Canadian Government makes propaganda movie against innocent man


A brief summary:

Gerald Stanley is a farmer minding his own god damn business when a truck full of drunken Indians break into his farm and try to steal what they can load in the back of their truck. Upon confronting them, the Indians try to flee, but in their drunken stupor, crash their truck (nearly crushing Stanley's wife).

Stanley, thinking his wife is dead, fires several warning shots from an old tokarev pistol loaded with damp ammo from poor storage into the sky. He approaches the crashed truck and as he's taking the keys out of the ignition. a remaining round in the chamber goes off and kill Colten Boushie, the driver of the truck. Stanley goes on trial. He is found innocent.

But this is CurrentYearLand, and an acquittal will not do!

Enter King Leaf himself and his pet Indian Jody Wilson-Raybould, the minister of Justice at the time. Pic related is Trudeau actively undermining the verdict of the trial.

The Boushie family is flown out to meet with Trudeau in private. There is no record of what they discussed behind closed doors. What does happen however is that the National Film Board of Canada, the literal propaganda office of the Federal government, gives funding and support to Tasha Hubbard, THE COUSIN of the deceased Colten Boushie to make a "documentary" about how racist Canada is that Colten Boushie is the most goodest of boys who never dindu nuffin ever.

Meanwhile, the family of Boushie is STILL actively suing Gerald Stanley, the latter has been forced to sell and flee family home and farm from constant harassment from the nearby Indians.

This is an election year in Canada, and this propaganda movie was meant to be the club, the battering ram, of Trudeau's government to smash their enemies with accusations of racism, and white supremacy.

The release date is not a coincidence. The CBC, our national broadcaster, is also involved in this and has been pumping it for months. the film is to be released this shortly on TV for everyone to watch, just prior to the election, to ferment and rile up the bugmen and NPCs into a frenzy of virtue signaling.

None of this is accidental. the Inquiry reporting about "genocide" against Indian women, this movie being lauded with praise and awards. You're witnessing the manufacturing of consent and a national myth of "white man bad" to secure Trudeau and his friends' power for another decade.

To add to this. The outcome of the trial is that now a jury of your peers and the presumption of innocence of the accused are on the chopping block in Canada if the globohomo parties have their way. Imagine how fucked up it would be if every jury was based on racial quotas? That's what's at stake here as well.

Yes, Sweetie, the deck is stacked against every prosecution. That's the point of a fair trial of your peers.

Long story, it's impossible to publicly talk about this story or movie anywhere. Reddit censors it, CBC censors anything to do with Indians, and the other news services are heavily moderated. We're expected to pretend it's completely normal a man, and by extension his whole nation, found innocent in court, is to be subjected to a government funded hit piece after he was acquitted.

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Colton Boushie has helped out cause immensely. The Cheka are now seen as a political force, and in E division are literally running gun sales out of cruisers to people to defend against these chugs.

JWR's father is Indian Mob and she should have never had security clearance to join the bar let alone cabinet.

Fuck chugs. Should have exterminated these savages when we had the chance. Now they are the protected class and regularly commit crimes with impunity. Any chug-infested area is a hotbed for petty crime.
Also, weedman and his cuckteam are delusional if they think they are going to last another term. Canadians are notoriously spiteful voters, and I have yet to meet a leaf who doesn't hate his guts.

I knew about Boushie and his family being heavily involved in the local reserve crime syndicate and the corruption charges against some of them that were part of the band council, but this is the first I hear of Wilson-Raybould herself also being implicated in some manner with the reserves' syndicates. Do you have any more info about this?

Downloaded the trailer so you don't have to go to youtube

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All men are guilty of something, shitlord.
fuck off shitskin

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If it was for me I'd install armed cameras that automatically shoot tranq bullets at anything in my property and call the police
Automated self-defense ftw

Leafistan does not have the castle doctrine and stand-your-ground laws, unfortunately.

If an intruder confronts you in your home you're expected to run and never stand your ground unless you've been literally cornered. It's insane.

