Name one prominent socialist/communist who is actually working class

Name one prominent socialist/communist who is actually working class.

Protip: You can't.

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James Connolly

literally who

Name one fascist who wasn't a drug addict or secretly mixed race.

Protip: you can't

Murray Bookchin
Nestor Makhno
Emma Goldman
Buenaventura Durruti
Paul Mattick
Boots Riley
Bill Haywood
Lucy Parsons
Karl Marx
Mary Jones

Name one person who wasn't a drug addict before 1960.
Wait the 1960's had weed and psychedelics.
Either way you get my point, everyone was a drug addict back then, hell if anything it's only now we finally matured enough to know most drugs are bad.

If I did you'd just say that they don't fit into your highly specific view on what "Working class" is.

half of these were journalists that never worked a hard day of labor in their lives

Working class is anyone who has to sell their labour power to survive. Doesn't matter if you use a shovel or a pen, labour os labour.

You are right, the white niggers are usually octoroons based on DNA results. Especially southern whites with their jungle love fetishism.

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Class isn't how you dress or what you do, it's your relationship to production. And aside from Marx all of these fellas worked some sort of manual labor for an extended period of time.

You need to spend another 10000 hours in mspaint.

She mentions Uber drivers in this one.
(Can't tell if I'm an accelerationist anymore, they've taken the thing which tells you how many sharp accelerations you've made off the app..)

do your homework squeaker

I'm pretty sure Marx could have developed his labor theory of value and the gigantic amount of work he left in the same timeline where he was an exploited worker, he would have not totally just become another person too worried about his taxes and being able to feed himself instead of focusing on how to drastically change the world.

Not addictive but certainly a drug.
I never said they were retard just that only now people might not take them for moral reasons.
Work on your reading skills.

so this is the power of tankies… woah


Yes he helped rob a bank, but doing one thing at one time doens't mean you can't do other things at other times. You understand how time works yeah?

If they were working class they wouldn't be famous.

Dumb thread OP

Marx worked at a postal office in Brussels.
Not that it will stop you from shutting up, since it's just too convenient.

weed is an addictive piece of shit drug whose only purpose is to distract you from your boring life. i have seen countless friends of mine trapped in a routine of smoking weed every day turning its effects into a requirement for existance and for social life.

Orwell most certainly took drugs at some point in his lifetime for medical reasons, the 1900's was a time when cocaine was used for medicinal purposes, I'm saying that saying
Is wrong.
Then it's a drug, the rest of your paragraph is pointless.
I gotta back down and admit I did say that "only now we know drugs are bad" because the leftcom said it in a negative context, shit like meth and crack, but irregardless of whether you consider them good or bad or should be free to use or not is a whole different issue since the leftcom clearly said something that fascists couldn't be blamed for or Nazi's.
Work on yours Orwell clearly took drugs and unless you want to goal post move yourself like a hypocrite and say "That's not what I mean't." then you should work on your research skills first.

Lol that's not what we're arguing about.

Karl Marx had rich parents, never been working class in his entire life.


It's called dialectics.

Marx's parents would have been in the lower section of the "middle class" and he worked most of his life as a journalist after moving out from his parents' house.

Spot the problem.

Karl Marx was privately educated, I like Marx but c'mon please read nigga.

I have and find Marx's privilege is overstated, in today's terms he'd be the kid of a middle manager pulling in 150-200k a year.

this. death to drug dealers. stop using drugs.

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Oh boy, you're literally genociding the white race.

Fascists are just race mixers in denial about wanting to fuck non whites who incidentally proceed to fuck non whites and race mix because they're so blinded by their denial. This has been true since Mussolini's time.

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Fuck I forgot my flag, shiet I don't even remember removing it.

It's almost like being a political figure requires one not to be of the working class. It's almost like if there was a political system based on eliminating social class then the political activists would in turn form a class of political beurocracy. Just saying.

Delusional. He had a good life, never worked actually hard his entire life like the normal working class around him did.

Uhm, no.

If you think working in a post office or as a journalist isn't working hard then all you've demonstrated is that you've done neither.

Being so poor you have to pawn your pants for food doesn't sound like a comfortable life.

