Trump's moves against 2A

So first it was the initiative set into motion by Trump to ban the bump stock in the wake of Vegas massacre….this was unprecedented as it forced the ATF to define a plastic accessory as a machine gun. Now similar noises are being made about suppressors which are already NFA regulated like the bumpstocks are now…so the only direction to try and move is an outright ban. Then what? Triggers? Magazines? What else will Trump decide "I don't like them at all". Starting to wonder why he seems dead set on alienating his base…and not only that the most heavily armed segment of his base.

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s-stop banning things that gun owners never buy!

Its fine by Trumpstein so long as it doesn't effect Don jnr's own personal arsenal of weapons its not on his radar.

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You goys just dont understand 44d chess

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The guy is a Zionist New York City liberal, are you actually surprised he is anti gun?

those are accessories, not guns, trump is doing this to disarm the deep state and ANTIFA, trust Q, trust the plan, SEALED INDICTMENTS, JUSTICE FOR SETH RICH

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i know this post is a joke but what ever became of those thousands of sealed indictments?

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Okay, and? What are you going to do about it? Nothing.


Global report.

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This. The shilling here is overwhelming. Only would be criminals would own a suppressor or bumpstock

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The public is no longer sufficiently corralled into the zionist narrative, so the republican party is no longer pretending to support firearms rights. The money they were making from gun sales and donations from the gun lobby isn't worth the cost of an armed population that is aware and ready to resist their planned future as permanent consumers who get their chip turned off at the first sign of wrong think.

Only criminals would want a gun period. They should just trust the God Emperor. He's lowered the unemployment rates so naturally crime rates haven fallen, no reason to own a gun anymore.

Take the guns first and worry about due process later

Know where I can find a decent repro MP40 for less than $10k? I don't know why they're so expensive.

Trump is an anti-white anti-gun zionist kike. Big surprise.

Yeah only criminals would want a supressor because fuck my hearing I guess. Shit man I use earplugs even when using a supressor it still hurts my ears.
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True pedes never cared about "muh guns" to begin with. As long as GEOTUS keeps owning the libs on twitter, we're winning, and there's nothing you can do about it, shariablue.

Be quiet before someone lodges a bullet in your brain, MAGgot.

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Like hyenas, they first bite the legs of the prey.
They go for the stuff around the guns, but still related to guns.
They'll move closer to the meat and potato of gun production and ownership. It's just a question of time.

you're not his base and you never were

his base comprises of senile boomers and other mentally challenged individuals
but hey, some people can never be saved.
so MAGA because mainstream media told me he's a racist natzee

4 years past 2015 and still, they have endless faith in Good Orange Man

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It does force people to just a MUCH better product anyway.
I mean the ban is bullshit but it gave us something much better.

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It was one of their strongest talking points.

Those are fudds

Which is most Americans in rural areas.

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Gun owners already own those things you mouth breathing jew

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Just buy a shitton of guns and bury tons of deaddrops all over the country.

Just make a treasure map and let whites go out on treasure hunt for guns once the purge starts.

That is a great idea.

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whatever trump pays you, it's way too much, you just make me hate him even more



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my sides are now in orbit

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traitors gonna treason user

You're just now starting to wonder, trumptard?

suppressors do not 'silence' a weapon. You are a noguns faggot. Suppressors are ear protection for when I have to gun down a nigger lurking in the hallway outside my childrens bedroom. My sleeping childrens hearing is at risk in that scenario and theres just no time for putting earplugs in everyone.

the zog emperor will get to that any day now, just keep waiting.

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