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Police arrest 70 in 'yellow vest' protests as soldiers deployed to prevent Paris rioting
Police arrested 70 “yellow vest” protesters across France on Saturday as soldiers were deployed to prevent a repeat of rioting in Paris last weekend.Anti-government demonstrators set fire to dustbins in the French capital, and smashed shop windows and hurled stones at police in the northern city of Lille.

Islamophobic incidents rocket by 600% in UK during week after New Zealand terror attack
Islamophobic incidents have rocketed by almost 600 per cent in Britain following the New Zealand terror attack, a monitor has reported.Tell Mama said that in the week after 50 Muslim worshippers were gunned down, offenders used “language, symbols or actions” linked to the atrocity to target Muslims in the UK.

China war drills: US commandos capture Japanese island to show Beijing they’re ‘not kidding around’
US special forces, aided by F-35 stealth fighters and rocket artillery units, have practiced capturing a small Japanese island as part of a new operational concept to counter China in the Indo-Pacific theater.

Mexican government intervenes to end Coca-Cola strike in Matamoros
On Wednesday, the Federal Arbitration Board declared the ongoing strike by 700 Coca-Cola workers in Matamoros “illegal,” opening the door for lawsuits and mass arrests if the workers continue to picket the city’s bottling facility.

British PM May facing plot from minister to oust her: Sunday Times reporter
British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a full-blown cabinet plot to remove her and 11 cabinet ministers have said they want her to resign, The Sunday Times’s political editor said.“A full blown cabinet coup is under way tonight to remove Theresa May as prime minister,” Tim Shipman said.

Death Toll From Cyclone Idai Climbs To More Than 600
As the floodwaters from Cyclone Idai have started to recede, the death toll has risen to more than 600 across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi and is expected to continue to grow.The storm hit the southeastern region of Africa on March 14, causing extensive damage.

Over 130 dead, village 'devastated' after apparent ethnic attack in Mali
At least 134 people have been killed in an apparent ethnically-motivated attack on a village in southern Mali. Another village was also attacked, according to local officials, and the body count is expected to grow even further.

New Zealand bans terror suspect's racist manifesto; citizens told to 'destroy any copies'
New Zealand's government on Saturday banned a racist, angry manifesto written by the suspected gunman of two recent mosque shootings in Christchurch that killed 50 people, arguing that the 74-page document "promotes murder and terrorism."

Pakistan call for peace with India as it shows off its military might
Pakistan wants peace with India and they should focus on health and education,the Pakistani president said on Saturday during a parade to show off its military might following a tense standoff between the nuclear-armed neighbors.

Chelsea Manning: supporters demand release from solitary confinement
Supporters of Chelsea Manning have demanded her release from effective solitary confinement, in which she has been held for more than two weeks since being jailed for contempt of court.

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The fuck does that even mean? Can you imagine telling people that "Christianophobic incidents" were on the rise?

Has another grooming gang been uncovered?

So this is what Zig Forums meant when they told me this board was nazbol gang uh

t. muhammad

t. not muhammad

No we just don't take seriously spooky bullshit like "the irrational fear of Islam". If anti-Islamic attacks are what you mean then what's you should fucking say.

==Watchdog group’s leader steps down after founder’s firing
The head of the Southern Poverty Law Center on Friday announced that he is stepping down, the latest high-profile departure from the watchdog organization best known for its work monitoring extremist groups.Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen sent an email to staff saying that he would be stepping down from his leadership role at the organization.

'A nightmare': flight attendant with Daca status held after flying for work
For six weeks, Selene Saavedra Roman has been living what her husband describes as “a nightmare”. In February, in the first few weeks of a new job as a flight attendant with Mesa Airlines and on a turnaround flight from Mexico, she was detained at George Bush intercontinental airport in Houston.

Texas chemical blaze reignites as authorities sue operator for pollution & health damages
After downplaying the health and environmental hazards of the massive Deer Park chemical tank fire for nearly a week, the Texas government has sued the facility’s operator for air pollution and ecological damage.Locals living in the greater Houston area were advised to shelter in place for days, as emergency crews tried to contain the Intercontinental Terminals Company (ITC) tank blaze.

Flooding impairs drinking water treatment for Kansas City, Missouri
Record flooding along the Missouri River has impaired treatment of drinking supplies in Kansas City, raising health risks for infants, the elderly and other people with compromised immune systems, the municipal water service warned on Saturday.

Indiana teachers shot ‘execution style’ with plastic pellets during school shooting drill
Several Indiana teachers in the city of Monticello were recently shot “execution style” with plastic pellets in an active school shooting drill, provoking widespread outrage. The drill was conducted in January by the local sheriff’s office in partnership with the school district.

AP-NORC Poll: Majority of Americans favor stricter gun laws
A majority of Americans favor stricter gun laws, and most believe places of worship and schools have become less safe over the last two decades, according to a new poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Leaked Audio Exposes Oil & Gas Execs Laughing With Joy Over Cozy Access to Trump Officials
A newly-leaked audio recording reveals that oil and gas executives in a private meeting were "giddy" with laughter in the summer of 2017 as they rejoiced over the "unprecedented access" they were being given to the highest levels of the Trump administration, boasting about their ability to have closed-door meetings with top officials and the ascendance of their own industry colleagues to some of the most powerful seats of government.

The CEO of Silicon Valley's favorite meal-replacement startup shares why he thinks the tide is shifting on genetic engineering
Crowley thinks the tide on GMOs is finally starting to shift. People are increasingly embracing the approach, he said during an interview on the periphery of the Future of Food-Tech Conference in San Francisco."We think the pendulum is swinging in favor of the science," Crowley said.

