The Goyim Know

As they came about, I always had an aversion to “le epic Zig Forums ops xD” such as “It’s ok to be white” or “they totally think the OK symbol is racist, OWNED!” They’ve just been vehicles in pushing the faux left/right conflict between kosher nationalists and liberals the world over. In my opinion, if it isn’t attacking ZOG directly, it isn’t worthwhile.

I was inspired by the spray painting in Kingston, Ontario on the campus of Queen’s university. The user spray painted “cryptic anti-semitic messages” such as “the goyim know” and “13% = 50?” The beauty of this, in my mind, was that it was clearly pointed at the right enemy, while being cryptic enough that normalfags won’t dismiss it out of hand. The most poignant in my mind was “the goyim know.” This is packed with so much, without being intelligible to the uninitiated. The jew thinks of us a separate animal (goyim) and there is something being hidden form us. If anything, it piques the curiosity.

And so I’ve dreamed up this little le epic Zig Forums op. In my mind, if there were a coordinated effort to post these in meat space, it could have powerful impact. It isn’t benign and defensive like “IOTBW,” it strikes right at the target. It also won’t be dismissed as easy as “Hitler was right gas the kikes XDDDDD” kind of rhetoric that doesn’t survive in meat space. If we could get this posted in various cities around the continent / world, the media would either have to ignore it (and leave people with the curiosity of what the message meant) or, if they took the bait, attack it. Just having the phrase “the goyim know” repeated in the media would have a powerful effect I think.
I’m not sure what the legal repercussions of this are. In my mind one of the strengths of this message is that it won’t quite count as hate speech. I realize law enforcement will do all they can to prosecute something they deem remotely connected to “hate speech” but I think the slogan gives your some room for plausible deniability. Of course it’s better to not be caught doing it.

So I brought this here for discussion. I thought the timing of this was ripe with the youtube shoah that just happened. We're running out of time and the heat has to be turned up.

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Intredasted bump.

fuckin genus

We need to stop being on the defensive. If it doesnt point to ZOG, I dont think it's super useful. The conversation has to involve Jewish control. The Jews want to keep the conversation about sjws and muslims while they evade mention.

Have a poster that reads :

Sumner Redstone
Robert Iger
Jeff Zucker
Andrew Lack

This poster should (or maybe shouldn't) have the star of david in the corner and may or may not have more names on it.

This poster appears as a random list of jewish names. Attacking the poster as "nahtzee" or "anti-semitic" would make people more curious about who those people are.

meant for:


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Stickers, anons. They can be put anywhere. Readable even if small. Can be placed on hard to reach places.

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Nigger, you're probably some secondary faggot. Do you have experience with guns? Then put your mouth where your money is. The jews want you fucking die, but are you willing to tell the FBI "No." when they come for your guns? I didn't think so.

I actually like this one. All the others after IOTBW really sucked, but this is different. It automatically invokes the question, "who are goyim?" People will research this, and the path to their understanding grows from there.

The entire universe of le ebic memes should start to creep into meatspace very soon. Stickers, fliers, and stencils are easy.

I like this idea, but I think we have to be a little anti-semitic. At some point we need to apply gas to the fire. Being able to post anti-semitic messages in the public is a step towards this.

Too overt. Normies will dismiss it off-hand.

Great idea.

Nothing will happen until whites are willing to use their fucking guns. Use them, you stupid whitebred faggot. Do it right now, or die.


The beauty of IOTBW was the absence of racism or anti-semitism. Not all jews are democrats. What would a possibly right-wing jew think upon seeing this? If anything these kind of posters could lose us voters, not add them.


Scared kike right here.

Kill yourself, jew.

Patience, Berzerker. It's coming. We first have to taunt them into a frenzy so the world knows who is in the right. The Court Jester can't usurp the crown until he has the Court on his side.
Keep shitposting. Push further into IRL with all of this information, and keep your powder dry. It's coming.

Fuck right wing zionist kikes. They play both sides of their Hegelian Dialectics. There is no Left or Right.
Only Aryan.

Fair enough.

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Secondary faggot? I want the war to start just as much as anyone, but that's why we need to fan the flames.

