ITT:We brainstorm how to cause conflict between the light and dark blacks

Among blacks there's huge conflict between dark and light skinned blacks mostly untouched by mainstream media. The dark skinned blacks view the light skinned as off brand white people, complaining about they're privilege and how they're not really black. There have been multiple instances where instances where dark skins have attacked light skinned.

We should try to further the wedge between these to groups. Larp as dark skinned and go on rants about "yellowbone privilege" and "half-breed=full cracker".

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Nigger just means black aryan.

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black semite more like

Tactical use of the term "half white" and "half white privilege"

Example: Obama was the first half white president.

We could trick darker blacks into hating lighter blacks for not being black enough and instill a societal idea among the blacker blacks that racemixing is evil… Hmm
They already hate them enough

Restrict their access to easily obtainable calories.

We call the blackest blacks the People of Israel. We call the asshole colored ones half-breeds.

There is no such thing as a half white person. There is only Whites and Non-Whites. Call them Coon's, Onkel Tom's and wannabe Whites that's what Blacks do. Don't use complex words for simple minds.****


Did JIDF post this thread?

"The light-skinned ones have embraced the huwyatt man's taint. Them ain't no niggas anymore. Look how they behave n think. By mixin' with the whites, they betrayed our people who were enslaved. They no longer true niggas."

It's not hard. They suck up to anything. There were these kids who were run down by a rabbi's motorcade in the 90s and the chimps fucking revolted and killed some jews, actually. Sowing the seed of mistrust is the first step and the rest takes care of itself, one single event can snowball it into a fullblown race war.

On the other hand, I'll be more interested in supporting the black israelites because "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing.

off-white privilege

Make fake faceberg accounts of rival nigger gangs and gang member in chicongo. It’s easy cause dumb niggers are easily triggered. Hits join up and rehits and keks ensue ha ha he he he he pee pee poo poobpisssssssssSS and shit

Checked. And also great post. I've watched the odd 'far/alt/whatever-right nigger' on the jewtubes and you can see their comments are full of people accusing the nigger of either being white, light-skinned, whatever; or referring to the darker niggers as 'crispies' and other such hilarious terms.

There's no real need to do anything to instigate violence between blacks. Proximity is all that is necessary. This is obvious from the fact that blacks kill other blacks more than anyone else, and they kill them for all manner of ridiculous reasons; not just for being darker or lighter, but for not sharing their fried chicken or for having nicer shoes than them. Obviously this does not apply to all niggers, but many of them are so stupid and so violent that we will never be able to actually comprehend it. They have zero restraint, no ability whatsoever to perceive of consequences, and if you combine the two you have a people that you cannot 'relax' around, because for the most idiotic of reasons, like having some fried chicken or nice shoes, they might get envious and decide to murder you.

… What we can do however is expose this fracture point to other whites. Upon seeing how 'racist' niggers are to one-another, it should shake awake some idiotic whites who have bought into the lies about us being 'racist white devils'.

shut up cuckold. you are low iq and shit at biology and psychological warfare

Dark skinned Blacks are natural Commies. I would rather use class/ wealth as a wedge between them and light skinned Blacks, than race. But I must confess I like the phrase "half-cracker" to describe half-breeds.

As for light skinned Blacks we could use the criminality and rowdiness amongst the dark skinned ones as a wedge and reinforce the notion the the dark ones keep holding thd light skinned ones back.

Just remember it has to appeal to simians within the

Yfw mongrels get abused and raped by darker niggers, and then darker mongrels get abused and raped by darker niggers. It's like Mandelbrot series of paying the toll. Maybe god exists after all.

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You don't have to. The light skinned niggers at the school I'm teaching at get bullied to death by the darker ones all the time. I'm glad teaching has cleared any and all delusions I had about liberalism nothing will get rid of racism ever and that's just fine. They are savages. Our instincts are right.

If you want to increase conflict between light and dark blacks, just throw them in a pit together. Removing the presence of a common enemy or rival will lead them to segregation and genocide. Example Haiti.


dead thread will go no where because you won't act

yes…can someone find the emojis that would communicate this on Twitturd?

