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Thread meant for discussion about Fascism, National Socialism or any other Third Position belief.

At it's core, Fascism is a thought based on Unity, Willpower, Duty and Action. It views and wants to see man

as a part of a greater order, in which he has to adhere to the fundamental principles and ideals of Universe itself.In a Natural Order every thing has a place, and thus every thing is good, because it fills it's duty.

This natural order is based upon the various truths of the world, nation, race, gender and family. Everything else stems from this foundation.

The fundamental principle of Fascist economics is, that economy should serve the nation, not the other way around. This is the basic premise of fascist economics, and everything else stems from it.

Like in Syndicalism, the economy is organized around various corporations/syndicates, but they are still part of the state. Every sector of economy (like agriculture, fishing, public transport) have it's own syndicate,

which is made up of people, who have extensive knowledge and work experience in these sectors of economy. They collectively decide, what's best for their sector (wages, workhours, needed amounts of production).

Above all of them, still stands the state, that controls their actions, in case if they try to harm working class/national industry in any way.Both Fascism and NS share the same worldview. Italian Fascism was born for the conditions on the 20th century Italy, and it was meant for the Italian people, and it was inspired by various Italian movements, like Futurism.

NS was made for the Germanic people, and for the conditions on the 20th century Germany and inspired by things like Völkisch movement.

While they have the same roots, their leaves are different, just because Italians are different than Germans. The same applies to every fascist group that has ever existed, exists or will exist.

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It is beyond the left-right spectrum, synthesising ideas of both wings, while remaning a separate thing on it's own. Fascism is above traditional left-right paradigm, because it adheres to the fundamental truths of the Universe we

live in, while all other ideologies, left or right, are made up belief systems by humans, and their subjective views.

No, Fascists aren't materialists, they reject the notion of class warfare and dialectical materialism. Instead, we seek to unite the whole nation and put the well being of the people first. Fascists reject the idea of dialectical materialism, instead, Fascists

believe that history is written by great man, who put all their energy into the fight they're facing and transform the material world according to their vision and worldview, using pure willpower. When talking about economics, Fascists still allow private ownership

of land and small business's as long as they act according to the people and national interests. We do not seek to destroy the individual, instead we want to empower the individual person as a part of larger collective.

The race is one of the most important things to a fascist. Ethnicity and nation is strictily based on a race, and thus, if the racial makeup of nation changes, it's no longer the same nation. No fascist is "colorblind"

or supports race-mixing.

Liberalism, created upon Enlightenment ideals, rejects the idea of organic and natural society, offering "freedom" and "equality" instead. The liberal view on freedom is totally wrong, as it emphasizes hedonistic attitude towards life, and "live and let live"

type of thought. Their "freedom" doesn't make anyone free, it only makes them slaves to their own animalistic desires. "Equality" is something just disgusting. Nothing great was ever created by the equal masses, instead, everything was done by great man

or groups of them, who where miles above the average. Democracy give the illusion to the lowest parts of society, that their opinion actually matters, and that they have a active saying in politics of the nation. Meanwhile, they are used by

the degenerate ruling class, who uses their lack of knowledge to push their own agenda. Thus, every liberal democracy is really just oligarchy, where people with the biggest influence use the common folk for their own good and personal gain. Liberal economics

put the emphasis on profit of the few, while viewing the regular, working-class man as nothing more than tool for the enrichment of elites. Both Liberalism and democracy creates a divided society.

Communism is materialistic to it's core, it views human beings only in digits, and the only differnce between Communism and Capitalism is that Communism wants to divide resources differently. Fascism on the other hand, is idealistic, it recognizes

the spiritual and artistic needs of a man. Communism also promotes class warfare, while Fascism aims to unite the economic classes of a nation behind a higher goal.

The Fascist Core

Honor Truth - The Fascist Worldview:

Truth is what governs all things in life. There can be but one Truth.

Opinions, delusions and lies are falsehoods, deviations from the Truth.

