Mayor has had enough of degeneracy, reeeing ensues

Normies blurting out hate facts, oh my.

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This seems worth the bump. What a provocative statement! What in G-d’s name shall we do?

The Fire Rises.

I'm sure his party is going to kick him out, denounce him, there will be pressure for him to resign, etc etc etc

Everything is good except for last part.

fuck capitalism.

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The Boomerwaffen Rises

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Based Mayor.
I'd gladly help him in killing those little fuckers out.

either boomier-tier lack of understanding or brass balls. Both are good.

Until Saint Bowers shot up the Synagogue I thought the Boomerwaffen was just a meme, now we see the reality. (((They))) fear the boomer.

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That's extremist


I agree, that its wotha bump. People face the reality, finally.

Capitalism and communism are both kiked trash.

is this taken from somewhere or an original line?

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Fucking dammit. Apologizing never helps. What a pussy.

Boomers never stand up to criticism.

I’m always amazed at the abrupt 180 people are capable of. I always wonder what exactly happened to them between the original act or statement, and the apology. Likely threats to the persons livelihood, probably wouldn’t even require threats of physical harm. Everyone fears losing the shekel.
And how do these people never realize that apologizing is shooting yourself in the foot? It removes plausible deniability and it also shows weakness and a willingness to be coerced.

I'm fucking autistic or something because it's not like he suddenly changed his mind. It seems like such an obvious power play from fags and leftists (redundant, I know). Forcing someone to apologize for what they said in the public sphere is just a public dominance display. You apologize when you're wrong, this is just a shitty way to enforce the idea of "wrongthink"

Go and show support for the man!

Ignore that. He cucked out.

I almost got really excited

And there it is. Why confront an issue you can leave for your kids to deal with after you're dead, amirite? Fucking hell.

I know you're lurking this thread, Mark. I just want you to know that you shit the bed and let us down bigtime, and you will be known as a spineless cuck for the rest of your life. Do a flip faggot.

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Fucking coward boomer.


You know that true socialism (national socialism) is the only form of socialism that has worked on the first try, right? You're conflating marxism with true socialism (and you are right, marxism will never work).

You are a special kind of retard


This is probably the same pink texting faggot shitposter in every thread

Fuck your optics, the Boomerwaffen is going in.

As usual, never trust politicians ever!

How about we put everyone who has passed anti-constitutional laws since 1964 to the rope?

Holy fug boomerwaffen becomes more baste by the day

That one is easy
Kill all jude filth starting with ( ( (you) ) ) heeb

Considering that he caved in, I'm guessing that this is all theater. Kikes had one of their shabbos goy say something bad goyish, then have him whimper and grovel for forgiveness, this is all bullshit propaganda for demoralization.

Great thread, bump

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Literally not true.

Keep thinking those lies fed to you, cattle.


I don't have to have hope in someone to kick them while they're down after they fail.

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Boomers have no clue what socialism is


And these faggots think he's the only one ahahah
its their own fault.
its how they treat everybody else.
its going to happen purely because they make it happen.

Whites truly are diverse

Based boomer? Oh nm he cucked.


I think this is a reaction to all of the gross violence over the past decade..soft homo. mills have no skill at picking up opposite sex, the number of virgins has exponentially grown…sex toy factories can not keep up with demand.

Id give 50% of my income to live in an actual Nation


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I'm sure the jews sent a nigger to his house to save him from those unkosher thoughts. We'll never hear from him again. When you say something like that, you need to be prepared to fight whatever drug-addicted, debt-ridden monkey the jew sends after you.

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He didn't rape so good.

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its a test…these posts test to see who has sentiments parallel with the extreme post, the individuals are then scooped up in the middle of the night and sent to Peru to mine lithium, never heard of getting kidnapped in North Korea…no happy endings

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post the video that pic is from

They never stand up to anything. Their response to adversity is drugs.

Did he cuck out, or is (((someone))) just making that up?

(((Yids))) are not above faking shit.

Like faking their enemies crumbling, where in reality they don't.

Mark Chambers is not here to defend himself.

Succinctly put.

Someone who lives near him should run for mayor on the campaign promise of killing faggots and trannies.

story of this unexpected vision handicap?

in there I think >>

Killing fags will not fix the problem killing fag enablers will.

Hitler was a faggot.

Observe as this post will remain at >(1).

what a kiked article. read it for a laugh

To be fair he said "socialists lecture us on economics" Socialism taken alone refers to marxian socialism not NS. He also never said anything pro-(((capitalism))), in that quote at least.

and socialists lecture us on economics
Get a fat load of this fucking retard

How fired or arrested is he now?

lol you just know the only part of the statement he’s willing to defend is the socialism thing

He spoke the truth. Killing those opposing your views was always the only solution. This is literally how all societies were built and became stable. Violence is sacred. Kill the degenerates, and kill the jews for benefiting from their degeneracy.

