American Civil War 2.0 discussion Thread

This thread will be for the discussion of the different tactics and strategies to be used when America erupts in it's second civil war.

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The cities will be especially vulnerable to seige warfare. Since all that would be require to starve a city like New York would be to destroy the roads and highways leading into them. There wouldn't even need to be any active force outside the city since any food that could get in via an all-terrain route would not be enough to sustain the population. Although for New York specifically the ports would need to be disabled to prevent cargo ships.

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I like the image but, i think the civil war will be a race war not a Dems vs Reps 2 :Electric Boogaloo.

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I've got some problems with some of what he's saying in that video.
1) The establishment is anti-Christian: except that Christianity has always been a means by which the elite control the masses through an ideology inherently egalitarian, multicultural and the precursor to marxism. They're not anti-Christian, they just don't adhere to any ideology or dogma.
2) The very term "deep state" has now been appropriated by people wanting to become members of it and latched on to their enemies: i.e. anyone who questions the destabilization of Iran.
3) France's National Front is anti-establishment: they are basically like Trump but in France, and like Salvini. Allegedly racist, but actually just globalists exploiting conservatism like Reagan and Thatcher in the 80s. Anti-establishment parties and figures do not even exist, they would be terrorist leaders if nothing else.
4) 11:07 - "A Trump or a Sanders who really would change things" - I get that this came out in late 2015, but holy shit he was sooooo wrong about this
5) "We need to be creating an alliance of states against non-state forces." I get that he was alluding to ISIS, but he's really talking about us without knowing.

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Well this is spooky. What is Google up to? I was suggested this video as well today… not that I've found much that John Mark has said that I strongly disagree with. I'm curious about what propertarianism fully entails. His other videos on it makes it seem like it's Libertarianism 8.8 and fixes the flaws.

It will be a race war and city vs rural people. Trump is a failure. You want a strategy for Electric Boogaloo? It starts today:

1) Hit the gym. Movement wins battles, and in asymmetrical warfare you're going to be moving from point A to Point B A LOT. If you had to choose between training strength or training sprinting / running / hiking distance choose the latter. If you're in hand to hand combat you're doing it way wrong. You'll still want to build up some strength, but looking like Arnold or being a strongman is not the combat ideal.
2) Have enough food and water stored. This can be done relatively cheaply. Beans, Rice, Cooking Oil, and Vitamins to supplement nutrients you will be missing. Ideally a years worth. If you can get drums or rain drums this will help you.
3) GUNS. Get a fucking AR and .556 ammo. Whatever ammo you think is enough you need more of it. It's the most common rifle in the U.S. and most common round. If you get a second gun, get a bolt action in a large caliber. This is for hitting and taking down soft infrastructure targets. A luxury item wound be night optics for your ar. Night time ops go to the people with the better tech.
4) Make friends. I think this will naturally happen once it kicks off; but you'll want them before hand. If you're like me and in a city, you're fucked on this end.
5) Learn some chemistry and some basic electronic circuits. If practice what this is for before CW2 kicks off, you're going to be in jail. Unless you've gotten a degree in Chemistry you're going to have to learn this on the fly sadly.

Oh, and get a copy of this map… www . eia . gov/state/maps.php

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They are anti-christian but pro (((judeo-christian))). Just because Salvini hasn't started a race war in italy doesn't mean he is /ourguy/.

Most niggers and spics smoke ‘muh weed yo’ and are extremely immobile, not physically fit enough to hike anywhere except a few blocks to the liquor store. Shitskins will be cordoned off in the cities and burned. Become the RWDS in your city. Anons can kill hundreds of homeless/incapacitated niggers within hours or less.

One of the signs of an impending civil war too look out for is an increase or normalization of political violence. This is what the elites seek to avoid at all costs and is one of the most peculiar things about Americans. Americans will blow each other away over the results of a sportball game but few ever lay so much as a hand on the clammy skinned, suit wearing little men who rule them.

Sage and report. There won't be a war.

