Hi. Amber here. Several years ago, I did a small, independent film about interrational relationships...

Hi. Amber here. Several years ago, I did a small, independent film about interrational relationships. I am now getting spammed on Facebook from several sites, including apparently this one, calling me a race traitor, among other things. I am an actress. The movie was not real. Please stop sending me insulting messages. Thanks.

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Cool interrational docu thread.
Did you know word correction only works when you’re not retarded and don’t confuse similair looking words with eachother?
Better luck next time :^)


[spoiler] inb4: u missspelled. Phoneposting and no correction on 👌 [/spoiler

Yes, it was a typo. It was a movie about interracial relationships. The rest of the message is correct, however. - A

Nothing about your message is correct. Fuck coalburners.

It's probably just some anons venting their frustration from the constant harassment on media against white people. Everyone knows the white man is devil, amirite?

Amber, was the "small, independent film" called The Cuckold? And is this you?


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Hi pal, I produced miscegenation propaganda, what's the big deal guy, stop insulting me friend.

wat dis?
who dis?

Why is race mixing forced on European nations through continual propaganda by groups proven to be owned by Jews but merely suggesting Jews race mix is "anti-Semitic"?
It's almost like there is an agenda? Couden-Hove Kalergi Plan

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You should be ashamed of yourself, you coalburning slag. Also, you're a soft-porn performer, so you can drop the serious actress shit.

Tell us more how you're a serious actress. Tell us again.

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Okay, this was a waste of my time. Delete this page. - A

Look at that coalburner. Ugly to boot. Absolutely disgusting.

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If you agree to take part in race mixing propaganda then you will pay a heavy price, much higher than a few mean Facebook messages. What's it like to be a shiksa sex slave?

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Are you aware that whites were enslaved for centuries before the commonly referred to period of black slavery?
It was known as the Barbary Slave Trade. The black slave traders of whites were so merciless a new word was invented to describe their treatment of white slaves - Barbarian.

Are you aware that blacks continue slavery in the present day more than at any point in the previous comparatively brief period of white slave owners, and are you also aware of the relative high percentage of jewish slave ship owners involved?

Do you believe it is important to find and follow Truth even if you find it goes against the common consensus?

We're going to need proof that you're a coal burning whore who serves the jews by pushing adultery propaganda. Its actually difficult to fathom that a woman could exist who is so absolutely unconcerned with her image; that she would be play a part that is more or less the incarnation of evil in totality; nearly everything reprehensible that humanity has ever agreed upon; adultery in the form of race-mixing, fornication out of wedlock, the breaking of the marriage vow/oath, betrayal of one's closest friend/lover. What on Earth could possess you to want to degrade yourself by being associated with the epitome of evil?

Amber, before we can delete this page, we're going to need a private photo of you, preferably in a bikini, along with an apology for wasting our time, and for accusing us of spamming you. If anything, you're spamming us with your unfounded complaints. Post the photo and the apology and we'll see about deleting this.

Did someone mention annuda shoah?

Shouldn't that be interracial?

I'm sorry I came to this page. It was a bad idea. Now please delete this. Thanks. - A

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So you'd fuck an ape but you won't even show white men your breasts? We have a saying here young lady, it is: "Tits or get the fuck out."

Now provide your tits or we shall accuse you of being racist. You cannot have double standards! If you are going to show a monkey your breasts, you must show us too. Fair is fair. Equality in all things. We must equally be allowed to see your nipples.


But seriously thanks for the shot of your saggies.

I think you hit the wall at warp 2.

Yes. She's established she's a moron.

She's an A list actress though.

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Do you know what shiksa means in yiddish? And no, it doesn't mean non-Jewish girl.

You've misunderstood. You have to upload a photo of you holding up a handwritten message apologising for being a degenerate race-mixing whore. It must be clearly addressed to /pol and include today's date. Bikini or underwear. Then I will give the order to leave you alone.

This is the only way that we will delete this. The hivemind has spoken. Do this and you will be free.

Is this the class where you teach coalburning?


Photo is legit. Taken on Santa Cruz Beach on a Friday evening in August 2018
GPS Altitude : 1.3 m Below Sea LevelGPS Date/Time : 2018:08:17 20:59:34ZGPS Latitude : 36 deg 57' 47.19" NGPS Longitude : 122 deg 1' 10.81" WGPS Position : 36 deg 57' 47.19" N, 122 deg 1' 10.81" W
Amber, Despite whatever lies you heard about this place - we are truth seekers.

