The White Supremacist Rick Roll

There's no better feeling than winning a jukebox battle against some beaner/nigger blasting trash at the bar (inb4 /sig/) or restaurant. Turns out you can troll the entire audience of degenerates easily (and encourage allies) through your phone with the jukebox app (not spoonfeeding you or shilling the app, figure it out yourself). It's simple, next time you go somewhere with a high tech juke box (HEY GEN Z BOWLING ALLEYS ARE GREAT FOR THIS)(HEY MILLENIAL-TRASH AND GEN X, BARS ARE GREAT FOR THIS)(HEY BOOMERS CHAIN RESTAURANTS ARE GREAT FOR THIS) you can hijack the jukebox for a couple shekel credits and play whatever you want. inb4 shill for any band mentioned beyond this point, the following musicians trigger spics and nogs: kid rock, charlie daniels band, hank williams jr, MAXIMUM TRIGGER find anything classical, beethoven, Wilhelm Richard Wagner-Flight of the Valkyries, mozart, anything the jukebox has that is classical european and watch the whole fucking place scramble to shut it down. Just try it once and watch the results, theres no better feeling than hanging off to the side at a venue and watching people lose their fucking minds because 'old town road' was followed up with some beethoven's 5th. It will also _pill you on how fucked current society is.

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i can see the potential but its not like anywhere here has these iot jukeboxes


is proof white people have to die faster.


Hey Shlomo, OP may be a faggot, but at least he's not a kike.
(((Henry Winkler))) THE FONZ, is a fucking jew.

Instead of being a millstone around the neck of your race, you should try killing yourself.

At least he is not a nigger.
Slave all niggers.

Fonzy was a pretty kewl kike mateā€¦ Still can enjoy some cunt without being a faggot, Hitler did it and you can too.

OP this sounds funny as fuck. LOL you even managed to trigger the polcuck incel larpers OMEGALUL

I keked at Op's pic, comedy pol gold.

No, just kill them. They will always fuck shit up as long as they draw breath.

This guy did it, you can too.

David Allan Coe



If it's so high tech, isn't it going to be using a streaming provider like Spotify?
In which case the Skillet Lickers - Run, nigger run could certainly cause a media event.
But what you haven't mentioned is that there's going to be a log, and if you paid for the service, an easy trace back to you.
Unless you paid with crypto.

Imagine the sound.

lel nice dubs thanks for the vid too

How about going to a bar or restaurant with no niggers present?

checked, virtually impossible in my location sadly. that will change when i move 3 states over in a year or two, or the race war starts and ill just collect dead amerimutt scalps. whatever happens first.

I fucking cringe every time white supremacy is mentioned. If you aren't german you are a fucking subhuman.

American, French, English? Doesn't matter. You are trash just like blacks and Arabs and all other races. If you are east asian, congratulations you are a honorary aryan and you earned a place in this world beside germans.

There is only german pride and german supremacy. The simple fact that I was born within the borders of germany makes me superior to any other race on this planet.

You dumb nigger. Is this what they teach you NatSoc was about?

Do you know how obvious you are?

Country Boys Can Survive always gets em