All falsehoods come from the human mind.

Fascism is the Worldview of Truth.

All man-made ideologies are falsehoods.

Truth affects everyone differently. Equality and humanism are lies.

Human history is an increasing deviation from the Truth. Progress is a lie.

Truth is impersonal, it serves no one’s interests.

Wage War - The Fascist Struggle:

Justice is restoration of Truth.

Modern world is built on interests and man-made ideas, it is built on lies.

Modern laws protect lies. Our enemy is legal. Justice is illegal.

Falsehoods are legion and conflict one another, but they all oppose Truth.

There can be no compromise, lest you allow Truth to be obscured by lies.

We champion Truth. Anyone and everyone who attacks is the enemy.

The worse things get the more free we are to exact Justice.

Buildings and institutions can house Truth or lies. Restore them to Truth or burn them down.

Have Fun - The Fascist Lifestyle:

You do not need a movement to be a Fascist.

You champion Truth. Show it off in everything you do.

Find your calling, what gives you joy and excel at it. Force the world to take notice.

Let your character drive people to follow you.

Join in activities you enjoy with others or create something for others to join.

Strive to reach your full potential physically, mentally, spiritually.

Become self-reliant, escape any dependency on the comforts of the modern world or other people.

Live a life worthy of remembrance. To us an accident would be to die in bed


卐 - NATSOC Philosophy and Economics

ᛉ - Right-wing E-Books and Film archives







卐 - Jews and the Porn Industry



ᛉ - Religion, Spirituality, and Esotericism In the 3rd Reich

卐 - HOLOHOAX Resources



ᛉ - Misc Topics

Whites are never finished

You didn't realize there was a white pill hidden in #WhiteGenocide did you? Neither did the Jews. They did this to themselves.

Far right conservative whites exhibit k-selection and therefore are more loyal, protective, and supportive of offspring, family and racial group.

We work much harder

We make/grow all the food

And are much smarter and more inventive

Our women are also THE most racially loyal despite constant Jewish propoganda.

The extreme far right is the only group with positive population replacement rates. Which means the white world will be ours

Whites are the fiercest and most capable warriors. Do not fuck with us.

Nostalgia for our culture and stolen prosperity is what will fuel the revolution. This is why the Jews seek to destroy our history. It is our kryptonite.
We also own the largest amount of guns for a single homogenous civilian group. 46 million white, right wing adults own 125 million firearms. For context, this is 21 times larger than the world's largest army of 2.1 million soldiers in China and 31 times larger than the U.S. Army, most of whom are on the right.

We are objectively the most beautiful and most diverse.

And despite all the Jewish brainwashing and trickery, we are waking up unlike never before and realizing we are part of a much larger group. IT IS OK TO BE WHITE.

The Jews hate to see a group superior to theirs create the wonders of the world.

This is why they throw everything they have at us. Through all their media outlets, they try to convince us being white is a curse and is detrimental to the world.

Make no mistake, their media reach is vast and powerful

They tell the lie that whites don't have any culture when they know our culture is the most desirable. Some say it is even divinely inspired.

The reality is that there will come a time in the very near future when the white man wakes up and decides he's done taking shit. The world will change forever.


Value the good, the true, and the beautiful above all else.

Esteem strength.

Be disgusted by weakness.

Mock vice and extol virtue.

Regard blood and soil as sacred.

Be the father to your children that you always longed for.

Do not waste your vital energy on hedonism rather than sustaining or creating life.

Do not pollute your mind and body with poison.

Do not fetishize the base, degenerative, dysgenic, brutal, and ugly.

Love deeply enough to experience hate.

Be etreme with your moderation in all things.

Do not confound the meanings of tolerance and acquiescence.

Let your altruism be a manifestation of strength rather than pathology.

Mercy should be a manifestation of the power that you wield, not the power that you lack.

Pain is the penultimate didact, embrace it with stoicism. It is the furnace of the forge.