Well… he ain't wrong.
worth my bump

Why can't my town here in Europe have a woke mayor like this?
I would gladly join the cleaning squad.

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he's right. murder was always the solution. thats why the gatekeepers in the alt right like anglin and TRS had to put a stop to the street presence. it scared the shit out of the whole ZOG machine.

read my lips: WIGNATS FTW

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Their weapon of choice, the riding mower

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Gold m8. Does anyone have a link to the version where someone did a full mod of original DOOM, featuring a WAD of the thirty year old boomer's back yard / the riding mower was an actual weapon and it shredded up imps?

White men are so weak and cucked. I really despise them almost completely when I see stuff like this while our enemies openly call for our extermination.

Take. Your. Meds. Moshe.

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Yes because the US is never in wars, give me a fucking break with your autistic assburgers rant you imbecile

Homosexuals are better at morals. Transexuals are better at biology. Abortion prevents abuse of women and children. Socialists… socialists are just like that. Occasionally they have a point, but either way you’re not going to get socialists to not lecture about economics. Socialism is ABOUT economics lectures.

This guy just sucks. If he were an egalitarian I’d forgive him for whining about people who have the edge on him, but he’s not.

You know what bothers me the most about 'the big game' we are all playing? There are 'rules' and that my own people, Europeans, would rather FUCKING DIE than challenge the rules to a fucking game. There are no rules in survival but they are going to play by the rules until they are dead along with everything they ever loved.

Is it this one?

Someone should have told that ZOG-boomer that capitalism means you don't have a Nation.

Don't agree with him, on the grounds that these people are not minorities, they are degenerates. Minorities are determined by racial makeup, not sexual preferences.

Wrong hand ape. Wrong hand. Which hand makes a difference

proof once again: white people are super nice… until they're not.

National-Socialism has never failed, actually, you dumb nigger

Yeah, what happens at the end of Lokasenna? Are terms met through words? Is it just all talked out? No, the hero stops listening to the betrayer and takes out his weapon.

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We should honestly go onto places like reddit and upvote the anti-Southern comments. Progfags are literally calling for white Southerners to be exterminated and calling us all inbred (yet ignoring the kikes) and it's blatant.

White Southerners, especially those older ones, need to see these comments. Screenshots posted to facebook of how much progs hate us.

You're an actual historical illiterate.
While fighting the entire rest of the world, after crushing the capitalist alliance of France and Britain.
The capitalist countries have all been vectors for degeneracy and Jewish domination. kys.

Coward! If you choose to stand for leadership then you should be willing to say what you believe regardless of criticism. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the spineless weaklings who will confess their "politically incorrect" thoughts privately or in a moment of rashness, but are never willing to stand up for those beliefs. This must end. I demand that you stand up and fight for what you know to be true.

People forget how the NSDAP had outright streetwars with communists. If, somehow, we get to the point where leftists are afraid of speaking, even slightly, because of fear of RWDS, then I think we would snowball into the fourth Reich. People need to feel threatened to go against us. Apathetic normalfags are actually surprisingly in agreement with Zig Forums views, but they have no problem acting like Saint MLK in public and condemning the truth-sayers to death. Whenever they're forced to take a side, they side with the globohomos. If they feel threatened then they'll start siding with us, and that will create infrastructure on which to operate a mass-movement.

Mark "Gas" Chambers

When the jews jew as hard as they can, the day comes when even the most oblivious normies will want to hang them by their entrails.

It worked so well last time that Britain went to war to destroy it, and it ended up with them using up their entire global empire plus requiring millions of soldiers from the massive genocidal US and Russian empires to just barely defeat one tiny Central European nation.

Apologizing is always a mistake. Not only do they never forgive or forget, but apologizing implies you were ever wrong in the first place.

Force is everything.
How that force is used is what makes the difference between victory and defeat.
The "planners" best fully comprehend just how fucking deep in hole people are right now, instead of treating good White Americans like burden.
Their contempt for their fellows and lack of strong racial cohesion that can surpass that of others is why we are here in the first place.

Bump for based.


I doubt that neither biden or that niggerface governor democrat apologized and neither should this guy. He's saying what most whites are thinking at this point

Private kike ownership of means of production worked out i see. Damn socialists, with socialist nations… where stuff like that didn't exist, at all.

This user gets it.
Strength survives. Weakness dies. Natural law.

That's false in civilization, if that were the case the world would be far different