Let's hijack Ásatrú


Asatru is a growing pagan religion in Iceland, now with over 4000 members in it, and because its still small it's still malleable. From pic related it looks like the blue flag is extremely based and they don't even know it, bearing the life symbol (upsidedown peace) and WN circle and cross. Iceland still has almost no non-natives in it and despite that, one of its core tenets is "tolerance" and the priests say “We accept everyone without relation to gender, race or religion,”. BBC is trying to take our ancient religious heritage and turn it into another tool to shove foreigners down our throats. I say we hijack it back and keep it the same, with the only changes being the respect for all being respect for natives in their own lands, Europe for Europeans, Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians and what have you. And also rescind support for gay marriage, just because it doesn't need to be associated with any other issue.

If we can hijack this and still have it grow to become the main religion in Iceland, we would secure Iceland as a European ethnostate. From then, it must only learn to raise its defensive power to repel the EU and its military.

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iirc, Asatru Folk Assembly is run by a cianigger who wants all your dox and background checks before joining, and the other major sect (much larger, now) is SJW nuttery… because, you know, Vikings were totally hipster niggers, for sure

take over the latter if you can, but good luck. I'd sooner say we should infiltrate the Mormons or Freemasons, tbh. Freemasons are weak, and full of goofy old men – hide your powerlevel and infilitrate that this

check out that dork in the green jumpsuit

I think that's a woman.

Either way, I don't see the point in co-opting an irrelevant joke religion. It's probably a better idea to hijack Christianity and uncuck it, but this isn't the place to discuss such a think because the christcuck spergs will shit up any attempt at serious discussion.

Kikes send their agents to subvert any groups that even hint at white traditions, martial prowess or anything else that could be even remotely threatening to globohomo.

The traitors must be dealt with appropriately. There have been so many "Night of the Long Knives" over the years I've lost count, but I know how necessary that act is.

Pagan LARP…they are cute if totally incurably cringy. We really should come up with names for everyone in this photo. Dead center in the red and white we have Mrs. Claus. On the far left we have Retards Need Headgear (Or Renear 1 and Renear 2). Magenata and black on the right next to the Jolly Green Jogger we have MacDeath and her goth twin brother/lover. Red white male center we have a Refried Frock who was defrocked and refrocked and now he is just a frocken badass with a newspaper (for beating the dog; offcamera). Behind him is 'Guy with a Purple Satchel'…to the left in beige are two escapees from RenFest, Henfest and Kenfest.

And now for your name, Shlomo Shecklesberg.

how many levels of denial are you on?

iceland got their first rabbi 2 years ago no doubt they are well on their way to take in some poor africa migrants fleeing violence an sheeeeit

Very creative, Peepee the frog.

You can't make this shit up.

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Already happened.

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Everyone make fun of the spic in the thread
His digits aren’t even that strong

Failure. Pathetic. Scum beaner spic

Where is the spic. Punch it out. Mash it. Refry it.

Chrustcuck, calling for a Jewish cuck religion to be uncucked while countersignalling christcucks for defending cucking.

I'd say pretty deep in it.

No one can agree on what 'uncucking' it would look like. It sure as shit wouldn't have any Pharisees/khazARYANS/semites in it.

Remove the Semites and there is nothing left

Fuck off yid.

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It would be uncucked then. Actually it has an extremely high percent of European paganism in it. That is why the kikes hate it.

Here's an idea I've been thinking about.

We need to raise awareness about Herbert Spencer, Charles Darwin, Carleton S. Coon, and other philosophers who originated our ideas of natural selection, evolution, etc. and who created the very ideas that later led to fascism and such becoming a thing.

Get more people reading them and learning about it. Create interest.

How many people here have even heard of Herbert Spencer nevermind read anything by him?

We need to make sure people understand our worldview.

What did you mean by khazARYAN? I've only seen shills use that, and seldomly. There's nothing Aryan about khazars.

Really? Someone should execute that rabbi then. It's easier to take care of the problem when it has just begun to take root then before it becomes a true infestation.

They don't hate it, they love it.
We hate it, don't get it twisted.
Also you need need to be a chrustcuck to enjoy European traditions.

Icelandic people are the biggest cucks on the planet. If a refugee wanted to snuggle in their sphincter while they POZZED them, they would say 'Of course'.

Every time.
Fucking kikes.

