What's up with Aryans anyway?

I'd like to investigate the Aryans, because the Aryan proto-Germans were provably eating each other while the Greeks and Jews wrote their epics and built their civilizations. Then the "Sea Peoples" jealously sacked Mycenae and Canaan as well as some others, but they were illiterate and wrote nothing about it. Then the Greeks and Jews rebuilt Hellas and Judah and Aryan Persians invaded both. Then the Greek Alexander invaded Persia and the Greeks and Jews were friends until Greek buttsex laws reached the Holy Land. Then the Greeks in Rome took over for the Greeks in Greece and everyone mishandled Jesus, proving that buttsex is a sin. Then the Aryan Germanic tribes wanted to eat Romans so Julius Caesar fucked them up, but he also gave the Germans a taste of civilized blood. Then Caesars fucked up the Second Temple and Jews gave up that temple shit and moved in with their old Greek friends in Rome. Then Aryan Germans thoroughly fucked up Rome and plunged Western civilization into the dark ages. Then Muhammad happened and the Quran was written, and the German language was mysteriously invented a hundred years later. Then the Aryan Persians became Muslims and took a bunch of shit while it was dark and no one was looking. Then Charlemagne fixed that whole civilization thing and massacred some Aryan Germans to try and civilize them. It worked for 700 years. Then the Aryan Ottomans fucked up the Greeks. Then an Aryan German nailed a shitpost on civilization's door and everyone got mad, but Greeks, Jews, Romans, Frenchmen, and Britfags were building cool things with their epics and had a lot to show for it. Then Aryans Germans took credit for all of that and started World War I, and they lost but fucked up Western civilization again. Everyone including newcomer America helped the Greeks get Greece back though. Greeks borrowed a German king and gave him back. Greeks liked America the most and sent a love letter with their cool new flag. Then Aryan Germans blamed the Jews for that thing Germans just did and took credit for everything again, and then they killed a shitload of Jews for some reason, and then they lost while fucking up Western civilization again and everyone else had to fix it.

What's their problem? This obviously deserves its own thread.

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hate slave poster is a kike

the amount of mental loops and distortion of facts is quite incredible isn't it? This is how (((victors))) write history books for schools.

Not arguments.

nice shill thread shlomo, would be a shame if the inquisition would find out

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shut the fuck up kike
reported for slide copypasta

Wasn't the Inquisition a transitional thing as the Greek-colonized Spaniards took back Spain from the Aryan Muslims who stole it in the dark ages?

Oh, and Jews helped the Spaniards take it back from that branch of the Aryan Caliphate as the Aryans moved shop to Constantinople. What's up with that?

Suck my big Aryan cock and then Kys OP you fucking faggot

Germanics = Goths = Scythians = Foundation myth from the Caucasian mountains
Italo-Celts = Trojans = Anatolians = Foundation myth from the Caucasian mountains
Greeks = Greeks = Greeks = Early writers state they are the brothers of the Trojans and the Scythians, in other words they are the same people who just settled elsewhere.

Tl;dr: All white people originate in the Caucasian Mountains according to Pagan and Abrahamic tradition. Son of Noah or something else? I dunno. But all the ancient texts say we came from there.

Unless you're attributing Homer to them where can we read that myth? It seems like there's a big lacuna here.

The Spanish Inquisition was requested by the Spanish King because the Spanish civilians were slaughtering all the jews and muslims who had pretended to convert yet were still aiding the muslims. Inquisitors were sent in, much like modern day police are sent in; to provide an 'official body' that does trials and stuff. They were actually ridiculously fair and let off 95% of people. Of course they still executed a lot of jews because the jews were aiding the muslims; and as such they are demonised to this day because jews hold grudges like no one else.

The jews literally opened the gates of Spain to the muslims in the first place, and were given presigious positions in the slave trade. Your idea of an 'aryan caliphate' is BS; the Spanish Christians were referred to as 'blue bloods' because you could see their blue veins. You can see white people's veins. Why would such a distinction exist if they were all white people?

You're a nigger.


Did the Jews open the gates of Rome to Odoacer and the six German puppet emperors that preceded him?

And as far as the blue bloods go, that says nothing about the Moors who did whatever the Aryans in the East told them to do.

Did anyone even need to open the gates for Odoacer? The German military units were the only ones left with any cohesiveness and organisational effectiveness and that's because they were established along the tribes and clan system that would go to take prominence in most of Western Europe for hundreds of years after the last Western Emperor. By the point in time Odoacer showed up Rome was an emaciated corpse, with poorly disciplined and highly political soldiers who roamed the land causing trouble themselves. When Odoacer decided that it was his time the doors flew off the their hinges.