>They are anti-christian but pro (((judeo-christian)))
Christianity is inherently globalist, egalitarian, and openly preaches that you should give up all your money to the poor. No one has practiced it sincerely for thousands of years, nor should anyone.
You mean it doesn't mean he isn't /ourguy/? Maybe you should do your homework, look up who he's connected to.

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Is that mark john's video? It was pretty weak, he just went over the pasta we've seen here a dozen times.

Thomas Chittum's Civil War 2 has much better info, definitely worth a read. He goes into detail about how similar wars have popped off in other countries and talk about things like how racial armies will form.

Niggers are the ones with the guns in the city… You're still going to need to sprint between cover. Niggers might not be able to aim, but you don't want to be unlucky either.

I forgot something on my list: ACQUIRE ANTIBIOTICS. Gunshots will have a 70% kill rate without them.



How does it feel to be a liar? That passage you are referencing is in the context of a woman(shocker) demanding others be more charitable to which Jesus tells her to sell everything she has before criticizing others for giving what they can or will. You "could" always be more charitable until you beggar yourself, even if that charity was given to the immediate familiar and tribal unit.

All those European nations were highly exclusionary while Christianity was the predominant. The rural Americans today despise and murder shitskins today are almost entirely Christian. So when people give examples of this you turn about and say "not really Christian". You dumb fuckers don't seem to understand that all behavior is 93% heritable, the system is conceptualized and enacted by the individuals through the lens of their natural predispositions. Thus Christianity as practiced by the only population in any industrial nation which is breeding at above replacement rates(rural "conservative" whites in America) is a cruel, insular, and taciturn religion. That is why a liberal faggot in 1880 London will cry about "white man's burden" and demand that niggers be civilized and then in 1980 that descendant of that libshit who is also a libshit will cry about imperialism and how the poor niggers are mistreated. That is why the cavaliers and germanic mercenaries(the guys who were even mentioned in the video as being driven out of Europe to America) killed fuckers in 1610 with pointy sticks and kill them now with AR15s. It's in the blood you fucking retard, the expression of the behavioral predisposition only changes in form in different environments but not in function or in basic motivation.

You faggots know about the primacy of heredity but when it comes to white culture and the shit situation we find ourselves in your racial pride in our demonstrably superior race becomes racial fetishism. You attribute no weaknesses of flaws to the historic Europeans and become environmental determinists. Well fuck you, the problem is and always has been that we've had this poison in our population which we now refer to as "liberals". If they didn't exist then we would have killed all the kikes long ago and we would have exterminated all the shitskins just like the white in America did, who were the only Europeans to ever engage in wholesale genocide even as the Crown and then the US government obstructed that effort on behalf of dirty Injuns. The solution to the same shit we've seen since the Greeks, the whiny litigious governments and the pussy social signaling faggots is to extirpate them by whatever means we can. If everyone is a cruel heartless motherfucker then this cannot happen again.

You repeat the same empty platitudes in every fucking thread the second any cultural issue comes up.

All your points are true, but this isn't what matters. I'm not a burger and don't know who he is, but this is the best analysis I've seen of the current situation: how can it come from a boomer-aged guy? This fucker is basically redpilled at Zig Forums level (Frankfort school? Israel?).
He is just softening it up a bit for his audience, and also pretending to be on their side.

How do you even destroy an highway, or a bridge, without military firepower?

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Funny how the delusional leftists mutlicultural utopia only breaks down into sectarian violence like it has always in the past. Why do those imbeciles not learn from history?

And… still missing the point.

It's only because of racists like you that it doesn't work.

That's exactly what I'm implying. Glad you caught on to the implication.

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You are so redpilled, oldfag. Glad you are here to screencap your own posts and talk about the past.

Not my posts, (notice there's no you beside them). Here is one of my posts.

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it's genetic. spartans used to leave undesirables out to the elements. let nature take its course.

what do you suggest we should do to make sure the kosher right does not take power?

