Thanks for banning me

I posted a thread about being called a racist and standing up for everything we are suppose to believe in and my thread got deleted and I got banned to monday for spam when it wasn't. Thought this place was a place of free speech or at least had the illusion of it but now I see your all kiked as fuck aswell. Now I have to use tor before I didn't I could not give a fuck. so yea

Fuck You all and die you kiked cunts.

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just started paying attention?

Oh noes someone called you a racist, that's totally worth a new thread, just like this deserves a new thread posting about how you got banned for posting a thread about being called a racist. Go make your own channel.

Now I understand but It was not even spam and got banned for it i'm trying not to let it bother me but its my first ban for unfair reasons and its just a bit annoying and I feel I had to put my point across.

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Blogposting is spam, faggot. The sooner you learn this, the happier you'll be.

Don't call people faggots its offensive and wrong and people that call people it are faggots themselves and will hang

WTF fags are parasites in society who deserve to be exterminated for their globohomo predation on little children and young men. It is the only way that they can reproduce in a society.

First day? Then kill yourself for not lurking faggot.

No its not and die you jew

fuck off nigger

I am very much white cunt


How do we know this is real, and not some thread a shill made to just pretend something happened that didn't happen?

Dude your pissed at the moderators, the average poster on here isn't necessarily on the same page as the moderators.



Well thats your choice to believe it or not all I said on the thread was that I had uploaded stuff to my facebook about jews and muslims and that one of my friends or suppose to have been called me a racist and that I tried to redpill him on the truth and that he would not listen and that it felt like everyone was against us and that the wool was being pulled over their eyes by the media.

And what's that OP?

not sure if that applies, I just like that proverb

Well it is when its being directed at me insinuating that I am some queer bum fucker.

I had typed out a long response to you that was deleted when your OP was deleted. HOWEVER Zig Forums is not your blog user. I was trying to make the best of a shit sandwich situation (your op killing a thread).

Holy crap. You are going to have to toughen up user. That is the least of the shit you get called around here you will be lucky. It won't be. You are never going to survive your two years of hazing.

Shut up, faggot.

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1. Not your personal blog spot
2. Lurk more
If you had lurked LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE! You would understand that no one here gives a flying fuck about what made up bullshit you claim to have done.
Video, posted in correct >>>/blogpol/ board or kill your self NIGGER

This board is a containment. Fuck it.

OP just needs to make a worthwhile thread next time instead of shitting up my board

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never been banned on 8ch. feels bad man
on the other hand got banned from 4chan/g/ for an innocent reply to a lefty bait thread

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this post is almost as faggoty retarded as the OP. kys

your thread probably fucking sucked, tbh. but, they used "spam" as an excuse, then that's bullshit. were you using a VPN? if not, were you going into threads and advertising your own thread or making the same retarded comment over and over? if none of that is true, then take the complaint to the meta thread.

but, don't complain about your shitty thread being baleet. complain about the shitty reason given

imkikey was a fucking retard with all the trump dick-sucking, but ppl have been b& from Zig Forums for "different opinions" (ie. being an asshole and shitpost-spamming kike talking points over and over) since the beginning. just ask >>>/liberty/ or >>>/politics/ or >>>Zig Forums

h8/pol/ is a NatSoc board, nigger

If you want to spam the board with irrelevant threads nobody care about go to cuckchan.

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