Lel, you will never win.

I don't know. Maybe Odoacer had help from Stilicho and Ricimer installing shitloads of Germanic puppets in the Roman government over the course of the fifth century. The Germanic Ostrogoths sacking Rome in 410 and 455 during the exact same time period probably didn't help, either.

Not an argument.



Go ahead and lob one at me. Here, I'll even give you two: a medallion of Phillip II of Macedon, and a coin of Ricimer, the Germanic who subverted Rome and thus Western civilization.

May as well slam your dick on the table and define Aryan for the class. It's not like you Redditors treating sage like a downvote are doing much else here.

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Aight gonna post once more because you’re such a filthy incestual nigger who can’t imagine how limited the black “genetic” pool is in America and how it contributes EVEN more to your low IQ genes.

Almost, just missed the important part about how jews,like always, usurped the title of “ chosen ones” from the Aryans and how the semites LARPed as the infallible people of god not understanding chosen has alot interpretations that doesn’t mean that no matter what jews do “are chosen” it just means “god” is keeping an extra close eye on them which ironically has lead to the complete role reversal of the modern day where the jews claim divine “chosenness” and use it as an excuse for their horrors. Even funnier is that due to the inherent connection with god as the actual “chosen people” whites will ALWAYS prevail even under the most dire circumstances. All we need is that push to take the first step and we won’t be stopped which is what haunts OP’s nightmares ; having a white aryan boot slowly crush his skull as he is begging for mercy as his “brothas” watch and laugh ignorantly and talk about uploading it to worldstarhiphop (don’t forget niggers just LOVE to unironically sell their own, see slavery) so in conclusion


Honestly, why should I waste time crafting a new response when my previous one still holds true:
>Considering the fact your (((OP))) is nothing more than a collection of ludicrous statements, baseless claims, and loaded language, I'd say that you shouldn't be so quick to throw stones in that poorly constructed glass house of yours, you stupid little jew.

The bitch in the attached picture is a filthy nigger loving jew-kike.

When I was 13 I started having sex with my 15 year old brother. I'm now 29 and still hit that dick.

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Not sure what that has to do with anything, but okay.


Okay, I laughed. Thanks for the ride.

Sounds like Aryan defeatism to me.

It matters because you’re a nigger
Reading comprehension of actual content is hard, typically niggerish

Now post a response and let the fun REALLY begin ;^)

Here's a response.

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Oh that was quick, you were ready for that? Geez you have alot of time ;^)
What if I wasted my afternoon microsoft painting cringe lefty/pol/ walls of text memes?
What if I was an unorginal nigger who can only parrot other’s work and couldn’t produce anything on his own and relies on pre-formulated arguments and clearly can’t deviate from them?
That would be kinda gay wouldn’t it?

Oh inb4


For some reason, I assumed that even shills must have at least some sense of dignity, however I was clearly mistaken.
Honestly, I can only pity you shills. Life is short and yet you actively choose to waste away some of your own life spamming idiotic rhetoric on places like Zig Forums for the benefit of (((people))) who peddle economic and mental slavery to all four corners of the globe. It boggles the mind.

The ones on the left would be too if we were exclusively limiting this thread's case to Germans, but the Aryan race includes like a billion nonwhite Indians, Persians, and their descendants, does it not? I asked to clarify but he refused with ad hominems, so we may as well add imaginary rows for ancient proto-Germanics, Persians, Ottomans, and whatever I'm forgetting. I'll forgive you if you leave out the Sea Peoples.

The arguments are right there, Reddit, but you just keep trying to downvote me.

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let me try to blend back in by calling him "Reddit" with a capital 'R', that will surely work!
Lel, the more you post, the more you expose just how weak you are.

Last post as final nail in the nigger coffin

Right but you’re actually fucking retarded since all genetic aryans came from the same source: proto-aryans who travelled to india and then went back fucking any nigger semite “civilization” up along the way see the indian caste system where whites are literally the top, who then settled in Europe with a genetic line carved all the way to india who then got mixed by the “persians” and some more by anybody who wanted to “muh dick” which has led to the current situation of poo in the street countries only saving grace being “their” history and culture.
through time and ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT of genetic engineering and artificial fractional dna (wouldn’t want to taint more aryan dna) we could theoretically “restore” them except it would be alot easier to throw them into the fire along with your filth. That’s why even though they have aryan blood in them it’s so muddled you might aswell clean the slate. It’s not our fault your genetics are so corrosive and mentally destructive that they topple entire empires to only result in bus gangrapes of 9 yr olds (like in the koran ;^))
Why I am explaining how dna works to a mulatto mutt nigger is beyond me, yet here it is

I haven't seen someone capitalize "lel" in five years. Anyway, the OP's right there. Why not attack the fall of Rome as some kind of non-German plot since I've decompressed that point in and ? Surely there's some genuinely German art from the fifth century that proves the Ricimer coin to be a forgery, but even Phillip II's smaller coins look less like guano.

