Mistakenly, Vox as a piece of the (((media))) has played their hand of left wing authoritarianism before critical mass in the socialist direction. They are going scorched earth on Youtube, already with major right wing channels (albeit basic conservatives) being deplatformed. This alone would have sparked major anger and resistance towards the left and Youtube but on top of that hundreds if not more centrist and neutral channels are losing monetisation or being deplatformed.

This has become an exploitable moment.

When people get angry, they need to direct their anger towards something. How about amplifying this anger and specifically target it towards the people (((behind it)))?

I propose a list. Give them the fear of being individually targeted. Scour twitter and simply add a username to this thread. Attaching a tweet of their "crime" would benefit everyone viewing the thread understand what to search for. Simply look for terms such as "fuck white people", "I hate white people", "homophobic".Any tweeters that blatantly promote racism towards whites and violence towards the right should be brought to light.

Build the list, compile it, then once the list is thoroughly filled, spread it.

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thanks nigger

To begin;

Good idea, bump.

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And what if I do?

Well, then you may be a candidate for further investigation (useful for justifying already ongoing investigations because of your red flags), building a further case against you, and entrapment we'll get away with because it's actually the job we do, but not the job we're paid to do officially. And there maybe "other prizes" as well, such as being signed up to become a patsy in a false flag attack where only you will be murdered, and a bunch of sorry ass people will be paid to pretend (as part of a training exercise of course for the US military full spectrum dominance readiness program).

How is it FBI to make a fucking list of people who are anti-white and far left? You pathetic inbred who calls any attempt to do anything, not even irl making a FUCKING LIST OF USERNAMES FBI. When they seize power I hope you take the first bullet.

:^) ima fly a plane full of 7000 tons of explosives into the pentagon in the next 15 30 years!In (( our minecraft server of course))

Just pick the former and active staff of media matters, they're the activist branch of leftists masquerading as journalists. They've been pulling stunts like this against anyone to the right of them.

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If you popped George Soros you would have the allegiance and support of hundreds of millions of milquetoast moderate conservatives around the world. They might not admit it in public, but they would relish it if his minecraft house was blown up by a creeper.

I don't think you get how feds work. It's illegal for them to coerce people into killing others on anonymous outlets. They can't gain anything from it.

However, it's legal for them to coerce you into a crime if you cooperate with them while compromising your identity (attending rallies, being in an activist organization, posting your details in a server, or buying an unregistered firearm).

The problem comes from both the left and right alike. Leftists would cheer terrorists like Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela, and MLK. However, right wingers would throw people the Covington kids under the bus.

I'm not saying that they need to support Hitler, because that's pretty fucking dumb. I'm saying that they don't need to assist their enemies to demonstrate that they aren't extremist. Their enemies always will think that they're extremist and demand more.

Just shut up about it.

They fucked enough for Jimmy Dore to even call it out. The only valid response to this would be a strike team on their HQ in the Minecraft server. Or last the least doxing and intense IRL shitposting on JewTube execs' family.

How much easier would it be for minecrafters to directly target a Minecraft usernames dirt house with tnt, flint and steel, and bow and arrows though if there was a list of people pre picked?

Vox is NBC is Comcast
Comcast's (((CEO))) is Brian L roberts
Here's his house outside Philadelphia:

I thought these kikes were supposed to be criminal mastermind supervillains? Why does it seem like they're just a bunch of bumbling boomer and gen-X shitheads?
Lists already exist. "Day of the Rope" (Devon Stack) directly hints at that. Triggers won't be pulled until there's a critical mass, just like you said OP, in support for """doing something about it""".

Critical mass is approaching. Normies see the smoke now.

kys kike. can't wait until you hang.

Notre Dame comes to mind as a literal example of that
False flag theories were blasted far and wide. Loads of people I know personally don't believe the official story. It's just a small step over a couple cold ones to blackpill folks from there. Start with the Iraq War, not 9/11, move back in time to the USS Liberty, Iran Contra, etc.

The second law and order breaks down, the guns come out on both sides. Dear of economic ruin and an overwhelming government response is the only thing keeping each side at bay.

Life is still too comfortable for street warfare.

Vox is just playing patsy for organized jewish power.

kikes will try EVERYTHING to keep the death slow. a total sudden breakdown is what they want to avoid at all costs


It's left wing journalists and those activist organizations. They're not going to stop unless if you take them out consecutively in minecraft.

Some don't get the memo. Also, most are demented idiots play acting, pretending the present place and time is exactly like some other time and place. They don't have a real plan just tactics.