Dunno if there is an Oreo emoji but we could call the light skinned Blacks "Oreo's". Since they are black on the outside and "white" on the inside.

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Their whole shitskinned race is based around who is the niggest. Takes care of itself.

Even they know that is a bad thing

Its not really possible. In racial marxism, essentially the order is dictated by the media in line with the money supply. Everyone is literally following commands from their masters, whether their master is music, film, academia, or just general consumption of products, they all echo the same social order. Any people who act in a different way are anomalies and not representing the masses.

IT would be easier to stir up hate between ethnic groups. If the ethnic groups were to believe that whites were finally dethroned they'll fight for the "supposed" power vacuum. We can sprinkle the JQ in there somehwere as well.

Whites were dethroned user, we live in open borders nations. We need to back away and let them kill each other, carefully protecting the only thing of value on the planet. Our genetic heritage.

Yeah no shit but the poos still don't realize this. They think Jews are white. We need to make them see that the Jews are the evil now that we are not in power.

We should enable white liberals to attack jews and enable republicans to attack those liberals and thus create a antisemitic army where they wouldnt expect

I could give a shit what any of the subhumans 'see' they are not my people and not 'my responsibility'…I am not allied with them and I don't give a fuck what they do, I just hope they kill each other fast enough that I can get back to enjoying my own life.

Ranked in order of intelligence, sexual desirability, presentation and manners, household income, most likely to have had a father growing up, most likely to be a father to his own children.

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It'll be your responsibility when they are caving your head in with a club in a few years. The Jews aren't winning because they opt out of the game user. We must too become players as we once were.

start memes about how light skinned blacks are pretty much white. this is what black ppl think already, just reinforce the idea

You are fucking stupid.
We exist as our own unique people, not as your globalist fucking degenerate filth. Better to back away and let you utterly destroy each other; it is inevitable when we disengage that you all are going to starve and murder each other. I am going to laugh while I watch through binoculars.

Dude chill your trust issues are showing. How tf are we supposed to disengage when they control our government? The only solution is fighting not running. We will need to be able to make the people dance if we are to win.

I'm not saying make allies of the nigs. Are you against pyschological warfare because you're are retard if you are. That's what I'm saying; use subversion tactics to get the Jews to fight the minorities. The republican and dems wanta civil war anyways. We can control the narrative around it to make it about minorities vs jews while we clean up and ethnoglobe it.

Back away and let them kill each other. Do you think they can live when we withdraw our support? Think again.

This thread was not made by a good person.
This is weak and contemptible.

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But how can we do that without massive starvation? I can think of easier way to bring down the system that wouldn't require every white person to be awake. A good 30% of whites at least would need to leave before any kind of major damage would be done. Your solution and mine are exactly the same dude, except I'm suggesting we initiate the war between the poos and the joos like the joos do to us.

Real or shopped?

Despite their open inclusion into the LGBT community, that ridiculous flag includeing a black and brown stripe shows the gays are "down with the swirl" MOST blacks I know from personal experience are Against the Homosexual community and aggressively lash out at anyone who even suggests they might be gay.. just look at the ammount of blak "trans women" being found murdered.. I'd bet that most if not all of them were killed by the pissed off dudes that found out a little late in the game that the bitch they thought they was making out with all night or who gave that amazing head was actually a guy..

Probably be pretty easy to make it look like most lgbt blacks are light skinned as well..most of them are anyways, just make it look like the blacks of the lgbt community are against dark skinned onea as well they are already discriminating against them anyways..its perfectly normal to see "no blacks srry just a preference" on many dating profiles

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Most Whites are going to starve user. They are not the most worthwhile and intelligent of our people and they are sympathetic to degeneracy. There is not 'salvaging' the kikes system. It was born to die user.

To be clear, I should add that I suspect the thread was made by someone coming from an opposing ideological end than what the portrayed OP would be, which is more treacherous i think.

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This could fucking work dude

Finally an OP that has recognized this crucial fracture point. There is so much potential in this that it's criminal it goes unused. Here's some thoughts to add to this.

