The following is a list of all advertisers that appeared on the Vox homepage during a 60 minute period from an IP...

The following is a list of all advertisers that appeared on the Vox homepage during a 60 minute period from an IP address located in the state of Georgia.

Many of these brands are ideologically affiliated with Vox's brand of corporate-friendly social leftist politics such as YETI which is demonstrably Vox's primary advertising partner based on the fact that upwards of 50% of all ads served were for YETI products.

John Deere @JohnDeere
Allbirds @Allbirds
E-Trade @etrade
Home Depot @HomeDepot
Trvl Channel @travelchannel
Best Buy @BestBuy
The Ridge Wallet @RidgeWallet
Verizon @verizon
Ultimate Pet Nutrition @ultpetnutrition
Volkswagen @vw
Oprah Winfrey Network @OWNTV
T. Rowe Price @TRowePrice
Hopjump @hopjumptravel
Astra Zeneca @AstraZeneca
Liberty Mutual @LibertyMutual
Blink Health @BlinkHealth
The Weather Channel @weatherchannel
Citibank @Citibank
Mahindra @Mahindra_USA
State Farm @StateFarm
Northeast Georgia Health System @mynghs
Comcast @comcast
Dodge @Dodge
Nature Made @naturemade
Xfinity @xfinity
Piedmont Healthcare @PiedmontHealth
Bank of America Merrill Lynch @BofAML
Houghton Mifflin @HMHCo
Planned Parenthood @PPFA
Microsoft @Microsoft
Fabletics @Fabletics
Deezer @Deezer
Landice @LandiceFitness
Fort Myers & Sanibel @FtMyersSanibel
Sprint @Sprint
JetBlue Airways @JetBlue
Chevrolet @Chevrolet
Mission Cooling @MissionCooling
Environmental Defense Fund @EnvDefenseFund
Alkermes @Alkermes
Progressive @Progressive
Smile Direct Club @smiledirectclub
Hiscox @HiscoxSmallBiz
Middlebury College @Middlebury
Southwest Airlines @SouthwestAir
Karma Automotive @KarmaAutomotive
Bath & Body Works @bathbodyworks
Hewlett Packard @HP
U.S. Sports Academy @USSportsAcademy
Creative Planning @CPIWealth
Bonobos @Bonobos
NURX @nurxapp
Lensabl @lensabl
Walgreens @Walgreens
Nathan's Famous @originalnathans
Flonase @flonase
BOSE @bose
Nite Ize @NiteIze
JD Sports @JDSports
LasikPlus @LasikPlus
TruGreen @TruGreen
ServiceNow @servicenow
Crate and Kids @CrateandKids
American Red Cross @RedCross

As I'm sure many of you are already aware, Vox Media just signed a new contract with the new Vox Media Union that management really didn't like. Given the current climate for this kind of media and the waves of layoffs over the past couple years, I believe that Vox is now uniquely vulnerable and could collapse or be liquidated or sold off by NBCUniversal/Comcast if they lose even 10% of their current revenue stream.

I'll soon be composing a similar list for buzzfeed's hitpiece on Soph by Joe Bernstein and The Daily Beast's doxing of the Bronx man who made the Pelosi video.

I know many people here will just insult me for bothering to do this, but I don't mind. That's just the nature of the internet. I've learned so much from this website and so many of you have worked so hard for our causes while an onslaught of shills have thrown everything they could at you to get you to give up. I felt that I had to give back somehow no matter how pointless this may be in the end. I don't know if anyone here will care, but I just felt like I had to do something.

Advertisement Screenshots:

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Other urls found in this thread:

Thinly veiled advertising thread is thinly veiled.

what am i advertising for? what are you talking about?

apparently someone else on twitter compiled some information in a similar vein as what i put above, but they provide different information. i've included some of it below but the rest is in this pastebin:

Ad Platforms Used
Google Adchoices


America Beverage Association (Concert)
Companies involved: Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Pepsico, America Beverage Association (It’s listed)

Coca Cola
Contact website: (Select Marketing)
Press Email: [email protected]

Contact number: 1 (800) 433-2652
Contact Media Relations: [email protected]
Contact Website:

Dr. Pepper
Contact Website:

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I hate giving money to Verizon

No, user, you're doing God's work. This is what we did during GamerGate to kill Gawker and others. The (((shills))) will be out in force on this thread. Great work user.

