The Frontal lobe is responsible for logic and reasoning...

The Frontal lobe is responsible for logic and reasoning. Having a bigger brain means you're more intelligent prove me wrong

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The real secret lies within our lost electromagnetic sensory organs. This is why our brains are enlarged

Whales have the largest brain of any mammal, Sperm Whales to be specific. Amy Schumer is dumb as fuck tho.

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Brain size has a .33 correlation with IQ.

IQ has a 1.0 correlation with IQ

Stop using inferior metrics for intellegence

You better explain some shit bruh

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Fake and Gay
Flat Earthers are looking for people like you, go there

Whatever, as long as you're White you're my fren.

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Prove yourself right first, nigger, saying something is true is not the same as providing quantitative facts to back up what you're saying. You're just yelling into an echo chamber, and proving yourself not worthy of making threads about intelligence.

Same with this retard

I'm simply pointing out that europeans have bigger brains than everybody else. I think sheer brain size contributes to our overall intellect which isn't such a far fetched idea. Having bigger muscles means you can lift heavier things why shouldn't that apply to brain power?

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Brain density is much more important than brain volume in terms of intelligence

i'll post it here too.
stop using leftist language. the proper pronoun should be "his"

You mean our pineal gland

Theozoology for the win muh vrilla. Motherfuckers be playin' all NatSoc in sheit don even know der Ostara.

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Wrong retard. You must be one of those faggots who think bodybuilders on steroids have "fake muscles".


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This is the exact same sort of astroturfing you kikes have been doing for years. You attack a reasonable idea (in this case blacks naturally have a lower functional intelligence than whites) with a dumb fuck line of reasoning (head shape) to basically false flag us as a bunch of idiots. Can people please call this shit out more.

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This. Except you forgot to sage faggot.

Sure is cuckchan in here today.

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t. Amy Schumer