Give your best effort in everything no matter how menial the task.

There are no menial tasks.

Do not be afraid of failure. That fear will stop you from ever succeeding.

Do not persist only until you fail. Persistence after you fail is the true measure of your character. Undaunted persistence is the driver of success.

Do not speak because you have nothing to say and listen because there is nothing to hear. Do not fear silence. Do not fear a challenge to your paradigm. Still waters run deep, shallow streams babble.

Be self-disciplined in mind, body, and spirit. Each is its own discipline, but are interdependent.

Narcissism is the antithesis of self-respect.

The ego is the seat of fear.

The ego must be broken to the will.

Attention to detail is most important for the tasks that you dislike.

Always work diligently on self-improvement.

Live outside of your comfort zone permanently.

Master yourself and overcome your perceived limitations.

Most limitations are self-imposed, idiosyncratic, and exist only in the mind.

Have goals, not expectations.

Strive for transcendence.

Beautiful get, friend.

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Great thread, bump

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Nice post. The only thing I'd say is this is communism too.


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If that was true then we would see communism being successful communsim see's people as a number or digit.While national socialism see's people as a blood in a great body every blood cell must be healthy and good minded to make the cogs of the body work.Communism does not care for the people it only cares for numbers while every person is important and their well being and jobs are valued matter what it is gardening or working in the trash plant they both a different jobs but they both are valued in the greater body of the nation for the little jobs that never get noticed make a big impact

Based Mosley explains it all.

these images are absolute cringe tier

Good thread

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Why let a worm inch up to your apple and wiggle its way into the core when you have every opportunity to stop it? The destruction of communist and faggot literature was to reduce the chance of some retard reading, believing it, and continuing the cycle of communist or "sexual" "revolutions".

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Damn, OP.
Though I must mention that you're simultaneously able to reddit space this in the worst possible way, even breaking up sentences in the process whilst also failing to add a space between the end of one sentence and the beginning of another.

>InB4 all the crying about fascism and National Socialism being tooootally opposite ideologies.

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Holy shit gave me chills

yea got the same when I first saw it. Goebbels and Hitler warned us, predicted the future what would happen if those creatures had won the war

My biggest issue with facsism has always been its socialist roots. Mussolini came from a middle class socialist family, similar to the traitor fucks (((Luxemburg))) and (((Liebknecht))) and National Socialism was a populist policy and its socialist roots haunted it throughout its existence, first with crypto commie SA memebers and after 34 SPD and KPD subverters, who were foolishly allowed into the party because they "converted". Its as if they accepted a Jew in the SS because he converted to christianity.

I think the biggest difference between that and Neo-Fascism is that the latter is influenced strongly by classic liberalism and American republicanism, as such it is a more individualistic ideology that puts personal strenght and family above state ties and combines them with racial ties. And thats a good thing, socialism is cancer and it doesnt matter how you twist and turn it, gibs, subsidizes and bureaucracy will kill any nation.

imo Goebbels was 2nd to Hitler in terms of speaking power. "Totalen Krieg?" really hit me when i first heard it.

I think someone who wants to be ruled by a dictatorship that wants to control every aspect of your life and of society, lacks a kind of self-respect that all higher human beings have.

The ideal society in my opinion is one controlled by people who are essentially independent, self-willed individuals, who freely choose to partner up with others and who leave people alone, until a certain point and then they act.

Basically an aristocracy or republic with a fairly liberal economic system.

Night of the Long Knives. They were allowed in simply because the SA was need at the time after that time had passed, however the strasserist scum were rightfully purged. National Socialism combines collectivism and individualism, you care for yourself and your family yes? The best thing for them is a strong, tight-knit nation of other people who care for their families.


There is certainly a place for that among National Socialist belief. I think it was Goebbels who actually believed in an Ancient Greek style society of independent Warrior-farmers as his ideal society. National Socialism has no set governmental structure. You take the core beliefs of Nation, Race, and Family, and build what is best suited to your Nation.

