6-hour rape in Queens

A victim of a horrific six-hour assault during which she was raped multiple times escaped by jumping out a window of her attacker’s home, cops said.

Michael Hosang, 53, allegedly punched the woman, 29, in her face repeatedly while holding her captive and raping her in his Laurelton home between 6:00 a.m. and noon Thursday, causing at least one facial fracture, said police.

After the woman freed herself by jumping from a window, Hosang fled in a red Chevrolet pickup truck with Florida license plate JZEY32, police said.

The victim knows her attacker, according to sources.

One of Hosang’s Facebook pages lists his occupations as Manager of Hoops, a topless sports bar, and Vivid Cabaret NYC, a strip club. Elsewhere on the page, he makes repeated references to women as “b***hes” and “birds”.

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