His youtube channel got taken down...

His youtube channel got taken down. Far as I remember he named the jew in his last video and talked about the latest swedish rune ban.

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Youtube just announced they are deleting channels.


But at least we have Steven Crowder, guys!

saw today, sad day loved his videos, think he's on another platform as backup

None of those are Varg though.

1. Runes weren't banned in sweden. Watch "the golden one" instead of this idiot.
2. This guy loves mudslimes, so fuck him.

its an excuse to basically ban wrong think

Seriously? Fuck these kikes, I hope Varg starts up on a new platform. I love Varg

Varg said it was to keep people occupied and distracted from the real problem. And 2. Fuck you.

yeah mine just got suspended while I was at work. I hadn't left a comment in a while and I wasn't even showing my power level

prolly klicked on too many youtube embeds at 8ch matey , they've hookd'ya

Steve Chowder defends jews, he’s a loyal goy.

I hate Varg but many of his comments make a lot of sense

I already got another one so it's no problem

Fuck the golden cuck.

He’s another pathetic cheater in this sick society who got his body from a bottle instead of hard work.

He’s literally the Boogie2988 of bodybuilding as are all pathetic, cheater roidheads who take the easy way out instead of the path of hard work and discipline to get the body they want.

He’s also a pathetic Christ fag too or at least is in support of the Jew religion of white self destruction and cuckolding.

Maybe it's unrelated, but doing this right at the same time they let Steven Crowder off gives Youtube the optics that they aren't targeting conservatives, just assorted extremists and irresponsible conspiracy theorists.

Pretty convenient. And yes, Crowder is fucking awful.

On his last video he named the eternal mutt posing as white nationalists.
He did the same on one of his recent videos but then they only took down the video, now they got max buttmad and decided to axe the channel altogether.
He named the jew several times on his channel and never has run into problems for it but as soon as he started pointing to the eternal mutts he got axed.
The lesson to be learned here is that you can name the jew but don't try to point out the mutts.

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Good, fuck all pagan larp fag

Varg's channel was a truth production facility. Hope we'll hear more as to the reasons why his channel got removed, other than some faggot written vice.com article.

Crowder is just Gavin Mccuck 2.0.

Another utterly useless system toadie shabbos goy piece of shit pretending to be pro white.

by eternal mutts, you mean americans whites or brown americans?

I think he's talking about Crowder and the Alt-kikes.

Why do you guys need Varg or those other white nationalist weirdos? For only $99 a year, you can listen to a real conservative and learn why Julian Assange belongs in jail, aborting down syndrome babies is another holocaust, and Israel is America's greatest ally.

Stop being anti-semites and join the Mug Club!

Does anyone have a link to his last video? It may not be important, Varg may simply have been the first to go as part of some mass deletions.

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My youtube channel literally just got suspended.

This is bad guys.

Was it the wickerman video?

They just pulled one of JF's videos. twitter.com/JFGariepy/status/1136337489021612032

Just shows how desperate they are to shut it down


Look at this death omen posted by "data spell" at the same time Varg's account was deleted?

Do you think they have him and his children on comma-inducing drugs right now in the back of an abandon warehouse in France? Maybe raping his family to death in front of him? Maybe keeping them on life support to be raped and force fed defecation to the brink of death several times for years and years?

They'd probably all rather go out guns blazing on the farm, but what if they were mind controlled into submission using 5G and Varg isn't prepared with EMF barriers and shielding?

I bet you are some American/christcuck scum

So you're just gonna drop some random mental illness without any context? You haven't taken your meds have you?

Why can't you use this schizo autism against our enemies?

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Varg is a defeatist faggot who disavowed St. Tarrant in the most disgust way. That was the time I unsubbed from his channel (for the third time I believe). He always manages to say some good things and then fuck it up by being a complete mongoloid.

Pic of dead YouTube channel.

Video from live BitChute channel. Looks like he's been thrown down the "Bitch Chute". bitchute.com/channel/thuleanperspective/

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I'm german, and i'm just fed up when it comes to fucking Muslims. Fuck them all. Fuck palestine.

The swastika was just minding its own business until you guys came along and took it over. You don’t hear Buddhists crying over it.

good, keep sucking Israel's dick.


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Well, so it's better to look like someone who doesn't even lift? Vikernes never was a strong man, just look at this thin bastard.

Btw, the hormone-level of newborn boys is declining in every Generation. Usually, all of us should take some testosterone. The lack of testosterone creates shitty times, times like the one we live in.

Plus, taking testosterone alone doesn't help, you still need to lift the iron, which Vikerness never did lol

You shouldn't like either. Fuck kikes and fuck muslims. But instead of bitching about these cunts we need to join up as Europeans. We are passed the red pilling stage now and if we can't go irl then what have we achieved in this decade?

Because he IS a fucking mongoloid. He grew up in Irak and has a chink-waifu

I never said somerhing about jews. It's just the nazi-faggots who think this just because they like mudslimes.

I'm only sucking europes cock. 😉

Cultured Thug has been shoah’d again too. What a shame

imagine if the germans on the eastern front started infighting with the ones on the western front

pharma kike begone

yes my fellow german Chaim

Kek they really hate him

Styx has always been a faggot

Ok, this is not normal. For Youtube to make a move this fucking risky and banning,no,CENSORING thousands of channels.
Something very big must be happening behind the scenes.

