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It has become clear for sometime now that youtube and other mainstream platforms are simply unsustainable for any none kike approved ideas. Now that youtube has gone full kike and taken down anything vaguely fascist or white nationalist in nature, we need to try and recuperate our losses.
This thread is dedicated to posting archive links and personal copies of videos, music, and other content from youtube so we can ensure that this information can be properly archived for the future. We need to preserve this information not just for the intrinsic historical value, but also to introduce concepts to new generations and people.
I'm going to start with some archive links to channels that have been taken down, please contribute in whatever way you can. If everyone here downloads a copy we can ensure it is never taken down.

Esoteric Truths:"Esoteric Truths"
Impartial Truth:
History Truths:"HistoryTruths"&page=3
Fascist Ball IV:"Fascistball IV"&page=3"FBIV"
WLP podcast:

Feel free to post or link anything you have, try and have a permanent link rather than just uploading here and also

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Other urls found in this thread:!S7xmXAbY!US3o5Ygxw1OUfwk9z2rmIA"Knight SGC"!Cah2GKIb!T7YJ6R3qaUGPPikykJLMFA!mnY2WAxJ!9cpUhxWcvN4zTpKB3EoMDw

You couldn't just post this in one of the existing YouTube threads?

This goes beyond youtube, i want a general archive thread related specifically so we can get as many people here to keep copies of shit. Another thread would just get bogged down with other shit.

Finally someone mentioned Fascist Ball

Where is the VPX archive?

Migrate to chink video hosts.

What the hell is a chink video host?

The guy that runs needs to rethink his position and start archiving more content.
Speaking of oscar turner.
Also, if anyone has any videos of hourofdecision777 please link them.


This allows you to download kiketube videos. After installation, it creates a tab below the YT video that you can click and it downloads into a folder. This also works on 90% of vimeo, bitchute etc….This is what I use and have used for years.

Problem with the Internet Archive, is that they've been known to remove stuff too, from time to time. Not as often as YouTube does, but still.

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Nice, youtube-dl is also a great option for youtube specifically, although it takes a bit to set up.

Thats why everyone should have their own personal backup, but archive will have to do for distribution.

Do you know if John Robinson's non-Zundel uploads are archived anywhere?

BitChute is becoming a lot like YouTube was before it was bought out by Google, circle 2006. Hopefully, it stays that way. Looks like what's old is new again.

I posted this to another thread
Download button with this script

Someone needs to archive Blitzkrieg's channel as well.

Also does anyone have an archive of all of 卐 WEBER 卐's videos? Specifically I am trying to find the video he made with footage of The Führer and shots of rallys and fireworks etc. in the Reich with dramatic music over it. Super powerful video and excellent propaganda material. My wife was moved by that video more than any other in fact.

Link to Blitzkriegs channel:

Example of his work is embedded

Can't believe one little fucking Do if queer has caused this much of a shitstorm… There is a huge wealth of amazing National Socialist propaganda works on JewTube that will disappearing very soon I would wager.

My laptop died man, I am a lowly phone poster at the moment until I can get a new one or I would do it myself


He probably means Chinese video hosting sites like Youku Tudou. They don't really seem to give a fuck what is uploaded as long as its not critical of the Chinese government itself. Though in my experience their sites are quite slow compared to YouTube.

Some of these? (Uploading)!S7xmXAbY!US3o5Ygxw1OUfwk9z2rmIA

Jew tube is real!


NYPA you faggot. When nobody has access to knowledge, those with the knowledge are wealthy.

Imagine being this much of a jaded aspie.

The video I was referring to isn't in here… It's all mostly shots of The Führer, huge rally crowds and theres a really beautiful shot of fireworks going off at night over the swastika banners.. The music is a dramatic piano piece but not contemporary to the time period.

However, all these videos are great as well and I thank you for uploading them. I am 99% sure the video I am referring to was Weber… I lost it along with everything else when my laptop HD died last week. I MAY haveit saved on another phone I have here somewhere and I know it has been posted here because that's where I got it and may actually still be up in some thread but no idea which it was

Once again though, thank you for sharing these, mein Kamerad.

Oh and the video ends I believe with those shots of Hitler on a balcony in formal attire while young women below salute him and wipe tears of joy with handkerchiefs

polite double post sage


Replacing the jew is doable.

BitChute is good. The terrible name scares people away too.