I mean that there is one 'semitic' control group and that it is run by the KhazARYANS and they promote this idea that our people were once their people, nigger fucking mongrels rather than our own separate and unique European lineage. We share nothing with ANY of the semites, including the Iran 'Aryans' who are further from us genetically than the kikes.
The whole, muh Aryan thing is a memetic way to funnel power to the semites while you THINK you are talking about your own people. Anytime you see someone talking about how 'based' Iran is because they are muh ARYAN, remember that they are nigger fuckers who have NOTHING in common with us at all.

The so called 'ARYANS' are further from us genetically than the half nigger kikes. It is one great semitic monstrosity/abomination that has no genetic, cultural or filial relation to us at all.

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You have it backwards user. They hate it and we love it because it resonates with us due to our own traditions.

It is the worst thing I could think of.

Write a novel kike.
I think Iceland is one of the only Western European countries were a revolution is feasible, not that Israel's golem would stand for it.

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This is untrue that they have NOTHING in common with us. The two main jewish MATERNAL mitochondrial haplogroups are K and H. K is linked to Ireland and H is linked to the rest of western Europe. In fact, a subset of haplogroup H actually makes up the feminine half of the "holy grail", which is the biological linage of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

The paternal Y chromosome of the Celts is R1b, which is the true marker of the house of David. The true Abrahamic line is the men of the British Isles, and subsequently the United States.

This is why the Nazi psyop is being pushed….the germanicizing of American heritage is nothing more than a way of hiding our true heritage. It is an extension of the Roman Church's suppression of our polygamist practices.

I thought I was "red pilled on the JQ" 10 years ago. It's a lot more complex and you need to get literate in genetic concepts.

Fuck off Nazis, you're a bunch of ugly mutt germanic slavs.

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The Jewish hijacking represents the capturing of a subset of our spiritual traditions (synthesized into Atonism, a way to control slave populations finiancially) and the capture of a population of European maternal lineages which were then carried across the desert by dirty semites (y chromosome haplogroup J and such).

We are the real Jews. Christianity is the true fulfillment of the Law. Christianity was sent to deliver our people and any who can open their heart to love.

The Scottish are the real Jews.

You are confusing the antichrist Pharisees 'semites' with Europeans.

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These Khazarian semitic control groups who are stalking Zig Forums and calling everyone 'christcuck'…YOU THINK WE ARE RELATED TO THEM.
NEVER, user
They should have been murdered by the Tzar when he had the chance. We are not 'related to the semitic TRASH that calls themselves 'jews'. We are European. Not semitic. Those are a different people than we are. Look at the DNA data…see they are not 'our brothers', they are not related to us at all.
They are nigger fucking trash mongrels
I am not stupid user. I know who 'Israel' is.

You're both outed kikes. One of you fixated on anal rape, the other a christian identitarian.

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It's literally based on the core that your blood is what you worship. No need to "hijack" only to destroy cucks. But tbh, focus on something more important, like doxxing the owners/leadership of google/youtube so they can be killed.

Sometimes I do this just to watch you SHIT YOUR FUCKING PANTS…it is

Hows your shorts moshe? Did you lose everything you ate yesterday in one blast?

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ummm Asatru has thousands of members world-wide already…. including in California where they have the Asatru Folk Assembly started by main man Stephen McNallen. They have chapters in Europe and all over USA too.

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A small minority here love your kike religion you fucking faggot. Paganism resonates with my European heritage more than a Jewish bastardisation of them.

Doubtful kike. I don't believe any of you are 'European'…online European sure, but I don't even believe you are White. You are all half nigger kikes who get paid to D&C Europeans by putting religion over race. Fuck off, Moishe.

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the founder of Asatru in the US is Steve McNallen and he's based. Here is a video of him saying the exact same thing you are:


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Ding Ming.
Lang Creaturing Australung.


A religion for us would be great optics. Look at all the shit liberals let the muslims off with because "muh religion". If we could just have a religion for our movement we can pull the discrimination card whenever (((they))) try to criticise us.

oh dang, this is right on the money. I didn't even know someone said all this about Asatru

Got some ebooks of his?

You are a Zionist christkike who knows nothing about actual history. If amerimogrels like you continue mixing at this rate, in 200-300 years you would be even more genetically distant from Europeans than Iranians are today. But like a typical kike, you will continue repeating the same lie a thousand times until it becomes the "truth"
Yeesh goy, Jews are more genetically related to you, go die for ZOG in Iran now .

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Josef was a Jew (semite, neanderthal), and his (((blood))) is the original poz. Abraham is their patriarch.
You kikes just can't help yourselves

How's weather in Tel Aviv today?
Just because your mother got impregnated by a kike does not mean that Scots are the "Real Jews" . They are special in a way, but it has nothing to do with "Jews" or their retarded sand-tales.