In fairness, that's kind of how Germany worked in the 1930s.

Why does one race have to exterminate all of the others, particularly if they are all existing as separate NatSoc entities?
Of course iron sharpens iron, but where are the examples of of a lion exterminating all other species in the savannah? Or a shark exterminating all other species in the ocean?
It is a (((subverted))) understanding to think that competition for resources must continue to uphold the current materialistic worldview that has been injected into our societies. It is a mentality of consumption, rather than subsistence for the family, race, and nation.

Was really sad to learn what happened to these guys. Make sure to spread their propaganda far and wide.

We need more fascist threads here in order to educate newfags. /fascist/ is good but a bit slow for my taste.

Oy vey look at another of my knotsea threads

Isn't that board run by a BR Integralist racemixing faggot? Otherwise it looks pretty good based on what I've read.

The board’s anime mascot is a Brazilian Integralist but I think the BO himself is a white American, at least that’s what he says. Either way the BO is pretty laid back and the post quality is on average pretty high. There’s a few Strasser autists in their who whine about muh Hitlerites but they get BTFO pretty regularly

The /fascist/ BO needs to nuke the autists there tbqh. Besides that it’s pretty good

I saw him posting I-chan art where she says, "you're sure you want to be with me, even though I'm not Aryan" and was disgusted. This is what was wrong with Integralism, the racialist faction was sidelined and the Porty nationalists flunked completely.

Democratic Dictatorship

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National Capitalism
The nation is a family. The Father is obviously the government. The child is, equally as obvious, the people. Then who is the Mother? Who does the people mostly interact with and get their resources from? Corporations. An abusive husband would never let his wife do anything with out his permission. A cucked husband just lets his wife do what ever she wants. A strong and caring husband disciplines his wife when she steps out of line, but the wife is not suffocated with rules.

National Capitalism is an oxymoron. Capitalist-class Corporatist and their jewish buttbuddies will always opt to open the borders, because cheap brown labor is (((profitable)))

and when they do that the government will take half their shit. Are you saying that carrot and stick doesn't work.

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Thats just national socialism right from the start friend.

ok fine. Never said they contradicted each other. under Nat Cap the state uses incentives and punishments in staid of direct control. But then again maybe I don't fully understand National Socialism.

It's kinda useless to advocate this to capitalists. They're always gonna call you a classic socialist and 'debunk' your claims that you aren't. Fascism isn't even the same as NS. NS wasn't even remotely how you've described fascism here anyhow. Hitler and Schacht, the man who pretty much authored the German peacetime economic scheme; created a mixed economy that combined socialist ideas with a free market. That might sound ridiculous. But it isn't once you understand how. They banned labor unions, creating a central labor union that answered straight to the government. This union set fair wages, made sure every German was given proper hours and off-time, and assured that everyone had a house and job. This was legislated by the Fuhrer himself as the socialist aspect of the German state and German economy. However, capitalism wasn't completely missing from Germany after he took over. Volkswagen, Walther, Porsche, Henschel, Krupp, Messerschmitt, and a boat load of other large companies were allowed to exist and sell their product to the masses, mostly unregulated aside from labor. Though this changed once the war started getting out of hand.

Anyway, short history lesson: NS wasn't about eliminating capitalism or separating sectors into syndicates. It very much still had free-market elements.

Those are oxymorons. The lack of a corporate tax rate is also fucking stupid, Corporations used to pay 90% of all American taxes. This is just some shower thoughts thrown at a wall, America was never democratic but a classic Republic without universal suffrage. If you propose dictatorship for life then don't choose such a hypocritical name.

You're correct, but have a false conception of Capitalism. I don't think free enterprise is necessarily tied to the what free market Capitalism entails. I think the German economy at the time was very pragmatic in trying to fit in with their ideals..

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You obviously didn't read what I wrote. What's wrong with punishing bad behavior and rewarding good? What would you call it when the dictator is elected? Your entire critique boils down to the name.