You can't do it until everyone is on your level.

There is no reason that every person in the United States shouldn’t know what the word goyim is.

This, actually.

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Getting scared, kike?

So this is the power of nu-Zig Forums? Yikes.
Ask yourself, fren, which had a bigger impact? IOTBW, or the guy with the spraypaint? IOTBW was a media focus for a few *weeks*, and actually had an effect on the public. It was a strategy that worked, and it was pulled off perfectly.
Going around and spraypainting "the goyim know" has got to be the dumbest idea I've ever read. I have a better idea than this off the top of my head.
If you want to redpill the public on the Jews, spraypaint talmudic verses that talk about Gentiles being cattle. Just the name of the book, and the paragraph and verse, just like how people write bible verses. That would be 1000x more effective than spraying some idiotic vaguely threatening nonsense like "the goyim know".

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Shill. This place really is fucked now. A few years ago there really were some intelligent people here, but they've all jumped ship.

The jews murdered JFK, bombed the USS Liberty, and bombed the Twin Towers.

I know, user. They'll pay for their crimes.

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oh look, it's this fag. he's been spamming /v/ aswell



Fuck you, it's brilliant.

Likewise. I always thought it was cringe worthy bullshit and I got legit second hand embarrassment from seeing it posted around and even on TV and THEN when I saw shekel grabbing coalburner Lauren Simonsen wearing a t-shirt of "its okay to be white" I felt even more repulsed by it.

Another idea spray painting the outline of the jew rubbing his hands together but with a faint outline its quite vague but very obvious what it is and also hilarious.

100% agree. Okay to be white doesn't advance our cause at all. It actually makes us sound meek and weak. Like a malnourished anorexic man begging for crumbs at the table of niggers and kikes.

Hi Chaim.

It is absolutely okay to be white, and you need to fucking suck a shotgun, shylock.

IOTBW was pure nupol. It didn't advance OUR (national socialists) cause at all. The only faggots who supported it were Trump supporters who still think the biggest problems are democrats and trannies. This isn't about spraypaiting "the goyim know," its about plastering these "the goyim know" posters around town.

And running around putting up posters about it makes it seem as if it was ever in question. You election newfags need to leave.

This guy gets it. IOTBW is the stuff that wins us elections. This kind of stuff makes us seem like literal nazis and scares the normie away.

Lmao kys

Why not both? if IOTBW was too nu/pol/ the goyim know or Talmud passage quotes should be more too your liking?
There's literally no downside to this.
That is exactly what we want, no more talk about votes this or votes that, let's address the Judaic elephant in the room.

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There is no Phase Two.

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I like the talmud idea. I think it would work beautifully as a follow up to "the goyim know." The point of TGK is that its uniform in implementation, catchy and easy to remember. It hopefully forces the media to go "BLATANT ANTI-SEMETIC ATTACKS" and overreact to what seems like an innocuous statement.

The media will thus bring "jewish control" into conversation. They'll explain what "the goyim know" means and try to ridicule it. After they've spent their time trying to do this, we hit them with talmud verses, proving them wrong.

Just spitballing here but to me this sounds like a pretty good idea.

It's not a phase two. Its not Kosher-nationalism like IOTBW was intended to be.

t. reddit

Hello shill.

Found the kike. IOTBW was a failure in that it didnt point the figure st the jew, and that's why it was adopted by the army of flacid ecelebs that ZOG has on its payroll.
Yeah lets not do anything ever unless its completely kosher. Were being genocides, but it would be a much larger shame if we got caught putting up posters!
Yeah I was making fun of the kind of nupol faggots who thought IOTBW totally triggered the libs xD.

Kys kike.

this is a genius idea plz spread!

What exactly did IOTBW accomplish? Do you think lauren southern is on our side?

that was a very cringey meme. Jews are white so? this meme is way better

How is 13% = 50 attacking ZOG directly?

wait how come facts scare normies? last time i checked you could quote the quran and normies would hate islam. You are a pussy cuck, kys shill.

It's because normalfags were taught 'muh shoah' at a young age, so it confuses them.

