Military is being filled with more minorities. Which will make it easier for them to turn on and round up white people

Military is being filled with more minorities. Which will make it easier for them to turn on and round up white people.
I know the chest thumping response is "We're better. We'll just hide in the woods and fight back." but I don't want to sleep under a log and get droned.

What can be done now? The unironic response is probably equality quotas, meaning the military has to have the same amount of white people as there are in the population at large.
While also shutting the boarders to stop the population at large from being replaced.

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This is a good thing, a less white military is a weaker, more divided, and more fool hearty military.

Over my dead Ollie brah

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Please, at a minimum, either read Siege by James Mason, or listen to the audio downloadable at I believe


This. I would also prefer to not kill Whites if possible so this is good all the way around. How effective do you think the military will be with their new class of negress officers? Less I'd wager.

Minorities are absolute trash fires at everything. The more the military has the more embarassing ship collisions, training fatalities, crashes, rape, ptsd, and general ass fuckery you will witness. All great empires were brought down by having incompetent shitskin armies.

Bro, which is it?

The American military is falling apart at the seams. It relies on stretched thin and worn out special operations teams to put out fires all over the globe while conventional forces aren't funded enough to stay properly maintained. Vehicles fall are falling apart faster than our mechanics can fix them. Parts on order for months turn never show while random crap keeps piling up in our storage areas.

Our military depends on never ending and ever expanding cash flow. The minorities that are joining now are doing it for the money. There are no dedicated soldiers among them. The day the military turns on whites is the day the checks stop coming. When the checks stop coming the soldiers stop working.

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I don't know, these Africans seem pretty organized and professional.

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kill non-whites

Your uniform is your skin.

nice, get some jets if you can to bomb cities

On the other hand, don't be the US and pull a Mogadishu.


A lot of the cash is going missing in some pocket.
Military suppliers and logistics are a mafia to themselves

If they are secured as well as our Bradley's it shouldn't be hard for anyone to walk up and take it.

No kidding even just the contractors they send to fix the new mechanics screwups make more than I will in a year than I will in my entire contract

I hope you do this

No shit, fuckface.
Nothing. Whites aren't going to fight back. The future of Europe, Oceania, and North America is Rhodesia. Fuck off.

We have your back, brother

People don't want to hear it, but the only solution is to actively kill non-White soldiers. Both here in the states and those stationed overseas.

t. kike that posts the same blackpill every day

you lost.
the only acceptable answer is and has allways been: ZERO.

IP hopping spic. You'll never be Aryan, beaner.

Another rope weight.

The military and police are both being torn into apefirmative blacktion shitholes, to weaponize against whites which is a sorry state of affairs, but at least it also means these institutions are crumbling. The military is in utter shambles and I doubt all those west point negresses are going to improve it. Its actually a worse problem if it happens in Europe. In the USA we are better equipped to handle it. If shitskin soldiers get turned loose on the public in the UK it actually will be bad

white boy infantryman here, 95% of Green Berets that ive seen are white bois, as are most airborne infantrymen. Ive noticed more white bois do more combat related jobs comparative to blacks, who mostly seem to do pog jobs.

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niggers and spics versus armed whites with no rules of engagement or (((international body))) watching them

Don't die for Israel dude.

Destroy US ZOG as fast as possible is Zig Forums priority #1, because US ZOG is the biggest threat to our people.

This doesn't mean that there is no hope. The US ZOG has vulnerabilities. Debt, foreign competition, increasingly less white (and thus increasingly incompetent) population and officials, social division. The solution…. support anything that weakens or delegitimizes the US govt (especially if it doesn't accelerate nonwhite migration, or hurt whites more than other groups, in the process).

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never said it was great user. I'm just pointing this out, as I have seen this firsthand.

I don't intend to. I'm coming home to bring my experience to the table.