Good on you, will do my best calling some of these companies up in person. Doing gods work user.

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I cross-posted this on 4chan as well in case anyone would rather rally/brainstorm there instead of here.

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Made in China modern day yuppie garbage. You can get the same shit for a fraction of the price likely made at the same Chinese factory. Does anybody know of any made in the US or Europe/Aus/NZ/Canada products that are similar? I've been buying ozark trail shit from walmart but I'd spend double or triple the price if I knew it was made by whites and the profit was going to whites..,,,,

Also good work OP. I recommend spamming this in the Breitbart comments. Surprised to see John Deere there, are they pozed these days?

Send it to ecelebs so that it would unintentionally be sent to Crowder.

It's scary to see how many companies support this globohomo and open borders shit. We really are living in a dystopia. Give'em hell anons.

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Are you in the right board?

are you?

Vox and many companies like it have both direct partnerships (like the obvious partnership they have with YETI) and "ad package" style deals where an external provider like Google AdChoice serves a wide variety of ads through the provider and the companies doing the advertising don't usually know where their ads are going. i actually am pretty sure Home Depot is owned by conservatives so i'm not sure they'd be happy to know their ads are appearing on sites like Vox.

also, i found something interesting. check this out. this is a special ad package provider created by… VOX AND NBCUNIVERSAL:

what a fascinating coincidence that Vox Media and their corporate backers at NBCUniversal recently created their own personal ad platform. perhaps it's worth contacting any company that chooses to advertise with to make sure they understand that they're funding the same social terrorists that work for Vox Media.

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I can see your reflection user, watch your opsec. Good pic btw.

I'm not the one storing pictures of full faggotry on my hard drive so yeah.

it's not about poor journalism. it's about them directly funding people who make their brands look like supporters of political violence against wide swaths of the country who they're hoping will purchase their products.

another angle would be to let these companies know that for now they're not the target but one day they might be the target of social terrorists like carlos maza who will try to destroy their brands like he's been trying to punish youtube for not immediately submitting to his will. if they don't nip this kind of behavior in the bud, one day it could easily be turned on them and they're playing with fire by even associating with people like this.

i also believe that calling them "social terrorists" does a good job of explaining what they are and what they try to do. it has a much stronger bite than simply calling them political activists masquerading as journalists but it might be worth calling them just that in order to keep yourself from sounding histrionic to people who aren't in tune with what's really going on. it's hard to remember sometimes that it's not that the masses are necessarily against us so much as they're totally out of the loop.

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Thanks for posting these.

when i have the time and energy to do this twice more i'll be doing the same thing for…

this article:

and this article:

i have strong confidence that major companies will genuinely be upset about appearing on these two articles. vox is a harder target to nail down, but i absolutely believe these articles will scare off a few advertisers as long as they're framed properly.

after all, one is a doxing and the other is a hitpiece on a 14 year old girl. *most* of these companies have no idea their ads are appearing next to and funding this kind of social terrorism by corporate-funded media outlets with hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital behind them.

the buzzfeed article actually blurs out the girl's face because of the legal issues they would face if they didn't do that. they could take real heat for that if people applied pressure based on it. all we have to do is say bernstein is lying about her and none of these companies would bother to check before getting freaked out except for maybe a few.

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The funny thing is though is that the left is hell bent on trying to seize power in a country that's about to collapse. You remove government enforcement of leftist ideologies and the left gets obliterated. This is why acceleration is important. The left can't exist without government.

Tl:Dr how can shit on Vox directly or indirectly for these crimes?

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What about Vice?
Critical time for failing company despite Soros cash.
Vice Media Gets $250 Million in Debt Funding From George Soros, Other Investors

70 percent of this list is wrong actually if you look up the correct sections of ownership and not just use the first page of google you idiot. No one do this, OP fucked this up massively.

user plz

Vox is owned by NBC. Lots of these little fuck sites are pet projects of mega corps. The jew, 'Forward' is a Time Warner outfit for example. These shitty sites don't even make enough to pay for their bandwidth let alone make payroll. Just year after year of loses. In other words, it's arms length, subsidized propaganda.