Yea, goy! Self-incriminate! What are you, scared? You obviously can't do things in secret without telling people, so don't even try!

You have a few extra challenges with this one than with IOTBW, though it isn't a bad idea overall. One of the most redpilling things for me was learning about what a "goyim" was and subsequently how Jews view and treat non-Jews.

Then don't use the IOTBW format. Be creative and think of a different way to deliver that phrase. The strength of IOTBW is that it is not associated with any other group or messaging while still delivering a message that makes sense to normal people.

Hence the other issue with your phrase right now: "The goyim know" is an esoteric phrase that only those who "know" will get it. Your audience is basically Jews, Zig Forumsacks, and above-average knowledge SJW's. The vast normie hordes don't know what a goyim is, and don't know what it means if they "know". The best reaction you could get was more Jews kvetching about it and then using the newspaper to explain what a goyim is and how them "knowing" is hateful. But more likely than not it will be approached as "cryptic" because reporters are not that smart and don't know what it means. IOTBW required no additional education, just a simple opinion, hence its power to create redpilled conversations in secret.

Your current formulation creates two questions in the mind of viewers: What are " The goyim", and what do they know? That's too complex of a question for a poster seeking simplicity. You have to approach one or the other. "Goyim" or "Good goy" or "Are you a goy?" or put a Star of David near it elicits only a single question and on that simplicity metric is stronger, though the hook might not be as strong without various nosed individuals from kvetching about how it's bad to know about goyim.

Another angle would be to drop redpills about what Jews think about goyim in the posters themselves in a sort of "Did you know?" sort of style. Literally learning more about Jewish religion and culture made me dislike them more, hence why the good goy is not taught anything about them. Merely knowing what a goy is creates one of the most important redpills by itself and breaks the mental trap preventing people from seeing Jews around them.

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Jews are just middle eastern trash like muslims both pedo death cults hardly white, more tan

Reddit is waiting for you. Go back home


I chose that format because anyone with a printer can mass produce these things, and putting up flyers on lamp posts isn't illegal in itself. In this way, its easy to go around slapping these around your community and leaving the scene before anyone knows you posted something that could be considered anti-semitic.
This is exactly what I want, and its what they did when that lone kid spraypainted stuff in vancouver. The best case scenario is this gets pushed to the masses through its ubiquity. If we get just a few anons distributing this en masse, it will be talked about.
The thing is, I want people to see the poster without having it explained to them. When these get posted, I want them on every lamppost in an area, and for it to make an impression on people, regardless if they know what it means
I also don't think this is a bad thing. I want anons to see this and know other are acting in meat space. I want to push the envelope of our presence and part of that is moral boosting.

I still think the original message is the way to go. I'm going to conduct a pilot in the next few days, if it has the desired effect, i'll be spreading this to the chans.

If putting up posters is your limit for action in the public sphere, because you're araid of incriminating yourself, you're never going to accomplish anything. There's also nothing illegal about putting these up anyway.

Make sure you have a firearm ready for use at home, they might send people to suicide or disappear you.

Why are you bloviating to me about accomplishing stuff? You haven't even put up a single one of these posters yourself, even though it was your idea. You honestly have no clue just how hypocritical you are being saying this shit to me.

Even if you make it black and white coloring only, modern printers can print it. The aesthetic and tactical reason why IOTBW was structured that way was to emphasize and focus viewers on only one particular question that led them to the reactions they wanted. If you make this poster and it gains traction, it gives better ammunition to associate the two posters together in a negative light. Besides, you should be creative anyway. Everyone tries to copy IOTBW because they are giddy with its success, but its success decays when it can be associated with this or that.
No problem, I agree. I'm a big fan of postering, stickering, and methods to make it more robust.
I mean confusion in itself might work, though the difference between spraypaint and paper is that the paper is super easy to remove and therefore forget, whereas spraypainting like that is tough to ignore. An alternative is to make highly-resistant posters via pasting techniques, use a different medium, or even consider weird permanent things like Toynbee Tiles.
That's a good goal, and if you would be satisfied with your campaign doing just that, then your messaging would be effective for those in the know. Where I live there were a few posters that appeared that Zig Forumsacks would know at a glance, and it was encouraging to see.
Good plan. Give it a shot in the laboratory of meatspace and report back on how well (or unwell) it goes. Just be open to the information and adjust as you need to so you can make a better effort in the future than whatever success you have in the now. Stay safe, keep it legal, and good luck.