Probably something illegal and inadvisable to advocate online.

They're in the cities too.

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Isn't D Lemonsucker stepping down from his position/retiring?

there would have to be some kind of night of the long knives to get get rid of the controlled op out of the right

You know you faggots talk about how materialism is a problem and then bitch about the passage berating a materialist who thought that merely paying homage to rules without understanding their reason and who is stated to put his faith in money is a problem.

3 And Jesus looked round about, and said unto his disciples, How hardly do they that have riches, enter into the kingdom of God!

24 And his disciples were afraid at his words. But Jesus answered again, and said unto them, Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches, to enter into the kingdom of God!

25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

26 And they were much more astonied, saying with themselves, Who then can be saved?

27 But Jesus looked upon them, and said, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

The issue isn't that he should beggar himself it is that he values the money more than anything else, that is why he is so dejected when he is told to discard it.

This isn't the only time this is brought up.

Also Mark 9 bitches out the Pharisees for being money grubbing faggots on the previous page. But just contextualize it down to four paragraphs.

Also you didn't address my actual point, that blood determines all things, that inherent predispositions are the primary influence on all cutlural phenomenon including the expression of religious sentiment.

Just kill every kike, shitskin, and libtard and the problems solve themselves no matter what the system that is emplaced because then you won't have shit people shitting up whatever exists. It may not be optimal but it will at least endure for a time, while any system which is an imposition upon a population, including national socialism or christianity or anything will inevitably fail once the power of coercion falters. That is why we are in the shit to begin with you idiot. The paleoenvironment didn't allow for such rampant hedonism and diversion and now that it is available all the hedonists both white, kike, and shitskin are being poisoned by their own bread and circuses.

Also to actually contribute to the thread in a meaningful way here is my recipe for nerve gas enjoy.

So i dont know if this is the right thread for this but, im looking for pretty much anything that someone needs done, if you have a problem with 'something' im sure i can find a 'solution'. if you have anything like that send me an email at [email protected], any persons not using pgp encryption will be ignored and disregarded



Control a couple of Coloradan and Mississippian waterways a couple
Of mountain passes ahem parleys and s port or two and you own it ALL

And Jesus, the jewish rabbi, told his fellow jew to give up all his money. It's like Marxism but before Marxism.
This is the shit I'm talking about. On top of advocating against family values, and Paul's preaching against the difference between Jews and Greeks. The whole New Testament is garbage. How can you not read that and conclude Jesus was a hippie kike who ought to have been crucified next to two-bit thieves.

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das a big boolet. more than half an inch. Even bigger then .50 BMG

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WTF I love Jesus now.

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Wow. I'm blinded by how brightly you are glowing

If civil war happens the jews win. They will control both sides in full force and control any actions that happen. While they make us kill eachother they'll be rolling out their grand plan behind the scenes.

It'll almost be like the US government never even split just using pitting it's people against eachother while they clean up after.

Yep. That was the whole point of all of this build up since 2012. Its pretty close now, the "conservakikes" are all ready to go, they need one or two large injustices perceived by the libbots to get them to shoot some ppl, then state will respond, and in the process introduce new emergency law to disable public consensus of constitutional rights. The jews will fund both, they are really bad people.

Also, its the exact technique used in post ww1 weimar and russia. Its freightening how unaware of history the masses are. Theyre going to destroy eachother. there's no way to stop it at this point, the fuse is lit. You would need powerful cohesion of a competent legit military force with JQ to prevent this flower from blossoming.

How about a competent guerilla force working within both official armies?

We can slowly convert their movements against them when people realize how shitty the war is. Like how when the Allies got to the Eastern front and realized they weren't fighting demons but regular dudes. This will take belief elevated to the spiritual. We'll have to be unstoppable forces of nature within and without.

Can't believe I'm hearing this on fucking Zig Forums. What the hell happened to this place? Of course, please just ignore reality and history and try the same failed insanity over and over and over again for millennia or scientific reality.