I did and it's a fucking word salad. There is nothing wrong with punishing bad behavior, where the fuck did that strawman come from? I only stated that they should pay taxes like everyone else.
A moment of clarity. That doesn't make the society democratic if he rules for life, and who elects him? What is your voting system?

See You have a very bad understanding of National Socialism. Let alone the 3rd position in general. German corporations were never taxed that hard.

My critique boils down to me calling you uneducated, and pointing out that you put next to no thought into this. Nationalism and Capitalism are two different concepts, and the former has always been more useful for the jew.

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fucking finally! something concrete. you didn't say any of this in your previous post.
Corporations are owned by people. Those people would pay an income tax, they would also pay a corperate income tax if they were going against the nation intrest.
forcing Corporations to pay a 100% tax rate is the same as nationalizing them or dissolving them. There alot of numbers between 0 and 100 friend. The point of Nat Cap is to find the best one.
I am clearly not advocating for lolbertarianism or corporate capital. Companies would be punish on how subversive they are.
Nat Cap is founded upon the idea that companies will behave and further the national and racial interest if punished correctly.
I know from the fact that you asked this question, that you didn't read my OP You saw the words National Capitalism and Democratic Dictatorship and immediately assumed you were talking to a lolbert. I even posted a link explaining the exact voting system. I'll inbed it this time for you. Just in case I didn't make it clear it would be citizens that would vote in each election. And citizens would be white men, maybe not even that broad.

guys, why is Malaysia's Prime Minister is so redpilled on the jews? Why is he the only prime minister who can attack the jews openly? look at the jews getting BTFO and seething.. Is he secretly Nazi?

Here's Dr. Pierce addressing the difference between Fascism and National Socialism in a publication of the NSWPP. The source can be found here:
Q: Liberals often refer to National Socialists as “fascists.” Are they correct in this practice?

A: Liberals apply the label “fascist” to anyone whose ideas they find abhorrent or dangerous–even conservatives. They tend to use this term as a smear word, not restricting it to the adherents of any specific ideology. Thus, they probably feel as justified in trying to smear us with the label “fascist” as any other of their opponents.

Q: Well, is it proper for National Socialists to refer to themselves as “fascists?”

A: Certainly not. When we use the term we are virtually always referring to the adherents of the specific social-political doctrine on which Benito Mussolini founded his governmental system in Italy–that is Fascist with a captial “F.” Although it may not seem important to the liberal, there is a profound difference between National Socialism and Fascism.

Q: But I thought that both Fascism and National Socialism were highly centralized, authoritarian and strongly nationalistic forms of government, with only slight differences between the ways they operated.
A: You have been reading too many textbooks written by liberals. Certainly the Fascist state and the National Socialist movement are authoritarian, and they both have a strong social basis. Furthermore, both Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist government and Mussolini’s Fascist government administered most of their programs for national and social renewal on a centralized, nationwide basis. Both governments brought forth immense popular enthusiasm, which was manifested in numerous public demonstrations and celebrations. All these things contributed to a seeming similarity. But the differences between the two systems are by no means slight!

Q: What are some of these differences?

A: The really fundamental difference lies in the role of the state and the race under each system.

In Mussolini’s word’s:
“The Fascist conception of the state is all-embracing: outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have any real worth. Thus understood, Fascism is totalitarian, and the Fascist state–a synthesis and a unit of all values–interprets, develops and potentiates the whole life of a people…It is not the nation that generates the state…Rather it is the state which creates the nation, conferring volition and, therefore, real life on a people…In the Fascist conception, the state is an absolute before which individuals and groups are relative…”

To the National Socialist, on the other hand, it is our Race, not the state, which is all-important. In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote:
“The state is a means to an end. Its end lies in the preservation and advancement of a community of physically and spiritually similar creatures… States which do not serve this purpose are misbegotten monstrosities in fact.” (II:2)

There are many important consequences of this basic difference in attitudes. For example, under Fascism anyone, regardless of racial background can be a citizen, as long as he accepts his responsibility to the state. Under National Socialism, on the other hand, membership in the racial community is the first requirement of citizenship.

