I tried to find an 'Islamic terrorist' attack before Palestine was stolen/sold to Lord Rothschild

I tried to find an 'Islamic terrorist' attack before Palestine was stolen/sold to Lord Rothschild.


"We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq," - Benjamin Netanyahu

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But it's somehow all the Jews fault. It couldn't possibly be the failure of you or your family in raising you. It couldn't be your own bad genetics. It's just beyond reason for you to take responsibility for your failed life. It's definitely the Jews…

Whole lot of projection there Shlomo. Into the ovens you go.

I'm sorry that think yourself so disgusting and awful.

What does any of that list have to do with the OP? None of your list or post is about terrorist attacks. Is this a bait post? Is this what bait posts are in 2019?

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expect few "islam hate/redpill" threads shortly as damage control to this bread. and some new edits in wiki before 1950

Antifa and jews always project. They think that the right are drug addicted, developmentally stunted, weak, incel, 95 IQ parasites because that's what they see when they look in the mirror.

The fact that Proud Boys/RAM are beefy chads and antifa is nothing but cucks and trannies doesn't phase them. If they were willing to be honest with themselves they wouldn't be leftists. The left is all about lies, projection and hatred of success. It always has been.

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the jews are also supporting tech support scams from India.
the IP address of 150.co.il/ is, which is in pissrael

I think you may have mistaken this board for reddit. We hold jews responsible for their crimes here

Wow.. That totally refutes OP.

You just proved that the USS Liberty never even existed.

This is all you Zionists can do to defend the abomination that is Israel.. throw insults, pretend to be the victim and cry racism, or just use your influence to censor it.

You're doomed. Israel will gone in ten years.


Nice to know they are watching us.

It means we're winning.

The people who believe in the great Kike conspiracy use the USS Liberty as one of their "Smoking Gun" pieces of evidence.

I was making a point that the Jews aren't responsible for all of their problems.

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First of all, that's such an obviously fabricated quote that if you even believed it for a second, you should unironically kill yourself.

Anyway, people who are aware of jewish power aren't out their blaming the jews for their own problems, and usually only credit them with the bigger social/political ills that they're actually responsible for. On the other hand, jews blame the non-existent global anti-Semitic conspiracy for everything they've ever brought onto themselves.

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Are you a retard? This thread has nothing to do with genetics, Schlomo.

Terrorism was invented by Mossad

Terrorism was invented by the zealots jews.

I have excellent genetics. Literally, my situation was caused by a shitty Jew doctor.


You expect us to keep our own people in check, but you don't have the same obligation somehow?

Rub those hands faster kike.

I'm sorry what? Where did I say not all jews?

And did you imply every jews = Mossad, even when Mossad was not invented?

Look up the zealots.


Better yet, stop algo dumping on the single investment I have like a nigger.

This yid is crazy.

Google a bloke called Sayyid Qutb.
He is one of the founders of the muslim brotherhood from back in teh day. And an originator of modern Islamic terror. Or Jihad as they call it.
He visited a few murrican universities in the 40's and got bullied to fuck so when he went back to Egypt he started preaching all the anti American stuff that is popular now to this day.

shut up shill

OP is a muzzie faggot.
God this place is filled with them.
Look you piss drinking mudslime, the USS Liberty was a tradgey and a kike trick as we all know but conflating a jew trick with "hurr durr islamic attacks is only cuz jooz" is retarded. Muslims have been killing their neighbors and themselves in "islamic attacks" since moeHamHead figured he had the men to do it.

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How come there has been a movie about every big ship ever sunk but none about USS Liberty?

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go fuck yourself faggot