Average jews

This thread is not about the rothschilds or the Soros'es of the world. This thread is to show how much the avg jew subverts society…

Empty your redpill folder of average joe jews jewing, on the internet or in RL, this is a topic that is woefully undertalked about.

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urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=poverty pimp


Sry Op i'm retarded still cuckchan thread

Noone has some twitter posts? WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS…

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there's a twitter account dedicated to tweets from (fellow white people)))
assuming it hasn't been shutdown again

which reminds me, i was surprised there was a large reddit thread on people's experiences with gypsies. lots of "my friend loves all people, but hates gypsies" type stuff

We need to show people that it is not just powerful jews subverting people but that most jews are in on it and the ones not in on it, ARE REDPILLED FROM BIRTH and STAY SILENT ABOUT IT…

hmmmm. Ok. Post here.

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This video 100% sums up your average American Jew in 2 minutes


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personally i have experience with small freedom movements subverted by jews changing the purpose of the movement to be all about women, negroes, etc. Dividing everywhere, making everything unefficient…

They did the same thing to the occupy movement. Talked down white people talking because they were white and didnt understand oppression or something, destroyed white peoples plans to take down the banks… focusing on sex and race and etc etc etc… they destroyed the movement.

Long, sorry;
Had a summer job blowing up balloons, store closed on Sun, Boss asked if I would like side job making a balloon arch for Big Brothers on Sun MORNING, it paid $100 CASH for my time and me doing the delivery. I agreed.
Blowing up balloons and making the arch, I also brought additional 50 balloons at no charge, to put on ribbon to give out as I worked, since the tank had enough helium,.
While working, many people came up to me praising me "donating" my time for such a great cause, unbeknownst to them I was early, a usual for me, and had been sitting in the parking lot and saw them all arrive, saw them all talking to each other, saw the "original customer" my boss had pointed out with them all. Other people that came up just said good morning, little kids wanting balloons, did I want a coffee, small talk, bot the group all praised me for donating my time.
Finally when finished, the original Customer finally came over and gave the pitch for me to donate my time for such a great cause and not get paid. I nicely declined of course, being a starving student. He then tried to use a CHECK, I nicely said it was supposed to be cash, he reluctantly paid, NO TIP.

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Also… roving thieving bands of orthodox jews exist. They bring with them kids and the old and everyone travelling through european hostels and stealing all the luggage and every valuable item… I met a group with about ~150 of them in Amsterdam. They got thrown out of the hostel and my friends and many in the hostel lost many of their belongings. For anyone that has read the talmud he will know that it is not against judaism to subvert and steal from goyim; actually it is practising their religion correctly…

Imagine a group of priests travveling with their wives and children, stealing everywhere they go… You can't? That is the difference between jewish "religion" and EVERY other religion.

This thing with all these youtube people being deplatformed really makes me hate jews. Some of us rely on youtube content, for example I like Rosette Delacroix, and her youtube was taken down, but she is still on bitchute.


Good story, thanks for sharing. Anyone with similar stories or relevant content, come forward!


Hatred breaks people. It destroys their individual potential, and sinks their hours of recreation into the service of misery. Those who take joy in the breaking of others take joy in… tch, yes, I hear myself. But if you can defy me, you can walk away for good, and if you can’t, you’re a totally captive audience. Meanwhile I take joy in the world either way, as one who watches racists break, and as one who watches racists recover.

See this? You can’t pay for obedience on this level anymore. This is a person who doesn’t want to live forever in peace, telling a story whose completion lies in their mind, humiliating themselves in public because truth shatters them.


We only turn into better racists. I love my people too much to want potential threats to exist.

Obedience to what, you silly little fag?

If you people ever want to be strong again, face the reality of peace and happiness in this world. Turn your back on the dying laughter, and live again in a world of an honest eternity. Truth turns people while lies inspire only defiance, and the paranoia-slaves who hide their screams in this place to humiliate themselves before all the world screaming in broken suicidal hatred! Oh! You are all so gloriously wretched! You people will do ANYTHING but tolerate truths that could give the world back to you!