Nothing. Nothing about the next thing and nothing until a point in which something wouldn't be effective anyways. Hell, that point may already be here anyways, but even if not nothing will be done. Well, other than the same bitching by the small percentage that even realize something is wrong.

One day, soon I believe, I shall break the bonds of my enemies and feed their marrow to my hounds.

Now, what are the relevant links? Any posters with the information and so on?

The Boushie famelee deserves to be skinned alive and thrown into a pit filled with fire ants.

Canada's government and cityfags are under the delusion that we live inside a small, densely-populated eurofag country. In reality, we are a vast, sparsely-populated nation spread across an entire continent. Expecting the policies of a small socialist nation where minimal infrastructure can serve a shitton of people to scale across a nation this wide is the kind of stupidity that comes from fools and the very detached.
Mind you, not letting people defend their own property is still stupid even in small socialist nations. I'm just saying that a nation this big has even fewer excuses to make these kinds of mistakes.

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Believe it or not these are 3rd world laws.

To expand on this, excuse the cuckchan memes, a friend gave me this here's the Swedish government's take on property and self defense. These are the laws lefties want you and your children want to live under, even if you're in the middle of bumfuck nowhere with the nearest police station half an hour or further away.

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That pic is a absolutely pathetic life view. You are doing the world a favor if you shoot and kill a thief or someone who wants to murder you. Those are not reasonable people and treating them as such is insane.

It's an adult male that was killed.

It's amazing btw that all these Amerindians in this video support a guy who was fucking asking for it so bad. No whites would ever do a big scene like this if a white man randomly invaded someone else's farm and tried to steal shit and got shot.

Acting just like niggers in this respect. "He dindunuffin".

Whites don't defend their degenerates/criminals (and shouldn't).

Who the fuck cares? You anti-gay people are morally broken degenerate criminal scumbags bitching about a society whose prosperity and advancing technology pisses you off for no damned good reason. Grow a backbone and learn to place reality above your feelings.

You're the morally broken degenerate scumbag, dicksucker. Fags are involved in a disproportionate amount of crime, probably even more than niggers, and they love going to prison since it's fag heaven. You're also a huge disease vector.

The government is literally bribing violent criminals with legislature that creates loopholes for them to use them as political goons and terrorists, while they actively ignore the rules they enforce upon the "electorate" at gunpoint. You're a childish pleasure junk whose reckless and hedonistic style of existence will usher in a dark age of human existence that may actually put us on a path towards inevitable extinction.

That's true. However they don't want you to be self sufficient such as dealing with thieves or any sort of lunatic that might harm you on your own. They need you to be dependent on the state owned law enforcement like the police so they can play their civilization game while you become domesticated and state dependent. What follows after is, they can pass any kind of nonsensical laws like giving mentally ill and unfit degenerates lwho has 3,000 different sexual identities legal rights and ultimately create a marxist society where manhood and womanhood is undermined and degenerates and sickness is running amuck.

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it seems we hurt the NFB's feefees and they're deleting every comment that isn't fellating Boushie's corpse. GJ bros. they're running with #justiceforcolten everywhere else it seems.

Is this even possible? This should be made possible.

homosexuality has nothing to do with this. Besides, I thought leftists cared passionately about the little man. What's more proletarian than a literal farmer defending himself and his means of production from depredation?

Gods you're note even morally consistent in your hatred. Just neck yourself.

Those are a set of ugly mexicans aint they?

Faith Goldy would cover this. Send her an email if you're legit concerned.

Leftists themselves always victimize small property owners, like farmers. When you look at things like the Holodomor you can see why they empathize with bandits over farmers. They are little more than bandits themselves.

you could have said that in like 5 sentences. learn2succinct retard

I worked as a bouncer in a bar on an indian reserve that was bordering on a Canadian city one summer when I was a university student. I've never seen such a collection of morally depraved useless drunken retards in my life. Totally a waste of air.