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The only thing that minorities have in common is their hatered for whites. That's it. It's all bullshit and they know it.
They don't have a heritage in the US like whites. They really don't have anything to fight for other than to perpetuate their denial. Their culture is a manufactured product and they're all caricatures of what they see in music videos and movies.
They have nothign to live or die for, that's why they join the military.

Low IQ niggers cannot into warfare, there will be no cohesion on this, all women trained in the military will be useless once they have to actually go out in the field and do things pulling down the group.

The ZOG cannot rely on nigger infantry to do anything, it's why in SA white private mercs are more effective than any sort of home grown private or public security. Let's be honest here, a neighborhood of armed whites can in fact decimate a random affirmative acsquad.

I don't believe that the government will start openly rounding up white people, except as a desperation move if they sense they're already on the verge of defeat. They've always preferred the slow boil in the past.

All industries that were staffed with diversity hires and led by females were purposely weakened, same with the military and police forces. The entire mass migration, clown world propaganda, and deliberate destabilization of all the infrastructure is to soften the blow when jewish usury makes all your money worthless. This is all to prevent the west from slaughtering the jews, and the whole staving, race and religious civil war scenario is going down, the big players will march in to mob up. Russia and China together. We will have some real fun in our lifetimes, I guarantee you that.

kikes are so openly now.


Not your blog faggot. At least present some facts.

Many soldiers are in for money so they will bail when the checks stop coming in.

Who will maintain the drones if the military is skeleton during the shtf happening? Anyway you or anyone can bring the drones down with no problem and repurpose it to protect the white people.

You train yourself to be /fit/ and Zig Forums and stay away from the cities because they will become too dangerous to live when the happening comes. There is a quite lot of right wing military and cop veterans whom already created self sufficient communities with well trained militias. I suggest you to look for them to offer your life as a sacrifice for the sake of the white race instead of Israel. Heil white people.

Leftist identified. Hey leftie, the military is irrelevant. Military is great at taking out other armies, short-term wars, etc. The military is completely fucking worthless when it comes to insurgent warfare, see Vietnam or Afghanistan (both Russia & US got their ass kicked) for example. The military would have to basically destroy the entire infrastructure if they ever turned against US citizens, which in turn destroys the country.

My concern for military is zero. They are in a lose-lose situation in that type of war.

The military literally has mandatory LGBT pride, afican heritage rallies now.

Can't use the military domestically, dumb ass. If politicians changed that, you'd still have a majority that would stand by the oath they took. If you imagine people will be hunted down for their skin color, then that would be a flat out declaration of war against the people. So even the dumb boomer who jizzed in your whore mother would be forced to fight. Also, the rest of the world wouldn't stand for it. The cost to the country in every sense would be horrific. So take your /x tier bullshit to that board.

Only jews say this
You've admitted I'm not a jew. Now what are you going to do to prove me wrong? Nothing.


I have a story from a green beret that talks about how soldiers and supply guys have to do black market Drug deals just to function near normal capacity. In this one he trades a footlocker of confiscated porno to a motor pool in exchange for having all his vehicles fixed and armored back up in a week instead of 3 months.
His recent story about dealing with a worthless, undermining, backstabbing, soul-destroying female spic LT is worth checking out as well, and it really looks like something out of Covington's The Brigade:

lmao nope.

As well as race mixing. This was the preeminent way to destroy an empire.

Should have stood your ground when you had the tools and the balance of numbers and power. Instead White Americans just kept on allowing everything to happen around them as long as no one came to confiscate their personal guns that day. Short sighted and self-centered nature has lead to this situation and changing that is the only way to save the people.

Hide in the towns where they will not risk the use of drones. Also, take out electrical transformers and fuel lines. Those drones, APCs, and tanks need fuel and electricity.

Also, build IEDs and use them.

Mercenaries only work until it's their ass on the line.

The youth of the White Nation should never join the ZOG military. Let the ZOG recruits niggers, spicks, Muslims, fags, trannies, etc, in their ranks. Let the world see the ZOG's power isn't based on 'white supremacy,' but religious delusion, faggotry, and hordes of non-white parasites.
Worry about the war against the ZOG when it starts happening.