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OP is a sheeny Shylock that needs to get rape-pilled in the anus.

>refers back to his worthless (((OP)))
Lel, this is just getting sadder and sadder. I suppose I'll also have to refer back to my previous post:
>Considering the fact your (((OP))) is nothing more than a collection of ludicrous statements, baseless claims, and loaded language, I'd say that you shouldn't be so quick to throw stones in that poorly constructed glass house of yours, you stupid little jew.

I don't think DNA works through LARPy fan theories wholly derived from linguistics and archaeology, but your history of the Aryans is close enough to the account I've provided that I don't see why you bothered. Did the westward Aryan migration happen after both classical Persians and the Umayyad Caliphate or something?

This is Zig Forums.

You sound offended.

While you've been self-medicating in your hug machine, you've failed to attack even one. Try getting started.

Hellenes were Aryans, you kike retard.

Note the distinct lack of semitic traits on Philip's face.

Greeks were Nordic




Way ahead of you ;^)

So the Hellenes were and the Achaeans, Trojans, and Persians weren't?

Would be nice if the Germanics could mint a similar coin for comparison, but instead we have this green shit:

I see 17 other threads in the catalog equating them.

Even contemporary Greeks of Northwestern Greek background (Dorics, Hepirots, Macedonians) have significant Germanic markers compared to surrounding populations.

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So, kikes don't exist, so have no influence on anything in your (((version))) of History?
Damn, you dumb fuckers glow like the sun. You should feel shame, but you never will, fucking yid.
Why are you even here? What are you sliding, Moshe?

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Achaeans were a subgroup of Hellenes you kike retard.
Persians were THE self-proclaimed Aryans.
About Trojans we know jack shit in a scientific context.


Yeap, not kike looking either.

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Probably more than the near-eastern DNA in your Askhenazi kike blood, Moishe.

the absolute state of this board

yea… no, begone jew.


this scriptnigger again

Your bullshit got shoah'd, beaner. Get a fucking hobby other than embarrassing your dumb subhuman ass on an open forum for posterity.
You're nothing but an unfunny joke, you filthy spic.

Said the median IQ 90 Israeli retard that conflates IndoEuropean-speaking ethnicities with Afro-Asiatic ones that do not even belong in the Nostratic clade.

You're not even responding to anything. You sound like you're desperately trying to fit in, glowie.

There's over two thousand years between the two, Anonymous. Even the oldest coins yet to be found archaeologists are from Lydia circa 600 BC–well after the time of the Trojans yet 200 years before the Greco-Persian wars–and they're still far beyond the ancient Germanic shitcoins from 400 AD. The fact of the matter is that Aryan migrants from Persia to Germany were lacking something that the Hellenes had until the Medieval period.

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please explain how 3-4 out of 100 Greeks possessing a Y lineage(Y is the smallest chromosome out of the 23 pairs, 22 of which are autosomal) is "significant" and please, by addressing their specific subclades, prove that they arrived in the Hellenic period and not in the middle ages
need I remind you I2a2 is pre-Indo-European and was found all over the place in pre Aryan Europe*?
nordicist white trash like you is closer to kikes(your masters) than south Euros are ever going to be

7100-5900 BCE Serbia:
sample I4878
mtDNA: U4a
Y-DNA: I2a2a

sample I4880
mtDNA: U4b1b1
Y-DNA: I2a2a1b2

sample I4881
mtDNA: U4b1b1
Y-DNA: I2a2a1b2

sample I4882
mtDNA: U4b1b1
Y-DNA: I2a2a1b

And despite that their cranial features seem almost identical, you bow nosed semitoid.

I gave you a map for this, you 1200ccm brained subtropical retard. When the highest percentages of the haplogroup globally are barely above 10% and there are places in fucking Norway with lower percentage than 2% and a fucking Skandinavian country as a whole has a lower percentage than fucking Greece as a whole,. then 3-4% DOES imply significant Germanic admixture.

Here's a second map to explain your incapacity to grasp basic things.