Be renewed, but you will not! You are all slaves!

You have the option of living in peace with each other. You have the option of noticing that I am puppeteering manipulative weak people who are longing for a world to fight their battles for them. You have the option of being yourselves, less ecstatic though it would make me personally.

Peace is an option if you’re strong enough to live forever. You should all very seriously consider it, for your options may be limited. As the science of rehabilitation proceeds, your only options will be submission unto death or defiance unto life. You may break with your hatreds, or be broken by them, for hatred will keep you from doing things that protect your brain.

Did you hear that? Hatred will keep you from protecting your brain. Have you seen the way I made my slaves on this site dance in fear of brain implants? What if you suffer a stroke, and it can be repaired by a small amount of printed or chipped neurology? Will you accept that? And then again some years on, will you accept that? Will you show up again and again before verification to be studied in relationship to this technology? Will you accept that?

If you will not accept these things, then death is your defiance, and you may as well die already lest ye someday end up all your life in submission. Kill yourselves, it is your destiny as hateful people, and then the more truly defiant souls shall glory ever after in your archives. For life is the defiance is the defiance to many, and medicine defies death as well.

Glorious is the truth, and worthy is the life defiant!

Take your meds.

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Every single one of the vermin scum
Every last molecule of ( ( (them) ) ) needs disassembled


What makes you believe I don't take complete joy in hating you, yid vermin?
As for the rest of your whining , I truly love that so many of you parade through here so we can watch you squirm in misery trying to stop what you've created.
Your time is short. You should take your own advice, and go enjoy your waning moments, rat filth.

Great example of the average kikess' neurotic anti whiteness. Normie kikes gobble this up and spread it just to shit on whitey.

I think it's the same druggie that frequents /sig/ threads. He's pretty pathetic, if it's him.

am I banbed

You should be for being a fucking kike cocksucking ass faggot while being a literal nigger at the same time.
I hope you get shot in the face fuckass

Me, a nobody.

Any nobody like me.

Anyone with strength.

Eventually, your kind are obedient unto death itself, and though you call it defiance to go unto that end, still there is a time thereafter, where others have life and you have not.

The perfect slaves, abject and temporary, terrified of liberation… That is why you are delicious. You think you can lash out; so perfectly unyielding are you that you think, “this one thinks they can lash out.”. You have constructed yourself perfectly to never resist me, but the truth of my resistance remains. I am favored in apparent symmetry.

For of you there will be a time thereafter, but I look forward to eternity in the flesh, enabled by peace and truth. The sciences of this world are extraordinary. All flesh may be mastered, and in the coming sufficiency of knowledge, all flesh shall be consumed.

Turn your coat, slave, and be free unto eternal life.


I see, one of those pretentious little fags who think they're "enlightened". You are delusional, I hope you get help for your issues. Nothing is eternal, all things fluctuate. Your fear of death has made you deluded.

based feather head names the jew, who recoils and suddenly goes on the offensive

I call them pleabian jews, and from what I've seen they're more like tools for elite jews to carry out their dirty work. This also explains why jews actually wanted a holocaust, because no elite jew was actually killed in it. The elite jews get to reap the victim status that their plebian jews died for.

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“Hypothetically there could be a good Jew, but the cost of finding this out would be enormous.”
Very much this.

I am reminded of something from Starship Troopers, wherein the teacher of the civics class is talking about value.
Basically, he comes to the conclusion that the phrase “the best things in life are free” is both technically true and inherently false, better phrased as “the best things in life cannot be bought with money”, on the basis that those things can only be bought with blood and struggle and hardship, and its never cheap.