Based Zig Forumsros checking middle class white Marx's privilege

Journalists get the rope too



Coming from the slums isn't "actually working class"
Being an open Marxist and still having statues dedicated to you across the world ain't commie enough

Go back to Zig Forums

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Literally everyone except Engels.

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name one then fag
not what we were discussing, nice derail attempt
the burden of proof is with you, faggot.

Orwell took streptomycin in heavy damaging amounts at the end of his life then stopped.
What did you want to talk about then nigger? I was only clearing up the discussion.
Name one person who wasn't on hard drugs during the 1900's first. I'll wait. That was my initial response to such a claim, if you don't want to accept it then you can leave like the chicken you are.
Or if you'd like we could stop arguing and clearly just fight since it seems like you're desperately throwing any logic out a window with no clear intent to admit you're wrong when you clearly are. Fascists lived in a time where drugs and medicine were just coming up, yeah everyone in Nazi Germany was on meth, coke, steroids and more, but literally who wasn't on at least cocaine at the time? That was medicine back then and no one could predict the repercussions.

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And before you point it out the image related has the chicken winning, it's just used to illustrate a point, if you're serious about taking this argument seriously you won't point that out like a smart ass.

Is an antibiotic, the only perceptual side-effect of which is vertigo. Comparing that to powerful psychoactive agents is disingenuous at best.

Orwell took it major amounts and clearly affected his own thought pattern which he himself realized and thus stopped taking willingly accepting his death. You can say this is different from Hitler taking meth due to health problems and thus not similar enough to count but are you really going to call the man who was about to outlaw smoking a drug addict? No, he wasn't, he couldn't have anticipated the consequences of his actions.

The idea that more people were doing drugs then they are today is false.Yes more substances were unregulated but the demographics for drug use have pretty much stayed the same until the advent of big pharma.

Do you really think that Hitler's inner circle doing horse tranquilizer and medical-grade morphine was something normal Germans did? Their drug habits were insane and fueled by a ridiculous amount of money, that seems pretty degenerate to me.

Damn and here i thought medieval doctors using leeches against everything were quacks

According to multiple people Hitler took a thousand drugs per day and was about to die from a million diseases anyway by mid 1950 much like Stalin did.
The die by 1950 part not the drug part.

The soldiers were definetly on steroids.
This is most certainly true and undeniable but not because of hard core drugs believe it or not, they had more problems with regular drugs. The Nazi's were pretty much a group of depressed niggers who were mad at the current state of affairs.
As it turns out they don't make for the most stable people to give serious political tasks to.

Stain died because he was too generous with free Siberian holidays so people were too afraid to check on him when they heard him collapsing when he had a stroke

i wish stalin was my dad


So you're saying an investment banker who's not the CEO of his company but still makes millions per year is lower on the social totem pole than a small business owner making less than 100k? What about athletes, musicians, and actors worth hundreds of millions? They don't own the means of production.

he hasn't heard of Prevetin

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I don't think there are any investment bankers without shares that make millions/year.
And about athletes, musicians etc, there is really a very clear difference in mentality between them and the people who run small businesses.
The people who at some point just "hit it big" and end up making a lot of money tend to blow their money on a bunch of stupid shit and live frivolous lifestyles, whereas the small business owner learns the mentality of exploiting labour as much as they can - they see themselves as bourgeoisie and adopt the bourgeois lifestyle, whereas the entertainer does not.

Yes, also athletes are usually dead broke within ten years of the ends of their short careers. They are a sterling example of how not owning the means of production disadvantages absolutely everyone.

I'm not confident enough to call Hitler and the rest of the Nazi high command drug addicts in the recreational sense, given the amount of pseudoscience floating around. But I can certainly say they were wacked out of their minds, given both the amount of drugs they took and length of time they were taking them regularly.

Same with CEOs. They are workers in the management but just highly paid ones. Some but not all have options to company stocks and that makes them "only" petit-bourgeoisie as they contribute to production. The options are to resolve the internal contradiction between the worker and the owner.

And there's tiers to professional athletes as well, MLS players and non quarterback players in the NFL get considerably less money than MBA player or quarterbacks, to say nothing of the difference between starting players and benchers. A good comparison of these would be to sex workers, in that they can get a large amount of cash compared to a regular prole but it's usually not enough to become bourgeoisie unless they get lucky.

Jason Unruhe