Attached: Global-prevalence-of-consanguinity-as-cited-by-Bittles-AH-Black-ML-ref-6-reproduced.png (850x607, 146.63K)

You seem to have missed the latter part of the OP where the Aryans started taking credit for Greek contributions to Western civilization. Even the Sentinels could probably carve a gold mark if they had 2500 years to do it and a well-crafted Greek reference.

hurrrpa durr with an extra hurrr, schloms?

You keep saying that, despite being told repeatedly that your stream of logical fallacies, and bullshit linguistic traps are not worth responding to in good faith. No one here is as retarded as you kikes are.
Yet, you insist on continuing to embarrass yourself in front of the class with your ignorance, and arrogance.
None of which matters anymore because we already have all the information we need. We won't tolerate squabbling with filthy vermin over "details" anymore. You've already been tried, and found guilty. You sentencing is all that's left to realize.
You're going to die very soon for what you've done, and what you continue to do here. You deserve every moment of your fear, paranoia, and misery. We're going to take our time now that we've reached the tipping point. Mental anguish and torture is the name of our game now, yid. Enjoy the show.

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the irony of this post is off the charts
do you even understand what "Y DNA" is? I'll help with a little picture so that you 300cc chimpanzee brain can get it
see that pretty little red circle? that is the Y chromosome, the smallest of all
you picture is saying that only 3-4 out of 100 Greeks have that little Y chromosome somewhat similar to the one found in Germanics, yet by no means Germanic in any way without knowing the subclade, since that same lineage, I2a2, was present even in Serbia thousands of years before Hellenes even existed

I'll tell you another little fact: you can't admix the Y chromosome, since it's passed from father to son essentially without going through recombination

the state of this board is abysmal, I doubt most people here even have a basic high school diploma

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You realize that our DNA is >99% identical with niggers and 97-98% identical with chimps, right?


It's so much fun watching you squirm while you get BTFO by this Chad

Oh and btw, this small chromosome is responsible for people having a penis, so I can see how you got so confused.

We've been comparing hard evidence for half an hour and yet you haven't shown anything comparable that Aryans produced outside of Hellenic Greece until two millennia later. It's almost as if Hellenic artifacts couldn't have been produced by anyone but the Hellenes until Charlemagne spread civilization to them, just as I claimed in the OP. Try arguing with some more.

I laughed.

here it goes, throwing numbers without even understanding them when cornered and unable to respond
out of 100 Greeks, 94 of them will not even carry this lineage, it's not an average percentage over the autosomal profile of every Greek you filthy illiterate simian

that is by no means "significant" and has little to no phenotypical impact

AND, as I said, there is absolutely 0 reason to link I2a2 to Germanics/Nordics unless you can prove it is of the specifically Germanic subclade(which obviously you can't, your illiteracy is blatant to anyone who even knows the basics of the subject)
a Yamnaya sample from bronze age Bulgaria and perhaps ancestral to Hellenes was also I2a2a1b1b around 3012-2900 calBCE, this lineage was all over the Balkans when Germanics didn't even exist

Not an argument

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table of Y and mtDNA

I2a2a aka I-M223 also found recently among Nuragic Sardinians
inb4 they wuz also Nordic n sheiße

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Same goes for Bauarians. Does this mean they are not Germanic?

Plus some of the oldest megalithic structures some from Northern Europe:
Just because (((you brown afro-asiatic subhumans))) were lucky to live in a latitude that allowed you to early (((demographically replace))) Sumerians and usurp these blue-eyed civilization's achievement while the majority of Europoids lived in post glacial wastelands does not make you superior in any other way than breeding like the jungle bunnies you are. The moment the climate allowed it, Aryans practically monopolized civilization in the old world the very moment after the inevitable Bronze Age chimpout, that resulted from your unsustainable fertile crescent demographic boom, destroyed everything you stole from Sumerians and presumably similar "prehistoric" Whites.

The moment your manhood is shown to be crippled by ancient (((desert-cult rituals))) your whole "argument" is proven an intentional lie plus your whole (((attempt to gaslight us))) becomes apparent the moment one reads through the OP and its absurd attempts to define Aryans to the point of including fucking Ottoman mongolic speakers into the term.

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whelp. Digits speak.

kike thread

neither is your shit thread fucking faggot

This is the most obnoxious and pernicious rewriting of history I have seen on the pol imageboard. I suppose that if we remove the post and censor these lies we are no better than the Orwellian leftists who censor people for wrongthink. With that said, this post is clearly just a Jewish guy trolling the board in his spare time.


