We're the HUMAN RACE

What is this bullshit racist board? You do realize that we are all the same race….the HUMAN race. Give it up…it is NOT 1930. Why can we not like eachother for who we are…not the colour of our damn skin.. You dickless white guys are borderline racist and moronic.

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We have dicks. If you want us to stop, then clear the people in our way.

I'm willing to accept there is one race if the schools stop talking about white privilege, if the jewish media stops insulting white guys, and if the government stops doing affirmative action.

If you can do all that I will be one race with you.

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But what can YOU give in the return as well? Can you stop being racist to asian and black females and marry them? We have a DEAL

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kys Zig Forums
let's wait and see if (((vols))) delete this shitty slide thread

low quality bait.

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Try harder moshe

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Can I stop being racist to asian and black females and marry them? I think there is plenty of white men who are happy to marry asian and black women in a non-racist society. I think you will always have white guys who will stay with white women.

But right now we have a society racist against whites so I am going to be pro-white and keep with my own.

If we want White pride, we need White women to stop tanning themselves until they look like niggers

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racemixers get the rope first.

Race mixing is, in general, bad for both sides from a genetic standpoint.

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those are good hehe

that's not very ambitious.

it's good for nigger because then they can get precious white genes into their own genepool, while still be a nigger.

Who is racist again? help me out here.

and then the rest of the niggers reject the superior milk chocolate negating the bonus of white man genes. It's like a crab cycle.

Full racist here. You are the hater of categories, reality denier. You cling to egalitarian bullshit which denies the uniqueness of the many different races. Fuck outta here low IQ subhuman with your jew-infected brain

Im not racist, im just open minded, and not insulted or judgemental towards racists. All races have a right to their own race. That pic in op is super-nihilistic, almost esoteric art.


Posting in a troll thread.

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Shooting yourself in the foot in one sentence…

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We're nowhere near the borderline.


This times 9000. Our white species has tried doing the white man's burden shit and give our gifts to the world, it has done nothing of worth. It is time for natures true path to be followed by the white species.

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Hi Amber.
You're here forever now.

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Why do you want to marry a "dickless moronic white guy"?

She's not very bright this whore is she? At least she's been reading the board but we could hardly expect a low IQ race-mixing degenerate to understand the issues.

No Amber, don't ask them to delete the thread again. That will prove it is you.
Stay. Read. Learn. You label us as racist because we merely accept facts over our emotional bias. We don't deny truth no matter how unpleasant.

I used to live about a block away from there. Total beaner shithole now, only the gods know how nice it must have been 40 years ago. I'd still rape that girl though.

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Too retarded, and brainwashed by kikery to even bother attempting to correct you.
Hey bitch! Do you know you fucking morons are the ONLY ones in the entire world playing this "race acceptance" game?
Do you even grasp that this is a suicidal mindfuck?
How have you possibly been convinced that you are in the right on this argument?
Roll over and disappear so OTHERS can be happy, prosperous, and free in YOUR LAND?!
So, bitch, you're already extinct, and no one here is going to follow you off that genetic cliff.

Go tell the rest of the lemmings to stop bothering us. Or you could always wake the fuck up to REALITY, and get in the damn fight for the survival of your People?!!

Imagine being brainwashed to the point of hating your own grandfather, and father just for existing, and damning them for fighting for your existence and security?
…stupid fucking bitches.

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Damn this one nailed it too.

Who tf is amber?

What you've never seen a naked dead chick before?

Yeah, except we are different subspecies and we're actually somewhat different.
Date has nothing to do right or wrong no amount of social engineering can change biological fact.
Why can't ants share their territories to other insects? Why can't lion and zebra get along?

I assume this is a bait thread, either way what you said is stupid.

There's no difference between the races, just like there's no difference between dog breeds. Once we're all mixed like Latin America we will enjoy the same peace and prosperity they have. Just lay down and be ethnically replaced. Goyim.

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I say I'm this boards idealistic color.

I wouldn't trust this. There would have to be this type of cooperation. In peace and agreement.

>I'm willing to accept there is one race if the schools stop talking about white privilege, if the jewish media stops insulting white guys, and if the government stops doing affirmative action.

It would have to be part of some plan that is so enlightened it makes everybody smile. I think this could only succeed under this condition. That people like OP could agree in full good conscious is the best sign possible. Superiority wise, yes OP-type is an important key. And wirth full good conscious.

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Shut up.

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there was a thread up earlier that got shoahed.
Only archive:

An attention-seeking D-list actress who has been spamming the board for a few hours.

ever heard of eugenics?

learn the difference between genotype and phenotype pls

I see you must either be some (((news reporter))) or some normalfsggot. Go ahead enjoy living in a kiked and muzzie world.