Lighter-skinned niggers tend to be smarter than their darker cousins. As such, they are routinely used by jews to be the face of niggers. This has led normalfags to believe that semi-intelligent light-skinned niggers are representative of the sub-human population. Normalfags never question why the most relatively compentent of the niggers are light-skinned.

Here's how to break them up (adding to what you mentioned).

To darker and darkest niggers: [Easy Mode - Short Term]

To lighter skin niggers: [Hard Mode - Long Term]

To make this work best, you should target the darkies more than the light skinned mutts. Easily accomplished by making easy to understand nigger-tier memes. With enough consistency you should see niggers chimping more at their light skinned mutt cousins and automatically perpetuating what is akin to a psyop.

Light skinned mutts will try to maintain their tribe mentality more often than not but that doesn't mean fucking with their mutt identity doesn't have any effect. It will dig deep and take its toll. I've seen it happen quite a few times, unfortunately because I have to deal with them. And I have exploited it for my own observation. Once both sides are chimping at each other, they will cease including their darkie cousins in their tribal image.


U 1/12 YT


Jews hate black people because jewesses prefer them than male jews.

Negro women look like men, it's hard to recognize which one is a trap until it's too late.

We should encourage black supremacism and segregation, where those who are the blackest are considered most pure (which is not far from the truth actually). Our primary goal should be destroying the race-bolsheviks (mongrels). Dark skinned niggers are not a threat as long as they keep to themselves. Jews want to destroy and mongrelize ALL the races, which includes blacks. Do you seriously think that the very (((people))) who sold them into slavery care about their equality? Ridiculous.

I am a mongrel. My father is from Switzerland and my mother from Djibouti (Africa). I want to die by strangulation. Is there anyone who can either buy me a plane ticket or who can visit me in Switzerland in order to help me die this way? You will be making Switzerland more white and you can use my death for propaganda purposes. You can parade around my corpse, put a sign on it, pretend it was an execution or whatever.

My email is [email protected]

I have also my whole story up on evilBB on Tor.


These are pictures of me.

Please someone help me end my life and I will do whatever to help the cause of white nationalism. I am completely legit but I am scared of pain and in general I'm just a cowardly scared negress but I can at least help you all by dying.

So, what happened to the fashtag?
























sage this unproductive jew bait thread. only jews would promote this shit because it keeps goyim eyes off them.


hi rabbi

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Sounds like a good idea. The quadroons/octaroons in particular need to get wiped out by the half/full nigs as they are the greatest threat to miscegenation, by being majority-white they fool whites into polluting their gene pool with them.

This seem unnecessary as the jews will start pushing "colorism" themselves once whites are officially minorities in their own country. Gotta engineer a sense of "light skin guilt" into the few Blacks and Mexicans that actually have more than three brain cells and aren't just full on freeloading criminals to get them to pay the gibs for the rest of them.

Stay mad faggot

So what is the goal here just for the lulz?
I mean it makes me laugh seeing them chimp out. What is the benefit of black on black hate and crime for me personally?
Wouldn't boosting their antisemitism be more fun?

Haiti vs Dominican republic would be an easy route. Empathize the mulatto nature of the Dominicans to the dark skinned. Tell them about how a mulatto state would prosecute dark skins as much if not more so than whites. Another thing we can do is push the idea that arabs are mulattoes and the arab slave trade and current happenings in Libya are mixed crimes against darks.

Tell the light skins about Andre Rigaud and Louverture down in haiti. Tell them that the light skinned Rigaud wanted peace with whites and the dark skins wouldn't allow it.

On the flip side

Most importantly they commit hate crimes against each other rather than whites.

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user, in brasil there is something like a reverse one drop rule where if you have white in you you are white and the shitskinned ones believe it 100 percent. it does not make society better in the slightest you can see here becos they are still subhuman due to genetics except they do get into race wars with other darker niggers if you pay attention to news here its the same all the time but its really funny the lighter "white" ones gang up beat the shit out of the even more monkey like dark ones badly different from what you see in the usa where darker ones dominate over the lighter ones.