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No haplogroup has "significant" phenotypical impact, you biological-illiteracy projecting primate.

They are markers of overall ancestry.

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Just because your enemy uses a weapon, doesn't mean you can't use it. (((freedom of speech))) is what has allowed jews to infest our nations in the first place. Once national socialism is in place, we won't have it.

fucking faggot killyouself

no, duh, as being "Germanic", if you want to make it a matter of genetics, is more about your whole autosomal DNA structure, not about Y DNA, a very small and largely insignificant part of your whole DNA
hell, I bet there are probably more afroamericans with nordic I1 or R1b-U106 lineages from their old masters than actual Greeks with that lineage
and even in that case, I2a2 is a minor Germanic lineage, the major ones are I1 derived and certain clades of R1b and R1a
Bavarians sit on top of core Hallstatt Celtic territory so I wouldn't consider them 100% "Germanic" myself, more like Germanized Celts, core Germanic territory will always be lower Scandinavia

This was never claimed. My point was is that it is a mistake to claim that Aryans are exclusively Germanic.

DUH, you brainless chimpanzee, that's why you look at overall autosomal DNA and not LARP about a handful of Greeks having some vaguely "Germanic" Y DNA haplotype(which is not even Germanic in the first place)
the fucking apes I have to deal on this board, no wonder kikes run circles around you white trash subhumans

No. You're failing. Keep it up though. It's quite entertaining.
Fucking jew.

Who made this claim? Aryan = indo-european.

Not an argument chaim

trust me, handing pearls to pigs and trying to bring some up to date population genetics knowledge on this board is more frustrating than entertaining

Where would you recommend one start to learn about this stuff?

Yes, unfortunately there are more shitskinned rapebabies of a primarily Germanic master population than Greeks as a whole today. How is that supposed to work against the recent common ancestry of Hellenes and Germanics? Are you implying there was a recent major genetic exchange between Greeks and Germanics? Varangians could count if there wasn't the issue of near absence of the Haplogroup from Eastern Thrace, Constantinople and Asia Minor.

Keep digging.

Talmud is probably his suggestion.

>the Aryans arrived in the British Isles by 3,000 BC
It's like you think that all of mankind is in the Aryan race. Quote my post next time so I see it sooner.

You seem upset about the OP.

I laughed again.

learn basic statistics and statistical techniques(PCA, bayesian clustering, etc…), learn some basic biology, at least knowledge of DNA structure and terminology used in the subject, read the most recent papers from the last 10 years(high coverage DNA sequencing, especially of ancient DNA, is a relatively recent advancement so you gotta learn the up to date techniques they came up with)

not saying anything of the sort, I began arguing when someone tried to argue the 3-4% of I2a2 in modern Greeks is a significant sign of Nordic/Hellenic ancestry when it's much more complicated than that, the I2a2 in modern Greeks, given the finding of a Yamnaya sample from Bulgaria with this lineage, could indeed suggest this is a steppe "Aryan" lineage, but given also that I2a2 was already in the Balkans 5000 years before Hellenes, it could also be pre-Aryan, in order to determine the precise origin you'd have to look at the specific subclades of this I2a2 found in Greeks, and doing so you could ascertain whether it is of the Germanic variety, or of local varieties that have nothing to do with Germanics
the common aryan ancestry of Germanics and Hellenes dates to the bronze age and the steppe populations which began expanding west from the Russian steppe, these peoples were mostly R1a and R1b, and absorbed only few of the local pre-Aryan lineages on their path, Germanic I1 being probably the most important example
the precise vector of this ancestry in Hellenes is yet not known precisely as Hellenic languages form their own special branch of IE languages and aside from being kentum is not more related to German than it is to Italic or Celtic or Baltic

moreover, the only male Mycenaean sample available so far was of Y-DNA J2, very "un-Aryan" and had only about 15% steppe ancestry

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (808x554, 320.37K)

Welp, maybe after the 18th century.

if you knew anything about ancient DNA you would keep your mouth shut but here we are
R1b was also thought to be of Iberian origins given its modern gradient, yet not a single of the hundreds of ancient samples from Iberia carried R1b until the late neolithic/bronze age
Y DNA replacement is a common theme in prehistory, this is what ancient DNA tells you
the fact that it is mostly found in Germanic countries today does not mean it is "Germanic", especially when you are talking about low near noise tier percentages like those found in countries like Greece
to determine whether this I2a2 is Germanic you have to dig deeper into its subclades, it is only by looking at those that you can be sure