Zoomali cop finally sentenced 12+1/2 years for Murder of White Australian Woman

From NPR

Mohamed Noor, 33, was convicted of manslaughter in April in the death of Justine Ruszczyk in July 2017, a month before she was to be married.
Noor's attorney had asked the judge for leniency, saying the remorseful ex-officer hopes to make amends for killing Ruszczyk, who was also known as Justine Damond and who held both U.S. and Australian citizenship.
"I caused this tragedy and it is my burden," Noor told the court, according to member station Minnesota Public Radio. He added: "I worked to be good at my job and bring people together. I hoped to make individual lives better. That was my hope. Taking a life so tragically goes against all of that."
But Judge Kathryn Quaintance was unswayed, following the recommendation under state guidelines.
"The act may have been based on a miscalculation, but it was an intentional act," Quaintance said. "Good people sometimes do bad things."

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Good Riddance.

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Why did this nigger even say he shot her for? From what I heard she ran up to the car distraught and screaming and the nigger got spooked and fucking shot her from inside the car over his partner who was sitting beside him

What a fucking retard

He'll be treated well by the system, he's one of the zogbots. Contrary to what tards immersed in hollykike think, US prisons are cushy and safer than retirement homes.

This looks like the reason. Clearly he was covering for his boy, Ahmed.

Because he's a nigger. With niggers, you don't need detailed or proper explanations. They're just subhuman monkey people who habitually do stupid shit because they have chimp IQs.

What's the point of putting up these rage threads, when you guys are faggots who are too pussified to spill any blood? Will you kill a nigger cop in retaliation? Or will you scream into the void? The time for action is now.

We've had two certified killers come from this board in the last 3 months. Lmao where the fuck do you think you are???

Niggers are stupid. They are the ones always causing problems. Even in traffic. Saw some nigger she-boon the other day reverse from a red light, like 20 yards, to get into the turning lane. Causing all sorts of traffic issues. They are def. retarded. And liberal assholes sit around INSISTING they aren't.

OP here, word on the street is that he was a diversity hire, but who wouldn't be if they're somali?

Not just a zogbot, but a somali, he'll probably have a ball in prison with the lot of em, but I can only guess what he's going to do on the outside when he further entrenches himself in the criminal underground. My guess is he'll just be one of the other somalis; kidnapping, trafficking people and arms, bribing, check forging, welfare fraud, daycare fraud, plotting for sunni militants etc.

hi fbi, clearly, you don't know that an insurgency should only be done, IF AND ONLY IF every other political option is exhausted. We've not nearly exhausted our political strategies yet and I'm sure you wouldn't want us to.

read my response to him. lol

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If I scream into the void it ceases to be void.

Oh hello Mr. FBI man!


Oh, I like that.

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Where's BLM? If he was white or it had been a nigger victim it would have been a legal kill.

Why would pol be against nigger police? It's the white police who get away with murder.

There is no political option, dumb ass. If you're sneaky, you can kill more niggers than Dylann Roof without even getting caught. You don't have to go on a shooting rampage, stealth attacks are much more effective and can be done multiple times, unlike going on one big rampage.

If you shoot a nigger in the brains, it ceases to be a living rape machine.

Waste of dubs. Hitler wasn't a do-nothing faggot like yourself.

I'm being dead serious, no shitskin has the right to have authority over whites. How many of our women and children will keep dying before we make the niggers afraid again?

Hello leftyfag.

White police murder whites. Whites who don't name the white are idiots,

Am Minnesotan. Can confirm that never EVER has a Somali been hired unless a company is just that desperate for a diversity hire.

I think BLM is a dead organisation. You don't hear shit from Deray McKesson or any of the idiot black women that are usually really loud about anything black related; whether it was a victim or perpetrator. BAMN is also very quiet. Personally, I think people, even boomers, are onto their bullshit (though boomers come to the same conclusion but for the wrong reasons).

And how do you propose to do that? In case you haven't noticed in 2019, everyone has cameras and sooner or later, even the best can slip up and be identified. There's no Zig Forumsack on here who has the connections to pull off a mossad-like poisoning operation either. go LARP somewhere else, kid

< i'm going to be gay and no one's going to know i'm not from here here i go!
< pol
< not realizing it's actually black police officers who are more keen to shoot first then ask questions.
You didn't do a very good job at this, did you?

The whites who are usually killed by police are either mislabeled mestizo/castizos or their the white trash variety. It's actually a rarity that an innocent white person gets shot, why? because they don't antagonise the police.


get a load of this faggot apologizing for ZOGbots. you dont belong here cuck

probably because they dont try to work. and why would they? they get all the welfare in country that we pay for.

Hey fuck you man, chimps are smarter than niggers.

not an apologist for zogbots, and you didn't refute my initial statement.

