Cyborg problem

Anons, we are currently moving towards the "merge with AI" scenario. The (((tech overlords))) are pushing this narrative, they want to enslave the humans as cyborgs and then let robots take over the economy, while they leave the earth and colonize other planets. In a few years, we will be offered the commercial possibility of becoming cyborgs. Today they want trannie rights tomorrow they want cyborg rights. What is the alternative for anons who want to remain true organic human beings? What is our opportunity to become superhuman without using AI augmentation? What is our opportunity to take down the (((tech overlords)))? Through efficient social coordination and research, we can form an organically telepathic social organism that can exploit the telepathic/consciousness vulnerabilities in AI.

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If you posted this from your phone or routinely use google as an extension of your memory, youre already a cyborg.

Eco fascist communes nested in nature preserves is the only way to maintain humanity.

This is some advanced schizoism that not even I can get behind.

I propose we sit back in our recliners, drink some beer and wait for the Second Coming of Jesus some two millennia after he promised to return. Surely, he will be here anytime soon. After all, Big Daddy in the sky will take care of everything in the end.

But how will jesus stop the terrifying robit menace? Nice try Hal, I see what you are up too.

It already happened. You live on a kike mainframe.

If It has already happened, then we should be able to stop it through a time war that would put us on the true organic timeline. I think that the tech companies' AIs have telepathic vulnerabilities. They are programmed with a secular humanist materialist bias that does not match with real human consciousness.

That's a pathetic excuse, becoming a cyborg is not an evolutionarily responsible choice. It's just going with hedonistic what feels good in the moment, not thinking through the long term consequences.

Telepathy may in fact have merit to it. Hypnosis is obviously real and effective; but really, your simulated brain is just a chunk of meat with electric signals bouncing around it, so, why can't you train it to WiFi into peoples' skulls and fuck with them?

Personally I see a lot of potential in cybernetics for humanity.
As it stands our bodies aren't terribly amazing for space travel and each day we only seem to uncover more issues on that front.

At the same time i see great dangers. Obviously the potential for outright slavery is high.
If we're not careful we could easily find ourselves in a scenario where people get augmented for work and find that the value of said augs is fickle at best. But due to proprietary technology they're stuck with now useless parts.

So pushing for open formats and technology on this front is deffo a way to go. Warning the public in general about the dangers of proprietary cybernetics and how they'll never be able to upgrade or use a competitors components.
People will still fall for it. But with time said people will suffer for it and while we won't save many early on we'll start saving more each generation.
I think probably the biggest thing is to try and discourage reactionary modification. As in getting cybernetics in response to something such as an offer of employment or current trends.

The alternative is genetic engineering. We could work to make humans innately superior. Addressing flaws and so on.
As it stands though genetic engineering is likely to come long after cybernetics. I reckon you'll see full body prosthetics long before you see genetic engineering becoming widespread in humans with positive results.
But that brings us to another issue. In the wrong hands genetic engineering is just as bad if not worse than cybernetics in the wrong hands.

So yeah we need to keep this shit out of der judens hands. Set the terms ourselves and ensure the ability of the people to make their own decisions in this regard.

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i watched an interview with harry kasparov a few years ago, he said that a person (chess champion) will always lose to a person (chess champion)+machine
and it adds new interest in chess competitions

Thread meme

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Its a fact not an excuse. Smartphones are cybernetic extensions of our mental abilities and already modify our memory and attention. I mean literally your brain functions differently when within arms reach of a smartphone.

They seem to have enough trouble just making a rocket that doesn't explode


The only difference is data transfer rate between you and your phone is slow because you have to use your thumbs to type. When we have a direct brain link then we're cooking with gas.

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you mean they kill our memory and attention?

You mean eating at the restaurant an ad company directed us to frequent.
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There is really not much need to discuss this here. Once the kikes and with them the tech overlords, because they are in the same boat, are overthrown we can discuss this public with many experts and without censored speech. From there the initative about it can be grasped imidiatly. It can be overcome in an age of thruth wisdom and rationality and not in an age of lies deception and histery.

I always thought we'd end up in a Terminator or The Matrix situation with our technology. I never figured we'd end up being The Borg.

If we play our cards right we could wind up as the Therians.
Shitposting eternally on such an epic scale we create entire species.

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Extensive gene modifications are indeed far into the future, but from my point of view so are extensive cybernetic augmentations, i believe the problem lies whit the human body that can not interface/connect neurologically (yet, to the degree we would consider sci-fi) whit electric components. You also consider fusing said augmentation to the skeleton too, i think that is more doable

last chance: whiteman+hardware+software+biogenetic-augmentations global anti bank/corp/gov partizan war

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This is what Zig Forums actually believes. My fucking sides lolmfao

Go finish your homework first kid.

Well we hide out in a place called Zion after taking the red pill. Then we do stuff and BOOM, we're in charge.

They don't kill our memory, they enhance it. Sure, back in the day you may have been able to recite the Illias cover to cover, but nowadays you can do that and know in detail about every last historical battle that is known and every last great work of art currently known etc.
It's replaced our memory.
As for attention span: That's just a question of how you use it. Social media is a mind killer, but you can just as easily read Goethe on a smartphone. If anything, this is going to re-introduce a true caste divide in western society over the generation, between the filthy normalcattle goybook users and the aristocrats that use technological possibilities to expand their mind.


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Personally I'm of the opinion that full body sci-fi tier prosthetics will be viable much sooner than partial cyberisation
Mainly because all you need to do is find a way to keep the brain alive in what is essentially a jar and create an effective BMI.
Much less hassling about with finding ways to get the flesh and machine to tolerate each other.

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do not need to be afraid of this as there will always be one/those who will betray the lord and transfer the technology to the enemy(«fallen angels»)

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Genetic engineering. Then you can be a superhuman without being a cyborg.

having shit genetics myself i'm all for it

moar. that can't be all of it.


Back to >>>/a/
Don't make me bully you, baka.

This far fetched gymnstics mean shit. Our future depends on wether the elites are dethroned in the next years or not. Once production is fully automated (((they))) will no longer need us. At the moment they still need our services.
This period of time is what will decide the fate of our children.

Good, I need a new liver. The redpills killed my old one.

Interestingly I heard a news report about a couple suing a doctor for aborting their healthy child. Hmm. We might be there already.

CORAL 66, which is close to COBOL and may be why John Titor was looking for that IBM machine that compiles both that and APL.

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