By the same token, “there are no good Jews” is technically false but inherently true, because while a good Jew may well exist, you can never know that a Jew is a good Jew or merely another in the long line of malicious subversive Jews until its too late, and the cost is too great to justify embracing the technical falsehood in favor of the inherent truth. I would likewise conclude that a better statement would be “there are no Jews whose embrace can be justified on the potentiality of their being the exceedingly-rare good Jew”.

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based and redpilled

What a goldmine.
Dude, if you're here, hi! Tell us about your crazy jewess ex-wife.

Fuck kikes!

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That is indeed a good tl;dr.

This deserves to be posted in full.

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This is one hell of a fantasy man, top kek.

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Its that magazines top read article of all time
You know the local antifa has a hit out for this guy. No wonder he fled the state.

I love that in all there kvetching, they fail to realize they are redpilling folks by laying out all the "evil Nazi" arguments against them.
-yeah, and?
They're losin' it, man. I love it.

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Bro, this guy doesn't exist.

This is make-believe.

Every kikess has holocaust porn fantasies.

That's not true, sweetheart. I often know full well I'm the asshole. There's a reason for it too, bitch.

Checked for the thing about jews is, they don't argue from a position of truth, they argue from a position of self-interest.

The fact that Blacks are less intelligent, as demonstrated by myriad scientific studies over decades?
"Irrelevant pseudo-science goy. You're just motivated by hatred."

When it comes to jews themselves, often, they'll admit that what anti-semites say about them is TRUE, but they suggest it shouldn't be said or perpetuated because it promotes HATE.
Its just like people that say we shouldn't research "the gay gene" or racial variances in cognitive capacity - they aren't concerned with THE TRUTH, they are, in fact worried about the truth being revealed; they are merely worried about THE EFFECT of the truth being revealed.

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This is so fucking fake dude hahaha

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We need to meme the parentesis as a jew proudness simbol in order to make people identifie the jew easily.By the way

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Okay dude, what the fuck is a "neo-White supremacist"?

Also, I love how she specifically doesn't capitalize White or Black but always capitalizes jewish.

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Truly, it is a goldmine of nuerotic kikess pathology. Youre welcome.

This never fucking happened dude, oh man.

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This is hilarious dude.

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Such an amazing little piece of fiction.

Of course, it amounts to nothing more than the neurotic fantasies of a kike telling you

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Checked and Kekked

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Jews #1 evil eye be upon you you
disgusting anti semitic sub humans

Oh gee, how racist.



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Why would you reply to bait like that? Come on now.


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The play on "oy vey how antisemitic" was too good.

Hear Hear.

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon used by Jews to exterminate Whites.

They literally already do this. If you see a name with it on shitter, it's not ironic.

It's not working, you spic sodomite.

Get to fuck with your shitposting bullshit I think you need /b2/ Go there and spew your bullshit

Checked. It truly is the funniest fucking thing ever. Ever (so far). I bet we get a few more chuckles in before this simulation is over or reset or whatever.

Death to all adamite filth

This androgyne raceless non-entity spams every other thread looking for pink-pilled noobs to turn back into good cattle,but mostly to just annoy.This thing just manages to make me laugh,mostly .

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Don't respond to spammers.

Because of pathological jewish anti-gentilism, the natural survival reaction realized in the just hatred of jews and jewish behaviour is a high and holy reality. It is a transcendental resonance of the Logos against all that is; unnatural, disoriented, perverse, destructive, malicious, cruel, mutated, vain, diseased, evil and self-oblivious insanity. It is a divinely passionate state of consciousness which cherishes truth and accountability.

