Leftists Go After Preachers

The Leftist Media for some reason thinks that the prosperity gospel is not christian, they must be mistaking preachers for being Catholic priests.

Preachers are a source of right wing trends in this country. The leftist media is obviously out to destroy preachers because they see them as protectors of children and protectors of tradition.

The evangelical movement plays a major role in supporting the republican party, obviously we here aren't necessarily republicans, but the right is the enemy of mass insanity.

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Ehh. It’s not really as easy to say as “are a source of right wing trends”, newb. Sincerely religious people tend to be effortlessly orthogonal to obedient tribal politics.

No, they aren't.


Did you miss the whole global war on terror and cult of the free market that has completely destroyed our countries and put us on the brink of extinction?


Above is copeland ministries youtube

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Fucking BASED. Let's all send this conman our shekels and stand with Israel to own the libs!

Fuck off with your promotion of semitic religions.

Christianity is a sand nigger religion at best, and a kike tool created to enslave the White race at worst. Whichever you think it is, it has no place in a racially aware White Nationalist's life.

They go after preachers because Christianity is a waning religion in the west, and they smell blood in the water. Same reason they go after Christian bakeries for not making sodomy cakes, but you'll never hear a peep about dirt cultists being just as "bigoted"

Dude just fucking looks creepy.

We know

Sayeth the jewish demon cultist.
Yeah, then why was ThuleanPerspective taken down, but sanderson1611 left alone?

Prosperity Gospel is a Jewish psyop to transfer funds from delusional boomers and sickly grandmothers to Israel.

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OP is an Israel first faggot that worships hucksters like Copeland. Copeland does more damage for Christianity than Varg could ever dream of doing by ripping off desperate people in the name of (((God)))

This. There's nothing biblical about it.

Absolute fucking brainlet. "Hurr durr, it's one or the other"
Because it's fucking easy to accuse him of bigotry.

This is such an obvious slide thread.

Regardless of what I think of Copeland, Christianity, religion etc., he handled that pretty well compared to the ways it could have gone down. Gave a lot more rhetorical charm to the art of defending himself than does the average politician, who can pretty much fuck the public without lube and slap them in the face for frowning about it.

Hey, what's up CIA kike faggot. I happened to notice the whiney, kvetchy demand for edgy, "do something" type posts. I know this is an entrapment factory, but go fuck yourself. This is a bit of an interesting story. We already know the world is fucked thanks to no talent little corruption-dick-riding whores like you, so eat a dick and die. Interesting story.

Leftists have always attacked it since it's a conservative ideology.

Just goes to show that Israel dicksucking doesn't work. You're not using them, they're using you to later discard you like trash.

Its possible that antichrist jews don't like the prosperity gospel because they don't want to see christian pastors become as rich as george soros and be able to rival jews in their political power as a result, they don't want christians to have the same political power as jews I reckon

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This. I've never seen it so retarded here. There's literally a thread in the catalog about how Israelis and their friends ran a pharmaceutical cartel and this person is pushing Christian Zionism on Zig Forums.

The evangelical movement plays a major role in supporting the feminist movement because they know that if they go after their masters, their masters will remove their tax exempt status.

There would be no legal abortion without feminism.

Televangelists are zionist stooges and big part of why boomers have to be gassed.

Prosperity preaching is peak judeo-christianity, regardless of your stance on christianity.

Let them burn.

get fucked neo-kikes

The prosperity gospel isn't christian, but neither is the catholic gospel.
This guy and the rest of the "health and wealth" crowd are attacked harder by evangelicalism than by anyone else. They are not evangelical. Other pentecostals either.

Come talk Bible at >>>/christianity/

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>The (((evangelical movement))) plays a major role in supporting the republican party, obviously we here aren't necessarily republicans, but the right is the enemy of mass insanity.
Gotta go send your goyim children to die for Israhell boi.

This is a very boomer post.

When are you fags going to do something about these marxists running around?

You clearly missed a chromosome while in your mother's cunt.

Unless he donates his ill-gotten gains to the cause of preserving the white race, this manipulative con-man Copeland needs to be sent to the gas chamber along with the homosexuals and other deviants

Turn the other cheek.

Is Joel Osteen someone you'd consider heretical?

I don't see why the fuck health and wealth are not positive things god would want for us.

They actually get them to write out their last will to donate all the money they have, sometimes millions, to "missionary groups" / charities. Which of course then all goes 100% towards things that should never be funded like their own pockets, nigger population explosion, jews jewing, etc.

Do you enjoy making up bullshit?

I’ve seen this. The guys a shifty piece of shit.