Yup anyone who can't see the way the board is being setup at this point is blind. We who believe in the sovereign spirit and destiny of the European race i.e White race are actually trapped, we have only one move we can make to achieve our goals the destruction of the existing system but by collapsing Western nations and weakening us as a collective will ultimately work towards the Kikes end game even if they were to be slaughtered in the millions. Because they'd have a new Holocaust to meme with and in the resulting battle the population would have shrunk exponentially giving them total control once more. And a whole bunch of financial shenanigans no doubt.

Unless this is in Europe and not the US, why is it a bad thing?

Niggers with guns?


Niggers already have guns outside of the military lmao, nothing has changed, same applies to beaners.

Niggers with access to MIC?
Look none of it is pretty, but we are going to be facing a problem here no matter what we do.

Do you really want a bunch of niggers in charge of the worlds biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons?

Quitcher bitching, productive people aren’t ever replaced, nor as productivity improves does anyone need to be. The military brings on a great swathe of people so that it can spread its burdens and not concentrate trauma into specific groups. It gives opportunity and challenge, but also risk and suffering. The second pair are known already to minorities, while the first pair are sought; this is the essence of the motive of military recruitment among minorities.

Since I am actually a productive person who was replaced in favor of a couple spic subhumans who didn't do anything, I beg to differ. Two part niggers for the price of one is what my boss told me when they gave me my pink slip. Now I am my own boss and the company I worked for went out of business. But that doesn't mean the danger of the parasites is over. Those fuckers will try and glom onto anything and they will drown you if you don't blow them away when the time comes.

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How come the nigger is able to swim to the log and then suddenly forgets how to swim?

also wtf

This is akin to someone randomly not knowing how to walk all of a sudden.

Fuck I was pretty much born knowing how to bike and swim. Figure it out in an instant.

Niggers; soon they'll forget how to spoonfeed themselves. …or has that already happened?

Everyone can tell it is you, asses and ebonics.

Shit, count me in.

May Uncle Adolf's spirit guide you safely home, fren.

Seriously did I just watch a nigger and a white man drown to death? How did it happen so quick? Is there an underwater current pulling them down? Wtf is happening in this video?

It's not that he CAN'T swim, it's that he's literally afraid of the water. This shit is retarded, I learned how to swim by myself for fucks sake.

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They eat a lot of fried chicken, they might have forgotten how to use utensils; recently they decided 'education' and 'schooling' was a White man's thing. Can you imagine what all the IQ suppressing drugs in drinking water are doing to the already miniscule nigger IQ? S C A R Y.

M8, that was fucking awful, holy hell.
sage for off topic

Watch it again. It is pretty amazing how the parasitic nigger drowns the White man. He kills him so fast. Moral: Always let nigger drown.

If you want to do this for real I will buy a gun from you or accept it free from you or whatever. I will need ammunition too. Just give me a contact and a price and think of a way to ship it to my country.

How has no one but a Calvinist and a few Muslims mutinied? Is everyone in military a Freemason and niggerball fan, is that how they keep you guys happy?

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Never try to save someone from drowning.

How? The camera looks away and then suddenly it's back and then he just randomly starts sinking. What happened that he starts sinking all of a sudden instead of floating/swimming? Did the fear of the water cause him to pass out unconscious?

My sister is a life guard, a national parks ranger, a scuba diver, and an adventurer who travels around the world to random shitholes that she shouldn't go to (all the while never having children and being libtarded, sigh).

Anyways I digress. I am pretty sure her training is that you throw the drowning person a lifeline or something and you NEVER jump into the water and swim to them as you will be drowned by them.

Maybe after they pass out unconscious though you can dive in and grab them and take them out?

could strangulate them into unconsciousness
before attempting to swim back

I wouldn't even do that for a nignog. My life is worth 100+ of theirs. I think even the rope I threw them might be more valuable than a nigger life.

