Fhuuucking socialists and MAGAs

whining about how the globalist capitalist economy left them behind… on their smartphones. In what reality do people left behind by the economy have smartphones, or uber, or amazon etc

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all poor people in america today are better off then poor people in shithole countries and better of than poor people in america twenty years ago. quit cry babying. no body got left behind. even the poor people benefited from global capitalism.


when u can't dispute the argument on its merits, u can always call the poster a jew

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Your "meritorious argument" can also be dismissed using satire, as in

if there was really a ban for incoherence all of h8chan would have to ban itself into oblivion

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said with a smartphone in hand or near by. if you really felt that way you wouldn't have a smartphone or a dozen other products that only hardened consumerists buy

How much water is stored in the USA? If we configured every reservoir for energy storage, could we achieve interseasonal energy storage?

This is more a thought experiment than a proposal, as I expect the answer is no, but I mention it because of the intrinsic harmonic potential of economics. Capitalist or socialist, everyone wants stuff, and it is stuff moves the ocean of flesh, so to speak. Sometimes the stuff of stuffing isn’t about which whichist you are or how.

If we can set up more energy storage, of which pumped water is a crude yet potent potential (for A is not short of space or altitude differentials), it would become easier to experiment with new sources of power, or to meet the demands of power-hungry processes such as carbon storage.

Economic prosperity touches harts of all whichistry, and prosperity is an animal that ennobles its prey well indeed. Consume and be consumed; have joy in a good system!

incoherent much? try harder to make sense to others

I thought that capitalism would be good because since I believed that that the public would reward the most hard-working people that conducted good practices and honest labor. Over time, I noticed that Capitalism rewards bottom of the barrel subhumans who take pride in exploiting people.

It's nationalism that improves the well-being of the people, not economic systems. I'll take the L on this for you OP.

Capitalism means you don't have a Nation.

capitalism does not reliably reward merit. it also has many other drawbacks. but it is the best known method for increasing the wealth of a given nation and everyone who lives in that capitalist nation benefits

having a government with borders makes you a nation. having trade with other nations makes you a wealthier nation

Even in shithole countries they have smart phones. the long dick of capitalism blesses the people of the world everywhere

Riddle me this. What good is that "potential wealth" if leftist fags, journalists, and trannies prevent you from possessing income over Facebook memes?

"Americans" are conditioned to not even understand what a Nation is, because that thing called "America" is founded on anti-nationalism.
The border separating that thing called "America" and that thing called "Canada" is an imaginary line, separating the single English-speaking European Nation.
Just like the line between Germany and that thing called "Austria" is an imaginary line, separating the single German-speaking Nation.

The US was founded under Eurocentric nationalism. The Confederates fucked it up by throwing away their country for cheap labor.

Funny how China is the one of the richest countries on earth then I guess that happened purely by accident

"America" was founded by religious retards that couldn't stand to live in Britain anymore, and did whatever they could to get away with it, and conspire against it.

impoverished people in congo, north korea, cuba, and venezuela do not have smartphones. i haven't seen a homeless american without a smartphone in ten years

i am unable to comprehend what the fuck you are talking about

never heard of the "Pledge of Allegiance"?

china catapulted into wealth when they became communist in name only and capitalist in practice. how does a communist country have a stock market, i ask you

if you believed this you wouldn't own a car or ride around in other people's cars you fucking hypocrite

Sup, boomer.
How did you find this board? Let me guess, someone posted (((Qanon))) """""""""proof""""""""" on your Facebook and you decided to come check it out.

This ZOG-ling must also think Christfags are nation because some of them recite the Lord's Prayer!

Most of the economy is controlled by State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). The ZOG has to lie about China, because to tell the truth would only hurt them.

the bad news is you MAGAs and socialists WERE lied to. but thanks to the modern miracle of social media it was mostly you doing the lieng so, the good news is you can stop any time you're ready

i've never facebooked

the state owned part of their economy has prevented them from surpassing our gdp per capita

Putting it simply, you can't make money if rich people are preventing you from making money in the first place. That's why capitalism is a garbage system.