What every woman needs to hear

Cohabitation, that is "living together" before marriage has been shown to increase the risk of subsequent divorce of a couple. Many investigators have felt that the practice of cohabitation is selective for people who don't value marriage highly and hence are more likely to divorce when stress is put onto the marriage. In essence, it was thought that the cohabitors more "liberal values" placed them at higher risk of divorce.

Jay Teachman, an academic, investigated this matter further. The study, which is available online, makes for interesting reading. Teachman's genius was to look stratify the cohabitors risk of divorce by the by the number of sexual partners/cohabiting history.

The study was based on data from the National Survey of Family Growth 1995 cycle and involved over 6500 women.

It was controlled for a host of variables.

The study was in no way sponsored or funded by any conservative organisation.

Teachman's conclusion:

The results presented in this article replicate findings from previous research: Women who cohabit prior to marriage or who have premarital sex have an increased likelihood of marital disruption. Considering the joint effects of premarital cohabitation and premarital sex, as well as histories of premarital relationships, extends previous research. The most salient finding from this analysis is that women whose intimate premarital relationships are limited to their husbands—either premarital sex alone or premarital cohabitation—do not experience an increased risk of divorce. It is only women who have more than one intimate premarital relationship who have an elevated risk of marital disruption. This effect is strongest for women who have multiple premarital coresidental unions. These findings are consistent with the notion that premarital sex and cohabitation have become part of the normal courtship pattern in the United States. They do not indicate selectivity on characteristics linked to the risk of divorce and do not provide couples with experiences that lessen the stability of marriage.

Executive summary: It's not the liberal values, it's the number of partners that matter.


This limitation notwithstanding, the results presented here should shift attention away from research that focuses on the selection of individuals into cohabitation and premarital sex to a focus on the selection of individuals who do not marry the individuals with whom they first cohabit or initiate first sex. It may well be the case that, irrespective of the legal status of the relationship, the relevant distinction to make is between people who form multiple relationships and people who form a single, longer lasting relationship.

(My highlighting)

The paper data and methods can be found here. Premarital Sex, Premarital Cohabitation, and the Risk of Subsequent. Marital Dissolution Among Women

Oh, in table 4 of the study, Teachman gives probabilities of divorce, which for fun, we will map onto the Heritage Foundation's study.

10 year divorce rate of the Teachman study group was 34%. (I didn't use the 5 year divorce risk in Teachman's paper since the Heritage study made its calculations on the people being married more than 5 years)

Teachman didn't plot the risk by the number of sexual partners, merely that more than one and in different relationship contexts, so I have simply marked the range of his findings. Note, the really disturbing one still holds. A soon as a woman has had more than one partner her long term marital stability risk drops to near 50%.

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No OP.
There is no need to read any GOV funded studies.
Everyone should just read the bible.
It's all in there.

Wisdom Chapter 4
4:1. How beautiful is the chaste generation with glory: for the memory thereof is immortal: because it is known both with God and with men.
4:2. When it is present, they imitate it: and they desire it, when it hath withdrawn itself, and it triumpheth crowned for ever, winning the reward of undefiled conflicts.
4:3. But the multiplied brood of the wicked shall not thrive, and bastard slips shall not take deep root, nor any fast foundation.
4:4. And if they flourish in branches for a time, yet standing not fast, they shall be shaken with the wind, and through the force of winds they shall be rooted out.
4:5. For the branches not being perfect, shall be broken, and their fruits shall be unprofitable, and sour to eat, and fit for nothing.
4:6. For the children that are born of unlawful beds, are witnesses of wickedness against their parents in their trial.
4:7. But the just man, if he be prevented with death, shall be in rest.
4:8. For venerable old age is not that of long time, nor counted by the number of years: but the understanding of a man is grey hairs.

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Do people still fall for this meme?
Just take the money you'd waste on a wedding / a partner for throughout your life, adopt white children, or if you are obsessed with your own genetic superiority and can't bear to let them die, take the same money aforementioned and pay a woman to have your baby no strings attached.
There are no downsides to single father parents, and if there's one thing you're children need is more, not watered down, masculinity and testosterone nowadays.
Women are for sex, not companionship, only Magapede Trad worshippers disagree.

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Gas yourself, JIDF. Adopting a dysgenic crack-goblin is not the same as continuing your own family bloodline.

My kids will be super sapiens too

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you cant convince females to do the right thing. the only solution is to enslave them and make their decisions for them.

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no women want leaders, you have to lead them, there are different styles of leadership, you have to find out how you can do it. If you are not someone who your women can go to and ask for advice etc. you are already failing as a man and think she can act as rational as you, and has the same intellectual resources.
Strong man can result in submissive women, weak man will result in strong women, that is the state the society is in now, and its terrible because women suck at being strong.

or just don't be a bunch of jew slaves like all white men are today.

Jesus. Fuck what women want, you kike nigger faggot.

I don't care the least what they want or not. Either they want what i want and we can cooperate, or we want different things and the only way i can get what i want is by employing force.

They will submit, by will or ill.

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should you let women be running the government? you don't have to be a rapist to prevent that from happening

Rape hysteria is modern.

