Stupid Cocksucker Liberal Stabs Herself Over God Emperor Trump - Good Riddance!

I can't wait for more cocksucking motherfucking liberal traitors to do this. Trump is MY president, and if you don't like it, FOLLOW THIS SACK OF WORTHLESS SHIT'S PATH


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I don’t get why libshits STILL think Trump is any different than any other ZOG-loving neocon traitor. He occasionally hints at doing something based but always cucks out in the end. I can’t wait until RWDS becomes reality

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because they voluntarily consume mainstream media and are constantly exposed to Republican VS Democrat propaganda

notice how it is mostly stupid women.
also sounds like a possible false flag for reinforcing the Trump VS leftists narrative.
OP is a trump shill

was looking forward to crawling her social media

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My wife just laughed after I translated the title.


Omg, my wife is laughing

Except that IS the case you clown. No person (other than George Washington and Jefferson Davis) has done more to advance white nationalism or white rights against cocksucker fucking faggot Democrat Communist bitches than President Donald J. Trump

If you then like it, then leave MY country or follow that crazy worthless bitch

Now that's funny

boomer pls

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This is the only reason I'll be voting for Trump, I think the leftist suicide rate will massively increase if he wins election again. This country is fucking done anyway, may as well maximize leftist suffering.

well that is quite the over reaction, she could have just moved to cucknada and be done with it…

Some problems solve themselves, I guess.

yes goy more left right hatred, more white suicide

God I wish Trump was even 0.01% as "bad" as they think he is.

For real, I wish Americans were half as racist, sexist, etc as these people think it is.

I mean if it’s doing this he might as well stay president six more

Rachael Maddow and John Oliver and Jimmy Fallon said Orange Man Bad. That's really all there is to it. Most Americans still believe mainstream media.

Did you mean to say Kosher Nationalism?

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Enjoy being ruled over by a zionist, neocon war criminal who still floods your country with racially foreign migrants, yet has the support of dumb, democratic "patriots", effectively diminishing the necessary radicalization of the right-wing.

I don't want to live in this kikes country either honestly

What did she look like?

The fucking idiot had put zero effort into getting chaught. Holy shit what a literal retard.

Women need to become more politically aware about the courts and the traitorous judges who are in bed with the homosexual police.

Imagine being so insane that you think the country is a politicians hahaha. This bitch was probably living in a one bed apartment with a stack of unpaid bills.

Libtards don't even care about his actions anymore. They only care that he said bad things before.

She's stunning and brave, along with the fire challenge guy.
We should encourage any of these very special SUPER WOKE minds to follow by their example.

Wow, I didn't know Vince from shamwow decided to live as a woman

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Trump hates Whites nigger.

has anyone considered massmailing a picture of smug trump to everyone in a blue city. or dropping smug trump photos from an aircraft propoganda style

CNN needs to be held accountable.

Not everyone cares about "muh white skin". We just wanna destroy the left and #MAGA.

Exactly. Fuck off with IDpol bullshit


the left are useful idiots for the jews you fucking mouth breather

Remember faggots, it's DOWN THE STREET not ACROSS THE ROAD

Leftists can't even kill themselves properly.

Spent some time tracking down the old liberal and sjw groups. Apparently, they got kicked out of many of their old spaces, were dissolved, or even killed themselves in some cases. Those who could be found seem to be disillusioned with American politics.

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Fuck whites and giving kikes more power but muh ebin leftist trolls getting mad is SO FUCKING BASED. Back for 4cuck.

nope, definetly not an attention whore, no fucking way in hell

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Nice try, schlomo.

That's a load of fancy shit to mean nothing at all. Try to support your statement of how his presidency "dimishes the radicalization of the right wing".

That's a remarkable coincidence tbh, because we are tired of her living here as well. Win-win I'd say, apart from the detail 'she didn't actually die yet'.

Powerful. If 20 million more TDS folks stab themselves, I'm sure it will change things. I certainly would vote differently. Absolutely convincing argument. We need more brave TDS folks like this heroic wymon.