You know I really understand now why they call this place a containement area, You fucking cucks are doing nothing but screaming autistically niggers and calling each other kikes and fbi bullshit while the niggers are fucking you straight in the ass.Imagine if a nigger apes who got killed how the chimps will act? They always defend their own unlike you retards.
This indivudalism and selfishness is why ((they)) are wining and forcing you to pay for the niggers welfare and eventually to get raped by them You dumbfucks.

Inb4 I get called an fbi shill

Say that to Tarrant and Earnest. Anyway, this is a forum for discussion, not a movement.

Quit being a useless pussy, there are quite a few ways to prevent an attack from being traced back to you. If you time it correctly, take precautions for your vehicle (such as, using a stolen license plate and then disposing of it afterwards), covering up your hands and face during the incident, and leaving the weapons used for the attack at the scene. Try to only use a gun to subdue instead of kill, try to use something you can find at the scene for the final part, or just use a disposal blunt object of your choosing. (in Minecraft, yadda yadda)

Yes, for discussion. Don't you realize the gravity of this situation, and what is in store for us if we are to lose? We need to discuss the important things, not the immature bullshit.

What are you doing yourself? Nothing. It's time to organize, lone wolf attacks have their purposes, but we need an army to defeat the jew.

>james fields gets life+419 years because he "supposedly" he didn't even hit her hit a hambeast when he was surrounded by violent activist

At least he didn't tell people to boycott israel. Then he would be in some real trouble.

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oh but you are fbi shill

Let this man's response be a reminder that this place is indeed being heavily monitored and that even Zig Forums's admins as per their transparency report, admit that they cooperate with the authorities. As with all fed-posters, please either ignore themincluding filtering them or politely explain to them that this is a board for research and discussion of historical and current matters. Under no circumstance do I, or any serious Zig Forumsack, adhere to, or advocate violence.

Everything you mentioned is irrelevant, because it would be in such small scale that it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference. If you somehow get away with it, the security apparatus would be even more on edge, so much so, that it would actually incense the darkies even more so towards us. Remember how they tried to blame a white man for,well anything? It's going to be even worse when they eventually find out that it WAS a white man. You're not fooling anyone, whether you're an actual fed or a fedposter, you're not inciting anyone here to do that. fuck off.

reminder, don't take fedposters seriously. EVEN IF, you don't do anything, the feds can AND WILL use whatever you write down here, as evidence. good luck saying that it's satire in a court of law. These statements afforementioned are the usual tactics and verbage of either an emotionally-unstable moron OR, very likely, a fed. Either way, we don't need those types of people. Also please note, that they automatically go into discussions of unprovoked violence.

is there a board or archived thread that went over the james fields case with a fine-tooth comb? I didn't pay much attention to it since the retard rallies did more to cause us damage than anything. Any archived shit you know of please send to me.

Stop insulting chimps. Most chimps are smarter and more peaceful.

You answered your own question. You aren't ever going to spur the NEETs to action. They'll scream into the void forever. Go work on something instead of screaming into the void, at faggots screaming into the void.

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I'm one of the only ones on here actually doing anything in the real world, it seems. Of course, I don't know that for sure, I'd like to think that many Zig Forumsacks are going out there and striking at our enemies, of course it shouldn't be discussed publicly, but these things should be getting done regardless.

Waste of dubs. It's time to start taking the next steps towards the revolution, there is no harm in discussing this, we can't let paranoia keep us from doing anything at all.

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>Zoomali cop finally sentenced 12+1/2 years for Murder of (((White Australian Woman)))
kikes will never be white

Time for you to stick a dildo up your ass and die, faggot.

Didn't the Zig Forums group mind discover she was a jewess?

It's a highly amusing story and I'm glad this shitskin has had his life ruined more or less but fundamentally it's worth no more than a hearty chuckle and a robust cracking fart.

She was Jewish. Not White.

Her last name comes from ethnic Orthodox Christian Slavs. Do your research faghot

You are a literal colored boy. Once they find out hes a cop hes getting steel.

Slavs will never be white and kikes change last names all the time. Get gassed, lampshade.

Yet another waste of dubs. You can tell that this is a kike due to the obsession with sodomy.

Sure thing shlomo.
My jdar is well calibrated and working.

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provide proof of this claim.

there's more to the story than i've seen anyone mention

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should have just the nigger in the face

am i missing something? is somalia known for great cops and safe neighborhoods?

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We have id's newfaggot

12.5 years for point blank murder. Doesn't seem just.

can they really not see the difference between someone attacking police and a dumb roastie knocking on the window of a car?

Literally Jihad, he'sa piece of shit Somali terrorist. he's got like 3 wives and after this happened he was being a total dick demanding privacy and shit, he was not remorseful, he simply saw what he believed was an easy opportunity to murder an infidel and get away with it. fuck this fucking muslim piece of shit

op here, suck my cock.

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how do i fucking meme

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What's the point? Even if we go out and kill dozens of them in one swoop, all that means is that there will be weekly schizo threads about how it's all fake, how we're a mossad asset and how we did it for israel.