Prejudice as a Response to Perceived Group Threat: Population Composition and Anti-Immigrant and Racial Prejudice in Europe (1995)
Author: Lincoln Quillian
“I extend and test a theory of prejudice abased on perceived threats to dominant racial or national groups by subordinate groups. Perceived threat is hypothesized to be a function of economic conditions and of the size of the subordinate group relative to the dominant group. I test the group-threat theory using a multilevel model that combines population data with survey results on attitudes towards immigrants and racial minorities from Eurobarometer Survey 30. “Group threat” explains most of the variation in average prejudice scores across the 12 countries in the sample and has a small but statistically significant effect on the influence of certain individual-level variables on prejudice. These results demonstrate the importance of perceived intergroup threat in the formation of prejudicial attitudes and suggest a re-interpretation of past findings on the relations between individual characteristics and expressions of prejudice.”

Is Collective Violence Correlated with Social Pluralism? (1997)
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Increasing social pluralism (diversity) is correlated with increased chance of collective violence.

What Makes Teams Work: Group Effectiveness Research from the Shop Floor to the Executive Suite (1997)
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Ethnically diverse workplaces have lower cohesion, lower satisfaction and higher turnover.

Does Social Capital Have an Economic Payoff? A Cross-Country Investigation (1997)
Authors: Stephen Knack, Philip Keefer
“Memberships in formal groups—Putnam's measure of social capital—is not associated with trust or with improved economic performance. We find trust and civic norms are stronger in nations with higher and more equal incomes, with institutions that restrain predatory actions of chief executives, and with better-educated and ethnically homogeneous populations.”

Participation in Heterogeneous Communities (2000)
Authors: Alberto Alesina, Eliana La Ferrara
“Using survey data on group membership and data on U. S. localities, we find that, after controlling for many individual characteristics, participation in social activities is significantly lower in more unequal and in more racially or ethnically fragmented localities.”

Cowards and Heroes: Group Loyalty in the American Civil War (2001)
Authors: Dora L. Costa, Matthew E. Kahn
Homogeneous military units have less desertion than diverse units.

Authors: Dora L. Costa, Matthew E. Kahn
“Rising community heterogeneity (particularly income inequality) explains the fall in social capital produced outside the home.”

The persistence of white ethnicity in New England politics (2004)
Author: James G. Gimpela, Wendy K. Tam Cho
As an explanation of recent voting behavior, ethnic origin trumps class differences. “…the political salience of white ethnicity persists, suggesting that ethnic groups do not simply dealign or politically “assimilate” over time.

Predicting Cross-National Levels of Social Trust: Global Pattern or Nordic Exceptionalism? (2005)
Authors: Jan Delhey, Kenneth Newton
Ethnic homogeneity and Protestant traditions positively impact individual and societal levels of social trust.

The New Separate But Equal (2005)
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In the most liberal region in the US, San Francisco and surrounding suburbs, White parents are pulling their kids out of public schools that are becoming increasingly asian.

Trust, Inequality and Ethnic Heterogeneity (2006)
“Using a large Australian social survey, combined with precise data on neighbourhood characteristics, I explore the factors that affect trust at a local level (‘localised trust’) and at a national level (‘generalised trust’). Trust is positively associated with the respondent's education, and negatively associated with the amount of time spent commuting. At a neighbourhood level, trust is higher in affluent areas, and lower in ethnically and linguistically heterogeneous communities, with the effect being stronger for linguistic heterogeneity than ethnic heterogeneity. Linguistic heterogeneity reduces localised trust for both natives and immigrants, and reduces generalised trust only for immigrants. Instrumental variables specifications show similar results. In contrast to the USA, there is no apparent relationship between trust and inequality across neighbourhoods in Australia.”