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Um…wow. That's scarily accurate. Sorry, but I'm not posting nude photos. And to restate, it was a low-budget movie, not my real life. Bye. - A

The exif data just confirms the obvious that she's retarded. I have no pity for her or any other woman though. Women are civilization destroyers. They should have never been more than property. This world is fucked because of women and kikes.

for mistakes must be to pay
for treason must be punished
for the betrayal of race/ethnos must be put to death

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Now you've given the game away that we know exactly where she's posting from now. Oh well, at least she can prepare herself for our "little visit".

Sorry Amber. I'd like to apologize on behalf of Zig Forums for the incels at Zig Forums's behavior. A woman like you shouldn't have to face hatred and bigotry in the year 2019 for your life choices. I think you'd be better treated at Zig Forums where we know how to treat women with respect and kindness. Also, maybe you can visit /interracial/ and enlighten us to the wonders of BBC. Please, Amber, its important for us comrades to stick together and get cucked together. Beautiful and smart white women such as yourself need to lead the revolution against the white man. Please respond milady.

May I ask why you object to posting nudes here, yet you were willing to portray yourself as an adulterous, fornicating, traitorous, oath-breaking woman in a movie?

I do not understand why you would be against what is clearly the lesser indignity of showing nudes here? You have already ruined your image more than you ever could through your profession. Remember also that people are judged upon their professions, and that actors have been historically reviled and distrusted by the masses ever since the days of the Ancient Greeks.

You gullible retards. If it is her this is obviously done on purpose to drum up publicity.

Don't be used. Ignore it and move on.

Thank you for your compliments but I just want the spamming to stop. - A

tits or gtfo

Having participated in race mixing propaganda is your real life, now so is living with the consequences of doing so.

gr8 b8 m8.

Just some fag trying to get people to actually call her a race traitor on Facebook. I wonder how many people took the b8.

Did you try >>>/tv/ ??
Most of us have never heard of you since we don't own televisions. We prefer to read and research more than watch (((tv)))

Zig Forums has become unrecognizable.

still no time stamped tits.

It's premium quality bait if true. EXIF doesn't lie.

Anyone do a reverse image search?

Fucking white knight cuck

stfu faggot cuck

Yes. I'm getting She's legit on every marker I'm testing. Including cold reading her writeprint

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Kill all jews, all niggers and all race traitors.

wheres the nudes?

fuck off and die interracial harlot

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Fuck you, whore.

What a stupid LARP. Post timestamp on tits next time, whore.

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OP probably wasn't even a chick.

You're right of course, Zig Forums has gone into the shitter because of delusional fucks like you who think they're going to make a difference through educating people incapable of learning. We're past that point now, in a few short years when everything collapses it'll be those who survive and those that don't.

photo was taken from a position a bit further along the beach - behind the view in this street view

The Apple iPhone 8 was unplugged from charging at 5:16pm local time, so they likely left the point of departure (building/residence/whatever) near 5:30pm. Camera took the photo on a bearing of 267.9798658 which is close to pic related.
I don't need to use the acceleration vector to work out if the person taking the photo is left or right handed since it is obvious from the reflection in her sunglasses.

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Bonus: if this is some publicity stunt, and you fill the thread with "redpills" aka. information, then whomever is recording this thread for $$$ won't be able to use the footage without inadvertently spreading it. How little people understand of what we do here.

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yea just ignore the exif data and the reverse image search yielding zero results. You can even see the phone in the reflection on the glasses.

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It's either irrelevant top-tier bait on a nobody, or it's entirely legit. Everything points to it being legit.

I'm siding with legit. I've not found false on any markers I'm testing. Image was not cropped but it was scaled down from 3024x4032 (hxw)

I sperged hard and counted the nanosecondsRun Time Flags : ValidRun Time Value : 13430987189958Run Time Scale : 1000000000instead of scrolling down and reading thisRun Time Since Power Up : 3:43:50Whatever. Same result. Phone was unplugged from charger at 5:16pm.

Even if its bait, mentioning

pic related is always food for thought as says.

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Stories, fake or real, have real effects. That's why they're so powerful. These effects have consequences.

The chaps that insulted you are trying to defend our socio-biological institutions from further degradation. The producers should get most of the ire, but what works, works.

Whatever shenanigans we do, Hollywood does a thousand times to its enemies, or anyone who doesn't follow the party line. Look at what happened to Mel Gibson.

Don't forget, beauty fades, but the bonds we form can last forever.

Time to Learn, Time Teach…
Nose pic related

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Effectively what she did was:
I doubt anyone here knew of her existence until she made this thread. In her favor - she's too dumb to be worth serious investigation and only warranted a simple look at the EXIF data.