In traditional societies we had bride kidnapping and "matrimonial rape", even forced marriages.

Funny how these are (((perceived))) as heinous while shotgun marriages are hilarious.

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Never existed. There were never any consequences for men who'd had sex.

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We won't win by peddling dogshit pseudoscience that conflates correlation with causation. You are better than this user.


Why make a thread if you felt you needed to define that? Because anyone so dumb as to not know what the mans, isn't worth of being spoken to. More like, stepped over and that's it.

(((Teachman))) ja?

this. The numbers could be skewed by faggots and non virgin women who have had live in boyfriends before. I don't see how sharing the same living space before marriage causes marital conflict. Wouldn't stepping into their life together slowly cause the marriage to be more stable.

that's for functional societies.

Got a couple of couches, sleep on the love-seat
Someone came in saying I’m insane to complain
About a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt
Don’t believe everything that you breathe
You get a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve

this user knows the truth

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I love how she pronounces words with an 'a' in it

this is excellent news now i can prevent scientific evidence to every harlot why she is on the path to unhappiness

Don't get it, the song. I'm too autistic to interpret.

Sadness takes you

So you are telling me that living with a woman for a year to see how compatible you are is a bad idea?

yes. You're not "compatible." You have to make it work against her inclination to destroy, with no compromise. All women.

Fuck off, jewlover.

Yes. Women need to follow the path laid out by their men, or suffer he punishment for disobedience. The right to vote, the right to own property, or work needs to be revoked. Women are the sole responsibility of their father's until they are married off to a man their father approves of. The men of the community will lead, not the cucks, degenerates, or whiny cunts.

No, finally admitting to yourself that women are not, will never be, and never were equal to men when it comes to logic, compassion, strength, or leadership is the most freeing experience. Now he merely needs to change the way he views women to that of an untrained dog. The dog doesn't know what it's master wants until the master trains it. The dog can become the most loyal of creatures, if a bit brainless. The dog can be domesticated. Even the criteria for picking out a dog is the same as picking out a women. Good pedigree/breed, well-behaved, gentle, healthy and active. Observe before you commit. Then comes the hard part, training. Or re-training if her parents failed to do it right. As with training a dog you will have to reward good behavior, and discipline bad behavior. YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT IN YOUR TRAINING. Let it slide just once and that bitch is going to lose respect for you and may end up biting the hand that feeds it. Now, go out there and get your bitch.

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tits or gtfo wench

mods spoiler this but not any of the gore, loli, scat, nullo shit that gets posted daily.


checked for truth, even if a bit leanient

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This was predicted 5,000 years ago.

Source: Srimad Bhagavatam 12.2.3

Source: Srimad Bhagavatam 12.2.5

men lived for hundreds of years in the ages before Kali Yuga
Source: Srimad Bhagavatam 12.2.11


20/20 post user
Checked timestamp
Cooperation between men and women will give us the future, taking into account the nature of both (symbiosis is the only way forward).
Women get oppressed from all sides, sandnigger religions wants them to hide their beauty, jews want them to give their bodies to subhumans and dissolve their Aryan genes.
Such extreme impulses cause them to thirst for strength and decisiveness (both dominantly male qualities in a healthy/natural society).
Women are best at nurturing and social interactions, when they lack the men to provide them protection and reliance they will not be motivated do have children with soylets who complain about how vegan their hamburgers should be in the name of tolerance and self-destruction.
It's not about what women want, it's about what they need to thrive to add their vital skills to build Aryan-like civilisation.

go ahead kosher shills and mudslime goatfuckers who see aryan women as cattle to stick their smelly mutilated dicks in fucking try to D&C against Aryan I fucking dare you

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"Let me tell you about relationship, Pol…"

R9k gets the woodchipper.


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wtf does this image mean. explain plox.

>Says the race-mixing kike whore named (((Laura Southern)))

you know i would be surprised if she was a kike after a video like this.

Absolute bullshit from a fucking naive as fuck OP (and probably a fucking femanon). So many fucking excuses made because the one thing that will stop divorce rates is curtailing all women's rights including suffrage and getting rid of the age of consent. The day that women lose in court almost all of the fucking time instead of being guaranteed a fucking lottery you will see divorce rates come down. Men police men, and NO one is allowed to police the behavior of women.

Men get NOTHING from marriage in this day and age, yet we are expected to shoulder all the responsibility but have no fucking authority over our family for bearing that responsibility. So even if we put in all the work, financing, and responsibility, we can still fucking lose out like we were a always a deadbeat. Go wear a pink hat and shut the fuck up and go back to tumblr you dumb as fuck cock sucking faggot.

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Honestly this. This nation has seen the devastation of everything feminism. You give them an inch, they destroy the nation as compensation with a fucking "tee hee, hello Mr. Muslim cock".


We don’t need future “perfect” people who are rapist animals.

There's only one thing whores need to hear, and that's the sound of SS cock slapping them across the mouth before they are gassed.

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Just gonna leave this here.

It's called entryism you newfag. She's controlled opposition like everyone (((famous))).