You aren't going to get any of those companies to change. Some might even have spots on Vox as freebies for running ads on NBC. It's one big incestous fuck box.

i actually didn't even notice that was at the bottom there. i didn't make that image. i just pulled it off google because it had the specific tweets i was looking for

Are you new?

You know, not only do they not value their own labor, but they don't value other people's labor as well, but what do they do after they get it? They decide to chimp out and waste a milkshake on someone because they politically oppose them, way to have standards you degenerate fucks.

What are you even trying to say you absolute retard

Yup. 'Social terrorism' should be our go-to phrase from now on; it truly has the potential to fuck these fags up

If he was trying to advertise leftist companies why would he do it on Zig Forums you absolute schizophrenic fucking dipshit

yeah, i was really wondering what that guy thought he was proving. he didn't even explain what i was supposedly advertising.

and that's simply not entirely true. you think these corporations care more about the narrative than about profit because you've spent too much time here. if pushing the narrative wasn't profitable i guarantee you it would stop happening. remember, outrage sells. outrage drives traffic. anger motivates like no other emotion.

Lurk for a thousand years and perform six gorillian Hail Terry rituals.


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thinly veiled reddit meme is thinly veiled

Excellent info OP thank you

i don't know if you or anyone else saw this but i honestly think this is a huge find because i had no idea this ad package platform even existed until i started digging into vox's advertising:

unfortunately i'm still not sure what to do with any of this information. but i know that compiling it is the first step to doing something so i felt like maybe i could at least do that.

I have never even thought to look into it, its smart that you did. Provides some valuable leads. One thing with this you might be interested in though:

   They would likely be pleased. Conservatives are traitors, even against their own god.  Bernard Marcus, the founder of Home depot is a jew, and the son of a Russian Jew. He co founded and established Jewish Community Centers in Georgia. He also co-founded the "Israel Democracy Institute" in 1991, and gave $5 million for it to be built in Jerusalem's Talbiya neighborhood- and continued investing "hundreds of millions" of shekels in its ongoing operation over the years".

  In 2016, Marcus and his wife Billi donated $25 million (U.S.) to the construction of the $133 million MDA Marcus National Blood Services Centre in Israel.

"Home Depot’s Double Standard: Fires Christian, Allows Terror-linked Muslim Group to Proselytize"

Another one that really threw me for a loop is John Deere. But upon looking into it, it has a lot of ties to jews, and Israeli investors, to the point the company has practically being extorted by them:

"Gvat paid for the shares using a loan from John Deere, guaranteed by an attachment to 61.8% of Plastro's shares. When Gvat exercised its right to buy out Gandel, it blocked another deal in the works, under which Gandel was to have sold half the controlling interest in Plastro to a consortium including former Plastro chairman Uri Yogev, industrialist Dan Propper and investor Shlomo Dovrat. At roughly the same time as it was borrowing money from John Deere, another irrigation-systems company"

>John Deere Negotiating to Buy Controlling Interest in Plastro

"In 2008 the kibbutz agreed to sell its 75.1% stake at Plastro Irrigation Systems Ltd to John Deere at a company value of NIS 265 million. John Deere was obliged to leave Plastro at the kibbutz employing members for 15 years. Also John Deere agreed to pay Gvat $1.3 million annually over ten years for a non-competition agreement. In exchange the kibbutz agreed to cease receiving management fees for Plastro.


Also OP I'm dropping this dox of Vox's Director of Data Engineering here since it's somewhat related. Hope you don't mind.

Vox's Director of Data Engineering








testing what?

anyone can drop anything that would be useful in harming vox in any way in this thread

vox and various other leftists are pushing a lot of anti-israel policies and anti jewish attitudes while trying to cover for it. we don't have to support israel or like jews to use this against them.

ultimately, i still believe that these companies prioritize profit above all else. even the state of israel.

Bumping in the hope of justice.

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