Are they not actually mullatos though? Just with many years of inbreeding.


In my view, rather than acting like kikes and trying to sow chaos and division; we should simply expose this 'racist' reality to the brainwashed whites who still believe that it is we are who the evil racist people. There is no satisfaction to be gained out of spreading hatred and violence through deceit and distortion; but there is much satisfaction to be gained by pointing out the truth to our wayward brothers and making them realise the foolishness of the modern political zeitgeist.

I am increasingly dismayed at how jewish many people on Zig Forums seem to be. Exposing the truth is a noble pursuit worthy of an Aryan man; but seeking to spread hatred and bloodshed based on distorting and deceiving others reeks to the manipulative nature of the jew. I would have no part in it.

>Stop actually fighting goy! You must keep larping as a (((moral))) man
Whites falling for the "noble pursuits" kike meme was how we got into this situation in the first place. Kill yourself subversive universalist faggot, you are most likely a niggerkike yourself.

We must become even greater kikes than the Jews, this is what they don't want us to do because it's the only thing that could actually threaten them. There should be no limit to our sadism either, it's well deserved and long overdue.

I think I'm just going to start filtering every person who strawmans and assume you are all kikes.

We do not defeat the jew by becoming the jew. If you think that's how it works, you do not understand what the battle is. Evil is corruption, the jews are a corrupt form of humanity that seek to corrupt EVERYTHING. By acting in a corrupt way we not only destroy ourselves in a spiritual way, but it physically manifests on this Earth as no one can trust anyone else and all things become perverse and veiled. Look at the fate of the Eastern Roman Empire; its politics and its spritiuality became wracked with corruption because they allowed jewish behaviour to become the norm. Look at what it has become in the West today, where people fear speaking their minds. Those initial steps were allowed because the subversives harped on about one aspect being 'good', so for instance 'liberty and fairness are good'; but then twist it into such things as democracy and diversity quotas; things that oppose liberty and are the opposite of fairness, yet saturate themselves with such language.

We must in all our ways oppose such methods. That does not mean we do not fight; instead it means we fight all the harder. Corruption must be purged where-ever we find it, and only through the acceptance of that mission will we safeguard future generations. The idea of 'evil' being something other than 'corruption' has led to much confusion; evil is not a thing on its own, it is the corruption of things that were once good. As such all good things can become evil if they are corrupted; and once you have this mindset you can properly safeguard against the myriad threats that will beset us.

As soon as corruption begins, repulse it. Purity must become our byword. If you become the jew, even if you win; your children will stab you in the back, lie about you and do whatever dishonourable things they can to destroy their fellow man in the pursuit of their own gain.

Annihilate the corrupt where-ever you find them.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little n'wah? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Buoyant Armigers, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Sixth House Cults, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in guar-illa warfare and I’m the top bowman in the entire Tribunal Temple. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on Tamriel, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting Morag Tong Guilds across Morrowind and your Recall is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, scrib. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Buoyant Amrigers and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little s'wit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, s'wit.

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Yes, keep your head in the sand cuck, don't let anyone break your delusions about the world.

No, we defeat it by becoming an even greater jew than a jew
There is no such thing as good and evil, (((morality))) is a kike psyop meant to enslave nations. Corruption is just poorly organized society.
You know what else they do? They look after their own and consider everyone else as below them. They organize, they plot, they subvert and destroy their enemies. Without a trace of guilt and conscience. The effects of which are empirically observable. Of course, you drank too much of their poison to see the obvious merits of whites adopting the same subversive in-group behavior. If 'good' is so easily subverted, then we might ditch it completely.
Not if you don't allow it. Their "fellow man" should be other whites, everyone else is a fair game. Even for entertainment.

You can't find a flaw in this without resorting to slave morality.

Sjws figure out how to do this in Brazil. What they did is put in place an affirmative action program but only for the darkest blacks.

Race-bolshevism is truly a race to the bottom.

It's the Purity Spiral, my lad. Sit back and watch the Ouroboros feast on itself. Surf's up!

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Goblin vs Goblin wars.

This could be intradesting. Go on…