Good stuff, thanks for sharing those image. Do you know where I can find the source for the later half referring to Will to Power and Will to Freedom? Want to dive into that more if possible.

You'll have to call upon your own Jewgle-fu for that one friend.

Kek, hotwheels inspired banner or what?

just came up and never seen it before.

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war is also part of life, peace addiction is a liberal tendency


Very good differentiation.

Sieg Heil

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To my understanding NS is based on a few principles
Eternal Struggle
Taken from Hegelian philosophy
"war is progress, peace is stagnation"
Will to Power
Nietzche argues the purpose of existence isn't to just to survive but to thrive. NS (fascism too) expands that beyond the individual to the state/race as well. What is the goal you might ask?
That comes with with Platonics
If something exists, then there is a perfect version of it and we should strive to achieve that and that is subjective to the individual and the nation itself. The ancients knew this is the statues of mars the god of war are tall and muscular whIle also in mythology the ideal warrior for soldiers to strive to be.
Then there's blood and soil.
We are animals with native lands, diets habitats… Europe for Europeans, Asia for Asians and so forth. One people, one nation, and one blood because you're ethnicity is your extended family and race distant cousins. Which is why the jews are a problem. A people without a land completely unnatural and explains the basis of their fucked up ways.

As far as economic policy goes it's completely subjective and realpolitik. NSDAP program was just Keynesian economics and a step up from Bismarcks socialistic reforms. Pierce and Rockwell were total capitalists and wouldn't have gone as far as they did if they promoted anything remotely resembling socialism because of the cold war, red scare and the general tones of American post-war society.

But what do I know? Ask 10 national socialists what it is you can get 10 different answers on a scale of genociding the rest of the planet to Michael Walsh.

Could someone drop a link to the Stalag Mein Kampf pdf? I lost my copy.

Rockwell and Pierce were not Capitalists, and Nietzsche is not National Socialist material.

Oh really? Then what separates them from paleocons economically? apart from the obvious usury, stock exchange and banning of degenerate shit.

Here's a picture of Hitler at a Nietzsche museum. It is pretty well documented that they did have Nietzche influence with his niece and her husband being party members. Same with fascism Gentile and Mussolini were big on him.
Its always christfags in denial.

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You mean besides publicly attacking capitalism as the other side of the jewish coin of materialism? Pierce was borderline Uncle Ted as well, and saw a need to reduce our population to 50 million and ruralize it. Top fucking kek, I am having to argue to a moron that self-described National Socialists weren't Capitalists!

I am what the Abrahamics would consider "pagan" so there goes that strawman. I sometimes wish it wasn't so easy to BTFO you illiterate good for nothings since its boring, see this it's like you just nigged into the thread and read nothing.

"Internally, fascism is highly compatible with the concept of the Overman, and it is common for fascists to share attraction towards this idea in addition to their political views. In contrast (and despite what Zionist academia claims), National Socialism, which consistently associates itself with Aryan mythos, is more compatible with the ancient concept of the Foe Destroyer (Arhat). The difference between the two is that the Overman is advancement to a prospective condition (lit. by building 'over' the condition of 'man'), making it a spiritual form of transhumanism, whereas the Foe Destroyer os reversion to an original condition (lit. by 'destroying' the 'foes' that corrupted this condition). Hence the former is based on a non-Aryan spirituality of endless increase, whereas the latter is based on an Aryan Spirituality of Original Nobility."

It is also worth noting that the SS investigated Evola and also declared his theories non-NS as well. Read the thread you stupid "fashie" LARPing faggot.

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Despite the unrelenting clusterfuck that was ironmarch, they have the best and most unified propaganda department. When we find our Goebbels, I'm sue he'll know where to recruit from.