It's the anatomy of the soul. Presumably sourced from the occult factions in Natsoc Germany, like the Thule Society. The various points of the soul can be empowered through spiritual practice – basically, a combination of meditation, mantra, visualization, and yoga.

literal kike or vaginal kike?

Thanks user, will do. KEK

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What every man must hear: women aren't people. All women are tools, to be used and discarded.

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Interesting. My de-facto "wife" and I have been together and completely faithful since we were 18, almost 14 years now, and despite expecting our 2nd blue-eyed blond baby in July we aren't married or even "engaged" for that matter. (((Weddings))) and (((diamond))) rings are expensive and seem to guarantee a coin-toss chance of divorce, so instead we have a nice house, comfortable income, savings and resources to care for our children. We may go to the courthouse and make it official for practical tax/healthcare/legal purposes sometime but 20k for a wedding is better spent on things that actually matter.

Fuck off, you retarded jew.

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You say this in aggressive tones and it makes people think that we’d be like arabs and treat our women like shit.

Regardless of your tone you are absolutely correct. Everyone that calls you a rapist or whatever is a cuck loser that is not a real man. They are still zogged brained and pussfied. They do not realize that we are not sand niggers, we are white men the best civilization creators and women will happily take their place as respected house wife’s that have lots of children under our rule. This is how things were under natural law. The man with all the power and women were a lot happier. We kept them inline by ostracization and slut shaming if they decided to go against what was best for themselves, for our race. Now we don’t do what to keep them inline because we fell for Jew lies disguised as humanitarism and gave our women up because we were brainwashed into feeling guilty and that it was a progressive thing to do, to let women do as they please. Life was still good at the time and people just lived in the present without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Now we have hypergamous sluts, single mothers, divorces and dysfunctional families all over. Such shame. Thanks a lot boomers.

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What does marriage offer a man whos expected to be a breadwinner?

In a non-Talmudized world? Comfort, home-cooked food, and children. What did you expect?

give me verses, not a make believe picture.

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I really like your take user, the sexes complement each other in a healthy society. The reason a lot of women are turning lesbian nowadays is because they see no advantage in dating men due to their childish behaviour–and so they prefer to date another woman, another mother in order to avoid entering a mother/son relationship with some random dude 5 years older than her. Most guys ultimately expect a mother out of their girlfriends, which is subverting the natural order of family structure.
Women may not be able to articulate their own discomfort well, but they're unhappy.
Honestly I think that threads on women are a massive waste of energy, because establishing a relationship with a member of the opposite sex is the most natural thing in the world.

You're appealing to fear to get people to reject God. It couldn't be more transparent that you are a little devil. Like all devils, you project your disgusting degeneracy onto those who are decent! You know you love cuckhold porn you little sick fuck. That's why you can't stop bringing it up.

Your days are numbered, so you better fucking cherish them.

No, in our world, as it is today.

Vant believe how many godless degenerates are on here calling the christian bible a book of jew religion. That is one of the dumbest things i continue to hear. Jesus rejected jewry in a literql and symbolic fashion multiple times and jews killed him for it. Jews who reject the talmud and embrace christ are maybe the most valued sons of man

And then the "jews" infiltrated, rewrote, and completely usurped the entire belief paradigm to their own benefit, you fucking brainlet race traitor.
Face it. You can be stubbornly brainwashed, and ride the Dead Christian Faith to your extinction, or you can drop that kiked bullshit, and stand with your Volk.
YOU are the ones choosing battle against your own, because your kike "god" is telling you to.
Your (((Dogma))) is stronger than your Blood?
Allow that to sink in, faggot.

Fucking kikes, man. I swear.
You hang first, traitor.

Is is your own race, religion, nationality, or immediate family that Christians are supposed to marry their own in? How do they know?

t. wondering why Pastor Anderson assumes it's the religion one

It's a book of many interpretations. Like my question here, it seems like anyone can interpret it any way with enough creativity.

It's just nonsense for people to use to cope. They have nothing intelligent or productive to add so instead they'll try to detract from someone else's post in hopes that nobody will notice they're a parasite.

Based user. Fuck marriage! Failed institution turned slave producing. No one has authority over the relationship-bond forged between you and your wife. It is not a paper or a judge(robe-wearing kike) that will define the nature of that relationship. Is the complicity between each other and devotion towards intimately shared goals.

Exactly. Even today, boomers live like their daily actions have no consequences. They think they are still living the good life where everyone is an honest, ethic and well-intentioned white guy. This is not true anymore, the only thing that is capable of waking them up is the government announcing cuts to pension payments.

First pic is gold mine. The dogs.jpg filename is not even fair. Saved. The second pic goes esoteric and a little bit into nofap, famanon posting, still it was a worthy read.

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There has to be some sort of multiverse fallacy to describe this answer.

Why give answers in alternate timelines?

You make it sound like everything the gov does is a pacification program.

This doesn't surprise me, I always thought it made more sense that the type of women that are likely to quit a marriage would also quit relationships more often, thus having more partners through her life. Makes more sense than every time a woman has sex with a new man she gets less loyal.

You kidding right? Cause that made me laugh.

i'm children?

She's also a literal kikess