When Does Diversity Erode Trust? Neighborhood Diversity, Interpersonal Trust and the Mediating Effect of Social Interactions (2008)
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The Effect of Ethnic Diversity and Community Disadvantage on Social Cohesion: A Multi-Level Analysis of Social Capital and Interethnic Relations in UK Communities (2009)
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“Our results show that while increasing diversity does have a negative impact on social capital, it simultaneously improves perceptions of, and relations between, ethnic groups. Furthermore, we find that forming ‘bridging’ ties in diverse environments plays a significant role in the positive relationship between diversity and tolerance, and that the presence of ‘bridging’ ties can also reduce the negative impact of diversity on social capital. However, while our results show that diversity has both positive and negative effects on social cohesion, we find that it is disadvantage which has the most detrimental impact, undermining both social capital and interethnic relations.”

“I find a negative relationship between ethnic polarization and trust and a U-shaped relationship between ethnic fractionalization and trust. According to my estimations, (a) going from an ethnic polarization index (PI) of 0 to an ethnic PI of 1 decreases trust by almost 12% points;”

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Good Fences: The Importance of Setting Boundaries for Peaceful Coexistence (2011)
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Disentangling the ‘New Liberal Dilemma’: On the relation between general welfare redistribution preferences and welfare chauvinism (2012)
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Ethnic Conflicts: Their Biological Roots in Ethnic Nepotism (2012)
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Lots of shills here for awhile now. Place has gotten popular, mostly through the media and certain happenings, and the occasional legitimate SJW/antifa type wonders in to take on “le ebul nahstees”. That and authentic JIDF/ADL shilling has ratcheted up as well
Polite sage for off topic

Ok, but i will be fighting on the liberal side sorry guys.

A liberal with guns……

But this bad? There would normally at least be a bunch of anons calling this cuck out but not even that. What the hell?

Sure libchild, don't shoot your eye out with your invisible gun.

Spam thread still up.

My guess it that we are on an isolated server and these are probably bots.

Silverado hit and run squad.

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It's going to happen no matter what. Inescapable history. America will Balkanize like no other in history and we have the traitors who created the 1965 immigration act and rights for subhumans to thank.

That is the entire purpose of making it an OPEN BORDERS nation user. No borders, no nation.

Location really matters on this one. Besides CAli, the Southwest is no place for a white to be. The eastern coast is ours and all of canada is ours incase we need to escape into the wilderness for guerilla warfarre, almost like how the Russians use the Ural mountains as a retreat location. We can use the appalachians to the same effect by taking land all the way up to the Mississippi and extending down to the south. In effect, the midwest and everything east of it is white and all of cananda.

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We could have the entire south as well if we just bump off the stupid nignogs.

Unfortunately, the area below the colonies is mostly black. WE'll need to funnel them below the mountains through ALabama and out west. We can create proxy warriors of them and pit them against our inevtiable enemies in the west where the mutants are.

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Also the area near the dakotas can easily be snatched from the natives who barely use it. With Canada ours we can use it to send troops through it to the West coast.

These threads are the best ones

The Dakota's have high quality Northern European people (high IQ; high trust) as well. They will be an asset.

It's always a war.

But it isn't a civil war, it's a war on (((them)))
They want civil war, just like they want pornography, pedophilia, and any sick shit that has already been normalized.
You imagine it's going to be niggers vs. whites vs. city folk?
It isn't.

It's the war room.

Yes I believe they possess the highest average IQ right? It's close proximity to Canada will ultimately give us access to ALL of Canada's major cities for siege.

Vote Berny! He will help!

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Image related for sieges.
When we send the blacks through Al westward we can tear them right through Texas, pit them against the Mexicans, and take Texas back after the chaos. It will prove pivitol for stopping illegals. ALL browns go West.

Attached: map-of-canada.jpg (1319x1110, 220.33K)

This image makes it clear why the midwest is such a key location. The Ohio and Mississippi rivers meet at the bottom tip of Illinois to form a nice defensive barrier. I believe these cities in the US were created with defensive measures against the indians in mind. These same barriers are still useful. Notice how many major cities would be under our grasp.

