice but they can't do it naturally so their voices tend to crack.

Women will pick their peer group (which nowadays includes the television set and friend feed) over their children any day of the week. They only have a protective instinct over their children in the most direct sense of impending danger. If their peer group is pushing an agenda that goes against the interests of their children and is in any way abstract and can be rationalized, they will pick that over the long term well-being of their children. This is why so many women pimp out their children to boyfriends, or to gender "transition" virtue signaling, sexual promiscuity, or to race-mixing, even though it's in direct counter to the interests of their children. They also will never hold a belief that makes them feel guilty about their past. If they were a slut, they will push their children and peers towards being a slut as well to rationalize their own behavior rather than face a cognitive dissonance.

ITT: retarded children don’t understand that a term can be used in multiple contexts and its not just about their chinese fedora singing youtube videos

en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocal_fry_register Read the “In speech” section
further reading

like I’m sure has been discussed its similar to the gay lisp

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J.S. Bach would be absolutely embarrassed and enraged by the pigshit thick "Aryans" in this thread. Oh wait, it's just CIAniggers. Mein Bad.

What does a singing technique have to do with race mixing, sexual promiscuity, virtue signaling, or hardcore leftism? Dewd u dnt understand like bro lispy faggots r trying to become Alpha by making their voices lower. I swear I am not a nigger-jew shill who knows nothing of culture or history!"

Stomp phoneposting redditfags to death.

I’m at work fam.

You should be focusing on earning your keep for your master, not posting on racist terrorist imageboards. >:^)
Because OP and his shills made such a bitchass thread, I will now use because to start a sentence and I will now shill a lesson in Overtones and Throatsinging. This dude is pretty out there, but I cannot deny his talent.

not an argument, also please respond with something other than word salad


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Where do you think you are lmao

Yes. Women do it because the media told them men find it attractive, but I find it annoying. I consider it a plea for a specific type of attention.

Like lisping for faggots. There's nothing about choosing to suck dick and fuck assholes that gives a person a speech impediment. They speak that way again as a plea for a specific type of attention. This one actually annoys me more than the former as both of the major US hardware chains have employed 110% pozzed neghole faggots as their spokesman. I refuse to shop at Home Depot and Lowes because lispy faggots don't make me confident in construction equipment/supplies.

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Macho Man is a jew

I'd love to stomp your sternum into jelly while screaming YAAAASSSSSSS! To humiliate you for being a stupid fucking oaf that doesn't understand terms made for voice and music. You are lower than a Zig Forums faggot with AIDS.

Vocal fry was introduced via Hollywood in order to help MtF elite transgenders to fit in among real women.
MtF trannies inevitable lapse into their real male vocal register, as the air pressure tapers off at the end of a sentence - it takes effort to maintain falsetto.
How to explain this?
Suddenly real women are speaking in the same way as the screen trannies.
All fashion is designed to help elite trans blend in.
etc etc.
I could go on but the corrupt vols are banning for any mention of the elite trans agenda.

t. lispy faggot

You forgot to post your shitty infographic on "how to make a Zig Forums thread according to one autistic shill faggot". This thread is better than all the off topic spam that belongs on different boards, and is at least related to politics.

Whenever I see high waisted pants, I can't help but think of gondola.

Idiots. You are shills listening to the Jew agenda that co-opts a Music Technique.

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Probably they're smokers

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I always report Zig Forums because the fucks don't belong on Zig Forums just like this old ass slide. Kill yourself cunt.

Leftists are feminized and adopt disgusting female habits pushed by the Jews in media

I think you might be onto something. Don’t forget how heavy clown makeup is punished on women. This allows trannies to blend in with real women

The ad hominem attack is the last resort of the incompetent polemicist who has exhausted all his meager supply of cogent rational arguments.

The countertenor voice nowadays is a falsetto which can be practiced even by men with naturally deep voices, a technique pioneered by Alfred Deller so that certain great compositions of the Elizabethan and Baroque eras could be performed.

This happens to sexually abused children. Tend to regress towards babytalk too.

Women dont have agency user. Theyre simple like land waiting to be cultivated. Abused or fallow land is wild and angry. Well tended land is fertile beautiful and happy. Most male angst against women comes from expecting a sexbrofriend and getting a woman instead. Soulmates are a myth unless you consider land might have a soul and grow to love the farmer who tends to it.

Aus einem scheisshaus kann man kein wohnzimmer machen.

jesus, the leftists are multiplying… there's already another leftwing board on the main page of Zig Forums >>>/marxism/

Yeah, but no oven for the Macho Man. He's already passed on, anyway. You have to aim high and work down. Start with the fucking Kissinger types who actually do the fucking damage.

Nice to finally find another fellow Tuvan throatsinging enthusiast on this predominantly Tibetan monk sand art listserv.

I saw Huun Huur Tu live. They were awesome. Polite sage.

There are a couple medications that are linked with vocal cord dysfunction particularly psychiatric meds


From UpToDate (medical resource) for Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement

a dead jew

guess how i know you have GRIDS

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Yeah, that's what my mom was like.

Truth. When men conform to social norms, there's is always an ulterior motive be it fitting in at the frat club, the corporate club, or being a turbo chad yet marrying a woman, having kids and playing house in order to get a promotion from your old white southern christian conservative boss.

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How fucking new are you, faggot? Lurk for another ten years. Then lurk for another 50. Fucking newfag.

The Fuck's a vocal fry?

You're dad was a freemason and he fucked you in the ass as a child, right?

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Sadly Mr. Brock feels you're not a good fit at CTR. Security will meet you at the elevator.

its when people talk in really low soft tone. typically seen as really effeminate. hope that helps.