Feminists are Tsunderes

Women (of all colors) don't hate White men. They are tsundere for them. Think about it.

Picture this, if I call you a "Privileged colonizer" I'm calling you a dominant ruling class conqueror. That's pretty alpha.

Did you ever go to class with a red lipsticked Jewish Feminist? Did she eye you like the last bagel at Einstein's? Think about the most anti-white politicians. AOC, Warren, Kamala Harris. What do they all have in common? White husband's/bfs!

When they say, "You're forbidden from having sex with White boys, because they are naughty." What they REALLY mean is "Hands off my crush."

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nah, surrogates and single fathers result in better children than what these "tsunderes" would raise.

lol this is even worse bait than the gookwaifu threads
jewesses are disgusting

Alpha white men are meant to rule the world. Cannot say the same for all white men. I would personally round up as many white men who call themselves male feminists and put them in front a of firing squads when the day finally arrives

I know more than five-hundred words; and I can't even understand what this homogook word means. Delete this hirschfeldian disease bag neologism. judensau are always a mistake.

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YO nigaa. Use brain, man. Ure on de wong boad

im no weebo, but in my experience this is probs true.


Slide thread

Chinese here. I love Kirino Kousaka from Oreimo. She is the best tsundere although she is not a feminist.

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"Alpha" type men, as is defined in popular culture, are basically nigger-tier. Intelligent men of conviction and morality are meant to rule the world.

This is stupid but true.

Feminism was a giant shit test, and men failed the test.

Hitler agrees

Popular culture is a euphemism for jewish culture.

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Only because the majority of us became scrawny, emotional bitches.

Yeah this is not new.
Most feminists don't actually believe the shit they spew. The ones that do might be a very tiny minority and extremely fat. Look for instance how they'll cry that women are not sex objects but will try calling you a virgin at every opportunity.

Still a shit thread though

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Feminism is a shit test. Unless she doesn't shave, then she really is a dyke.