Attached: us-physical-map.jpg (1200x764, 135.42K)

Since this will start a guerilla war and may stay that way, the boreal forests above the great lakes especially around Quebec and Ontario are key. From there we can strike South into the Eastern US.

Attached: 1389122786.jpg (354x251, 69.21K)

Using the forest as a cover we can move troops all along the Western stretch of the continent if we need to get North into Canada or South into the West where I believe the liberal pussies wil stay if not for new york. We cannot let them have the EAst or we are doomed, as that's where the most whites are. Believe it or not, whites are more likely to survive in Europe, but both continents need to be ours. Some eurofag who knows the land better than le burger here should create the equivalent plan in Europe.

Between the Europe and American armies will be a central command in the colonies. Europe is now far too close to enemies to be the primary headquarters. We'll have a second there instead

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This is all minecraft stuff too.


Blackshirts against the Redcaps!
Nothing has changed.

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…you realize you're supposed to post your _public_ key so people can encrypt messages to you, not your _private_ key, right? I'm disappointed. Will send you an email anyways to remind you of such.

Anons check out the maps and plan I listed this is a good thread to compile.

Our movement, though one of empowerment, is made up of a group (whites) who are currently disenfranchised. With this in mind, we can ally with other underdogs of the times. Perhaps it would be possible to set the Natives about claiming their land back from the other minorities?

OKC ring any bells? "Military firepower" not required. Hell, at the rate infrastructure is crumbling, may not even need any of that anyway.

Your plan is largely garbage. First off, the northeast, while white, is filled with leftists and nonwhites in the cities. It is also very close to Toronto, Ottowa, and Montreal; cities the kikes can use to stage troops and build a power base from. The Northeast is isolated from potential suppliers, namely PRC and RUS. Europe is zog central and mostly NATO member states, and as such can't be counted on to provide heavy weapons or war material aid. It is also subject to noreasters and hurricanes in the midatlantic states. As far as the appalachian states are concerned, they can and will become economically and physically isolated once the great american boogaloo starts. While this is good to a certain extent, it gives coastal elites immense economic power, as these states are cut off from the see. Eastern Canada is a whole other can of worms that is beyond the scope of this discussion.

Out west things are different. For one, the areas of MT, ID, eastern WA, eastern and southern OR, northern CA and WY are sparsely populated. The natives that live there only number a few hundred thousand to 2 million or so. Its entirely possible that if racially conscious whites fled the multicultural areas such as the black belt and southwest, it could easily be majority white if an effort was made. Second, the whites already in these states (with the exception of liberal expats from California and the coastal areas) are largely traditionalist and half way towards our ideology. Unlike the urbanized whites of the east and coast, these whites are used to living sparsely and have ample amounts of resources at their disposal.

The the northern US rockies in states like ID and WA and dense forests of northern CA make excellent guerilla territory (almost as much as Appalachia), The western US is also home to the majority of the US nuclear arsenal and many weapons stockpiles.

The climate of the western US is not as unpredictable as the eastern half, as the weather is pretty constant, with four distinct seasons. Finally, there are several potential flashpoints brewing in these states as liberal expats move there and start trying to fuck everything up. Best example would be WA states new gun laws, with local conservative sheriffs electing to not enforce these laws. This could become a flashpoint if the leftist governor in Tacoma decides to make an example of one of these sheriffs.

Overall, the two best places to hold a white resistance would be Appalachia and the areas considered to be part of Cascadia. Newfoundland, Labrador, and Maine could be other potential spots. Using the mountains for shelter like the Taliban do, we can sweep the planes once we have enough equipment from potential allies abroad.

Give the canadian natives northern canada around Hudson bay. Maintain white control of the Ellesmere and other western arctic islands. Give the american natives most of the dakotas and large portions of southern Colorado and southern Nevada, and most of northern Alaska. It'll be a fucking mess, but if you want to get the natives on board, you'll have to offer them things.