Yeah something like, no one in the world giving a fuck about MSM anymore. :)


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Varg had become death, destroyer of one world orders, and now the Jewish empire is become flailing dying egos, lashing the world which whips them for their subversive chaos and non-conformity.

Bitchute's got you covered, user. He's gonna start doing rants there again so he doesn't have to censor himself soon

Varg stated that clearly in his video. TGO also said that he was a Zionist in the attached video.

Same thing here. I even got a few subscribers from just commenting.


When is Zig Forums going to make a full doxx of the ownership/leadership of Youtube/Google?
Include names, addresses, siblings/children/parents (and their names and addresses) and so on.
Where to start? I'd do it, but I don't know where to look, I couldn't even doxx myself if I tried. But I can kill and I will kill kikes that pull strings, if given the opportunity. So give it to me you blessed autistic fucks.

Its better not to cheat and put toxic substances into your body that eventually are going to shrivel up your testicles, render your kidneys worthless and lower your life expectancy tremendously by fucking up your heart.

Golden cuck= absolute worst role model this generation of soy boys could ever have.

When Varg was young and not yet imprisoned he had a normal white man's body and he's older now (obviously) and been through prison and it's prematurely aged him but he still ultimately has a normal white man's body.

Thats what we should be shooting for as whites ie normality not a fake body in a bottle thats only going to cause us health problems and shorten our lifespan's vastly later on.

I'd rather look like a Varg Vikernes and live to be 90 or 100+ than GoldenCuck and be lucky to make it out of my 40's without dropping dead like Rich Piana or suffering numerous horrific steroid related health issues like Superstar Billy Graham the pro wrestler (not to be confused with the disgraceful fear mongering televangelist cuck who along with Richard Nixon was deathly terrified of openly naming the Jews).

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He had reached two strikes with the latest nordicist videos, I guess they must have reported some of his new ones and he got a third and final one.

Not sure if genuine or pressure releasing of people's killing instincts.

YouTube to Ban All Offensive Videos


Thanks m8. It's been a while since I saw one of his rants, it should be fun. He should still try youtube just for the audience size if only to try and steer traffic to the bitchute.

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Didn't see the video, but OP told so.

I could say I'm genuine, but that wouldn't help you believe me.
But doxxing; putting names, addresses and faces to those behind these virtual powerhouses will atleast stir some sweat on them. And it will let me find them covered in mashed potato and compote screaming and stabbing them to death

I'm used to getting called a jew by neonazis, so i think you are one of those red bastards?

I could be childish like you and call you a Moslem, but i won't.

Maybe, the french government already kicked their shit in and arrested them before so who knows. The WLP podcasts are gone too or at least most of them are

Someone has to do something
Someone has to do something

Fake news

Take your meds Moshe.

I watched the video and Varg called out the misinformation. See here if you don’t believe me:

I bet you're fat.


Over the last few years they have been crushing almost everyone I subscribed to. The only thing new is they are signaling their virtue in the headlines.

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I'm shocked Owen Benjamins channel is still up. He openly names the kike in almost every video yet his channel remains??

Something strange about that. He's gotta be next.

Samefagging because we need to get our shit together and make a doxx of the leadership/ownership of kiketube/jewgle.
Non-violence in the face of violence is indistinguisable from surrender. And if these actions against us - censoring our ability to express ourselves and communicating ideas and informing - then they will only push further and harder.


It is time to stop taking this lying down. Vox needs to go down.

Vox also received $200M in funding from NBC/Universal


They all need to feel the heat. Time to start giving Vox advertisers hell. Maybe NBC too.

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Dude he’s a fucking kike
( ( (he) ) )’ll stay up

Who the fuck cares, we all know he's a kike it doesn't matter. Just find out who the fuck owns and leads youtube/google, so that I might drive stakes through the hearts of them and all their kin.

Yeah, his surname is one of the big tribes. I don't follow celebrities though, maybe he's a Kubrick or Fischer.

The left wins because they screech and bitch and mian until corporations give them what they want.

We should unironically do the same. It’s not really them “being a snowflake” at this point, it’s them flexing their power.

His wife's channel is still up.


Was meant for

Burn it.

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You sure showed him who’s boss! Yahweh bless (you) and Rabbi Yesua ben Yosef.

Doesn’t he believe in some rather kooky conspiracy theories? I remeber in one video he used the logo of Disney and a single Bible quote as proof that the earth had a dome over it, that was pretty much all of the evidence he presented.

YouTube recently hired the (((ADL))) as “trusted flaggers”. Connect the dots.

You can read YouTube's full blog post here:

This story is developing

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I was watching a 4 hours long holocaust debunking video but it stopped in the middle and now I can' twatch it because the channel is terminated.

I was going to downlaod it but now it's too late, fuck


By hate they mean “anything that defends white people.”


what was it called? I might have it, i could upload for you

(((Susan Wojicki))) is the CEO.

I forgot the name I only remember it was 4 hours long

Cheers! and subscribed

then why does he wear a cross necklace? because he is a fake?

About that…

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my first thought was it's this one

It's not about pagans. It's about ideological disidents, aka. crime-think. Pagans, christians, 9-11 truthers, antivaxers, alex jones, fascists etc.

Rebellious aryans

That's a "thor's hammer" necklace or something, not a cross.

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They wanna make sure the internet debates don't affect the election clownfest.