First video of Julian Assange in Belmarsh prison

RT’s video agency Ruptly has obtained footage showing WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange inside Belmarsh maximum security prison.
The footage shows Assange, who has visibly lost weight, conversing with what could be his fellow inmates.
The camera then shows a small shabby cell, with books and papers strewn around the floor. While RT can’t independently verify if it was Assange’s own cell, the journalist and publisher is seen walking in the room at the beginning of the video.
Assange’s health deteriorated rapidly at the end of May, and he is said to have been moved to the hospital wing of the Belmarsh prison.
His fate is in limbo while the UK reviews extradition requests from the US and Sweden. In the US, Assange now faces 18 charges, totaling a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison. Those are based on his work with whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who leaked the infamous “Collateral murder” video, exposing American war crimes in Iraq via the whistleblowing website.

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Is RT news banned from youtube? Looks like they're not. Therefore they're not a trustworthy source.

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Why is the date on the camera 07/07/2017?

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The same reason my computer always thought it was January 1, 1980 for many years.


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Collateral Murder was misleading propaganda. It's been well shown that while WL showed overlays claiming no one was armed, you can see at the same time, one of the group carrying an RPG-7 and others armed with AK type small arms.
Wikileaks didn't dox the BNP, they merely published the membership list.

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They can't ban them without a good reason as they're a legit news company and too big. But like Pewdiepie most of their shit is mysteriously absent from "trending" tabs and "suggestions".
Some of their fluff pieces (the most blatant and divisive) do show but shit like this (vid) has almost no view, I mean it's boring ok, but it's basically two of the most powerful guys on the planet deciding on the fate of the world economy and ecology for the next 20 years and the (actual) press interviews.
It's world level important, exclusive, news…

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Once we will get him out of prison. Or the masses will when they get their shit together. He has so much dirt on every politician it's mindbending.


Why wouldn't it say January 1, 2017 then?

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Reuters even complained about it, Jew. I've watched the whole video.

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