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Want to get pregnant and actually have a beautiful blue-eyed, white-skinned, fair-haired son or daughter? Hit me up. Or fuck a nigger and end up as a single-mother with some orcish abomination that will make everyone stare at you for the rest of your life.

Hello Amber.

While some people are posting disgusting things in order to make you leave and never return, I will post some educational material for you to study the real nature of this "tolerance" ideology that you are trying to spread here.

I hope you understand that you are wrong and correct your stance on the issue.

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Good work, user tracking down this cum guzzling woman, who enjoys black cock.

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can anons stop posting gross stuff?

Not dickless nor moronic, but yes I am racist. Why shouldn’t I be? Everybody is racist. You are pushing a petty idealism that people will just magically get along, that people don’t have natural in group preferences. Of course there are outliers. But overall there is a reason many major cities have “Chinatown”. There is a reason the phenomenon of “white flight” occurs, whether those whites have the stones to admit it.

Tell me why being racist is bad. I’m done with it be held over my head.

You do realize that numerous sub races that are easily distinguishable by human genetics exist, correct? Look up a principle component analysis by race, this is very easy to see. As an example, the various races also have varying levels of non-human DNA contribution. Neanderthal is primary, and what that DNA does varies between races. But even then other races beside white/european also have signatures of other non-human hominid DNA, such as denisovan and some we haven’t been able to identify yet. You cannot scientific claim we are all this homogeneous “human race”

Hey Amber!

You don't appear to have any stretch marks? You also seem to be getting along in age (no offense). Do you have any children?
If not, are you aware of the psychological impact to women who denied themselves motherhood to chase the Masculine path, and the effect this has on her views, and actions towards society as a whole? Look into it. Fascinating.
You see, here at the Zig Forumss, we get so increasingly tired of the endless flow of lies and propaganda targeting our Aryan race, that we do A LOT of research. A LOT OF IT!
If you have the scruples to get through the shit like the rape victims this asshole challenged you with (which is a test), you will find reams of very enlightening, and useful (AND DISTURBING) information for your survival in the coming months and years.
I'm certain even the most brainwashed (not so much including you because, let's face it, you allowed your curiosity to bring you here) are now aware of the collapse of the fraudulent world of Leftist fantasies and paradoxical belief paradigms you've invested in, right?
How much longer do you think it's going to last?
And do you believe we are REALLY the bad guys in this story? Chased off the entire internet for our "dangerous" words that no one seems to be able to argue or refute with any actual facts, statistics, or empirical evidence?

You know we've all been deleted from the entire internet, but do you know why?
Censorship is not to remove me. It's to keep you on the plantation. WILLINGLY! And afraid of the only ones trying to save you.
Is the simple term "racism" enough of an excuse to convince you that millions of us deserve to be silenced by the establishment, and their monopoly on violent force, and our infrastructure of communication? We speak truth to power, and you are allowing the power structure of authority to shut us up without a reason, appeal, nor debate?
Ponder this shit, and allow it to sink in.
As user said, you're here forever now.
We'll try and keep you sane for the duration of the ride.
No guarantees.

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Did you know the mosque Brenton Tarrant shot up in New Zealand back in March was an ISIS recruitment centre - as listed in the news in 2014?
He wrote "For Rotherham" on his rifle magazine - referencing the raping of 1400 children in Rotherham UK that was covered up by the police FOR OVER 10 YEARS to not appear "racist" or "Islamophobic".

Truth is oft painful, but is better than living in a lie.

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Here Amber, take some juicy redpills. Go ahead test the legitimacy of all the pics we’re posting ;)

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Who could have ever seen this coming. Tragic.

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Keep on redpilling her, brothers
Let’s see how long her illusion can stay alive

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Never gets old!
Smug Smiles are our greatest weapon.
*rubs hands, kikelike*

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It’s foolish to fight with Zig Forums or Zig Forums in general. But she chose to fight Zig Forums hahahaha, very big mistake on her part

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Smug faces are a powerful weapon
Tbh it needs a nerf since it’s quite OP

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Have a "SuperSmirk" nuke, user.
Save it for a special occasion.

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Wait wait wait. Hold the fuck up. This is the chick that was in that movie "the Cuckold"? Are you fucking shitting me? Holy mother of god, please have mercy on my sides.

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Hardly. She wasn't malicious, merely asking questions. We've all have the internal emotional turmoil she's experiencing right now.
The truth we were faced with did not match the happy rainbow unicorn Disney world we believed in.

Just stating facts would get you branded as racist these days (even if the topic isn't about race and you offend them somehow, they'll find a way).