Because the government is fucking shit as fucking all shit and so is anyone who voted for the fags in the first place

"This country's in pretty bad shape when human scum can walk across your lawn, and they put you jail if you shoot 'em."

David Lynch

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I recall there was a Sikh Guru that had his skin blanched off like a tomato and was then thrown into a pit of broken glass and hot salt by Mudslimes and all he did was smile and wave. So yes, it's technically possible.

We still have jury nullification in Canada, but I don't think the average cuck leaf knows it.

Christ, that's arguably worse than their public voting process.

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Note to commies and faggots in Canada that love WaterHole (Trou d'eau); nobody can stand chugs. The chinks in particular deeply despise them; chugs shit their pants in public, deliberately as a defiant gesture. This entire thing must be a distraction from some other shit that's going on.

I can't watch that. Her pronunciation is disgusting. "Daahhhnced." Fucking disgusting shit-skin.

…because aboriginals, particularly the vagrant types, try to hide in the chinese population the same way jews try to larp as White; any leaf city's chinatown area will have a significant abo presence.
Leaf aboriginals better wake up fast. In another generation, they will be down to about 1% of the leaf population (or less). When the two big political parties in Leafistan soon become the chinese liberal party and the pahjeet NDP, aboriginals will be in serious peril. White people were their benefactor; Weikang and Durkaminder do not give a rat's ass about them. Abos don't see that 3rd-world hyper-immigration is a severe and imminent threat to their very existence. They really ought to be front of the line demanding immigration ceases.

It's the same for niggers in the US, they're just genuinely that retarded and spiteful that they'd rather bite the white man one last time than provide a future for their people.

This totally. Five or six years ago I was on a bus and there were two young nig males in expensive track suits wearing $250 basketball shoes and sporting some solid gold neck chain bling. A young drunk chug got on the bus spotted them and rushed to them to immediately adopt them as his intimate bros. You would have cringed if it weren't so comical to see how obsequiously he grovelled to them. The coons had some dignity, enough to be repelled by the filthy drunken staggering chug with symptoms of tertiary syphilis boiling up on his pox covered face. Even the nigs despise the chug and rightly so.

Defending yourself, your property, and not letting your wife be raped is racist.

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Whites don't do it, but should be doing. Any white that has done something wrong is still better than your dindu-noffin-civilian soon to become enemy. Defending whites is what you should be doing right now, just because no one will defend yourselves for you. I don't actually believe you are a kike, but just in case.

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I'm MEtis and I %100 agree with this. Bleeding hearts are the new English and my full blood chugs are falling for Jewish tricks so hard. In a generation no one will give a fuck about land claims when we find resources.

Chugs don't even have a clue that if the TPP had passed its international tribunal composed of corporate lawyers could have easily overruled the Canadian parliament, the Canadian Supreme Court and even the most ancient treaties signed with the natives. Wanna keep your forested valley pristine? Weyerhauser takes you to the TPP court and finds it's an unfair restriction on trade and next thing you know your pristine forest is gone.

The logging machines they've got now will zip up a huge mountain valley of big trees in a few days.

Does this mean Day of the Rake grows nigh?

Holy shit. I didn't think that level of cuckery was even possible. D-does that… If I dare call it a human… even have a survival instinct?

No. His bugman transformation is so thorough that he can't imagine life without the hive to protect him.

A court of law decided he was innocent and clear of wrong-doing. But that wasn't enough for the Canadian government. They seek to punish this family regardless of the law.

Several warning shots? Are you fucking kidding? Why didn't he shoot all the featherdindus and bury them in the field? Can't you leaves do anything right?

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Men aren't humans unless they're some woman's 'baby', which often they only become once lost. Kind of like the guy that kills his wife then complains he has no one to fuck.

That facial expression by the leafnigger on the right. I see it on the face of master liars, usually politicians and activists.

Reading this made me angry, but then I realized its almost the exact same here in Canada.
Fucking hell, the civil war can't come soon enough.