Though you're right about most of the cities being filled with browns and libs, the rural area surrounding these areas are almost entirely white. Like the discrepency can be insane. I live somewhat near the East coast near a city and it's just as I describe. Perhaps we could just siege these cities and get rid of them while we can. Also, I should say most Jews are in NY. These poc and jews are not smart. They chose an easily disrupted concrete jungle as their home. Whitesa are moslty rural. This is proibably are main advantage no? We've been settled on the land for longer so we are more spaced out.

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I imagine the biggest goal now is to settle whites in an area that is geographically protected. You mentioned Cascadia and I agree. From there we could sweep the plains east or Cali to the south if need be. From Appalachia we have access to almost he entire east of the US. As far as Canada goes where would be the best place to settle a white homeland?

A tactic I haven't seen as of yet is preparatory organization. You're going to want to get groups of able individuals together now so they can learn how to function as a unit, how to shoot, how to fight, how to use the equipment available to them, and more.

As well, something else that hasn't been considered is the need to manufacture ammunition and firearms as well as stockpiling it. Ammunition is still plentiful, but the fact of the matter is, manufacturing a glut of firearms under the 'personal use' statute is going to be cheaper in the long run than buying yourself guns, unless you want to be the one splurging all his money on nothing but Hi-Point pistols and carbines. I have a solution for this and will probably start a thread regarding it soon.

I disagree completely. Brinksmanship is the only way they're able to continue. A civil war is an automatic loss because the security forces are the only thing they need unified, or at least willing to take orders.

Commies/kikes pull this shit every time and you people never get it: They need enough order to control and enough chaos to distract. Their terrors RELY on just enough social stability that no one will do anything and enough fear/chaos to never have to limit themselves.

Both accelerationists and the incrementalists are right in a sense. If there's enough stability to leave room for argument, we win. If there's enough chaos and violence to actually fight, we win. This uncertain grey area is their home turf.

Does any one have that user's red team analysis as to why a civil war would never happen?
Couldn't find a picture but here's a vid.

Nice thought, but take lessons from Grozny, Sarajevo, and the recent city sieges of the Syrian Civil War, particularly Aleppo and Homs. And keep in mind these cities aren't as large nor as populated as some the east coast megacities like Boston, NYC, DC, Baltimore, etc. These cities are heavily built up and have massive CBDs with large, often sprawling, suburbs, with extensive above group and subterranean transportation systems, not to mention several large and active major international airports and seaports. City sieges take time to do, and they are often costly in terms of equipment, men, and money. Imagine having to siege Philly. How many military assets would you need? Now imagine a largely disorganized irregular force tasked with capturing one of these cities. Its not feasible.
While their economy will be absolutely destroyed, leading to general third world conditions in them, they will still receive aid from the zog countries and UN, both nonmilitary and otherwise. They also still plenty of financial capital, even in their weakened state. Enough to finance their own militaries if they so chose to.
The kulaks of 1917-1924 soviet russia disagree. The Bolsheviks, thanks to their control of the cities, were able to freely roam the countryside, often killing anything they came across. I would encourage you to read about this time period in the USSR and how the jewish urban communists behaved towards the rural people of Russia. Rural populations have an edge insofar as they are able to minimize the enemy's tactical advantage. In this case, the primary ones being heavy armor and air assets. Densely wooded, mountainous terrain is difficult for heavily armored vehicles like MBTs and heavy IFVs to operate in. Likewise, its easy to hide and employ MANPADS, ATGMs, anti-material and snipers, and light artillery in these conditions, making it ideal for infantry based warfare.

The eastern coastal regions of Canada aren't as populated as Ontario and Quebec, and they have a higher portion of whites as a percentage of population. Although my vote tactically would be the mountainous western coast of BC. From the Columbia/Cassiar mountains to the coast. Maybe include all the way up the northern Yukon/NWT coast. Close to RUS/PRC potential suppliers, isolated from the majority of Canada, both mountainous and forested, providing for ideal guerrilla conditions. But very underpopulated. But I think the original idea of hugging the forest could work as well. It depends on if you care about the natives.

