You can report various forms of "discrimination" and "anti-muslim incidents" there. Next to "physical violence" or "bullying" you can also report things like "higher rent / worse contract conditions" or that you were discriminated because of your headdress or your beard.

I'm pretty sure the shitskins or traitors running this platform understand english.

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Hello shitkin. Please make a reaction video to the Christchurch shooting on youtube so we can enjoy your tears more.

Whatever, Jew.

The euro-caliphate is looking good these days.

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Cool. I'm gonna report the German government for forcing Muslims to live under the rule of infidels and filthy women. For not making Ramadan an official holiday. For not collecting jizya from the Germans on behalf of the Muslim community while collecting church tax on behalf of the Christian churches.

But the German government is not forcing them to live anywhere. Yet.
Auschwitz 2: Islamic Boogaloo soon.

Pathetic shilling. Try harder.

I'm really outraged, fellow user. Meanwhile, the fake "nationalist" European right carries the water for Jews:

Why would a jew get mad that mudslimes, which he finances, call for their inbred brethren to denounce whites that dislike islamization, which he also finances?
Everything about you screams "mudshit". And yes, i know the AfD is controlled opposition. There are good men in the party though, like Björn "Hitler wasn't the absolute evil" Höcke.

And yet, the quoted text shows that he and his puppets are trying their best to cut off financing to any that are a stumbling block to the Jew. Their hope was that by bringing Muslims into Europe, they would be brought up in Jewish culture, like Europeans, and they too might give up their religion in favor of the slavish worship of Jewish capital. It doesn't seem to have worked out that way.
I remember when the AfD was first shilled here. We were told they would steer Germany away from the post WW2 guilt culture. Alain Soral was right:
I watch it play out here every day. The great movement to "make the Right love Israel, and hence, Jews" arrived here in 2015 and never left. Now, we have Christian Zionist threads. It's a sight to behold.

Keep killing mudslimes and jews.

Muslim immigrants are a stumbling block to the jew?

Are you retarded?

No, he is a pisslamist shitskin. Just ignore him at this point.

Hezbollah is a stumbling block, and Great Savior of Germany /ourparty/ the AfD wants to blacklist them. Do you think the average AfD voter cast his ballot for the party because the CDU and SPD weren't pro-Israel enough? What does blacklisting Hezbollah have to do with "removing kebab" from Germany?

You know how this all started right? Right??

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What the fuck does Hezbollah have anything to do with the muslim immigrants in Germany?

This is lile saying Hezbollah is ZOG because they kill muslims in Syria.

inb4 ISIS is not real muslim
inb4 all muslim are Hezbollah

Nobody here advocates voting for the AfD, we advocate hunting mudslime scum like you in the streets that ouf forefathers built. Now leave.

Exactly. Why is it a legislative priority for a "nationalist" party like AfD to blacklist them from collecting money there? Wasn't AfD wrapped in pretty red-and-black Hitler paper and sold to us here as a nationalist party?
How much longer are they going to work this angle? Is anyone legitimately falling for it?

Exactly, so why do we tolerate muslim immigrants in our land.

None, supporting Hezbollah has nothing to do with tolerating muslims in Germany.

Get your head straight.

And what the fuck, Hezbollah collecting money in Germany, what for?

Do you think the AfD, even if it had control of the government, would ever repatriate refugees to the territory of Greater Israel?
To buy missles to fire at Jews, which is why Jew puppets are all lining up to ban them. I would send them a check myself, but I live in the US, and sending them money is illegal here.
I could cut a check for the IDF or JIDF with no problems, though. This doesn't suit me.

No, that is why it is up to kill the muslims.
Go there and fight for them, stop jewing german for your cause.

It is funny that germans must now fund the jews to fight muds as well as muds to fight jews.

Nuke them both.


"Nuke them both" is what they always say, but it always ends up being "fight my enemy for me, Golem."
The latter sounds too good for me to pass up. If I can't drop some shekels in the Hezbollah widows and orphan's fund the next time I travel to Germany, I'll be upset. Do you have someone in Europe I could cut a check to? Who would you tell me to give money to?

Too bad you guys killed Lubke?

Not a bad idea, we should make a website documenting and/or doxing people who spew anti-white rhetoric.

Does anyone ever think of what Hitler would do if he say this shit or the absolute state of the German people? It’s tragic

I'll give you a good idea - stop working.
Stop feeding this system

Nobody cares about your ideas, neet. This thread is about the denounciation platform and how we take it down.

Who cares we can hate all of them, we're literally our own faction you fucking retard.

No we don't have to think because he fucking did it

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Because that's what you want to hear, you have no problem with Israel existing as long as Hezbolla is still alive, or mudslimes in general.

Meanwhile, I have no problem with both dying.

Go there and fight you coward piece of shit.

It's always americans with these weird ass "lemme pay my enemy to fight my other enemy" which ends up fucking up everything.



Action matters more than word.


and red-pilled

white men and Christians can't compete

the desert peoples home is in the desert, they will need to go back to the desert to be happy.

I'm almost 40, and a veteran.
If the Israeli can bribe my president to put me in harm's way for his benefit, then thanking the people who do him damage is common sense.
I would rather support some Europeans doing the asymmetric thing, but I don't know of any.


I'm very disappointed this isn't a Judenrat-equivalent for Muslims. Oh well, that will come in time I suppose.

Replied to wrong post, meant to address instead.

report all the homo's and feminists to them?

Imagine if white religious organizations did this, and then sent around 20 thugs to harass the accused.

Damn, it is those days that i wish the germans had won and my ancestors would not have fought against them.

If germans read here, may this book inspire you to reclaim your country.
Polyaenus - Stratagems In War