No, that's fantasy talk. Never try and save anybody from drowning. Plus its a nigger. Never stick your neck out for a nigger.

no it isn't take a deep breath. mount their upper back and choke them until they stop moving. then you can grab their waste and paddle to the surface. then underarm hook their back to your chest and back stroke to shore with the free arm

My basic was a sea of black. White boys were treated like trash by them.

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Have you lost your mind?

There are ways you can save a drowning person, and involve grabbing them from behind and immobilizing their arms, but you shouldn't try it if you haven't trained, and especially not if you aren't strong enough to swim while supporting another human's weight. If a drowning person grabs you to drown you (unintentionally, of course, they are relying on instinct), you should do what you can to get them to let go of you, even if that means kicking them hard in the gut or headbutting their face. Then, swim downwards (the opposite direction they are trying to go), avoid their flailing feet and swim far enough away from you such that they can't grab you any longer. They might still drown, but that's better than both of you drowning.

The white guy probably didn't drown, but tried to go down and get the other guy, unsuccessfully. The vid isn't long enough to make a conclusive statement about what happened, but the black guy most definitely died, the white guy may or may not have been drowned.

The combat arms are still disproportionately white, especially infantry and special forces. Spics and niggers are more likely to join for safe jobs and benefits. So that's something.
But exceptions matter, and there are already cases of gang members joining for the military training, to use and share after they get out.

I increasingly think the race war won't be white v black, it will be white v brown, and whites won't start it. White and black population ratios have stayed pretty stable; it's other immigration, especially Mexican and Latin American, that is pushing whites into minority status.
And the problem will be that minority status won't actually get whites off the hook for racism/colonialism/oppression. It will only feed the demand for reparations and apologies and land return to Mexico.
Whites are going to try to retreat to enclaves and just support their own families, but that won't be allowed. Minorities need the whites in mixed countries to keep producing and keep being taxed for the wealth transfers to keep the gibs flowing.
So there's going to come a day where skilled blue collar workers try to stay home and garden, and the fed-gov under brown leadership nationalizes and tells them to report to work at gunpoint.

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Or a day where the trucks stop running after a national disaster, and socialist-minded Democrats and minorities call people who have stored food hoarders and dispatch sanctioned mobs to redistribute things.
When those things happen, the US military won't be a finely tuned machine of high-speed low-drag operators. It will be pretty third world already. Unfortunately, a third world military being used against red state whites won't be pretty for either side. Even the people up against them will wish for a more disciplined and moral if more competent foe.

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You do not get promoted past O-4 in the Marine Corps unless you are either a Jew or a Free Mason.

do you really believe niggers could maintain and operate nuclear weapons? It's more complicated then pressing 1 button

Do you think the chinese will bother to invade?

Only 10 minorities have ever gained a star in any service. Enlisted die, officers survive.
We enlisted the Irish and niggers in the civil war. Why not now?

Not in the literal sense. A foreign invasion is the one thing that could keep the US together when the crash comes. But they'll absolutely provide arms and advisors to keep the fire burning.

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I think he meant, it is easier to convince a nigger army to slaughter innocent suburbanites

Silly OP, that assumes that black like mexicans, that arabs like jews or that aborigens are fine with indians.
Surprisingly, minorities hate each other more than they hate white people.
I know that mexicans absolutely despise niggers, for example.
And you know, arabs and jews, that goes without saying.

May your be blessed with the spirit of Adolf Hitler.

Kind of like they did with Mugabe's forces during the Rhodesian Bush Wars.

The actual causality on this shit readily humiliates you people…

Bush war also had the chinese and soviets competing against each other backing their own groups.

Who gives a fuck… Niggers and spics don't like combat arms. All the trades that count are filled with white men.

This is actually a good thing since niggers will weaken the (((military)))

The key takeaway I got from that is that whites have the most combat experience.