Jesus was not Christ

Jews are literal ticks with lime disease. As soon as they move to an area they infect it.

Icelandic Infant Genital Mutilation and Animal Torture incoming.


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Jews are actually an overgrown STD that somewhat looks like humans. They are AIDS

McNallen and everyone you meet through the AFA is literally/ourguy/. I have no reason to doubt who he appointed following him, despite what "EVERYONES A SHILL" poster had to say.

They are the biggest Asatru organization, the universalist fags are not very popular. The AFA's membership is also rapidly growing.

The Eddas, the text Asatru is based on, should be supplemented with other medieval European literature such as: History of The Franks by Gregory of Tours, and Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England. There are also numerous folklore books derived from the British isles worth investigating, folk-magic etc.

absolutely baste

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Rome and Greece were Pagan before they were kiked, dummy. Read some fucking history. Rome was pagang before being taken over by Jews and falling to (((Abrahamic))) christkikery. Greece was pagang before falling to Semitic cults and losing its appolonian spirit. You’re either a shill or a fool.

Muh 'actual history' where you were the FUCKING SLAVES of the semites for the last 6,000 years though you have NO GENETIC RELATION TO THEM. Yeah, you fucking retard. I am aware of 'history' the one you don't know.

I even bought a house near the AFA QA and will be moving my family in next month. Mormonism isn't what it used to be so I'm making a change.

Iceland is basically Europe's israel. If only we were allowed to defend it or were REQUIRED to like pissrael.

Unlike AIDS there is a cure for jews.

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Moron, it's already been hijacked.
It's called Wotanism and is guaranteed 100% pro-White, anti-Jew, anti-Zion.
The state of this board, truly.

They're even on the ADL's hate group list for some reason, they've literally done nothing that could be considered hate even in the merchants eyes as I see

Disinfo nigger detected.

Kikes don't hate christianity in any form. It is their template for all forms of subversion. Without christianity, jews would still be languishing in the desert. The "high percent of European paganism," is a nebulous disinformation multi-faceted lie.

Jews have always lifted ideas from neighboring religions. To make the case that jews inserted pagan aspects into christianity won't in any way redeem it and only confirms that they stole a pagan idea. That also doesn't mean that you can use that idea as a basis to "uncuck christianity."

Furthermore a, "let's uncuck christianity," argument is exactly the same as, "let's uncuck communism." Both were invented by jews as fake religions/government system (respectively) to control whites. Go ahead and pretend it's different. It won't work. You're better off posting on Zig Forums how communism can work if "we" just try hard enough.

The Greek culture declined because of their undue emphasis on the Apollonian over the Dionysian, the two need to be in balance to have a healthy culture.

Allow me to also point out that there are more than one Icelandic ásatrú groups in existence today

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Ashkenazi Jews come from Roman female and Semitic male genes. There is no Semitic mitochondria in Ashkenazis.

Suck it Shlomo, you're just a mutt and a fake jew.

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Aand never the other way around right? Your single digit IQ will not help your chances of surviving pol nigger.

It's already been cucked to hell, but the founders like Edred Thorsson stephen flowers were even knighted by the KKK before realizing that edred was too redpilled for the useful idiots in the KKK.

based old religion.

I like how pure and white it all looks.

Even more gayops that will do nothing! Fuck off kike.

Stop using outdated genetics form 20 years ago. Full autosomal genetics looking at all DNA is much better for assessing genetic relatedness.

Aryans (Persians) have little PIE genetics compared to Europeans its true, but they are marginally related to us. Its a mistake to either overemphasize this degree of relatedness or to ignore it.

Isn't this what the ND shooter said in his manifesto? You'll keep looking at places like Iceland or new zealand to be some ethnostate paradise, when they are culturally about the same as the rest of Europe, Australia, etc

ND not ND

NZ autocorrect

>kikes also being obsessed with hating paganism

>"Thou shalt have no other gods before Me" (Hebrew: לא יהיה־לך אלהים אחרים על־פני) is one of the Ten Commandments found in the (((Hebrew Bible))) at Exodus 20:2 and Deuteronomy 5:6, which establishes the nature of the relationship between the nation of Israel and its national god, (((Yahweh))) the god of (((Israel))), a covenant

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Niggers never advanced beyond that, though

filthy rat kike i cant wait to show you all a real holocaust

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Looks like (2) decided to leave.
Either he's a Jew or a total C.I. moron who thinks the ebil nadzees are running wall street.