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Influence≠inspiration however influence is clearly there. Just like how Sorel influenced fascism but not all fascists are syndicalists.
Like I care. They didn't seem to like Heidegger, Spengler and Junger a whole lot either but there is plenty to take away from them.
Its total boomer shit to think socialism is just free healthcare and some programs or in a nutshell Keynesian economics/ the "Nordic model". NSDAP dropped a lot of the "S" simply for more support and donations from wealthy family's. I don't agree with that at all but you can't argue with results. Then in the case of Pierce and Rockwell yeah just a little to the left of republicans on that axis too, did either of them mention Feder even once? However had they gone farther like Metzger they wouldn't have been as popular as they did simply put they were adaptive to American politics.
And good for you not being an abrahamic faggot.

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I figured you were in prison, Slavros.

How does Zig Forums feel about fascists playing with far left, historically?
Mussolini's best buddy was a commie, whom he even invited in the government in 1943. One can argue that after Mussolini was free of king and other forces in Italy, he adopted a more "real" version of fascism as it was intended, which was extremely left and was quite different from national socialism. (read more here

why did you save a thumbnail of the original and not the original?

Idk my phone does that some times

They make the most dedicated fascists once they flop in my experience so if they aren't working against you I'd keep them around. They can be socialists and fascists you know, all too often economic and social views get tied together which is utter bs


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Imagine my shock!

National Socialism was Hitler's attempt at solving the JQ. Since Germany's loss, NatSoc has been co-opted and replaced with Neo-Nazism, White Nationalism, Identitarianism, and etc.. If you go into the world and try telling some brainwashed normalfag that Hitler was right and NatSoc is the way, 70+ years of mental conditioning will force them to reject everything you say even if it's 100% the truth. It's like telling a cult member their leader is a con-man: they are so brainwashed they wont listen no matter who tells them the truth. I'm not saying to abandon NatSoc, I'm saying to re-brand with new symbols and a new term.

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The key is to root all symbols in our ancient Runic alphabet, and when anyone kvetches, we claim
The problem we face is we haven't been playing this game by the actual 'rules'.
Time to beat them at their own bullshit.
The ACL thread is another great example of this concept.
We simply mimic the kikes succesful in-group strategies. Charity foundations, Youth Groups, Brosher businesses, etc. Maybe laying off the "Political Activism" at first.
"We're just simple community organizers, Moishe"
Now is the time to organize around our race, while our OVERLY "Diverse" opposition is totally mired in chaotic infighting due to lack of any cohesive bond, or strategy. …beyond destroying us.
Proving once again, there is only, was only, and will only ever be
By the time they figure it out, and can manage to muster anything against our socially acceptable, ETHNIC associations, we will be too strong.
Besides, it seems EVERYONE (but our enemy) is ready and waiting to see us finally stand and punch back.

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The timing is perfect right now because so many commies in power believe we're already whipped, and somewhat overlooking us right now while they push their agenda so hard on one side, as much of their Progressive "successes" from the recent past are falling apart at the seams on the other side. They actually suck at this when the system is weakened, and absent in propping up all their empty Strawman Politics. The iron is heating up, now is the time to strike.
With extreme prejudice.
Start something in your own community today! Clean yourself up, and just go for a walk, and see what your community needs most first. Talk to your Aryan neighbors. What needs fixing, cleaning, changing around your town. Leave politics out of it. ..for now.
Be that little hero your neighborhood needs, lads.
By the time they figure out you're a "NOTSEE!", they will appreciate you too much to care.

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Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon they use to exterminate Whites

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We're coming.

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Excellent thread.

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Nope, it never was. Go to sudo and they will tell you that this is NOT a fucking larping Nazi board.

Stop forcing your Jew shit everywhere Whites gather.

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Funny how this meme projects, White Nationalism is against degeneracy, this meme represents communism well though.

No its about hating niggers and jews and saying the holocaust never happened but it should happen again.