Deutsche Bank 12 top managers' pay nearly doubles to €55.7 million
Deutsche Bank AG (DB) investment banker Garth Ritchie rose to the top of the remuneration tree in 2018 as his total rose to €8.6 million ($9.7 million), up from €3.2 million in 2017. He is being paid €250,000 per month for his work leading the bank's Brexit preparations as the UK leaves the EU.

AT&T, Viacom continue contract negotiations past deadline
MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and other Viacom Inc channels were still available on AT&T Inc’s DirecTV satellite TV service on early Saturday morning as the companies continued to hash out a new carriage contract.It was not immediately clear if a deal could be reached, sources briefed on the matter said. AT&T and Viacom declined to comment.

I still don't understand how they could manage to reach the point where they shot teachers right in the head as a drill.


Twenty years since the US bombing of Yugoslavia
March 24 marks 20 years since the US and NATO launched a one-sided war against Yugoslavia, bombing Serbia and its capital Belgrade for 78 straight days. Factories, schools and hospitals were destroyed, along with bridges, roads and the electrical grid in a bid to bomb the Serbian population into submission to US and Western European imperialism’s domination of the Balkans.The airstrikes killed around 2,500 people and wounded another 12,500 according to Serbian estimates.One of the US-NATO airstrikes used laser-guided bombs to take out a railway bridge in southern Serbia, killing at least 10 people on a passenger train. Another slaughtered 21 people in a nursing home. And a deliberate strike on the TV broadcaster RTS in Belgrade took the lives of 16 civilian workers.In one of the most provocative acts of the war, the US carried out a strike on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, killing three people. Washington claimed that the bombing was an “accident,” but Beijing and the Chinese population rightly saw it as an act of aggression that foreshadowed an escalating US military buildup against China.

Canada in the Age of Working-Class Power
Both at home and abroad, Pierre Elliott Trudeau has often been seen as a figure of the left. Thanks to his early engagements with Marxist thinkers like Harold Laski, immersion in the progressive milieu of postwar Quebec, and proximity to figures in the labor and socialist movements before entering electoral politics, the former Canadian prime minister retains for some an at least partially radical reputation.A new book by historian Christo Aivalis, however, makes a convincing case for Trudeau’s consistent adherence, in both thought and action, to the liberal tradition. But, as its title suggests, The Constant Liberal: Pierre Trudeau, Organized Labour and the Canadian Social Democratic Left is also concerned with the Left as both a political and intellectual force during the critical decades of Trudeau’s life and career. This makes it doubly useful as a clarifying account of one of Canada’s most influential politicians and a chronicle of a particularly vibrant period for its since-tamed labor and left movements.

House Dems ignore base, battle Trump for Israel’s approval with anti-boycott law as AIPAC looms
House Democrats have introduced a resolution condemning boycotts of Israel, competing with President Donald Trump to see who can pander the loudest to the Israeli lobby, ahead of the AIPAC conference – never mind their base.House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler (D-New York) and Brad Schneider (D-Illinois) are shouting their support for Israel at the top of their lungs as the AIPAC conference comes to Washington this weekend, introducing a resolution to condemn boycotts of Israel as “incompatible” with a two-state solution. Schneider, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, is actually speaking at the conference, which is surely just a coincidence.With the influential lobby in town, Democratic Party members are no doubt eager to convince their wealthy pro-Israel donors that rumors of anti-Semitism within the party are greatly exaggerated, and that Ilhan Omar’s blasphemy regarding "the Benjamins" that it may –or may not– be “all about” is not shared by all who call themselves Democrats.

Leftists realise they need to reject liberalism and social democracy due to their failure to resolve and isolated focus on the superstructure. Due to increased interactions with liberals and social democrats (or more likely that liberalism and social democracy are part of ideology manifested in the spectacle) the frustration from this realisation tends to simmer and with this comes a reduction in nuance. Anonymous conversations allow individuals to speak their mind without fear of repercussion so the lack of nuance is reflected in the posts where they might not be in the flesh. I'm often guilty of this myself, but it can be overcome.


This is why no one likes you — you want to import muh “brown workers” just like ☘️capitalists☘️ want you to and act confused when actual white workers protest against rape gangs and islamization

Brown workers are workers.

This outrage needs to keep momentum long enough to still be there next election. Reminder OWS in the USA was broken up just fast enough that it was basically nonexistent by the time the 2012 elections rolled around.
Bleh, hoping this sort of thing would tail off under the AMLO administration
Any chance some sort of parliamentary motion related to this could be used to call for early elections?
Manning & Snowden both deserve medals
Oooh boy, time to pull out my thunderbolts vs. car crashes death stats again.
There was another party causing far more destruction, the genocidal government of Yugoslavia itself. International intervention certainly should've been done better, but things were already well past the point of no return.

More spectacle, more security theater, less mental health services.

Just like cops, bankers, debt collectors, management, and other class traitors.

Very cute picture

OWS basically won Obama the 2012 election with its 99% rhetoric.
The object level problem was that there was only Obama to elect. The meta level problem is aiming at elections instead of organizing. (Organizing was something OWS was particularly awful at.)

Not really a problem for France.

Regarding OWS, if it had actually kept growing, it could've created its own candidate. Given a surprising amount of popular appeal already evident to the earlier Tea Party crowd, possibly one not only left of Obama, but also less divisive in partisan terms.
True, though nobody is really "good at organizing" in modern burgerstan, given the overall pathetic state of our unions.

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You have no idea what that word means, do you?


^confirmed for having no idea what "scab" means