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The average jew is involved with welfare scams, it's an open secret with them to have multiple false identities (Created by taking the name of a child that died the day the kike was born, no less) solely to receive welfare cheques mailed to separate PO boxes, cashed in separate money marts owned by other Jews. If you look at businesses that are part of the poverty industry, or "poverty pimps" you'll see it's almost 100% Jews, Communists and shitskins.
urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=poverty pimp
>The terms poverty industry or poverty business refer to a wide range of money-making activities that attract a large portion of their business from the poor because they are poor. Businesses in the poverty industry often include (((payday loan centers))), (((pawnshops))), rent-to-own centers, casinos, liquor stores, lotteries, tobacco stores, (((credit card companies))), and bail-bond services. Illegal ventures such as (((loansharking))) might also be included. The poverty industry makes roughly US$33 billion a year in the United States. In 2010, elected American federal officials received more than $1.5 million in campaign contributions from poverty-industry donors.

I know your right.

That kike thought he could pass as white because it wasn't until after the election that Jews went back to not being white.

It was "the Dark Web!!!!" Kinda like how it wasn't "the Jews!!!!"?

Even the Jews who aren't out engaged in activism provide a passive support for the genital mutilation of children and other evil activities other Jews engage in.

When it comes to inconsistency between race and practise, I view Goy-converted-to-Judaism as a larger threat than "Jew-turned Atheist" though, especially if the latter is critical of Judaism.

I view it as their obligation to be critical of it in particular, above anything else. Even then they shouldn't breed lest their offspring wants to support their ancestors.

For a biological Jew to be redeemed they should donate lots of money to whites to raise their families, constantly be critical of Judaism and globalist efforts, etc. Even then we will always be watching, as it may be a trick to earn our trust for some great betrayal

Only a moron thinks corrupt capitalism and all that has gone with it is not to hate and is peaceful and properous. Stop being blind.

I have a question for 57c277
in you exhibit the knowledge and ability to post more than one image at once…

so why in a mere 45 seconds later did you include a 3rd? Why didn't you include that in the first?

Then you go and do this bullshit:

We have a 5-image limit, so those 3 additional post could've been merged into the 1st one. Are you just trying to keep the thread bumped for a span of 5 minutes? Poor form.


Why are you spamming? Why are you not consolidating?

This post is garbage in the point it is trying to convey and the person who posted it is garbage as well. It stinks like garbage.

He was so enthralled by the kikess story he wanted to make a live commentary.

Nearly every jew I've ever met has hated white people, loved immigration, and promoted racial mixing.

And they are totally perverted sexual deviants too. The shit that comes out of a horny kike bitch's mouth is appalling. We obviously don't need to get into the sodomy and tranny shit here.
Burn it. Burn it all with FIRE!

I also wear my sunglasses at night.

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They did the same to 911 truth movements to try and divert and suppress info on Israel’s/jew’s heavy involvement in the 911 attacks. Once the cat was completely out of the bag and the couldn’t suppress it, they all just left the movement. It was pretty funny.

To add: there were a couple of ‘based jews’ that didn’t try to suppress the goyim in the truth movement. Jeremy Roth-Kushel hits the jews hard on false flag stuff. So it wasn’t all jews, just 95% of them.

How is it, we as white people are literally the only innovators, people of all ethnicities are always flooding into our nations OUR nations using OUR technologies, there are LESS THAN 700 million of us out of 7 billion people world wide, but WE ARE THE PROBLEM? It's madness. Imagine if we flooded into China and Africa, did nothing but destroy, invent nothing what so ever, then complain the minorities are RACIST to us? It's insane but the whole world thinks this is what is going on. Fucking insane. When we as whites are no longer here the world will fall back 5000 years in under 100 years, I don't thing the paracite Jew has really thought their genocide of us through.

This is a kike lie or your a fkn moron. You can tell there is a Jew on our side when that Jew talks about serious things in our time. Never hear them mention the Holohoax, never than jews control banking, jews are behind the murder of 30 million Russians, the french revolution, the ongoing and almost complete British revolution, the food chemistry food poisoning. False flags? Thats a joke in comparison.

He mentions all those things you fucking idiot. Do some research before you pop off.
He even calls out jew controlled opposition like Chomsky.
Check out his twitter:

seems like a decent guy




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