Ghostgunner mills finishing 80% lowers would be my vote. Ammo is more difficult.

I have that and more. Keep in mind that these don't discuss the racial side of a potential civil war.

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Gonna have to disagree with that. For one, GhostGunners still cost a shitload of money($2k USD per unit), not to mention you still have to get parts kits for your lower(including a stock), magazines, and an upper for it. About 25% of the gun is home manufactured, and in a time of war, you're not going to be able to source uppers, parts kits, magazines, and stocks in any serious numbers, let alone 80% receivers. As well, the GG2 will be cut off from any potential source of long-term maintenance or repair and, if broken down, pretty much kills your ability to churn a firearm out.

Will put a new thread up to explain a solution that can be profitable currently and sustainable long-term to explain soon.

Looking forward to it. You posting it here or on Zig Forums?

Probably a crosspost, ngl. Suffice to say that what I'm thinking of is something that could appeal to both groups.

nice try Goldman

Please stop. Trump cucked out. Cucked out bigly too. A civil war will never happen now. There will just be more heroin overdoses and suicides for white people.

Fairly accurate.

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send them all to jerusalem. they'll spark a chain reaction that'll implode their state.

we are actually more united than you think here in the city. You keep forgetting that were all Christians. quit dreaming with our massive man power we would blockade the right, you we can defend more ground than you can. it will be like the first civil war all over again. the only difference would be the massive genocide.

No, it's perfect. It means nobody believes in voting or the system anymore. Only one option left, history is fate.

Communism (and Christianity) are stupid in that they advocate you give up all your money, capitalism is stupid to suggest you should hoard it and exploit your ethnic group and if your powerful enough, lobby politicians like Obama or Trump, to continue immigrating cheap labor that effectively displaces them in their own country. So fuck Christianity, fuck communism, fuck capitalism, fuck it all. You happy for the clarification faggot?

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You can't even form a coherent sentence. Cities are the most segregated places in the entire USA, the educated whites even in the cities voted Republican, and the advantages the North had in the last civil war have all but evaporated this turn around and works against them greatly like shooting fish in a barrel. The logistics just aren't there for urbanites, it's mathematically impossible. They're going to die and even more if the likely chance of foreign intervention in a proxy war/civil war situation. The world hates America and I can't blame them after the constant exportation of degeneracy and values of evil wrapped in gold foil. As the state marches for war against Iran, the world will remember if it weren't for us, Iran would still be a democracy

jesus we should not try to kill ourselves
Meat and fat: get yourself a heerd of animals

Ok, so I usually don't care for the whole liberal 'muh tanks and jets can beat your AR 15s', but all of the Great Plains could easily be taken early on in a civil war by anyone who moves the fastest. Hundreds of miles of open land with no natural land to hide in. It would also be very fast paced. Like imagine the early early stages of World War One or the Mongol conquests, before the front lines are somewhat well defined. Especially if the Chinese or EU military get involved, what's going to beat them is fighting in forests and mountains, not the plains. The only strategic importance (besides farmland) is waiting until there's a really brutal winter and doing a Napoleon in Russia hit and run kind of attack on whoever is stuck there, which is harder without forests anyways.

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2020, that's when it'll all begin. It was foreseen.

>Galtung has also accurately predicted the 1978 Iranian revolution; the Tiananmen Square uprising of 1989 in China; the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union; the economic crises of 1987, 2008 and 2011; and even the 9/11 attacks—among other events,
>Back in 2000, Galtung first set out his prediction that the "US empire" would collapse within 25 years. After the election of President Bush, though, he revised that forecast five years forward because, he argued, Bush's policies of extreme militarism would be an accelerant.
>Galtung claims the US will go through a phase as a fascist dictatorship on its path down, and that the Patriot Act is a symptom of this.

Get ready to salute those fasces hanging on the wall in congress as it gets raided by the people, boys.

what about drones?

How would drone operators work in a civil war scenario?