Makes me think of a laundry chute but for binary digits.

Fucking use youtube-dl


This isn’t 2004.

Didn't you faggots always accuse youtube of being jewish even when they didn't really censor nazi stuff? Now that they've actually started doing it… why are you feminist faggots crying?

You lost?

Shut the fuck up you disgusting feminist. Until all of you are burned to ashes there won't be any peace in this world!! Hitler was a feminist and all you feminists are no better than liberals/cuckservatives

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1) They demoralize you
2) They marginalize you
3) They ban you

Funny that years ago I wrote in some chan: download everything that matters from Youtube because at some point they're going to crack down on Youtube (and maybe even on internet). So it's just happening now.

Hmm… Where do people tell few lies? To whom do people tell few lies?

All you feminists are going to die soon… hahaha

It takes strength some people don’t have to live in peace, but the rewards are real for those who can do it. Someday you people will know what it’s like to be strong again.

Firefox-ublock origin ad blocker
Watch youtube and surf facebook with no ads
If they want to demonetize, we can take their ad revenue away
Besides that i would expect better from Zig Forums, the real solution would be to meme youtube as a 1942 orwell indoctrinating website that is "bad for the kids", get the karens and chad dads on our side and we're golden

daily reminder why Zig Forums has been coaxed into focusing on and identfying as neo-nazi \ facist is because they are 'witch words' that auto-triggers normy into rejecting pol. You're not doing yourself or your race any favours by labeling yourself a nazi, fascist.

Get the fuck out of here you repulsive yid. You stick out like a sore thumb with this type of bullshit. I'm sorry no woman will fucking touch you but being a virgin with rage who advocates for degenerate shit like raping and enslaving all women is unacceptable in National Socialism. Aryan women are the bearers of our future generations. Not wishing to behave like a nigger or kike living out their rape fantasies does not make one a feminist either.

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Fuck off optics cuck, he uploaded fascist songs for a fascist audience. Is he supposed to name him self far right ball iv?

hi antagonist & divide and conquer shill. you'll never subvert me.
wtf is 'optics cuck' ? or is it just more meaningless haze along with flat earth and symbology with which u are trying to drown this rational discussion board in?

Xurious is gone damnit.

Yes, i created this thread with the intention of subversion by promoting people keep back ups of shit. You brought up some unrelated shit, fuck off.

Does anyone have a backup of the channel that made those Sabaton crusader music videos? He had this really cool RWDS video but his entire channel got nuked…

More often than not those "deleted"/censored videos can still be ripped from youtube with converters such as, but this may not last forever

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Knight SGC made good music videos on youtube and his channel got nuked today. watch the 'Behemoth' one, it's the best I reckon."Knight SGC"

I think this is who you're after?

upload everything to youtube alternatives

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==READ THIS user==

Also, the another one is VDP. He can download videos from literally everywhere and work with Opera / Chrome / Firefox browsers.

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The Impartial Truth has been banned!Cah2GKIb!T7YJ6R3qaUGPPikykJLMFA

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youtube-dl magic with torsocks to evade geoblock :

torsocks -i youtube-dl–ignore-errors –format best –prefer-free-formats –download-archive archive -o '%(upload_date)s - %(title)s.%(ext)s' $channel_url

Also, combine with aria2c for faster downloading (sometimes, it fails on some videos though)

–external-downloader aria2c –external-downloader-args "-x 16 -s 16 -k 1M"

Guess its time for the great migration to bitchute boys

Can't monetize on Bitchute though.

The reminds me of the baker sued by the faggots for not making a cake around their mental illness.

Youtube banning certain channels looks to me that there are grounds for civil rights violation related to exercise of free expression, suppression of religious expression, general liberty, loss of income and harming the public good. This would need to be a class action lawsuit but it could be instigated by a channel owner.

Are there any lawyerAnons out there that could give some insight?

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Reminder White Nationalism is the weapon used by Jews to exterminate Whites.

Use this: to download a video with youtube-dl from any supported site and automatically re-upload it to your account. You should be using this to easily mirror anything that might even have a chance of being deleted or censored from youtube (which literally means anything farther right than Steven Crowder). Remember that is not as censorship resistant as, but as long as you aren't uploading the New Zealand shooting or malware you shouldn't get shoah'd. If you get a "server overload" error during the upload it's because the upload was detected as spam due to something in the tags or description (just grab the video from the ".tubeup" folder and upload it manually with the page url formatted like "youtube-xxxxxxxxxxx" where 'xxxxxxxxxxx' is the youtube id of the video, then edit the tags & description and upload any extra files). You might also get a permissions error if someone else has already mirrored the same video onto and the url is taken.