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Morris Dees
Irving Shapiro
Henry Kissinger
Harvey Weinstein
Da Goyim Know…….

How About This ???

Use white on a blue backgorund(Israeli Colours), and add in your local antifag/BLM chapter/ Women's march logo, on the bottom left.
This can have a big effect, if done properly.

The word shiksa is even more red pilling as it explains so much about the destruction of white womanhood.

I like this idea. I think blue text with white background might be more practical, if you're printing 30 of these guys in color. Maybe more names?

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Change the names according to your region.
Use Barbara Spectre in Sweden, for example.
Die goyim wissen es.

From experience, just naming a few Jews doesn't work. It's only when you expose the full extent of media power that it sinks in. There are some good infographics that do this.

I think some lawyer could possibly argue that this constitutes ethnic/religious intimidation. Just saying.

I like the OP but I have to say if anyone here is worried about the legal repercussions of posting fliers, you actually might as well just kill yourself now because there's no hope and no point if you're too much of a fucking pussy to post a piece of paper up.

What do you actually hope to accomplish with this? If you're trying to instill fear, this isn't a good way to do it, since it will quickly become clear that most (white) gentiles are bluepilled on the JQ.

This idea is stupid

It shows no parallels to the original "It's okay to be white" campaign in which it fully exposed the anti-white left by insinuating that it's not okay to be white

What if they never come for our guns, they just let us mix into oblivion and we're no longer "us" but some other shitskins population having their remant guns taken away? Like Brazil?

LITERAL NAZIS oh nooooo lol you faggot! This is a National Socialist board. If you can't handle it go back to your dank lolberg philosophy of smoking weed and watching HBO like a true "rebel"

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It's not going to parallel IOTBW.
The aim here is to redpill normies on the JQ. If only 2% of normies get it, it could be a good start.
Jeffrey Epstein
Bernie Madoff
Roman Polanski
Carl Grunberg

The Goyim Know….

That's already clear

Use this scheme:
2 jews that have been in the news recently/ are infamous in the public memory
1 or 2 frankfurt school kikes/trotskyites/neocons
1 media-elite neo-palestinian

Exactly. Boost the signal. Free speech on the internet is almost completely dead. With the full control of jewtube, facekike, twatter, and DNS, we're corralled into little boxes that nobody can see. Anyone who shits on pranking and IRL effortposting is either disingenous or has not been paying attention, has not figured it out.

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Yeah it totally triggered those libs xD!

I agree. This should be the format.

Better idea.

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Honestly this is probably better. The thing is that IOTBW ends up getting spoken of like some crypto-nazi white male stuff, but making shiksa the focus would have to make the media go after WOMEN, and when people look it up they'll see that the Jews view non-jewish women as detested abominations.

I had a go but had my mainframe hacked by a leftist nigger who kept wanting to add stuff.

The beauty behind IOTBW and similar ilk isn't just the clarity and brevity, it is the power of the message using as little ink as possible.

the sexual deviates were giving the rainbow colours by their kike masters because they knew they'd make a fortune selling them ink for their faggy flyers.

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But we're not opposed to Isreal, we're opposed to world jewry. Isreal is just a tiny part of that.

They'd just spin it as a bunch of misogynistic white males trying to speak for women. I like goyim because its esoteric enough for the general population, while being well known in the right circles.

Yeah that image has too much going on. Another reason why it should be simple, that you alluded too, is to keep it printer friendly.

This may be quite effective.

logical ideas are dangerous. Be prepared to get memoryholed if you decide to actually think on your own.


Seriously and unironically what sort of violence do you suggest and how do you think it will play out afterwards?
If you have some super plan please do share it with everyone.

Every revolution in history started somewhere, and none of them denounced violence or called people the enemy for suggesting you can't win a war by making the news look silly.

Fuck off cia.


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