Joel Ostein is a true man of G-d who stands with his chosen children.

Yes, he's a fag enabling relativist.

Read Ecclesiastes and job for the second point

No they are not.

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Preachers are faggots and get the rope.


OP, I don't think you quite understand, the televangelists are the biggest zio-cucks ever to walk the surface of the earth, and Israel's biggest political allies and spies in the USA. They are also the biggest hypocrites you've ever seen, and most are blackmailed via sexual perversion just like any other member of the deep state. Remember Pastor Ted Haggard? Meth and Male prostitutes?
Or what about John Hagee and his personal visits to kiss the wall in his private jet paid for by duped christians?
Atleast Marjoe Gortner, the inventor of the scam had the integrity to confess to it. He's the one to listen to as he airs their dirty tricks publically!

This. When was the last time a preacher stood for anything other than sucking MLK cock right down their throats? 99% of them are as much traitorous as your average cultural marxist reductionist.
Nobody cares, it's a worthless issue when your culture, country, and race are all being targeted for destruction. """Right wing""" preachers exist to gatekeep from actual right wing thought, most of them counter signal even harder than some people in the left even do towards actual right wing thought, despite being so called """Right wingers""".

t. someone who has never encountered anyone with siddhis.

All the Medicine Men, Jewish Kabbalists, and Hermetics I know all serve their particular race.

Argh. My mother listens to him and I end up hearing him and I've loved every single sermon I've heard so far. I'm not surprised though, I guess I just haven't got to one of the bluepilled sermons yet.

There are entire documentaries about how bad he is.

Ah shit. Welp I got to sleep now but looks like I have some redpills to swallow on Joel Osteen now. Still, not surprised. One does not get that big and get a fucking mansion and all that stuff while living in the ZOG without corruption ruining you. The last rich people that were probably good people at heart were Henry Ford and other industrialists from back then…

They are some of the biggest Zionists, "let's all come together and live in peace", Let's send your 16 year old daughter on a missions trip to Africa, give us your money (Tithes) in Jesus' name…..etc….
I have always believed in God, but the modern church will one day be destroyed by God himself over how they behave. I am not a Christcuck, but I recognize the jewish subversion of Christianity today.

10 minutes in

Apparently Osteen is a kabbalist.


you mean faggots, they have no politics

When will this clown show end?

18 minutes in and this particular documentary really is only making me like Joel Osteen more and more.

Also, New Thought is based, and is exactly what I believe and get my worldview from.

It's not

What is wrong with prosperity? Some people, most people even, can't handle it. Indeed, most people, can't handle life at all. However do you think you've got it in good with god if you make yourself poor in this world? If so, you're interpreting the word of god shallowly. It matters not if you have wealth or are poor; what matters is the your relation with god, and your innermost heart.

Kike, Prosperity and Prosperity Gospel are two very different things. The former is personal wealth, the latter is a pastor saying "Give me your shekels and God will make you rich one day"

Are you sure? Can you give some examples either of articles or clips of preachers talking where prosperity gospel is defined that way? I thought prosperity gospel meant "god will make you have many fruits".

>(((prosperity))) gospel

They all have something in common, and it isn't Jesus Christ.

There's all one common thrme

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What a botox-ed up demon.

The so called prosperity gospel is another televangelist heresy.

True Christians live lives of extreme poverty giving up all they own to follow Jesus.

You are a Christ cuck and there has been no subversion.

Your Jew cult was always rotten to the core being specifically designed to control and later destroy the white race.

They all belong to the same old man's club for talking about philosophy and traditions?

Are you saying a true Christian then is to foresake his family, throw away his wealth, forget his obligations and civic duties, and become a homeless bum that attempts to follow jesus even though he never can for all things he does are tainted by sin?

Besides. Whoever abandons all his wealth and yet yearns for worldly things in his heart, having none of it, but denying himself all of it; he is still as fucked as one who has those things, and keeps them in his heart, and yet one who has all wealth, and yet does not think of worldly things, and has a heart after god is surely in good standing.


Okay so finished

The problem is after watching this whole thing I have no clue what following Jesus actually means or repenting of sin what that actually means or what one is to do at all. I'm just massively confused.

nobody is going to fall for that shit here best fuck off

Catholic church was safe haven for the gays, who used power of the church to safeguard them from backlash, while the were procreating by diddling little boys.
Homos are out in the open now, so the do not need to hide in churches any more.

A lot of Freemasons seem based and redpilled to me in my area. Maybe in some other areas it's different.

Actually it was the extreme right that started the attack on this scum.

An oldie but goodie