Face it, you just don't care

Why aren't you infiltrating homosexual spheres with articles about Arabs killing gays, and infiltrating immigrant Arab spheres with articles about homosex degeneracy.

You claim to name the Jew, but refuse to use their most powerful tactics > Getting your enemies to fight one another.
And it's nothing illegal or false, and doesn't require you to leave your house.

Show radical feminists Trannies taking over "womens struggle" or immigrants abusing women.
Show Trannies feminists belittling trannies.

"It's so easy a goyim can do it."

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OY VEY! Don't do that, goyim!

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they dont care about anything other than hating what is good and strong, aka White men

because muslims all rape little boys, they dont care about homosexuals, just trying to conquer White nations

Whites are up front and honest, we dont want to become the jew

the left attacks each other without our prompting, and they still unite to attack what is good and strong: the White man.

you are talking about typical trolling, what we need to do is radicalize those who can be. nothing else matters. im not going to try and reason with the enemy

Where do I even start with this retarded post?

Most homosexuals have better things to do than bitch about foreign evils. They’re having fun, getting things done in life, being a gentrifying and inclusive force that makes poor people rich sometimes without making rich people poorer. You have to care for people, be an honest person, etc, to move in that crowd. Their purity is scorching sometimes.

I’m one of the only gays you could “catch” with that “infiltration”, and it’d be pretty funny for me. I’m an ex-infiltrator who can never totally stop dabbling, a disloyalist bridge who seeks the turncoats in “heaven”, and nothing that catches my notice gives up anything but a hard iron wall vs actual gay culture. For I am not culturally gay, but philosophically and probably genetically gay; literally, I am attracted to men, not to women. I don’t have to care about gay culture despite that, because my libido is too weak to drive me onwards. I have a greater pleasure in toying with hateslaves submissively breaking themselves in obeisance to immorality, unwilling to see and acknowledge the freedom that comes with caring more about the material well-being than the sex lives of strangers.

The integrity of the left is its great treasure. The well of truth conquers all.

Nothing could be further than the truth. You do have to be a zealot for their particular brand of groupthink though. They're about as pure as hellspawn.

Because I like to keep my dinner in my stomach, not all over my screen. Faggots are mentally ill and muslims are subhuman animals.

We aren't jews and as such, don't fight like bitches.

I like going out and don't mind doing illegal things.

No thanks. Now leave and never come back.

How do you know we're not?

You know, I think you probably didn’t get that opinion in that crowd? I got lied about and inquisited. I still haven’t figured out wtf went wrong. But it could only happen die to the overwhelming honesty of that environment. They’re mostly trustworthy people who trust other people. Pure to a fault.


tbh chaim, i care a lot but i'm also a coward, like most of the men in my family and crippled by indecision.

dotr just gas me after the kikes, anons.

>>>Zig Forums
t. raid

choose one

“Lucifer fell when the Metatron lied” - any voice which cannot lie can tell a lie that shatters Heaven. That’s the nature of the most excellent lie. If you want to be a most excellent liar, be “perfect” in your honesty. This is why vital systems often prefer to lie on mediocre truth-tellers who are only mostly honest; people like that can’t shatter heaven with a word, since people know their words are only so valuable.

You haven’t understood how this works; perhaps my post about Metatronic fabrication will help.

> Getting your enemies to fight one another.
Zig Forums and anyone by extension with similar goals had the most success doing this as a joke. The previous election was a critical blow in more ways than one because as a prelude to it, making fun of SJWs became popular in the counterculture. The (((alt-right))) made a monopoly on it only to solidify themselves as the designated opposition.

What anyone serious about making the most of their free time and still redpilling should be doing is as you said, pitting our enemies against each other but also doing it in certain ways.

1. Cause infighting amongst jew puppets
The reason why jews fear this is the same reason why they try repeatedly to create multiple alliances between them. Such existing and failed ones include: Atheism+, LGBTWTFBBQ, etc. They do this so that the puppets will supposedly get along on principle but in reality shouldn't. Why should fags embrace muslims? Why should feminists embrace muslims?

2. Cause jew puppets to hate jews
This is criminally easier and why this is hardly utilized is astounding. Jew puppets have no reason not to hate jews. Niggers were only saves worldwide because jews ran the slave trade. The majority that got MeToo'd were jews. Any seasoned Zig Forumsack can think of how many ways jew puppets can hate jews through the lens of their programming with no effort.

3. Invade normalfag's distraction media
Despite the fizzled fate of GamerGate, its essence is that of what happens when distraction media can't distract. Turned countless gamers every direction but SJW, this should be a precedent for how Zig Forums can recruit. The less places normalfags can take refuge from jewish schemes, the less jews can hide.

They just laugh most of the time.

Do you think you're the first person to have this idea? Do you think you're unique?

you're not, and you should lurk 2 years before posting

Eh, it's more difficult than you might think to do this effectively. Just going on one of their websites and dumping a bunch of infographics isn't quite enough to get through their "you very, shut it down" programming. To really change some of their opinions you would need to learn their group culture so you don't get picked up as an outsider, and slowly feed them soft chewable redpills for babies. The problem is pretending to be someone you're not for a long time is really unnatural, and wears down on your soul.

Ever wonder why Jews are able to do this as if it's their second nature? It's because they hate their selves and never had a soul to begin with.

i thought i was in one????

I don't think so.

Don't let me stand in your way, but we get plenty of shills here. Do you think any of them ever changed you opinions in any meaningful way? These idiots who "infiltrate" the opposition to spread their crap are just a nuisance, and I think most of their time they actually achieve the opposite effect, since everyone who comes along with contrarian argument gets discarded as a shill. It's a waste of their time. It might be better to go with the flow, and push their degeneracy up to eleven instead.


How cute that you still think there's a peaceful solution and that we just need to show normalfags things and that will magically change their minds and.

I'm sure you've already "infiltrated" those social circles with your mouth and ass.

Most/pol/niggers are betafags with a smattering of mental illness. The rest are low iq larpers and perpetually offended manchuldren.

I like the style that you propose. Reminds me on those ancient stratagams which made the euopeans great and mighty:
Polyaenus - Stratagems In War