That's what crowdfunding is for, half of the far right content creators already make bank through donations, they just want the extra shekels from youtube. Not leaving youtube at this time is basically cowardice, fucking battered woman syndrome.

They need to improve their search function. A small organization like bitchute is at a disadvantage in comparison to mega-corporations with unlimited resources.

Why do you think they are trying to ban auto-triggers? it's easier.
If you're worried about optics don't: Your cerebral cortex may be small, but it's not hard to hit your limbic system or brain stem. Just line up the barrel along your cock sucking throat.

it's actually pretty convenient once you get into the habit of downloading things before you watch them. and if haven't got enough space, just use some random free cloud service, they HATE it when you use the cloud to backup non personal data.

Why isnt there a cryptochain video serving platform? Something not run by the jewish?

I think you talking about Dlive. It seems good, but it still has those typical Terms of service of anti hate speech, bla bla bla. At the moment tho I think that they wont shut down anything due to them being small , but in the future they might turn

are there any websites that download the video from one platform and then auto upload it to enemy country platforms like russia china or iran versions of youtube?


Is all their shit on bitchute though?


I mean I knew they were going to clamp down more and more on "wrongthink". They already had after MumkeyJones got banned and they purged Elliot Rodger content… I noticed after that not just Rodger but virtually ANY controversial happenings or whatever, when you searched before and you would both mainstream media and regular YouTubers giving their opinions or reading their manifestos etc.. Now you ONLY get mainstream media results, for dozens of pages. Google itself seems to be doing this on websearches now too but there are ways to get around that… But I didn't think it would be this soon.

My wife asked me what I thought would happen with all this Crowder/Beamer Queer shit. I am no fan of Crowder since hes a cuckservative Jew loving faggot but given the fact his channel was so massive, I told her I honestly figured they would make him pull down the videos with the "gay slurs" and give him a slap on the wrist - I never IMAGINED this would start a shitstorm of this magnitude taking every non-cucked content with it. Fuck me

It was the ADL, and they'd been planning it for a long time. They just chose to roll it out now, using the spic vs Crowder thing as a smokescreen.

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HourOfDecision777 (uploading)!mnY2WAxJ!9cpUhxWcvN4zTpKB3EoMDw

They shoa'd Sensei Zynkyoku

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Fucking kikes.

Downloading this one they missed.

7 hours later: "This video is unavailable."

That's because you people are stupid

I hope they delete everything

What a bunch of morons

I'm glad Jews run this

You people are all gay and the semen has infected your brains

Aw….You're so sweet!

Honestly you wonder why /pol is allowed to exist? Because it's seen as a joke. A perfect example of how not to think

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Baph came through for us Zig Forums

You sound like me in 2015.

t. has 2.5TB of webms and a lot of USB sticks

Are we big meanies too, Lisa Simpson?

Too late.

Michael Obama

Parkland shooting contradictory eye-witness testimony

Robbie Parker laughing

How to download videos on Bitchute?

what did schizo mean by this?

Holy shit thank you user, i thought this shit was lost forever.

Good, if this guy thought he was being harassed before he's in trouble.

Lmao nigger what is wrong with you, just use youtube-dl or

Does anyone have that long 9/11 video that explains the jewish side of it all. It more than an hour and pretty old footage. Probably a digitized casette.

'Anthem Martial Industrial' YT channel has been shoa'd.

why isnt there a Zig Forums documentary mega link like there is for books and infographics?
bump . save EVERYTHING

Maybe 9/11 Missing Links, or The 9/11 Portion of Grace Powers' 'Ring of Power: Empire of the City"? Lots of misinformation about Hitler in the latter, but even she's come around now.


I finally deleted my YouTube account the other day and deleted the app from my phone. Yeah I'm jonesing a little, but I'll get over it. First I deleted Facecuck. Then I got a permanent ban from Twatter, no big loss there. And Instagram is on the chopping block next. I deleted my Google account and now use a different browser. If EVERYONE did this, decent revenge for this cuck SJW bullshit would be ours!

No one cares. Lurk two years.

Kind of gave yourself away there huh? Think about that morchandi!